Four Sessions held in June 2021

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June 6, 2021

This session … How can I even describe how profound this is, how much of a milestone it represents, and what a launch pad it offers? I don’t know. VASTLY CHANGED STATE. I’ve included my introductory comments. Eloheim does hold up visuals so you may want to watch the video.

Included: the “end”, the “middle” teachings.
Introducing: “Bounce off” and “Bubble up” teachings.

June 9, 2021

A continuation of the PROFOUND June 6th session!
Bounce Off

So, we have been working over the last few meetings on the new idea of catching the end and catching the middle and committing in a new way to not letting Personality run the show. We want to make sure that everyone is really clear on something, using a graphic Veronica made. There are two things going on, okay? The Personality chain, which looks like the stimulus, and doesn’t matter what the stimulus is, the middle that goes by briefly and often unnoticed, and then the action, which we call the end. And then that end becomes the new stimulus, and another middle and another end, and another stimulus, another middle, another end, all chained together, over and over.

If you’ve ever told stories, you have been in the middle of that. You have seen how they chained together, and you end up connecting it to something else. For example, from the guy who cut you off on the freeway to crying because you were never seen as a child, right? Stimulus, middle, end, stimulus, middle, end. It happens. In many cases, for many people, especially those who haven’t done any consciousness studies, it happens without any intervention on their behalf, and they don’t realize at all that they have any influence on it. Stories. Like, that’s how I was raised or that’s how we’ve or I’ve always been or I have no choice. It just happens automatically. It starts to become default experiences, and you live in a life where you’re a victim of your own process, a victim of your own internal journey. So, that’s pretty much what has been going on for everybody up until now and has done for the tide of a trillion lifetimes, right? As a generalized statement, that what humans do, this Personality chain.

When we slow that down and discover what the middle is, we discover that it’s a bunch of nonsense. We believe slowing that down will reveal that nonsense. You will notice the nonsense and say, I am not going to dally with that bullshit nonsense. We believe this will help break the bonds of Personality because it’s very easy for big-brained, overachieving lightworkers like yourselves to discard nonsense. You don’t like to buy into nonsense in any way, shape or form.

Now, we know it would probably need to practice on it and we will, we’re going to practice a lot.

When we encourage you to bounce off that nonsense, the first step is to invite you to say I don’t know because everything I have ever known about this has been taught to me by Personality and I don’t want that. I don’t know what it’s like to experience this without Personality’s influence. You’re bouncing off that chain of Personality nonsense and saying I don’t want that. And then landing in a place of deep Presence where the absolute truth is. You’re not conning yourself. The absolute truth is, I don’t know what this moment is like without Personality defining it. I don’t know what it’s like not to let Personality tell me how to interpret a picture. I don’t know what it’s like to stop the Personality chain. I don’t know what it’s like to remove myself from that nonsense.

That’s a very humble yet powerful thing to say. Because you have to be humble in that. Everything I thought I knew is not what is actually real. And that can turn into a sense of insecurity or a sense of failure or sense of, I’m a screw-up, all that, if you let Personality take over. Instead, you bounce off of all that nonsense into a humble recognition of the gift you are being given to have your senses opened to what is beyond what Personality has offered you. You can’t use your brain and your degrees and your life experiences to evaluate that.

So, what do you have?

You have humility. You have humility and presence and gratitude and love for the opportunity you have been given to escape the Personality chain and be deeply present, for the first time maybe, without that influence. If you do that enough, it becomes your default, a vastly changed state, a deep, humble presence.

Now we can say the Personality chain is bs and see how obvious it is. And now we can say, I do not want to do the Personality bullshit and I am bouncing off into the I don’t know anything state. It is extremely different from what you’re used to.

So, it’s really powerful for us and very powerful for Veronica to have a way to talk about the vastly changed state that she can viscerally, and because she made that graphic, visually hold on to. Because in the past when we’ve said vastly changed state and then said, we can’t explain that, it’s like, okay, you want me to say that?

Now. We’re going to hold up a picture and all we want you to do is type I don’t know. Nothing else. We are going to barrage you with images and all you do is type I don’t know. Period. Anything other b.s. that comes up, ignore it. Set it down. And you sit there present with the fact that I don’t know is the correct answer. It’s the only answer. It’s the only thing you’re supposed to do or think or want or anything all you’re supposed to do.

Here Eloheim held up a series of pictures and asked the group to respond with I don’t know.

Just let yourselves breathe into that place. Let yourself breathe into it now. You can close your eyes for a moment if you want. Just let yourself breathe into it.

You carved out a spot where Personality is not in charge and where the Personality chain is not. What’s going on? We need some feedback.

[The group responds]

It’s really important to recognize that when we surrender the Personality chain, one of the things that gets surrendered is your identity and that sounds scary to Personality. But when you realize that identity has been chained together with bullshit, it’s probably something that you don’t want to have hanging around anyway.

It’s more than a temptation, right, to engage with the stimulus? It’s an operating system, the engagement operating system, and that engagement operating system has been completely dictated and distorted and controlled and contorted by Personality’s limitations.

Here’s a really good example that we wanted to share with you. You’ve trained yourself to pay attention when you’re driving your vehicle, to evaluate your surroundings as you drive. What’s the car doing, what are the other drivers doing, am I going in the desired direction, what is that pedestrian doing? That’s very helpful. You’re essentially taking little pictures with each blink and evaluating them. That impulse to evaluate your surroundings is not inherently wrong. It’s when Personality decides to co-op that into making huge stories and assumptions and preconceived notions about what it encounters and then dragging that along into control and limitation and boxing you in and making you feel very small that leads to all kinds of misunderstandings with other people. It’s amazing you don’t have more wars.

The invitation that we’re extending is to recognize the nonsense and not engage. Instead, turn away from the entire way of doing it and land elsewhere. And that elsewhere has to be monitored for incursions by sneaky Personality. You have to be vigilant. Just like when we were working on unhealed core emotion, the more you notice it, the more you catch it. The more you catch habits, the more you catch fears, the more you catch that stuff, the more you realize it’s not the whole story. Where you land is a non-personality spot and it’s not a physical spot. It’s a spot within where your perceptions are not being filtered by Personality. As you feel that, that your perceptions aren’t filtered by Personality, you get what we call the bubble up.

And what is the bubble up? The bubble up is when choiceless choice, when clarity becomes how you navigate your world. So, instead of it being filtered through this middle, end, middle end, middle, end stuff, you are in essence marinating in what actually IS. Because marinating in what actually is cannot be based on the past or the future, marinating with what actually IS is based in the present and because every now is now. If you don’t understand that, that’s just one of those things we throw out every once in a while, so that when we get there, you will be primed for it.

Every now is now. Being deeply presently without Personality filtering your experience leads to incredible potential for new experience and explore. The step we’re on is catching the end, catching the middle, and landing and being vigilant that no more Personality chain has is activated. You will feel different. Your perception will be different in many different ways that we can’t describe to you. And as that occurs, clarity and choicelessness will be the way that you navigate the world. A vastly changed state.

It’s like that is over there and I don’t go there again. The Matrix, the classic scene, one of our favorite moments in the movie. They’re in the car and it’s raining really hard. Neo opens the door and tries to get out and Trinity stops him and says something along the lines of, you know what’s down that road. You’ve been down there before. With the implication of, do you want to do that again? Or do you want to go someplace new? Your existence is very dualistic. Dead, alive, right? Night, day, there’s a dualistic nature. There’s a sense of dualistic to humanity that’s just always been there. That’s lessening. But it’s still there. And so, here’s a way that duality helps us: do you want to do the Personality chain or do you want to live a vastly changed state?

And again, we’re bucking the tide of a trillion lifetimes. You have hundreds of lifetimes doing the Personality chain so it makes sense. It takes a minute to get out of it but because it’s a house built on sand, empty calories, the bad boyfriend, a dry well, all the other things we’ve called it. We suspect once you know where it is in you, you’ll turn away from it with vigor.

Okay, so we want to hear from you. Tell us what you’re feeling or thinking or experiencing and then we’re going to probably practice some more but we’ll see how it gets as you as you share.

[Group feedback]

A vastly changed state, vastly changed state, that’s what we’re doing. Vastly changed state. It is not what it was. It is not what it was.

And any question of, “Well then, what is it?” is coming from Personality trying to sneak back in. Because as folks are expressing, it’s an experience and an explore. Remember, experience and explore. Awareness is something you experience and explore. You don’t have to explain, you don’t have to describe.

Eventually we witness and chronicle. Let’s not use those words for tonight. Just experience and explore.

You notice the nonsense of the Personality chain, you bounce off of that into deep presence, keeping sneaky Personality at bay as well. And then you experience and explore the resultant state, and if you start to think and try to understand and try to contextualize and conceptualize and box it in, you say, well look there’s more nonsense to bounce off of. And again, you might need to bounce a few times before you actually start to feel the vastly change state. That’s okay. That’s success.

If you could perceive any experience and exploration of the vastly change state, the exponential effect that has on the cumulative energetic opportunities for Homo sapiens, you’d be blown away. It’s an energetic tsunami of empowerment and of alternative.

And you know you see things on the TV, the government or whatever, and there’s some big controversy about whatever, whatever the controversy is as of this day. And it doesn’t seem to ever get resolved. It just carries on year after year, after year. Decade after decade, they’re still talking about the thing they talked about in the 70s and the 80s and the 90s and it doesn’t change. It doesn’t get resolved. Earnest people show up, they testify, march, protest. They throw their bodies on the steps of buildings and it stays the way it’s always been.

Why? Well, you’ve got Personality talking to Personality and offering Personality solutions, and everyone’s in a chain. You know, these Personality chains are also cultural. These show up a lot in politics. My dad voted this way and so this is how I vote. You also have chains that start at around where you live. What is acceptable behavior in California versus Alabama? What do we call this item around here as opposed to over there? Which way do we put the toilet paper on? Those are types of chains.

What else are chains but enslavement tools? Right. Tools of incarceration. They can be other things as well, but you chain someone when you want to restrict them. So, that’s another way to think about this, as these Personality chains that create an incarceration, a restriction and enslavement. It’s evidence of addiction to this nonsensical pattern.

But, you know, the chains are made of paper. Personality cons you into believing they’re made of steel or titanium, but they’re really made of paper. And you can break out of them by just by noticing. And have an alternative. You turn away from it, and Awareness is always been there. You don’t have to go looking for it, earn it, be worthy of it. You simply turn away from the chain and there’s nowhere else for you to go other than where you’ve always been, which is in Awareness and you can experience and explore it in an unfiltered way. Woohoo.

Vastly changed state.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but how do you do that? What are the component parts of that?”

Now we have component parts.

Hold up a picture. You look at it, you bounce off it. We’ve given you the answer, which is, I don’t know. We want to go past that, you want to go past that. We want to go into the bounce, the bounce off, right? Use I don’t know as a way to bounce off. Personality chain says, think about it. You bounce off of that using I don’t know.

What is the resultant state? The resultant state is what we call the bubble up. Now, we’re not saying that you’re going to immediately have some choiceless clarity pop out of your head, and we’re not saying you won’t. Use I don’t know and really sink into that, sink into presence. You have tapped out what the Personality chain has to offer. It’d be like like saying that you went to high school, you took all the classes, and you got your high school diploma, and there was a sense of like, well, you know, maybe I should go and take more classes in high school. I never had that teacher for math. Maybe, I should go back and have that class for math, again, and have a different teacher. Then I’ll be the person who’s taken math from two different teachers and that’s better than having only taken math from one teacher. And you find all these ways to justify staying small. Staying in a familiar place. Even though you’re like, I already know all this. It’s really boring but oh well, at least it’s familiar. That’s what’s happening. The uncertainty of having a new experience. You’re just getting better at something you’re already good at instead of saying, I want to do something new.

The answer is to continue to try to learn to set it down. Excellent. Willingness is 90% of it. Willingness and practicing. You see whatever we hold up and instead of engaging with it in any way, shape, or form, you say, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. You bounce off of it. There’s no engagement. There’s only bouncing off of it.

Because no matter what we hold up, it’s never going to be more important than you accessing Awareness, period, full stop. And that’s the commitment. That’s the surrender. The true surrender is recognizing that the way I’ve navigated the world has tapped out, it’s done. I’ve learned all I can from it.

[Eloheim spent another 15 minutes holding up pictures and getting and giving feedback]

And you can do this on your own you know. You take a magazine or an article on the internet or anything you see, sounds you hear, and slow down your reaction to it so you can notice the nonsense about it and then turn away from it. Turn away from it intentionally and use, I don’t know to shut up thinking. When you shut up the thinking, and notice, experience, explore the residual state you find yourself in, a state which people have described as silence, as expansiveness, as all kinds of the things.

You can bounce off thought, just like we’ve been bouncing off the pictures. Veronica used to do that. If she had a thought, she would say, that’s not important right now. And there was something about saying not right now that shut Personality up because it was like, later. Then she never went back to it. That’s a type of bounce off. You can bounce off sound. You can bounce off taste and touch. You can bounce off sight.

Those of you who like to meditate, we never talk about meditation much, but those of you like to meditate, you found a way to carve out a quiet spot. Right? And if you think of it as well, I bounced off the temptation to think and I landed in meditation. So, you use that muscle or that idea that I’m, you know, walking around bouncing off of everything. Imagine that you’re in your house, wherever you are right now and every single thought that comes up, you bounce off of every single thought. So, like right now, Veronica’s elbow is touching the arm of the chair. Bounce off of that.

You don’t have to understand this. Just, this is just one of these moments, just roll with this. So, every thought, every memory, you bounce off of all of them, You just keep bouncing off of all of it, you hear sound, you don’t trace, try to chase it down. You smell a smell, you don’t try to chase it down, you just bounce off of everything.

For Veronica this ends up as being viscerally in the middle. She feels like she’s in the middle. What does that mean? Doesn’t matter? She’s in the middle in the silence. That’s just how she would describe it if she had to describe it. I end up in the middle in the silence.

What you’re doing is you’re liberating yourself from the definitions of everything. That sound means the smoke alarm. That sound means a car horn. That smell means dinner’s ready. You’re liberating yourself from all those definitions. You’re liberating yourself from the chains of Personality by bouncing off of all of the constriction that Personality has tried to put on everything. Ignore this, pay attention to that, all that nonsense, right? You bounced off of so many things. To use Veronica’s terminology, you’re in the middle in the silence.

Nothing is defined.

Does that not describe infinite possibilities then?

Because nothing is defined. So, everything is a possibility, there’s no constriction, no restriction. There’s no contortion.

And what rises out of that space, what we have called choiceless choice, is so freaking obvious. Because you’re in a place of silence. It rises from a place that you don’t have preconceived notions about and you have no definition of it. It rises into form. It’s inescapably the thing that needs to be engaged with, inescapably. Because it’s the only thing that there is, and then something defined rises out of it. First things first, you’ve got to make sure Personality doesn’t leap in there to try to muck about, and second, you get to experience and explore primordial creation. That’s primordial creation, as primordial. Bursting of something, who knows what it’ll be for experience in exploration?

Want to get primordial? The way to get primordial is that you take away all the bullshit, Which is what we have been working on these last few meetings. Getting rid of that Personality chain takes away the bullshit. Take away the bs, bounce off into deep presence, experience and explore. It is a non-personality state so it’s not noisy in some ways. It’s quiet. It’s full and empty. Someone said it’s full and empty at the same time. It is the Field of Infinite Possibilities. And it’s a primordial soup, for lack of better terms. And in that primordial soup, what rises to be experienced and explored isn’t being dictated by the constriction of Personality. For the first time, you are experiencing and exploring something that is rising out of the primordial nature of Awareness without Personality’s influence. And by the time that stuff starts happening, we imagine you’ll have enough practice that you won’t try to put Personality on it.

And don’t try to imagine what that will look like because, of course, that would be Personality imagining it. If you’re interested in that, if that feels juicy and interesting and compelling to you, then bounce off of everything.

Do you think we can talk about primordial, uprising of choicelessness if you guys aren’t moving the ball down the field here, right? You open the doors through your willingness, your consistency, in your earnestness and you’re not giving up – and you’re hearing us say that’s not exactly what we meant, but you don’t give up. When you keep doing that over and over and over again, we can talk about things like the primordial uprising of choices. We don’t just start the conversation there. We get there together.

June 20, 2021

This epic meeting began with a super clear review of the “end/middle” teachings showing the evolution of those ideas. It flowed into the newest insights bringing clarity to the ideas of the Vastly Changed State, the Big B Body, subatomic particles, and so much more. I loved how Eloheim tied one of their earliest teachings into the current unfolding!

June 23, 2021

June 23, 2021
Full Council: At the Crest of the Roller Coaster

Guardians: Hi everybody. Just feeling into the energy of the night. Expansive, feels quite expansive actually.

You’ve been doing amazing work with Eloheim over the past few meetings as you have explored more super clear, actionable ways of embracing the idea of catching and surrendering Personality. We are thrilled for you, and it energetically is reflected in how your collective energetic feels as we check in with you all.

So, going forward, what you need to be really cautious about as you do this bounce off and navigating stimulus in the new ways that you’ve been working on is that you are cautiously noticing where your overachiever self and your big brain self and your sneaky Personality self all try to muck up the works. Because there’s a temptation to try to process this with your brains because you’ve relied on your brains for so long. And that can happen without you noticing, which is pretty much Personality’s way of being, right? So, it’s really important as you do this, you do not think about it. You didn’t get there through thinking, therefore, you don’t want to use thinking to evaluate it. And that actually might be the trickiest part. You’ve always used your brains to navigate the world.

So, the invitation is to say, okay, I’m really, truly vastly changing the way I navigate the world, and the way I’m doing it is to stop relying upon thinking as a way to figure it out, get it done, decide what to do. I’m not doing that anymore. I recognize that is the playground of Personality, and it has seemed like it was all that was available to me and all that was possible. Now I know better, and I have to do the consistent, willing work to earnestly disengage from the make-believe idea that the only way for me to navigate this world is through thinking. Which, Eloheim, as you know, very eloquently described as the middle and the end.

And yes, you do end up in a place of, I don’t know. You end up in a place where you are basking in uncertainty rather than cowering in the unknown. You abide in a space where you don’t know on purpose. You are putting yourself in a place where what you are saying is I don’t know as a cry of power, as a chant of exploration.

And there’s times when that feels easier than others. And yet there’s no excuse for ever doing it the old way because the old way is not serving you at all. And that’s where you have to be strong. You have to be strong and say, “okay, I don’t want only what the old way can give me.” And in order to have the new way, the authentic way, the non-distorted way, the abiding in Awareness way, it’s essential that you were not disrupted or disturbed by being in uncertainty.

Hence, why Eloheim started way back years back with extraordinary emphasis on how to be uncertain as a place of power. If just now we were like, oh, by the way, get used to living in uncertainty all the time, and we hadn’t done any work on uncertainty, you guys would be flailing. But of course, Eloheim, the master bricklayer, laid those bricks down long ago where you can learn those muscles to abide in uncertainty. Which, of course, means abiding in Awareness. Because uncertainty is Awareness because it’s not being controlled by Personality.

It’s a wild, wild west. It’s just the open space. So, as you move into this process where the bouncing off and the bubbling up and all that starts to become more and more of a default, you’re going to have to accustom yourself to the fact that it feels a little different or pretty darn weird, actually. And the temptation is going to be to process the fact that you feel pretty darn weird using Personality and make it wrong or make it need to stop or make it need to go faster or any of that stuff. That is the exploration you are in. And it’s a little bit like when you start any new habit, you know, eating differently or exercising or learning something, it takes a minute before you get over the hump of, “Wow, this is pretty weird” into something else into like, “Okay, that was pretty weird, but now, it’s just part of my day part of my life.” So, we invite you to let what you experience when you bounce off, when you experience the vastly change state, to not try to then box in or restrict or define what you’re experiencing.

It’s experience and explore, not define and duplicate and explain. And that Eloheim has been saying that to you for so long, experience and explore, experience and explore. Well, here’s where that brick laying and muscle building really comes home to roost. You need to be able to abide in, experience, explore the vastly change state without attempting to use your brain to make it make sense in some way.

Visionaries: That’s great summary, as a great summary of where we feel you are collectively, how you typically would process this collectively, and how it’s not serving you to process it. So, as you are digging more and more and more into this whole thing, one of the big things to recognize is that the bouncing off process, or the recognizing that there’s stimulus and not falling for getting involved in that Personality chain that Eloheim described, is that stimulus isn’t just the pin or the water bottle or the pictures that Eloheim’s been holding up, right? It’s literally EVERYTHING. And we mean everything. So, what does everything mean? It means what you see, which is what you’ve been practicing with Eloheim, what you smell, what you taste, what you hear, what you feel, what you think. It’s how you identify yourself. How you describe yourself.

All of those things, every single way that you process incoming stimulus is all filtered by Personality, and it’s all an opportunity for you to engage with in a new way. So, if you get really worked up and you start saying, oh, but I smelled that or I tasted that or I heard the siren and didn’t bounce off, and then you start to beat yourself up because you haven’t bounced off individual things, you’re going to be using this teaching to make yourself a victim of yourself. And that, of course, is not allowed. We don’t like to set rules for you, but there’s a rule if you need a rule. Don’t do that. We don’t alert you to these opportunities for evolution as fuel for you to beat yourselves up. We alert you to these tools for evolution so that you can start to really notice. The bs that Personality has used to control how you experience this incarnation, that’s what we’re up to, right? And so, when you catch the fact that, whoa, there’s a stimulus and you’re like, how do I bounce off that? If you start to think about it and try to figure it out, you’re playing Personality’s game. Just say, I’m bouncing off that wreck. I’m doing it by acknowledging Personality’s a thing and then bouncing off of it. Noticing it is not falling for it, right? I noticed it back to presence. I noticed it after presence and what ends up happening is that you have an evolution of your experience of that stimulus.

Listen to the middle, or bounce off of it, and you end up in a place where you’re where you’re experiencing, exploring, and you’re accessing Awareness and all that important thing. But in that process, it gives you the opportunity to have a new experience. So, let’s say you have something that, the fork or whatever. And you have this fork and you say oh, that’s right. I don’t want to just have an assumption about what the story is with this fork. I’m going to bounce off that assumption. And that doesn’t mean you can’t use the fork to eat your noodles. Eat your noodles. But when you recognize oh, that’s right, I can bounce off my temptation to experience this fork the way I’ve always experienced a fork, you open the door for the experience of the thing that you’ve called a fork to be to be explored in a brand-new way. And if nothing new occurs, or you don’t feel any sort of big, aha or duh about it, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter. Just keep noticing that the way you have experienced the refrigerator, the bed, the toilet, the shower curtain. Oh yeah, I’ve always experienced this in the same way, and I’m bouncing off that not into something I have to explain to myself, just acknowledging I’ve always experienced this the same way. Same with my shoes, same with my dress, same with my hat. Whatever. I’ve always experienced them the same way, just acknowledging.

That is a huge step. Because you’re not in the habit of just plowing through. You’re saying, wait, there’s more here. I don’t have to push in, force and explain, box in, any of that, or beat myself up to get the more. I just have to start with oh yeah, that’s right, there’s more here in an exploratory, mad scientist way. You know, out hiking in the wilderness kind of a feeling. Not in a feeling of, oh my god, I’m blowing it because I haven’t figured out the more here, right? Let yourself be in that place, literally, of exploration of experience, of fascination, open to there is more here. This is the And tool, but more specific. The And’s kind of general, which is great. Works. But this is a more specific thing. You could take a task like cooking a meal or getting dressed or maybe doing some yard work, taking a shower, something you’ve done a million times, and you’re going to just intend at the beginning of that task. Okay, every single aspect of this task, I am going to do with the clarity that there is more available to me in this experience, and everything I know about the things I’m going to touch and the actions I’m going to take are limitations filtered through Personality. Say you’re taking a shower. So, first thing you do, at least for Veronica, she turns on the water. All right. So, everything I know about turning on the water, I’ve known from Personality, period. Do you want to go past that? Just make that kind of a like a mantra, right? Turn on the water. Take off your clothes, open up the curtain. Get in feel the water on your body. Everything I know about each of those steps is something is what Personality has taught me. There is more here. What I know about the shower curtain was taught to me by Personality. There is more here. What I know about soap was taught to me by Personality, there is more here, and try not to be like going quickly through that. Try to really take a beat to say, this is true. I’m making a true statement.

Everything I know about this I was taught by Personality. And there is more here. And just do that, you know, even if you did one of those exercises a day, it would be amazing. Let yourself get into the new habit of acknowledging as you go through your life and interact with stimulus that everything you know about that stimulus is what Personality has taught you about it and that there is more here.

Warrior: So yeah, we like what they both said but we want to follow up on that. The there-is-more-here thing. So, in our day and age, when you’re teaching young people—and we admit a lot of times it was boys but we tried to do better with our kids and have our girls kick your ass—when you’re teaching swordplay to those who have never held a weapon before, there’s all kinds of things that are very fundamentally important to teach, right? And these are the kinds of things like Eloheim taught you with the tools. Those were your fundamentals. Everybody needs them. It helps you; you can rely on them. But then, as each student becomes more advanced, they start to color their own style, they start to find ways that they’re specialists. Some of them are fast, some of them are strong. Some of them are do really unexpected things, some of them can jump high, and some of them can duck low. And so, you start to tailor their training based on what they actually know, what naturally comes forward for them. And, you know, at some point, for almost all of them, we end up blindfolding them or we teach them in the pitch dark of night.

It’s dark of night. We take away one of their senses, usually sight in this situation, so that they start to have a different experience of the blade. They start to have a different experience of their surroundings. They start to use what you guys call the Sensory System to feel where the opponent is, to feel the blade coming at their neck, to feel the terrain that’s under their feet in different ways, to listen in different ways. We start to cut back some of their other senses to heighten the ones that remain. So, you can add this kind of stuff on to what the Guardians and the Visionaries were just talking about, right? Everything I know about taking a shower with my eyes open was taught to me by Personality, but maybe if I take a shower with my eyes closed, it gives me the opportunity to experience taking a shower in a brand-new way, which breaks down Personality’s grasp on taking a shower.

Everything I know about blank, I know, because I can hear what’s going on around me. What if you put in earplugs and walk around with ear plugs in your ears for an hour and see how that changes the way that you interact with your circumstances, right? These are ways that you can immediately break the Personality’s hold on how you’ve experienced a specific thing. And you can do it with things like sleep deprivation, you know, stay up real late and, you know, you kind of feel, woo, rummy about it, right? You feel a little rummy, you’re like, whoa, I feel kind of strange. Okay, that breaks the hold. This is a path that a lot of people use, like substances, you know, marijuana and psychedelics and mushrooms, to alter themselves to break out of Personality’s grip. That’s one. Yeah, that’s, that’s a version of this. We’re not saying that you should or shouldn’t do that. We’re just giving you an example of how this can look. Stay up late. Don’t sleep, get up really early. Throw off your rhythm a little bit just to see how that changes how you experience the world. You know some people like to fast and not eat in situations like this, but one of the things you’re doing is changing the grip Personality has on you.

So, here’s a way you can use the body, the gingerbread to stimulate, to lessen Personality’s hold on you. Change how your senses are perceiving physical stimulus. If you took a fork and put it on the ottoman with a Kleenex box, pretty much all of you are going to be like that’s a fork. And then you think like, oh god, now I have to wash it because it’s not in the kitchen or what are we doing? Was the fork out here? I don’t want to lose it, it’s part of a set. Whatever Personality’s sent you off into. But if you have a fork and you say, I don’t know, earnestly, I don’t know, okay, you can maybe be like, I kind of know a lot about fork. So, this one’s kind of hard. Okay. So, if you put a blindfold on and had someone else put some stuff out on the ottoman and you’re touching them with your hand trying to figure out what they are, okay. And then you get to the fork and you’re like well that’s a fork and it will feel different to you, we promise. You’ll have a different experience of it. Maybe not an earth-shattering experience. Okay, we get that. But it breaks the hold. This is the other thing where people they blindfold themselves and have someone else feed them food and they try to guess what the food is or do that with your nose plug. So you can’t smell the food and see if you can tell what the food is. All of these kinds of fun there.

You know, you can have fun with this. It’s too bad you don’t have a big retreat planned because it could have all kinds of games like this. It would be a fun thing for us to watch you guys all do as you explore and, and experience the world purposely, exploring and experience your physical surroundings in ways that aren’t standard. Purposely, purposely, purposely. Because we’ve got to break out of the habit of experiencing the world the way you’ve experienced it, that has to happen. No doubt. And so, if that has to happen, then constructing ways to do so is a completely reasonable thing to do, and, you know, you can have fun with it.

Girls: We want to do that food thing with you. Veronica’s like, oh goodness, we think that would be fun. Anyway, the boys are just on it tonight! Real good information from all three of them.

What do we have to add to that? Let’s talk about the emotion feeling state, right? And so, when you want to bounce off emotional, feeling states, how that fits into this whole middle in thing, a lot of times you might say, I don’t want to give that up. When I think of my mom or I think of my kid, I feel so much love and I don’t want to not feel that love, I’m not giving that up. Well, how about when you think of it, instead of giving it up, what you think it is, I’m sick of it being limited. You think, all I know is I have a big heart, super unconditional, and I really love my child. Okay. But still, everything you know about loving your child has been filtered through Personality And if love can be that amazing, filtered through Personality, imagine what it’s like if it’s not.

And you don’t have to imagine or predict what it’s like. You just have to say, if everything else in my world becomes a vastly changed state, and its expansive and huge and big, how about if I get the vastly changed state of my love, for my child or my spouse or partner or lover, whoever, friends? How would that be if I had a vastly changed state around the experience of loving them? And of course, Personality tries to sell you all, what? You’re not going to really love them; it’s going to go to shit if you if you change it. Well, you know, that’s not true.

So, the invitation is to say, wow, the love I feel for my child, rather than have that love be the way I’ve always processed it, what if I hold that love and also recognize that there’s a vastly changed way for that to be experienced and explored in a new fashion? And you bounce off the imagining that you’ve already experienced all the love you can experience. Bounced off the idea that you’ve already experienced at all.

Maybe that one’s a little harder than the fork. Personality will kind of con you into the fact that you’re losing something. Personality’s always lying.

Lying liar who lies.

Lying liar who lies and tells you that you’re going to have less. You’re going to have less. Which is always a lie.

That’s all we have to say. Just let that settle into you and we know that one might be a little tricky. But it doesn’t make it untrue.

Fred: You know, a lot of times, we just do whatever we want and you know, for the most part that’s true, but we have to give credit where credit is due. This whole middle-end thing and the bouncing off that Eloheim came up with, that’s doing it. We feel you all changing through that clarity, that mechanism, that visceral action that you can take. We feel it, and we’ll just echo what the rest of them said, just don’t fall for the con that Personality is going to try to run on you. Which says, it ain’t going to work, you’re not doing it right, or it’s too hard or you’re going to lose. Again, if Personality was giving you all the answers, you would not be on this call. If you had the life that is possible deep in your heart, you would not be on this call. If you had the realization that you were facilitating evolution of the species and you didn’t need any support in that, you wouldn’t be on this call. What about the Girls saying a lying liar who lies? Yeah, that’s a good way to say it, so just don’t fall for that. You’re too close to the vastly changed state to fall for the bs of Personality right here at the end. That’s just the bottom line. You are too close. You are too close to abiding in the vastly changed state to fall for the bs at the finish line so just don’t fall for it.

Get out that Lone Ranger, Lone Wolf, don’t-tell-me-what-to-do part of you, that stubborn part of you. Be stubborn with Personality and say, absolutely freaking not. Whip that out on Personality. Put Personality in its place of, you are not going to tell me what to do, you’re not going to tell me what’s possible, you’re not going to run your con on me.

Because that’s what it is. It’s a con that no longer has a place. So, as you really earnestly dive into this and you really facilitate this part of your personal evolution and you start to access the vastly change state on a consistent basis, stuff’s going to feel pretty damn weird. It’s going to be unusual. Not wrong, not bad, not awful, not scary. Not limiting. Of course, not limiting as you’re getting out of limitation. That’s why it feels weird because you’re in a vastly changed state, you’re leaving limitation and I gotta figure this out for expansion. You’re diving into experiencing and exploring with fascination. This is going to feel a little unusual, people. And so, let it. You can’t have change without change. Why do you think that was one of the first brick’s Eloheim laid down? You can’t have change without change. Stuff needs to change if it’s going to change people who don’t fall for Personality’s con at the end here at the finish line.

You see people running these marathon races, right? And you can see the tape across the across the street and here they are, they’ve been running for three and a half hours, and they’re all sweaty and dehydrated. And goodness gracious, all kinds of crazy things are going on with their bodies and their muscles, and they’ve got like 20 steps before they go through the tape and the clock stops, and their loved ones are on the other side just waiting to gather them up and wrap them in a blanket and get them what they need to feel rejuvenated and celebrate their success, and all of that. And right there, 20 steps, 10 steps, 5 steps from the finish line, somebody yells your name. Hey you, and you turn. And they’re like, come over here. You say, what? They say, no, no, no. Don’t go there. You don’t want that. That’s no good for you. Come with me. I know what’s better, and you do it. You trot off the course and you leave all your friends and family behind and you don’t get one of those metal looking blankets and you certainly don’t get a thing to wear around your neck and you run off with a wild, weird stranger who says that he or she knows you better than you know yourself and knows what you need better than you know.

Don’t be distracted. When you’ve got five steps to go. Put Personality in its place.

All right, we’re going to get Eloheim for you. Excellent work everyone. Well done. We’re very excited. Keep doing this. And by the time we have a chance to talk to you again, you just might have some stuff to talk about. You are in a working phase right now, an applying earnestness and being willing phase. Veronica likes to think of it as a staircase in a tall building. You go up 10 steps and then there’s a landing and then you rest a minute, and you go up the 10 more steps, that kind of a thing. You’re on the stairs. Right now, this is an on the stairs meeting. Everyone’s giving you advice to keep your action going up the stairs, for it to be it more easeful and more clear. We really like the landing meetings because we sort of liked the idea of, we’re, just in this case, gonna go. So, get up to the landing and then we’ll see what’s next for you, not to be an outcome focus, but we do like to encourage you. All right, we’re going to find you-know-who. Bye.

Eloheim: Oh, that was fun. You got good actionable step stuff tonight.

Nancy says, all very helpful, really appreciated the Girls, especially about emotions as last night, I heard a cousin died and my initial response was to go into old patterns of reaction. Then Nancy says, bounce, what would I experience the same way? I don’t know. Why would I experience it the same way? I don’t know.

Yeah, the temptation, especially in a situation like that, is to get really connected to Survival Instinct and grief and oh my god and all of that stuff, which is completely understandable because you’ve been doing it for so long. But the opportunity is to say, I don’t need to add more of that to what every other person who knows your cousin is going to be contributing to the overall dynamic. What can I contribute? Well, I can contribute my presence. And I can say, I have never experienced my cousin’s death before so I don’t have to assume ahead of time what it feels like or what I’m required to do or how I should process my cousin’s death.

Maybe you’ve experienced other deaths. So, you have an assumption of how that goes, but you don’t have to say that’s how it has to go about my cousin, the way Personality wants you to do it. You’re going to bounce off death. Well, no, actually what I’m doing is recognizing that I have never experienced the death of this person before and I have an opportunity to bring the absolute most current version of me to this moment. And when I bring the absolute most current version of me to this moment, the reality is, I don’t know what my reaction or my response to this is. I’m allowing myself to be present rather than using old muscles.

She continues. Yes, I stopped all the old patterns reactions and it became very quiet presence. I don’t know was all I could offer.

And that’s an incredible thing to offer. Right. That’s an incredible thing to offer.

Susan says I’ve tried eating with eyes closed. It’s a trip. I’ll try that again in a new way. There are dark restaurants with blind servers, allowing diners to have a whole new experience and really focus on the experience of eating in a new way.

Oh, that sounds interesting. We’ve never heard about that before. Sounds like it could get messy but be very intriguing as well, right? Letting yourself have a brand-new experience of it.

A brand-new experience of it. One of the ways this comes up for Veronica is with food. When someone offers her something to eat that she previously was picky about, instead, she sits in the space of, you know I haven’t tried it recently or maybe I’ve never tried it or maybe I just don’t like the idea of it or whatever, so she tries to be a little more adventurous. You know, a little more of, I’m not going to just say no. I’m going to try to say, maybe I’m going to try to say, okay, I’ll try it. Be a little more adventurous is one of the ways that she has been trying to break down the limitations.

Do you have questions about the bubble up? Questions about the middle, questions about the end, any of that? We’re here for that too.

For Veronica, one of the things that’s been going on is that it does feel quite unusual to her, this whole thing that she’s been experiencing. We don’t even know how to exactly describe it. Just, she feels very different. It feels very different, and connecting to that feeling of different without the habit of making that wrong or something to be corrected or something to be avoided, or any of those sorts of feelings has been a little tricky, a little tricky. And honoring the fact that evolution is taking place. Like this morning, she got up at a regular time and did about an hour’s worth of work. And then she realized, I need to go back to bed. I need to get my weighted blanket. She has a blanket that weighs 25 pounds that she gets underneath when her nervous system feels like it needs some soothing. I’m going to get under my weighted blanket and I’m gonna be present. Well, she ended up falling asleep for 3 hours. Honoring what the body needs.

Ron went on a 14-mile bike ride and said I don’t know the whole way with all he observed he felt very present even in 90-plus degree temperature. That’s powerful. That’s really powerful.

And a great example of what one of them was talking about earlier, right? With the shower thing, the Guardians, Visionaries, a great example. I’m going to go on this bike ride. I literally don’t know because I’ve never been on this bike ride before. I’ve ridden the bike before, okay, but I’ve never ridden this bike in this moment ever. So, saying I don’t know isn’t lying to yourself. It’s acknowledging the reality of the experience, something Personality’s always trying to skip over. So that’s what’s really powerful about this is, when you go into I don’t know, earnestly, what you get out of that is an actual honest relationship to the now that you have never been in before, instead of Personality trying to craft the now into something you’re familiar with. You’re honestly saying, I don’t know.

It’s being in integrity because you don’t know and you’re not trying to figure it out or box it in or push it into a corner. You’re saying I’m going to be willing to stand in I don’t know and allow for the complexity and the completeness of what is present to be revealed, so I can experience an explorer.

Amazing. Right.

Bounce off, the bubble up. The recognition that all of the Big B body and the gingerbread, all the thoughts, all the way you identify yourself, all of it is you experiencing distortion. I am constantly experiencing distortion, and once I say this is distortion, I liberate myself from the requirement to play that game. That’s really what we come down to at the end, right? I’m calling it. I’m calling this Con Game for what it is. It’s all distortion and because it’s all distortion. I don’t have to play that game.

It’s really accurate to call it a con. You’ve watched those movies where somebody’s pulling a con, trying to rob somebody and they’re saying, you’re going to see what I want you to see in order to control your behavior. But the thing they’re showing us, like Ocean’s Eleven or Twelve, movies where they’re pulling a con, is the people in the know see the fact that you were in a box and they are controlling you experiencing that box. And they all know that you’re in the box and you’re the one who doesn’t know, A con job. What are other good con job movies? So that maybe that would break through and help if you watch some con job movies where at the end, they reveal how it all worked out, and the whole time, the guy who’s getting conned had no clue that it was all a construct. It was all a construct designed for a specific outcome, every single bit and bob of it was pushing the person, the mark, into a direction, into an expression that was completely controlled by the con men and women. They were taking care of all of it.

Veronica was also remembering this movie called The Game? I think it was called The Game, an older movie? Similar kind of a situation where the entire experience is being controlled. And the experience that the person is having is being distorted because they are the mark in the con.

She’s being reminded of the Sherlock TV show, one of the episodes had a big con in it. Where is being constructed completely to lead someone to believe a certain outcome had occurred. And that certain outcome was completely constructed. The outcome occurred but it was constructed outcome. And the outcome was, I want you to believe such and such happened. It never had to happen. It’s just making the person believe such and such happened.

Okay, here’s a perfect example of bouncing off. There’s a fire not that far away. The fire is being attended to by multiple aircraft. Earlier, Veronica had the door open and heard the aircraft. Okay, so there’s a fire. Look at the information without starting from I’m scared, right? Starting from a neutral place, from I’m going to acquire some information and I’m not going to assume I have to be scared. I’m not going to assume it’s dangerous. I’m going to start from neutral.

And when you scroll down on Facebook and people are freaking out, don’t freak out with them.

Dennis says, another suggestion is the movie The Prestige. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play two competing magicians trying to outdo each other with their magic illusion acts. Magic is a great example of the con job, right? It’s not called the con job when a magician is doing it, but it is a con job. They’re doing something with this hand so you don’t see with the other hand’s doing. They’re controlling your experience of the encounter. And they’re in the know, you’re in a smaller box, right? There’s a bigger experience happening and you are being confined into a smaller experience in the middle and the bigger experience. The con job is controlling what your smaller experience is. This is perfect, Personality pushes you into this small circle and then controls what you experience with in it.

Darcy says I took I don’t know on my daily dog walking. It was an intention before going out. One of the loud things was when I got a whiff of a flower that usually causes an allergic reaction. I stopped mid sniffing said perhaps the allergy is just a habit. My body, reacted differently to the stimulus by not sneezing or needing an allergy pill.

Wow. Vastly changed state. Vastly changed state. Are y’all feeling out what Darcy just shared?

You know, like, I used to be allergic to this. I used to have to take an allergy pill, used to cause me problems. I noticed that stimulus was there. I bounced off of it, not into oh my god, how does my body not have a histamine response, just bounce off of it into perhaps there’s something more here, and the something more is, I didn’t sneeze or need a pill.

Vastly changed state. Fantastic example. How did that feel Darcy? Did you worry, feel duh or did you kind of go, whoa? Where on the spectrum were you?

Darcy says it took nothing but a thought that felt both duh and then wow.

Yeah. Duh and then whoa. Wait, I had a thought about something that I used to have to take a pill about. Whoa.

Who else? What else, where else are you on in this? How else is this going for you? Are you stuck? Is it making sense? Do you need an example? Do you need help? Where are you with it? It’s going to be like two weeks before we can talk about this again. So, get your questions in now or we’re going to go. Like Fred said, this is an on the stairs meeting, right? This is a process meeting; this is not a plop meeting. So, if you give us feedback, we help you with your process. If you don’t need our feedback, then we wait and see how you are and see if we can plop next time, but we’re in a process meeting. So, if you need process support, now is the time.

Susan says I’m baby stepping application. Would like to be more consistent with it. Sometimes feels choiceless choice, to be patient with my own process, not push it yet. Maybe that’s Personality.

Now, Personality’s never patient, that’s not Personality. Be more consistent is great, any bit you catch is fantastic, right? And so, it doesn’t have to be every single thing because that probably got overwhelming, but you can use individual stimulus to help you build the default muscle.

Right? When you find yourself saying, I don’t know. And, and, and, and having that feel empowering. And having that be like, why would I try to know anything in this moment? When you start to get to that kind of duh, I don’t know place as a default, it doesn’t require you to go around and do it with every single thing you see, but it can help in the beginning to do it with every single thing you see. But if you did that all day long, every day, it might just be exhausting. So at least, do it some, right? And do it with some attention and intention. And it will build this muscle very quickly because the LIE of Personality has been exposed and none of you are going to put up with it for long now that you have a way to get out of it.

Jenaire says, I don’t get a reaction so I just don’t know, just get a blank.

Yeah, that’s good. Because then you’re not thinking and figuring out and when you have that blank, then you experience that blank without trying to fill it up. And then, you see, if you have some choicelessness that pops up and says, oh wait, this, an oh wait that doesn’t come from thinking, and that’s a tricky line. That’s why I gotta practice because sometimes you’ll be like, did I think of that? For Veronica, the way she knows that she’s in choicelessness is that a lot of times, the thing that she gets the urge to act upon is something she’s never thought of before and she can’t come up with a good reason why she should do it. Other than the fact that it’s totally choiceless.

She normally goes over and sees her landlady once a day. Yesterday they went and visited nursing homes, which is a whole thing. And when they got back from visiting the nursing homes, they did some phone calls, and then they worked on a bunch of different stuff, and talked to people, and it was a big strategy session. So, she was there with her landlady for hours. So, when she woke up from her nap, she was like, I’m supposed to go see the landlady again. She’s like, I don’t want to go see the landlady. I’ve already been over there for hours, it was exhausting and tiring and emotionally challenging at times and I really would rather eat dinner, I’m hungry. And she was like, but I’m supposed to go see my landlady.

And she argued with that for a little bit and then she tried to call on the phone. It wouldn’t connect and she’s like, okay, I got it. I’ll go see. She went over to see the landlady and caught a mistake that could have cost hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of dollars, could have inconvenienced a whole bunch of people, and could have caused, you know, mayhem basically, and her landlady, she was like, I’m so glad you came back. Veronica’s like, I’m so glad I came back, too. So, choicelessness was saying, go see your landlady. Personality was saying, no way, man, you’ve already done enough.

Dennis says here’s another powerful bounce off, something one can do anytime, which also directly helps with the body gets it last, is scanning the body for tensions and bouncing off. What comes up while noticing and relaxing them?

Oh, that is a good one. Yeah, we like that one. So, scanning the body and going, oh, there’s some tension there and letting yourself have a different relationship to that tension. Let’s go on.

Susan, says, thanks, that helps. Yes, it’s easy to self-judge that I’m not doing enough and I know that’s Personality.

Dennis says around the eyes and the forehead is a great area as Personality thinking-based tensions easily build contractions around the eyes and the forehead. That makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense.

When we were having the call the other day, there was a whole thing about Big B body stuff, you know, physical stuff, but there’s every bit of stimulus you’ve ever had or are having is fair game for this process. It’s fair game. So, like you said, tension in the body. Thoughts, emotions habits, favorite familiar suffering. Airplanes flying over, you know, anything, anything and everything. And it will get easier because it starts to be so damn obvious. That it’s all a con job and we know you guys don’t fall for that kind of stuff. This is where we finally get to harness your Lone Wolf. Obstinate, stubborn. It’s like, I am not falling for this. You are not. No, freaking way. Am I doing that? Yeah, so that’s fun for us because that we have had to push against that for how many years? So now we’re harnessing it and huh, we know how strong that is.

Sousan, all clear for me, thank you. I’m aware of the extent to which I’m in uncertainty and resistant to it.

That’s very powerful. So, it’s an exercise in abiding in uncertainty and having a different relationship with what my Personality has told me is anxiety. Perfect exactly, right. Absolutely exactly, right.

Who else?

We’re sort of in the juicy feeling about whatever Fred was alluding to. We’re not sure what they were alluding to but there’s some Fred, something up his sleeve. So, if you need a carrot, there’s a carrot. Fred’s got something up his sleeve, woohoo.

Anybody else? Feel like we’re at the auction house going once, going twice. We’ll wait a minute, but if you’re typing, you should let us know. We’re happy to stick around. We just feel like if you don’t need us to help you with the process, then you just need to practice, right? It’s just time for practice. And you were given so many great new ideas on how to practice during this whole meeting that. That’s just what step you’re on is the practice step.

Consistency and willingness and earnestness. But honestly–we hope this doesn’t trigger anyone–you know how, when you’re on that roller coaster and you’re climbing and climbing, and it’s going, click, click, click and making all that crazy noise? And then there’s that moment where just before it’s into the exciting whoopty-do part just before you go over the top, you can tell that the system isn’t working hard anymore. Right? The system that has made you climb, climb, climb hard. And it’s quiet. We feel like that’s the phase we’re in. We’ve been working, working, working hard, and we’re just at the point where we’re kind of cresting. And so, there’s an easefulness. Even though you’re still in a processing, working place, there’s an easefulness to the energy because it’s all been laid bare. The con has been exposed and there’s some mop-up, but the con has been exposed and once the con’s exposed, you don’t fall for the con.

Nancy says it actually feels invigorating to practice and know that Personality is no longer required.

Excellent. That’s wonderful news. Anybody else? No. Okay then we’re going to get the Matriarch. All in all, the last four or five meetings have been extraordinary, and we’re very proud of all of you.

Matriarch: We really just want to say well done. You know, for many, many, many, many years, as you count time, we have had this visual, and in this visual we see each of you as a column of white light. And it doesn’t have to be only white light, but it’s white with a little color here and there, but mostly it just looks like white light. You’re a column of white light. And that column extends up past where we can perceive and down where we can perceive. We’ve seen you all as each a column of white light and in that column of white light, you’re standing in a circle. And in and around that circle, we always feel like we have our arms holding you, embracing you. In that holding and embracing, what we’ve been doing is holding and embracing the idea of your evolved, healed Awareness abiding state, to use current terminology. You know, we probably used to say high vibrational or healed core emotion or whatever we used to say, but now we will say we embrace you as you abide in Awareness and experience the evolution of your species.

So, for us, when we have a night like tonight and we can feel like what Eloheim was saying about the roller coaster cresting, and it becoming more of this duh, easeful, I don’t know space, your lights seem brighter, and you also seem more comfortable and more relaxed in them. And that’s beautiful for us to see because it’s a distinct change. A distinct change, alright?

Much love to each of you. Thank you. Many blessings. Good night.

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