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If you would rather read the transcripts of these sessions, COLLECTION TWO of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between September 1, 2010 and October 20, 2010.
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10-6-10 ~ 89 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by reminding us of our ability to use the moment to as an opportunity to connect more deeply, and that there is much to be gained at this time from participating with the completeness of you.

Visionaries: Expanded on what the Guardians said and talked about triggers. Our relationship to our triggers is changing, has changed, and will continue to change and evolve. And the new measure by which we will recognize the ascension path is our changed relationship to triggers.

Eloheim: Discussed and expanded on the new portal opening as another flight of stairs to the next landing. The new relationship that you form to triggers is a way to relate to yourself more deeply, and become a better friend to yourself. When you get to a point where your triggers don’t freak you out, you will not be in suffering anymore.

The Girls: Talked about experiencing even mundane moments. When you skip from big deal to big deal to big deal, you end up skipping from trigger to trigger to trigger—or from the other shoe is going to drop, the other shoe is going to drop, if you’re having fun. But if you can delight in what you consider the mundane, you end up filling in those spots between those peaks or between those valleys.

Warrior: Continues his story, this time going back to see the king about a personal problem the king is having. The story illustrates the point: Emanate the truth of you and make sure the relationships you’re in support that truth.

Fred: Popped in quickly to say that as you process triggers in a new way, remember to take the extra step to remind yourself if it’s overwhelming to slow the flow into the portal rather than change the shape of the portal.

Matriarch: The Matriarch closed by saying that you have the opportunity to know the oneness of all through exploring the completeness of you.

10-10-10 ~ 93 minutes ~ October Q&A

The meeting included an introduction by the Visionaries, Eloheim answering questions, and Eloheim introducing a new tool for relating to others.

10-13-10 ~ 79 minutes

Guardians:Opened the meeting by talking about the energetic pathway they lay out for us.

Visionaries: Discussed our new relationship to triggers, and illustrated the idea using the example of a dot that starts out small and expands out over time. If we deal with the trigger when it’s small, we have more ease with it. Also, they advise us, when we’re having trouble being in the moment to consider, “I find myself having a hard time being in the moment, so there must be something I’m afraid of or uncomfortable about.”

Eloheim: Talked about our tendency to fantasy and over-thinking, rather than being in the moment. If you’re running away from the moment, you’re running away from the thing you’re actually here to explore. Also, they discussed the Velcro tool.

Warrior: Continued their story of leaving the castle, bringing Cedric with them. Cedric represents the parts of ourselves that are undeveloped and want growth. They advise us to keep those parts of ourselves front and center, to be able to offer our attention and consciousness to them.

The Girls: Compared attending to triggers to lifting weights. In the same way that we can choose to change our physical bodies through exercise, lifting weights, et cetera, we can choose to change our lives by attending to our triggers.

Fred: Advised us: If the moment becomes too intense, if things become overwhelming, if things feel like they’re moving too fast, just request they slow down. Allow for it to slow down, not shrink down.

Matriarch: Advise us to hold those parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of in a nurturing way, and to let ourselves know that we will keep our shadow aspects front and center so that we can feel ease in working with them.

10-20-10 ~ 80 minutes

Eloheim: Drew a picture to illustrate their point: Your outer world is a reflection of your inner self. You “put the film in the camera” and see what is shown “on the screen” of your life. It can’t get to the movie screen unless you put it in the camera. Eloheim took questions and examined them deeply to illustrate this new tool.

Visionaries: Expanded on the idea of static by saying: Just as we’ve talked to you about triggers are the handholds on the climbing wall of ascension, static is your playground. They advise us to see static as the valuable tool that it is. Growing through your static gives you the opportunity to get to serenity and bliss.

The Girls: Explained that the vibratory rate of self-love is extraordinarily high and it can help you very, very much in moving into a more conscious experience.

Warrior: Continue their story, this time going in search of a marauding beast. They invite you us to experience the moment more fully, no matter what we may fear. They advise: When you experience something, don’t have a preconceived notion of it. Don’t decide ahead of time what is actually happening. Allow yourself to be aware in the moment of what is happening.

Fred: Came in and did a bit of silent housekeeping on our crown chakra portals, with some help from the Guardians.

Matriarch: Decided to enjoy their own experience of the meeting, feeling the energetics of each Council member as they interact with us.

10-27-10 ~ 97 minutes

Guardians: Worked with our energy fields and asked us to bring forward the things in us we most want to transform.

Visionaries: Expanded on the work the Guardians did, with a deep explanation of our current experience in bringing our truth to the forefront.

Eloheim: Expanded even further on the idea of recognizing and experiencing the truth of you, especially in relationships with others. The journey into the truth of you is an inwardly focused journey, and less and less of the general populace will understand what you’re doing. You have to be able to say, “I want healing above all else and I trust myself to know what healing is.”

The Girls: Last week, The Girls asked us to notice a time during the week when “the film in our camera” was something that we liked. They asked for examples and then discussed them.

Warrior: Continue their tale, fast-forwarding to the place where people have asked them to come and take care of a strange beast. This beast is a new beast, and as an analogy, we have something new within us that is coming forward to be seen.

Fred: Talked with us about portal management, and gave us a mantra, “I choose to have my portal be the shape it was when it was first installed.”

Matriarch: Closed the meeting by telling us that we are all of our past, present, and future selves, simultaneously. They experience us as our embodied souls, full of all of our now and our alternate expressions.