Four Sessions held in June 2021

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June 6, 2021

This session … How can I even describe how profound this is, how much of a milestone it represents, and what a launch pad it offers? I don’t know. VASTLY CHANGED STATE. I’ve included my introductory comments. Eloheim does hold up visuals so you may want to watch the video.

Included: the “end”, the “middle” teachings.
Introducing: “Bounce off” and “Bubble up” teachings.

June 9, 2021

A continuation of the PROFOUND June 6th session!
Bounce Off

So, we have been working over the last few meetings on the new idea of catching the end and catching the middle and committing in a new way to not letting Personality run the show. We want to make sure that everyone is really clear on something, using a graphic Veronica made. There are two things going on, okay? The Personality chain, which looks like the stimulus, and doesn’t matter what the stimulus is, the middle that goes by briefly and often unnoticed, and then the action, which we call the end. And then that end becomes the new stimulus, and another middle and another end, and another stimulus, another middle, another end, all chained together, over and over.

If you’ve ever told stories, you have been in the middle of that. You have seen how they chained together, and you end up connecting it to something else. For example, from the guy who cut you off on the freeway to crying because you were never seen as a child, right? Stimulus, middle, end, stimulus, middle, end. It happens. In many cases, for many people, especially those who haven’t done any consciousness studies, it happens without any intervention on their behalf, and they don’t realize at all that they have any influence on it. Stories. Like, that’s how I was raised or that’s how we’ve or I’ve always been or I have no choice. It just happens automatically. It starts to become default experiences, and you live in a life where you’re a victim of your own process, a victim of your own internal journey. So, that’s pretty much what has been going on for everybody up until now and has done for the tide of a trillion lifetimes, right? As a generalized statement, that what humans do, this Personality chain.

When we slow that down and discover what the middle is, we discover that it’s a bunch of nonsense. We believe slowing that down will reveal that nonsense. You will notice the nonsense and say, I am not going to dally with that bullshit nonsense. We believe this will help break the bonds of Personality because it’s very easy for big-brained, overachieving lightworkers like yourselves to discard nonsense. You don’t like to buy into nonsense in any way, shape or form.

Now, we know it would probably need to practice on it and we will, we’re going to practice a lot.

When we encourage you to bounce off that nonsense, the first step is to invite you to say I don’t know because everything I have ever known about this has been taught to me by Personality and I don’t want that. I don’t know what it’s like to experience this without Personality’s influence. You’re bouncing off that chain of Personality nonsense and saying I don’t want that. And then landing in a place of deep Presence where the absolute truth is. You’re not conning yourself. The absolute truth is, I don’t know what this moment is like without Personality defining it. I don’t know what it’s like not to let Personality tell me how to interpret a picture. I don’t know what it’s like to stop the Personality chain. I don’t know what it’s like to remove myself from that nonsense.

That’s a very humble yet powerful thing to say. Because you have to be humble in that. Everything I thought I knew is not what is actually real. And that can turn into a sense of insecurity or a sense of failure or sense of, I’m a screw-up, all that, if you let Personality take over. Instead, you bounce off of all that nonsense into a humble recognition of the gift you are being given to have your senses opened to what is beyond what Personality has offered you. You can’t use your brain and your degrees and your life experiences to evaluate that.

So, what do you have?

You have humility. You have humility and presence and gratitude and love for the opportunity you have been given to escape the Personality chain and be deeply present, for the first time maybe, without that influence. If you do that enough, it becomes your default, a vastly changed state, a deep, humble presence.

Now we can say the Personality chain is bs and see how obvious it is. And now we can say, I do not want to do the Personality bullshit and I am bouncing off into the I don’t know anything state. It is extremely different from what you’re used to.

So, it’s really powerful for us and very powerful for Veronica to have a way to talk about the vastly changed state that she can viscerally, and because she made that graphic, visually hold on to. Because in the past when we’ve said vastly changed state and then said, we can’t explain that, it’s like, okay, you want me to say that?

Now. We’re going to hold up a picture and all we want you to do is type I don’t know. Nothing else. We are going to barrage you with images and all you do is type I don’t know. Period. Anything other b.s. that comes up, ignore it. Set it down. And you sit there present with the fact that I don’t know is the correct answer. It’s the only answer. It’s the only thing you’re supposed to do or think or want or anything all you’re supposed to do.

Here Eloheim held up a series of pictures and asked the group to respond with I don’t know.

Just let yourselves breathe into that place. Let yourself breathe into it now. You can close your eyes for a moment if you want. Just let yourself breathe into it.

You carved out a spot where Personality is not in charge and where the Personality chain is not. What’s going on? We need some feedback.

[The group responds]

It’s really important to recognize that when we surrender the Personality chain, one of the things that gets surrendered is your identity and that sounds scary to Personality. But when you realize that identity has been chained together with bullshit, it’s probably something that you don’t want to have hanging around anyway.

It’s more than a temptation, right, to engage with the stimulus? It’s an operating system, the engagement operating system, and that engagement operating system has been completely dictated and distorted and controlled and contorted by Personality’s limitations.

Here’s a really good example that we wanted to share with you. You’ve trained yourself to pay attention when you’re driving your vehicle, to evaluate your surroundings as you drive. What’s the car doing, what are the other drivers doing, am I going in the desired direction, what is that pedestrian doing? That’s very helpful. You’re essentially taking little pictures with each blink and evaluating them. That impulse to evaluate your surroundings is not inherently wrong. It’s when Personality decides to co-op that into making huge stories and assumptions and preconceived notions about what it encounters and then dragging that along into control and limitation and boxing you in and making you feel very small that leads to all kinds of misunderstandings with other people. It’s amazing you don’t have more wars.

The invitation that we’re extending is to recognize the nonsense and not engage. Instead, turn away from the entire way of doing it and land elsewhere. And that elsewhere has to be monitored for incursions by sneaky Personality. You have to be vigilant. Just like when we were working on unhealed core emotion, the more you notice it, the more you catch it. The more you catch habits, the more you catch fears, the more you catch that stuff, the more you realize it’s not the whole story. Where you land is a non-personality spot and it’s not a physical spot. It’s a spot within where your perceptions are not being filtered by Personality. As you feel that, that your perceptions aren’t filtered by Personality, you get what we call the bubble up.

And what is the bubble up? The bubble up is when choiceless choice, when clarity becomes how you navigate your world. So, instead of it being filtered through this middle, end, middle end, middle, end stuff, you are in essence marinating in what actually IS. Because marinating in what actually is cannot be based on the past or the future, marinating with what actually IS is based in the present and because every now is now. If you don’t understand that, that’s just one of those things we throw out every once in a while, so that when we get there, you will be primed for it.

Every now is now. Being deeply presently without Personality filtering your experience leads to incredible potential for new experience and explore. The step we’re on is catching the end, catching the middle, and landing and being vigilant that no more Personality chain has is activated. You will feel different. Your perception will be different in many different ways that we can’t describe to you. And as that occurs, clarity and choicelessness will be the way that you navigate the world. A vastly changed state.

It’s like that is over there and I don’t go there again. The Matrix, the classic scene, one of our favorite moments in the movie. They’re in the car and it’s raining really hard. Neo opens the door and tries to get out and Trinity stops him and says something along the lines of, you know what’s down that road. You’ve been down there before. With the implication of, do you want to do that again? Or do you want to go someplace new? Your existence is very dualistic. Dead, alive, right? Night, day, there’s a dualistic nature. There’s a sense of dualistic to humanity that’s just always been there. That’s lessening. But it’s still there. And so, here’s a way that duality helps us: do you want to do the Personality chain or do you want to live a vastly changed state?

And again, we’re bucking the tide of a trillion lifetimes. You have hundreds of lifetimes doing the Personality chain so it makes sense. It takes a minute to get out of it but because it’s a house built on sand, empty calories, the bad boyfriend, a dry well, all the other things we’ve called it. We suspect once you know where it is in you, you’ll turn away from it with vigor.

Okay, so we want to hear from you. Tell us what you’re feeling or thinking or experiencing and then we’re going to probably practice some more but we’ll see how it gets as you as you share.

[Group feedback]

A vastly changed state, vastly changed state, that’s what we’re doing. Vastly changed state. It is not what it was. It is not what it was.

And any question of, “Well then, what is it?” is coming from Personality trying to sneak back in. Because as folks are expressing, it’s an experience and an explore. Remember, experience and explore. Awareness is something you experience and explore. You don’t have to explain, you don’t have to describe.

Eventually we witness and chronicle. Let’s not use those words for tonight. Just experience and explore.

You notice the nonsense of the Personality chain, you bounce off of that into deep presence, keeping sneaky Personality at bay as well. And then you experience and explore the resultant state, and if you start to think and try to understand and try to contextualize and conceptualize and box it in, you say, well look there’s more nonsense to bounce off of. And again, you might need to bounce a few times before you actually start to feel the vastly change state. That’s okay. That’s success.

If you could perceive any experience and exploration of the vastly change state, the exponential effect that has on the cumulative energetic opportunities for Homo sapiens, you’d be blown away. It’s an energetic tsunami of empowerment and of alternative.

And you know you see things on the TV, the government or whatever, and there’s some big controversy about whatever, whatever the controversy is as of this day. And it doesn’t seem to ever get resolved. It just carries on year after year, after year. Decade after decade, they’re still talking about the thing they talked about in the 70s and the 80s and the 90s and it doesn’t change. It doesn’t get resolved. Earnest people show up, they testify, march, protest. They throw their bodies on the steps of buildings and it stays the way it’s always been.

Why? Well, you’ve got Personality talking to Personality and offering Personality solutions, and everyone’s in a chain. You know, these Personality chains are also cultural. These show up a lot in politics. My dad voted this way and so this is how I vote. You also have chains that start at around where you live. What is acceptable behavior in California versus Alabama? What do we call this item around here as opposed to over there? Which way do we put the toilet paper on? Those are types of chains.

What else are chains but enslavement tools? Right. Tools of incarceration. They can be other things as well, but you chain someone when you want to restrict them. So, that’s another way to think about this, as these Personality chains that create an incarceration, a restriction and enslavement. It’s evidence of addiction to this nonsensical pattern.

But, you know, the chains are made of paper. Personality cons you into believing they’re made of steel or titanium, but they’re really made of paper. And you can break out of them by just by noticing. And have an alternative. You turn away from it, and Awareness is always been there. You don’t have to go looking for it, earn it, be worthy of it. You simply turn away from the chain and there’s nowhere else for you to go other than where you’ve always been, which is in Awareness and you can experience and explore it in an unfiltered way. Woohoo.

Vastly changed state.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but how do you do that? What are the component parts of that?”

Now we have component parts.

Hold up a picture. You look at it, you bounce off it. We’ve given you the answer, which is, I don’t know. We want to go past that, you want to go past that. We want to go into the bounce, the bounce off, right? Use I don’t know as a way to bounce off. Personality chain says, think about it. You bounce off of that using I don’t know.

What is the resultant state? The resultant state is what we call the bubble up. Now, we’re not saying that you’re going to immediately have some choiceless clarity pop out of your head, and we’re not saying you won’t. Use I don’t know and really sink into that, sink into presence. You have tapped out what the Personality chain has to offer. It’d be like like saying that you went to high school, you took all the classes, and you got your high school diploma, and there was a sense of like, well, you know, maybe I should go and take more classes in high school. I never had that teacher for math. Maybe, I should go back and have that class for math, again, and have a different teacher. Then I’ll be the person who’s taken math from two different teachers and that’s better than having only taken math from one teacher. And you find all these ways to justify staying small. Staying in a familiar place. Even though you’re like, I already know all this. It’s really boring but oh well, at least it’s familiar. That’s what’s happening. The uncertainty of having a new experience. You’re just getting better at something you’re already good at instead of saying, I want to do something new.

The answer is to continue to try to learn to set it down. Excellent. Willingness is 90% of it. Willingness and practicing. You see whatever we hold up and instead of engaging with it in any way, shape, or form, you say, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. You bounce off of it. There’s no engagement. There’s only bouncing off of it.

Because no matter what we hold up, it’s never going to be more important than you accessing Awareness, period, full stop. And that’s the commitment. That’s the surrender. The true surrender is recognizing that the way I’ve navigated the world has tapped out, it’s done. I’ve learned all I can from it.

[Eloheim spent another 15 minutes holding up pictures and getting and giving feedback]

And you can do this on your own you know. You take a magazine or an article on the internet or anything you see, sounds you hear, and slow down your reaction to it so you can notice the nonsense about it and then turn away from it. Turn away from it intentionally and use, I don’t know to shut up thinking. When you shut up the thinking, and notice, experience, explore the residual state you find yourself in, a state which people have described as silence, as expansiveness, as all kinds of the things.

You can bounce off thought, just like we’ve been bouncing off the pictures. Veronica used to do that. If she had a thought, she would say, that’s not important right now. And there was something about saying not right now that shut Personality up because it was like, later. Then she never went back to it. That’s a type of bounce off. You can bounce off sound. You can bounce off taste and touch. You can bounce off sight.

Those of you who like to meditate, we never talk about meditation much, but those of you like to meditate, you found a way to carve out a quiet spot. Right? And if you think of it as well, I bounced off the temptation to think and I landed in meditation. So, you use that muscle or that idea that I’m, you know, walking around bouncing off of everything. Imagine that you’re in your house, wherever you are right now and every single thought that comes up, you bounce off of every single thought. So, like right now, Veronica’s elbow is touching the arm of the chair. Bounce off of that.

You don’t have to understand this. Just, this is just one of these moments, just roll with this. So, every thought, every memory, you bounce off of all of them, You just keep bouncing off of all of it, you hear sound, you don’t trace, try to chase it down. You smell a smell, you don’t try to chase it down, you just bounce off of everything.

For Veronica this ends up as being viscerally in the middle. She feels like she’s in the middle. What does that mean? Doesn’t matter? She’s in the middle in the silence. That’s just how she would describe it if she had to describe it. I end up in the middle in the silence.

What you’re doing is you’re liberating yourself from the definitions of everything. That sound means the smoke alarm. That sound means a car horn. That smell means dinner’s ready. You’re liberating yourself from all those definitions. You’re liberating yourself from the chains of Personality by bouncing off of all of the constriction that Personality has tried to put on everything. Ignore this, pay attention to that, all that nonsense, right? You bounced off of so many things. To use Veronica’s terminology, you’re in the middle in the silence.

Nothing is defined.

Does that not describe infinite possibilities then?

Because nothing is defined. So, everything is a possibility, there’s no constriction, no restriction. There’s no contortion.

And what rises out of that space, what we have called choiceless choice, is so freaking obvious. Because you’re in a place of silence. It rises from a place that you don’t have preconceived notions about and you have no definition of it. It rises into form. It’s inescapably the thing that needs to be engaged with, inescapably. Because it’s the only thing that there is, and then something defined rises out of it. First things first, you’ve got to make sure Personality doesn’t leap in there to try to muck about, and second, you get to experience and explore primordial creation. That’s primordial creation, as primordial. Bursting of something, who knows what it’ll be for experience in exploration?

Want to get primordial? The way to get primordial is that you take away all the bullshit, Which is what we have been working on these last few meetings. Getting rid of that Personality chain takes away the bullshit. Take away the bs, bounce off into deep presence, experience and explore. It is a non-personality state so it’s not noisy in some ways. It’s quiet. It’s full and empty. Someone said it’s full and empty at the same time. It is the Field of Infinite Possibilities. And it’s a primordial soup, for lack of better terms. And in that primordial soup, what rises to be experienced and explored isn’t being dictated by the constriction of Personality. For the first time, you are experiencing and exploring something that is rising out of the primordial nature of Awareness without Personality’s influence. And by the time that stuff starts happening, we imagine you’ll have enough practice that you won’t try to put Personality on it.

And don’t try to imagine what that will look like because, of course, that would be Personality imagining it. If you’re interested in that, if that feels juicy and interesting and compelling to you, then bounce off of everything.

Do you think we can talk about primordial, uprising of choicelessness if you guys aren’t moving the ball down the field here, right? You open the doors through your willingness, your consistency, in your earnestness and you’re not giving up – and you’re hearing us say that’s not exactly what we meant, but you don’t give up. When you keep doing that over and over and over again, we can talk about things like the primordial uprising of choices. We don’t just start the conversation there. We get there together.

June 20, 2021

This epic meeting began with a super clear review of the “end/middle” teachings showing the evolution of those ideas. It flowed into the newest insights bringing clarity to the ideas of the Vastly Changed State, the Big B Body, subatomic particles, and so much more. I loved how Eloheim tied one of their earliest teachings into the current unfolding!

June 23, 2021

Full Council session packed with actionable contributions from each Council member. New tools and insights to support our noticing the middle and “bouncing off” the end as we continue to surrender more and more Personality. It’s great to hear from each Council member and get their perspectives on this new teaching.

Here are graphics I’ve created capturing recent teachings.











Four Sessions held in June 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99