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April 4, 2021

Full Council meeting PACKED with powerful concepts and actionable guidance.
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POWERFUL download from Eloheim shows how reassurance fits in with the Levels teachings! This put the puzzle pieces together for me in a BIG WOW way!

April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021
It Doesn’t Matter What Topic

We want to make a pretty important proclamation. It’s one of those times in the history of our journey together where we’ve reached a fork in the road, an opportunity, we are not quite sure what the word is. For many, many years, we have walked beside you, illuminated, cajoled and yelled, laughed and cussed, to invite you into a new relationship with your existence, to live in a new way. Over the last five years we have been focusing on illuminating the distorting filter of the Personality that’s exists almost like a second skin and has, frankly, been inescapable for a really long time. We have been finding a way for you to see it’s a real thing and to escape it. It’s a jailer that gets you to love your bars. That’s it.

We’re at the breaking point, the butterfly coming out of the chrysalis. The belief in the domination of the P has cracked. What’s different about tonight? You all are in a position where you need to hear something. You need to hear it and not with just your ears and mind and the figure-it-out part of you. This needs to stand on its own. What we’re saying at the moment, what we’ve come to as a community, this doesn’t need anything else to validate it. Give yourself the gift of what we’re talking about tonight without clouding it up.

What if this time you’re the one who takes that small step for humankind? What if it’s you? Are you just going to be the “wait and see wanter” or the first one? For years, Veronica struggled with the fact that the community was so small. She thought, “nothing I do works.” And she showed up anyway, week after week. Even with that feedback from the world. It was hard and scary. There was no proof or promise that it was real, that her body would work afterwards, that she was making a difference, that she could pay her bills. Still, she showed up. There was nothing other than clarity and choicelessness, unavoidable even when she didn’t want to be the one in the rocket ship. She just kept going, and you all kept going along with her. You kept at it. We kept poking at your most sensitive places and said look at it. And you did it, over and over, again and again. We’re here now.

Being here now includes something very important. It’s time to say to you: it absolutely, 100 percent does not matter what the subject is. Vaccines, aliens, politics, pollution in the ocean, sexism, racism, what socks you should wear, what you should cook for dinner. It doesn’t matter. Personality will tell you it’s way more important to talk about racism than what socks to wear. We say to you, that is not true and the sooner you escape that limitation, the better. Talking about racism is important, but it doesn’t matter more.

Personality lies to keep you in the jail with the key just out of reach, seemingly. Conning you into the notion that the things you spend 99.9% of your life on are not really that important, and then you beat yourself for not spending more time on the things that are important. And that’s just the life you get. Woohoo. You’re just partying with Personality for a hundred years. Enjoy. You’re letting Personality tell you what’s possible and it beats you up to do it. Back in the day, we said there’s only one rule and that is, you don’t get to be mean to yourself. You don’t get to let Personality be mean to you. You don’t choose to let Personality dominate your experience.

It doesn’t matter what topic we talk about. It only matters if you’re allowing the Personality filter to dominate the experience. That’s the ONLY thing that matters. You’re either allowing Personality to dominate your moment or you’re not, regardless of the topic or experience or thought you’re having. That’s it. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Nothing about the content is actually what is moving your evolution forward.

If thinking could have solved it, it would have solved it long ago because you sure have thought about it enough. It is not a byproduct of thinking. Evolution is not something you figure out, think through, discover or solve. It is completely and utterly either Personality or it’s not. And your responsibility at this time is I-Don’t-Want-Personality. Personality is not the path to get to evolution. That is not found in researching shit on the internet. It is not found in beating yourself up. All of that is just you going in a circle. Only you can make that choice. It’s a shift of paradigm. We’re looking at completely exiting the paradigm that Personality engages in. I can walk out of the Personality jail. I’m the only one who can put me in there. I’m the one who chooses. You gotta decide for it to be the most important thing to walk out of there. I’m the one. It matters who you are as you engage. Are you Personality or not? It’s either you fueling someone’s Personality by engaging or not. You’re either going to be in P or not about EVERYTHING in every single moment, whether choosing the spoon to eat with or experiencing racism. You are having the opportunity at every turn. Are you going to continue to engage with the paradigm of Personality limitation or are you going to set that paradigm down in its entirety?

You don’t have to proclaim it. Just do it. You either are or you are not. As Yoda said, there is no try, there is only do or not do. The only accountability is to you. This is your growth. You know if it’s Personality or not. What escapes notice is that Personality has you so conned that you don’t notice the FIP. Your jailer says, nope, you don’t get anything, wait and see, you don’t have proof. You’re the only jailer. You’re the judge and the jury, the jailer, and the door’s not locked. This is a conversation to have within yourselves, not with us. If you’re not looking for P constantly, you’re not going to find it. And if you’re not finding it, Personality’s in charge and you’re in jail.

Doesn’t matter what the topic is. Don’t get distracted by the subject. Nothing justifies you from interacting with it from Personality. Personality has no power. Awareness has always been present since the conception of this universe; unending Awareness has always been present. The FIP is not a small thing. Personality has no power, has nothing to offer, and there’s nothing redeeming to offer you once you see it for the truth it is. Nothing but lies and limitations and bad boyfriend and bullying. It’s all crap.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is. We didn’t say “the topic doesn’t matter.” What matters is if you’re in Personality or not while doing so. So, yes, topics matter, but if you’re in Personality, P distorts your relationship to those things. If you’re not having Personality filter your experience, distorting your relationship, if you’re in Awareness, then clarity guides you, choicelessness guides you. And you find the path for infinite possibilities to be realized.

The only thing that matters is getting out of the jail! Are you willing to do what it takes to not be in jail? You can’t get there by pretending. You just have to own that. Maybe you can talk a good game, but if we want to talk about the evolution of a species, you can’t be pretending. Some people end up falling for the woo woo version instead of having a vastly changed state occur within. Don’t fall for it. Woo woo talk is just woo woo talk. It’s not enough if you want Homo spiritus, a vastly changed state. Level 6 is still Personality. Really good P is still P. You’re still operating under the delusion that you’re in a jail cell, still being offered limitations and that’s all you get. If that’s all you want, that’s easy to get, actually. If you want to stop there, go ahead. If you don’t want to stop there, then don’t. Get out of the jail.

We’ve gotten to the point we could say to you it doesn’t matter what the topic is, it matters how we talk about it. Is it Personality or not? How many different ways or times can we say it?? It doesn’t matter the topic; it matters how you are in relationship to it. If you find yourself getting spicy about a certain topic, for your own sake, recognize that you’re in a jail cell with it. Take it as an indicator that Personality is present. Don’t use buzzwords, even our buzzwords, to justify staying in jail. Set it down and allow for presence, clarity to bubble up, even if it’s about something else. Use getting spicy or passionate about a topic as a red flag that Personality is active. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. It matters whether or not you continue to stay in the jail with Personality or not. Pick whatever you’re passionate about, are you honestly going to believe that what you have thought of, can think of, find on the internet, whatever podcast you’ve listened to is actually going to give you more than the Field of Infinite Possibilities?? Is that really the line in the sand that you are drawing?

It’s noticing Personality and then not doing what Personality wants you to do or say or feel or think. Notice Personality and not do what it wants you to do. Don’t get dragged around by Personality, whatever the topic.

April 18, 2021

Limitation is a Clue

This meeting is likely to be a continuation, an expansion of the previous meeting. We have been instructing you for some time on how to take on Personality and discharge its dominance, one issue at a time. That methodology is a powerful one because the idea of there being this thing that we call a Personality filter you wear like a second skin is so close to you that until you’re aware of it, you’re not aware of it. We want to show you that this distorting filter of Personality clouds your experience in a profound way. It’s to wake you up to that fact is point out the places that Personality shows up. Looking at those places helps you become sensitive to the effects Personality generates in your life. This is where you need to put your focus so you can escape the tide of a trillion lifetimes. We chipped away at that. It has been our job to say, yeah that’s Personality and this is the way P shows up and the effects and how it rolls out in as many different ways to say it.

Until we got to Tuesday when we said, by the way, did you know there was this jail cell, and you’re in this jail cell, and you’re engaging with the jailer as if he’s going to let you out if you cajole or fight the right way. But the jailer is nonexistent and the bars are nonexistent They’re all figments of this construct. So, if you just stop, surrender that engagement, there’s freedom. We want you to recognize something incredibly important. Not only is your opinion about the spoon/ottoman/physical object filtered through the fact that you’ve only ever encountered it in Personality, the extent of your relationship to it has been a relationship where you, as a Personality, have interacted with the spoon/ottoman as a perceived physical object. That’s the extent of your relationship with it in its entirety. The reality is, the actual physical structure of that thing, the accumulation of molecules, is a construct of Personality. It is constructed by the filter of Personality, not just your relationship the perceived fact of it, but the perceived physicality of it that becomes something that is part of the jail cell. Everything about it. The fact that it exists at all is a construct of your P filter, in its entirety. And if that is true, that means your entire physicality is a construct of your Personality filter, all built and interacted with and filtered by Personality. What it means is that you can turn your back on the entirety of it. How does that play out? We don’t know. A vastly changed state, we can guarantee you that.

Don’t fall for P’s disaster scenarios as though it’s the only option. The reality here is that physicality itself is a construct of Personality and as such, can be surrendered. It can be surrendered, just as you have surrendered your current relationship around interpersonal relationships and other things.

You are turning away from the construct Personality has created in all its forms, including how it has generated physicality.

It’s all Personality. The actual physicality that I interact with on a daily basis is held in limitation by the fact that it’s a tide of a trillion lifetimes. The only reason that wall is white is because Personality exists to create the construct that I live in. And the construct of Personality is not the Field of Infinite Possibilities. The construct of Personality is the field of limitation.

Using the movie, The Matrix, as an example, Neo is the protagonist, the hero of the whole thing. Life looks a lot like your life. He goes that noodle shop and he goes to work in a cubicle farm. There’s police and bosses and window washers and cars and cell phones and computers and dance clubs and all the stuff that is a part of your life. As it turns out, it’s all a simulation. Neo’s never actually moved his human body in any of those ways. He’s plugged in what they call a power plant, and he’s living in basically a computer program. He’s living in a simulation and he imagines that it’s real. In that simulation, it does not matter if he is a saint or a sinner. Because the whole time It’s all like a dream. It’s not real. It’s not really happening.

And at any time, as it turns out, he can get out of it. How does he get out of it? He wakes up to the reality of it. He wakes up to the fact that he’s in this construct. One of the first things that happens to him as he goes along the process of waking up out of that construct is that he ends up having a change in physicality. Physicality starts to modify.

This is why we have prepared you for “unusual things is” because as you become in an authentic relationship with physicality, it will not hold its current shape. And if you decide ahead of time that you’re scared to death of that idea, then well, Personality is still in charge and you are letting the Jailer put another lock on the cage. You can’t decide ahead of time what that’s going to be like. You have to recognize Awareness has been the only constant in your life. You are not leaving Personality, which is distorted limitation, into something scary that you never experienced before. You are dropping into the arms and being embraced by the Field of Infinite Possibilities that you have been pretending that you don’t know a damn thing about.

You are not leaving Personality to go do something scary. You’re leaving Personality to return to something utterly and Incredibly familiar. This is why when we tell you something and you go, duh, why the duh is the real thing. Because you’re returning to a state you are already familiar with, what you have pretended doesn’t exist in order to explore limitation. You’re losing that amnesia.

So. Neo leaves the power plant, that’s a vastly change state. All of a sudden, things don’t feel the way they used to feel and he starts to explore. What can he do now? Different powers and abilities that he didn’t know he had. He does little things like change his clothing and then he starts to do kind of superhero stuff. But then they do a little bit better and a little bit better, and they work themselves into what we would call Awareness. And ta-da, Neo’s the only one who gets there. It’s not like that. He doesn’t have to be the only one.

But, even in that that example, they don’t push outside the human form. None of them show up taller or stronger. They show up cooler. And we know it’s a movie and we’re not you know, criticizing, it does a lot of heavy lifting with these concepts. We’re pointing out that when you have the opportunity to flex physicality, be careful that you don’t let yourself be very limited in what that can include. If you ever read sci-fi books about people turning into bears and dragons and wolves all the time, then you know the idea of changing your physicality stops being as foreign. It starts to be like, oh wow. Be really great if, when I have a package that comes, I could just shift my fingernail into a bear claw and open the package. That’d be cool.

That’s just a wake you up nudge. We’re just waking you up. You’ve been asleep. You’ve been asleep and we’re gently nudging you and saying, okay, wake up, wake this part of you up, wake that part of you up, wake it up, wake it up.

So, you’re in The Matrix. You don’t have to be in the power plant. But if you’re dicking around with a way you’re surrendering Personality, it’s like you’re trying to have half of you in the power plant and half of you not, it doesn’t really work. You know, you can’t be a little bit pregnant. You need to commit; you need to commit to this rebirth.

This is why it doesn’t matter what topic we talk about. It matters who you are in it because, you know, if Neo is still in the power plant, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing.

It’s all just pretend and ineffectual dallying with the Paradigm, until it’s not.

Until it’s not.

And then when it’s not, you’re disoriented. And until it’s not, when you’re not disoriented, and you adapt, you allow, you’re out of the chrysalis. You see what it’s like to have wings. Now you see what it’s like.

But if you hang on to the edge of the power plant going wait, wait, wait, I don’t know what it’s gonna be like to not be in the power plant or but-but-but, there’s certain things I was doing in the power plant that I need to keep doing. They really matter, blah blah blah. It’s like hang on. If you get out of this, sort and filter Personality, you can have a magnificently large effect on things.

If your goal is to have an effect, staying in Personality is the absolute last place you want to be.

Because that’s the truth of the matter, the truth of the matter is, you are currently in a construct. It’s not a computer program. You don’t need to define it, but you’re in a construct. It was constructed out of limitation.

We want to talk about the word limitation. Remember, it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. It matters how we are, who we are in what we’re talking about as we’re talking about it. Do you have a house? Every single piece of that house is limitation.

Just don’t argue with us. Just give it a second. Don’t think about it. Don’t come up with examples. Don’t tell us where we’re wrong. Just be present with an idea for a minute. Every single bit of your house is limitation, and we’re going to explain that to you.

Somebody did build this house. Every single bit of it was built from limitation. There was limited man hours available, limited money that could be spent, limited resources that could be purchased, limited amount of daytime or warm weather or good weather that could be used, a limited amount of capacity and knowledge, limited amount of strength, limited amount of tools. Every single bit of it was operating within limitation.

Every single bit of it was created in a sphere of limitation.

This limitation is personality. We’ve called it the distorting filter of Personality. What is it distorting? It’s distorting the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Meaning that you are in this little subset, a teeny, little baby subset of the Field of Infinite Possibilities. The Field of Infinite Possibilities exist in this subset, but the filter of Personality distorts your experience of it so that you believe in limitation. You process this limitation primarily three ways: survival Instinct, lack, and victimhood.

So, survival Instinct drives the top. I’m going to die. Right, and so I have a limitation on my lifespan. I have a limitation on the number of years that I feel vibrant and capable and strong or young or pretty or whatever, right?

Victimhood: I am a victim of whatever, whoever. Where is my victimizer? What should I do about my victimizer? I feel bad because I’m victimized. I’m mad at myself for being a victim, whatever, whatever, whatever. So, we tell you you are in limitation about the number of two-by-fours that were available to build your house, and there’s probably a little glimmer of, oh man, that sucks. Why was it that way? How come it didn’t I just think it should be different than that? And immediately the energy of victimhood pops up.

We can bring out victimhood. So easy. Some people love to feel victimized by the idea of wearing a mask. Some people love to feel victimized by the idea that they’re being told to stay home so that the health and well-being of people will be maximized. Some people feel victimized by how much money they make, some people feel victimized by how their last date treated them. Some people feel victimized by their entire lives. Some people victimized by their childhoods. Some people feel victimized by their bodies, some people feel victimized by their dietary requirements, right? It can go on and on. It does not matter which of those things we pick. It does not matter; you know how easy it is to interpret life from a victimhood stance. You know how easy that is because we have worked on it for a very long time and you can compare you to you based on what you have experienced. You know, you used to be victimized by your life way more often than you currently are and you probably notice when victimhood rears its ugly head. So, we don’t have to prove to you the victimhood is real.

We are connecting the reality of your experience of victimhood with this new teaching on limitation. If we say to you that you are living in a construct of limitation and you interpret that as you are a victim of the construct, you need to dig deeper. If we say to you you are living in a constructive limitation and you process that as, well, that’s how come I don’t have enough money or that’s how come I haven’t had a boyfriend or that’s how come my wife won’t love me, you need to dig deeper. If we say you are in a paradigm, a construct of limitation and you process that in a way that strikes you into a place where you feel put upon or wronged or rebellious or any of that, you need to dig deeper.

Because the paradigm, the construct of limitation, is not lack, it’s not victimhood. We’re not trying to trigger your survival Instinct. It’s none of those things. The fact that you are existing in limitation is a clue. The fact that you are in limitation Is a clue.

Let that sink in for just a second.

The fact that you are currently surrounded by, living in, enmeshed in limitation for as far as the eye can see is a clue.

The Pacific Ocean is an hour and 30-minute drive from here. And so, there’s a lot of water that way, almost an infinite amount of water. There’s a lot of water and it just splashes on the beach, more and more splashing on the beach as the waves come in over and over and over again every single day, every single year, all your lifetimes that water has been splashing against that beach.

And you know, what else is true? You can’t drink it.

You can’t use it to water your crops. It’s limitation. You are a water planet.

There’s a drought here in this area. You’re in a limitation about fresh water and the fresh water runs into the ocean, too, so there you go. It just goes right back in there where you can’t use it for the things that humans need to survive.

An example limitation, there’s one. Why is the ocean salty, we talked about this? There’s lots of reasons, and one of the reasons, because limitation, is a clue.

Why, if we always say to you that the Field of Infinite Possibilities is a real thing, do so many people experience nothing close to that?

These are rhetorical questions we’re not asking you to think about. We’re asking you to have these just wake you up. We’re nudging you; you’ve been asleep. We’re nudging you out of your nap now. There’s a tide of a trillion lifetimes asking you to keep napping. Just let us nudge you.

If the Field of Infinite Possibilities is real and accessible to you at any moment and has constantly been present, why are you so easily able to deny and ignore its effects and its opportunities? Why do you turn into the jail cell over and over and over again when there’s no back wall? What keeps you arguing with the Jailer and strengthening the bars when you have the opportunity to walk away? What keeps you doing that?

When you want to tell somebody something but you don’t want to use words and you can’t communicate with them directly and you can’t violate the Free Will Zone and you can’t shake them by the shoulders and you can’t demand that they sit down, and you can’t tie them down and make them listen or make them pay attention or have earnestness or desire to learn something new. When you have something to tell someone that it’s easier for them to ignore and set you aside, how do you tell them? How do you tell someone something that without being able to actually communicate with them?

You leave them clues.

You leave them clues. And their earnestness uncovers them.

Limitation is a clue.

Recently, Veronica was doing her yearly taxes and the incoming and outgoing numbers were almost exactly the same. She just looks at the numbers and thinks huh. That’s interesting. Something’s going on. Like, how in the world did that happen? Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of transactions on either side of the balance sheet and they all come out to the same freaking number almost, that’s really remarkable. Now that was a couple weeks ago. Today she knows it was a clue, a very freaking clever clue.

Because limitation.

Limiting that so those two numbers are almost the same, that took something, and that occurrence indicates something. Beyond what anyone might let their Personality imagine it means. It meant something else, she could feel it. She didn’t try to figure it out.

She has this pretty trippy spine. We’ve told her many times. If you didn’t have that limitation, you’d be running around being a CEO of some Fortune 500 company. Probably you’d be out in the world doing the world. You have this spine that limits your mobility, limits your energy, limits your capacity. It limits you. Two months ago, beginning of February, it got extraordinarily painful for hours in the night. She would roll around on the floor in excruciatingly, unimaginable pain, night after night after night. Barely able to do the smallest things, having to come have people come over and help her. And it was that fight. That fight of: this shouldn’t be this way. That shouldn’t be this way. That shouldn’t be this way until it was unavoidably that way. And then that limitation became another clue.

All these ways that limitation appears. The list is long. She realized that all this limitation were clues clueing her into something is up. Something is up, all of these different strange and fascinating limitations are showing me the bars in my prison.

Of course, we couldn’t have said this to you even very short period of time ago. Because we’re trusting you not to let Personality make you think about this. And instead, let the duh part of you be available to be woken up by this. Because if you process this through your mind, you’re just going to get more of I am right, I know what’s best stuff. If you process this through victimhood, you’re going to feel sorry for Veronica or you’re going to feel sorry for yourself or you’re going to feel sorry for both. If you process this through lack, you’re going to be like, why I had good ideas for her that she never did and she should have done or whatever. We did not tell you this story in order to get your Personality activated. In fact, we really hope no one even tries to go there. Anywhere close to what we’re looking for. We’re not looking for problem solving because there’s no problem. This is a celebration there is a clue and that clue is illuminating something that has not been able to be seen. Which is that the entire structure? The entire construct that you are operating within is generated by a field of limitation, a distorting filter that we call Personality. And it has built this entire set for you to dally in and you are not required to dally in it any longer, and you can step off the stage of it. You can step out of the soundstage, get off the set of it, and you can know you no longer need to engage with the way Personality has constructed reality to be. It’s no longer required that you exist in this set, this construct, this paradigm which we call limitation, the distorting filter Personality.

And the clues all these different ways that limitation has been showing up. We’re using clues to say, doesn’t that seem ridiculous, doesn’t this seem unusual, dozens of seems-strange. Can’t you tell that something is not exactly right here? Can’t you tell that something is off? Don’t you notice that the same thing is happening over and over again? Doesn’t that seem off to you?

But what happens when that doesn’t feel weird is, yeah, I’m a victim of it. I’m in lack. I’m in survival mode. That’s where Personality has grabbed hold of you. And as you bounce off a clue, P has grabbed you and deepened you into the construct. And that’s why we had to wait all these years to talk about this because we had to mature your relationship to uncertainty, mature your relationship victimhood, mature your relationship to the ways lack tries to show up in your relationship to the survival Instinct. We had to mature your relationship to those things so that when we finally point out, hey limitation is a clue, you don’t go, I’m a victim of limitation. You say holy shit, now I can see now the bars on the cage that I’m in actually are visible. I can recognize I’m in a cage of my own making where I can leave at any time. But if you don’t recognize the bars on the cage, you don’t know you’re in a cage and you imagine, just like Neo, that you’re living a real life when, in fact, you’re living in an extraordinarily small, limited construct. Nothing much to do with The Field of Infinite Possibilities. The field of impossibilities is still there. It’s still operating. You’re just not seeing that either. What did we tell you so many years ago about catching? It’s 90% of the healing. That was when we talked about catching habits. It is 90% of the healing because that puts you into the space of duh. When you’re in the space of duh, you are outside of the Matrix, you’re outside of the of the of the construct.

And you can’t fake duh. Personality will try to say oh that’s a duh. You know, when it’s a duh, don’t lie to yourself. If you lie to yourselves about a duh, you’re really, really wanting to stay in the jail cell. Just like lying to yourself about the 3D Puzzle thing that Veronica likes to talk about, the Magic Eye. You can lie to yourself all day long that you’re seeing the mermaid. Would you know the difference between pretending you see that mermaid and actually having the full experience of the 3D Puzzle? There’s no faking that, there’s no faking whether or not you’ve escaped the jail cell and you’re in the duh, the revelatory moment of duhs. There’s no faking that. You want to pretend?? We’re not going to dally with that.

Neo works a job he doesn’t like. He spends all of his life wishing for something other than he’s got. He doesn’t have a very big life. What does the guy say to him? You help your landlady with her garbage cans. He can be a really good garbage can taker-outer. Woo. You want to think that’s a duh? Free Will Zone.

Limitation Is a clue. When you find yourself experiencing limitation, it helps you see you’re still in the Personality paradigm. And it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is of your limitation that you discover. It doesn’t matter one bit what the subject matter is. What matters is when you discover a limitation do you go into rebellious mode? Do you go into victimhood? The opportunity here is to be able to surrender the entirety of the Paradigm so you don’t have to battle one on one with every trigger and every habit that comes up. You surrender the entirety of the Paradigm. That’s the step we’re on: surrendering the entirety of the paradigm, of the construct, of the belief of the reinforcement of the distortion that Personality has done. You’re wearing those VR goggles, you know, you’re in virtual reality.

You’re dreaming whatever way you like to think about it. You have very cleverly created a place where you can explore limitation and imagine it’s all you get. And now you’re at a point where you have the opportunity to say those toys are no longer the toys I wish to play with. I want to have the vastly change state. It’s not time for Legos. It’s time to set those Legos aside. Trying to build a functional space shuttle with Legos, you recognize, I’m in limitation. I have to use a different paradigm for this.

The tools you have indicate the limitation you’re in pretty fascinating, huh? I’m in the construct. I don’t want to be in the construct anymore.

I’m going to surrender the entirety of it. How do you surrender the entirety of it? Notice. Catching it is 90% of the healing. Noticing helps a lot, remembering that every single way you see and interact with physicality is interacting with the Personality construct. And be willing to say, I’m willing to set that down without imagining. I recognize that the fact that this desk looks the way it is, is because that’s how Personality constructed it and reinforced it and I don’t need that reinforcement. You can use your thoughts as you find clarity, to help you enact your clarity, but if you’re just sitting around chewing on stuff, set it down. Because if you’re just chewing, that’s more time in the power plant, more time in Personality. That’s not the way. We always say get deeply present. What’s one way to get deeply present? Stop thinking.

Just stop thinking. Now first, you imagine your life will fall apart if you stop thinking. Personality’s construct can lose its power over you, but that has nothing to do with equating it to your life falling apart. You fall into duh. Fall into nothingness, you fall into duh when you stop loving the jail cell. And you stop reinforcing it when you stop believing the jail cell is all you’ve got.

And when you have the opportunity to look back and see how small life actually was when it was lived inside the Personality-filter-construct-limitation zone, you’ll be amazed. I thought that was all there was, and now it’s a place I go to periodically and I recognize that it is a place of limitation. And because I know it’s a place of limitation and I have freed myself from that limitation, I no longer have to play by the rules of that limitation. I can immerse myself in it but stand outside of it at the same time, not requiring myself to follow the rules of it.

The distorting filter of Personality is not just how you interact with your habits, triggers, and people, it’s the entire construct. The fact of the Field of Infinite Possibilities and how you as the current gingerbread shape identity are interacting with the FIP is being distorted by the Personality filter into limitation. And then limitation plays out in every single way you can possibly imagine without you realizing it. Until somehow, some limitations arise as clues and make you see the prison bars. That opportunity is right now.

No-thinking is waiting if there’s action to be taken. It’s inescapable because you have choiceless choice. So that’s not questions, that’s revelation. What have we called it? Experience and explore. Experience and explore physicality expressing. Here we go without the distorting filter of Personality involved. Whoa. Without the suppression of limitation. That’s another way we can say it, without the suppression of limitation. The bars on the cage are becoming really really obvious. Pretty soon you just say, thinking is limitation.

You’ve been down that road. When you run into limitation, when you run into the fallacy of thinking and victimhood, you can say, I know what that gives me. I know the fallacy of rolling around in lack and letting my survival instinct dictate my experience. I know those are fallacies. They don’t give me anything. I’ve been down that road. I’ve tried it with my big brain, overachieving lightworker heart and it doesn’t work. I can’t let myself fall for it again because there’s nothing to be gained in it. Those pathways, they’re tapped out.

You can beat your head against the bars of limitation by thinking the same thoughts over and over, or say this is a perceived limitation, but I don’t have to experience it as limiting. I can go down and in. I can say every now is now. I can surrender the thoughts I have about it. I can surrender the temptation to be in the past or future about it. I can be deeply present. I can use it as a reminder.

All of that is extremely true and none of it, absolutely none of it, beats your head against the bars. When you perceive a limitation, beat your head against the bars or use it? Use it to recognize that’s where the bars are. I want to turn away from the bars.

But remember, we want to surrender the entire paradigm. So, be looking for ways that you can set down chunks rather than just be the warrior with the sword against one guy at a time. We want to set down chunks. One of the ways you set down chunks is to recognize the entirety of it. It’s not like you have to say okay, what what’s my new relationship to the fork? Now what’s my new relationship to the remote control? What’s my new relationship? Your relationship to every bit of it can be surrendered simultaneously.

And you know the word “HOW” is in your mind. How about you just don’t think? How about you just be nudged? Just be nudged. Let yourself be nudged into duh.

It also heightens how important being in the present moment is, not in the past or future, to allow clarity arise. That’s one of the reasons we had to work on that first. We had to work on your relationship to uncertainty and victimhood and these various other things so that when it came time to say by the way, limitation is a clue, you have the skill set and the muscles to not drop out of that concept and go running around the past or the future or going into lack or going into victimhood. You’re able to just stand in the space of whoa, limitation’s a clue. Whoa. Instead of screwing around looking for a favorite familiar suffering to park yourself in. Because screwing around and looking for a favorite familiar suffering to park yourself in is old news.

The entirety of it is a Personality construct until it’s not. And sure, sometimes maybe there’s loose threads that are easier to pull on. It’s a set piece for Personality, maybe as a way to say it, right, rather than free the ottoman, free the spoon, free the carpet. It was like this entire thing that we have in the past talked about being built by subatomic particles, well guess what, subatomic particles are just being used by Personality. If you want to talk about it in this way. It’s probably decent to talk about it this way for now, that subatomic particles are being used by Personality to create the set piece.

You know, it’s a stage. You’re in a play and the set has been cast and you keep forgetting to go off the stage and go outside and be in real life. You stay in the set and think that’s all life is. You’re on the stage saying I’m on a stage and I’ve been playing a part, and this part has told me that I am, you know, a whatever it tells you. We don’t know what happens when you get off that stage. That’s for you to experience and explore.

We suspect you want to know what it’s like to get off the stage though?

It wasn’t wrong. It just wasn’t reality.

Personality has you valuing the fact that thinking has made you feel important, like you’re doing the right thing, like you’re playing the hand you were dealt in a very powerful and important way. None of that is true, all of its bullshit. And yeah, Personality will tell you, oh, no, it’s really, really important that you do this thinking thing. It’s one of the Personality’s favorite tools to keep you from looking behind you to see there’s no bars behind you. And arrogance. Being arrogant about things, imagining that that uncertainty is something that’s dangerous or has to be avoided, this feeling of a really strong identification with I am, I-I-I, all ways that the Personality really has its hooks in you deeply. Personality cannot pretend to be doing the beating of the heart. It can pretend to be the Thinker. If you don’t have a good relationship with uncertainty, Personality gets stronger, makes you more fearful, more worried. Personality cannot pretend to do the beating of the heart, but it can pretend to be the Thinker.

Personality has even decided to use the quest, the searching for Personality as a way to keep you in the jail cell. I caught Personality, I caught some more, I caught some more, I’m doing it, right? This must be the right thing to do. It’s only the step to illuminate the fact that Personality was a thing so that you could be then surrendering it as a construct, surrendering the whole thing, not just catching and releasing like you’re fishing. We’re not fishing. We’re getting off the stage, getting out of the jail cell completely. That’s why it’s good to do it as a collective thing rather than as an individual, one on one-on-one thing, although beginning one on one on one is the only way to do it.

All of the things that make you a better Personality, we used to get you out of the depths of Personality. We had to use the tools and the levels and various other things to get you out of the depths of Personality. Once you’re out of the depths of Personality, then we can start saying by the way, now let’s talk about Personality. We can talk about it without plummeting you back into the depths of victimhood, of survival instinct. You arrive at a place where you’re able to say, okay, I feel the temptation to have it. I feel the temptation and healed core emotion. I feel the temptation to you know, all these triggers and stuff. And I know I’m not going to use, follow those temptations, cool. Now, we’re at a point where we can illuminate the underlying dynamic, the construct of Personality, not just the effects of Personality things like habits and fears and obsessive thinking and all that stuff.

The underlying construct of it and what it’s actually doing, the foundation of it all. We’re saying by the way, it’s just this little box, this little bitty circle, this little circle in the space of the entirety of the universe, and you’ve decided to play in that little bitty circle which we’ve been calling the jail cell, the power plant, the set on the stage.

You’re still cutting yourself off from an uninhibited and unfettered and unfiltered, bettered, unfiltered experience, an exploration of the Field of Infinite Possibilities while in density. You have experienced the FIP outside of the Earth experience and outside of physicality or density right here. You have density of gravity. You have what you call a body, you have trees and stuff. Having those things and having access to the Field of Infinite Possibilities and not having to filter a Personality that’s active at all, you have not done that and you have the opportunity to do it.

There’s a lot of ways to talk about the stage, you know and moving stuff around on the stage and you know. One way to think about this is you take the richest people that you know about, like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Richest people that have the nicest cars, biggest houses, best bodies. And we’re not putting those people down. We’re just saying that even those that achieve Personality’s preconceived, immensely important goals, what else they got? Are they people you want to be? Do you just want their money or their perfect bodies? Or are they people that you would like to you know, sit with and study with and be friends with and hang out with and all of that?

All they can do is chase more money or figure out ways to spend it differently. They’re chasing. For the most part. Are they who you wish you were? And let’s say you can instantaneously manifest every single thing your heart desired. Would you, at the end of that, be at peace? Would you feel like you had evolved? Would you feel like you were expansive and offering movement toward Homo spiritus? Would that be the case?

You guys aren’t that great, you know, at controlling your thoughts and staying on a single thought for a while, but the idea of manifesting most often means give me what I think is best for me, right? Give me what I think is best for me. Prayer, please God, give me what I think is best for me. All right. And who is the me? Personality? Give me what Personality is dreaming up as possible. All the while, you’re in the jail cell, and you don’t realize that the Field of freaking Infinite Possibilities is present.

This is the thing that’s amazing to us, and we are not pointing fingers at anyone, we’re pointing fingers at the setup Personality has pulled off, an amazing sleight of hand. It’s impressive. Somehow it has conned a trillion lifetimes of human beings into sticking with Personality, into thinking this is going to get me what I want, and nobody caught the clue of limitation. It’s an absolute con job. And we say to you, hey, you know the alternative to that thing you’ve been doing for hundreds of lifetimes, for the tide of a trillion lifetimes, the alternative to that, by the way, is within your grasp. And we call that the Field of Infinite Possibilities. And very rarely do people say, gimme some of that. How do I get there? They’ll say well, I don’t know. I think I should really invest in this manifesting thing because who knows about that Infinite Possibilities thing, even though you’ve already done the manifesting thing for how many lifetimes.

And that is Personality. It’s incredible. It’s impressive. And you don’t have to do it anymore.

Personality is putting up a resistance telling me that giving it up means that everything loses meaning. Of course, it is. Because that’s all Personality has to say to you.

It’s like if you had an abusive partner and they hit you in the face every day. And you’re like wow, this is really not a good time. And the partner says you’re never going to have a partner that doesn’t hit you in the face every day. So, you might as well just stick with me. Okay, if you believe that you’re going to stay there and get your face hit every day. Personality is going to fight for its continued existence and it’s really good at fighting for it. But at some point, you say, huh? Yeah. Well, if I keep doing this, I’m going to get more of what I already got that’s all it’s ever had to offer. I can try over and over and over and over again doing the exact same goddamn thing, having this voice inside me that says if you just try it one more time, it’s going to work out. But guess what, has it? No. And does it look around? No. Personality is extremely good at creating and reinforcing its construct. But when you stand back, it’s like, holy moly. That’s an impressive feat you pulled off, and it’s time for me to leave the theater. I’m done. There’s nothing more for me here. I’ve learned and gained all I have to learn and gain from this. I just don’t need to do that anymore. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m going to extract myself from it.

Sure, right now you’re like, okay, I don’t know how to do it. Alright, that’s fine. Nobody’s expecting anybody to be able to do it instantaneously, but earnestly yes, there is an expectation of earnestness because we can lead a horse to water, but you damn well can’t make them drink, and you certainly can’t tell a bunch of lone wolves how to be earnest. All we can do is keep giving you clues. Clues and clues and clues and clues.

For Veronica, it’s a bit like all these clues that are limitations have bounced her off the edges of the bars into the center over and over and over again, right, just over and over and over again. She bounces off into the center. It’s good visual for her and now she stands in the center looking around having seen all these limitations. In the past, she had to navigate them one-on-one. Now she’s like, oh, they’re all just freaking clues. To help me realize that the entirety of this is a construct that I can escape, I can exit. It’s all just clues that I’m in a limited construct. Each one of them is a bar on the cell that now I see as a bar on the cell. Nothing more. Doesn’t mean anything else. It just means I’m standing in the center and I’m going to turn around. I’m not going to try to bend any of those bars. I’m going to use the fact that they’re all there as a clue to point me in the direction that I want to go.

If limitation is not processed as lack, not processed as victimhood, not processed as oh my God, I’m going to die, it can be seen for the clue it is, the clue that says I am in a construct.

Such a powerful way to think about not think it’s such a powerful way to conceive of it all. And it feels like a real milestone in our relationship with Veronica that just happened this morning.

Limitation Is a clue.

In summary, try as best you can to cohesively recognize the Personality construct and cohesively separate from the whole of it. The whole house is a construct, built in limitation. Remember what we said the limited man-hours, limited money, limited resources, limited number of trees you can cut down and turn into houses, right? It’s all limitation. It’s all built on a limitation platform. Every bit of it is limitation. The people building it get tired, the carpet wears out, limitation. It’s all built on a limited platform. Everything’s expiring and wearing out and running down. It’s all built on a system that is in limitation and decline. Limitation and decline that has nothing to do with infinite possibilities. So, as you’re walking around your house, see if you can say this entire structure is built on a paradigm of limitation and decline and not feel like a victim and not feel like you’re challenging your survival and not feel like you’re screwing yourself up. See if you can keep out of that stuff that Personality wants you to be in. You can just acknowledge, I am in a paradigm of limitation and decline but because I can observe that, that means I’m not actually caught in it. Whoever “I” happens to end up being. We’ll talk about that more right from the perspective of I am standing outside of it. I’m off the stage recognizing that the stage is a paradigm of limited limitation and decline. I am observing that its limitation and decline. Do I want to play in limitation and decline or do I want to separate and experience and explore whatever my identity ends up feeling like? Because it’ll change. Because you’re changing everything else and that’s just something that happens outside of a paradigm of limitation in decline.

I want to be outside of the Paradigm of limitation in Decline and I have imagined that that is the only option available to me and I have been naive and what’s that word? We like to use when you when you’re not ignorant, but your amnesic I’ve been amnesiac.

And I’m waking up.

We want to say that you have a body for a reason, you’re on this planet for a reason, and if you can exit the paradigm of limitation and decline and have a brand-new experience and exploration of Earth, it’s going to be brand new period. Don’t imagine what that means or how it’s going to play out, what it’s going to look like. We can’t even tell you what that will look like. That’s our greatest gift to you.

In this moment of the teaching, our greatest gift to you is we are not plugging any kind of thought about the FIP experience and explore. We are not telling you what the paradigm of decline in limitation will be like, we’re not even giving you hints. We can’t and to we won’t because you do not need us in between you and that exploration in even the smallest way. Our job is to nudge you awake and support you as you make this movement and remind you when you slip out of clarity about it. It is not our job to define. It is not our job to tell you what it’s going to look like, be like, feel like, smell like or taste like, or what is even possible. It’s our job to remind you of that word infinite over and over and over again to nudge you, and to let you see that when you land in the duh, to let it not be processed by Personality.

You didn’t want a guru this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have help.

Start using the sensory system. We haven’t talked about that a long time, but start using the sensory system to cohesively recognize the cohesiveness of the Personality template or paradigm. Let your sensory system help you see it as a cohesive whole and that cohesive whole is something you separate from. And don’t think about that. Just let it cook in you, don’t think about it. Just let it nudge and cook in you.

Let it be information.

April 28, 2021

Powerful full Council session.

Four Sessions held in April 2021

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