Four Sessions held in March 2018


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March 4, 2018

72 minutes

Who is Doing the Evaluating?

In regards to the progress you may have about your project and what you feel about it, who is evaluating that progress? It starts with a “P”! Your Personality is NOT qualified to make an evaluation of your progress on living as Homo spiritus, on living Awareness-forward, or on your PhD! It is not a neutral party in this assessment. It is happening in a realm that your Personality has no foothold in, nor any ability to have a foothold in. It is not qualified to evaluate your progress in this realm. And, who says moving forward is an evaluation system you need to use? Your Personality. Well, you’re not making progress, says P, so you suck and you should give up. The one offering that judgment is not qualified to make that assessment.

How do you navigate the desire to feel like you’re making progress or the temptation to compare yourself to others or to evaluate yourself? You recognize it’s Personality, and you set it aside. It’s just another way your sneaky P gets in the way.

Ask yourself, am I using limiting thoughts to distract me from this present now? If yes, then okay. Getting this limiting thought out of and distracting me from this present is all the progress I need to make in this now. There’s no perceived end to this project, it’s simply to give you context and structure to get the Personality in the right place within you so that Awareness, which has always been in you, can be foremost and primary to your day-to-day experience, in your moment to moment. It’s a refining of what works to get you out of the limited Survival Instinct thoughts that are controlling this dynamic.

It’s happening right now. The answer to everything is present in every single now. How many Survival Instinct thoughts can you catch and quiet, catch and quiet? You don’t beat yourself up for having them, you celebrate that you caught one and that you are strengthening the muscle that puts Personality in its proper place. P thoughts are not going to run the show anymore. That’s the point of this.

We’ve reminded you for years that choice was on the table, primarily via the (lower) Levels teachings. Now we say in Level 7/8/9, just be present to your Awareness, and let Awareness to fill you. We’re still unpacking what it means to live in Level 7/8/9, what “It’s All Me” and “Choiceless Choice” means, that’s why we are not talking about Level 10. This is a big step and you’ve never done it in any other incarnation, and if this takes a year or two or ten, we don’t think that’s unreasonable. If it takes a while, who cares? It’s taken many incarnations to get to this point. We’re making this huge jump into Homo spiritus and it hasn’t been unpacked all the way and that’s okay. No one is falling behind. We’re making sure we don’t rush ahead before it’s actually sunk in and actually changed you and is a part of your structure. There’s no need to rush this or feel behind. Your Survival Instinct, your Personality, your negative self-talk is going to try to talk you out of this, and that’s where you have to be disciplined mentally and emotionally to not fall for it.

Eloheim asked those on the call to let them know what they’re doing to put Personality in its place, asking how they are doing with their PhDs. Several group members spoke up and shared their thoughts and experiences with their own projects.

It’s important to remember that when someone else talks about their project and gets input from Eloheim, it helps all of us at the same time. We can each use and integrate and tailor the things E suggests for our own PhDs.

March 14, 2018

82 minutes

SI Freak Out

First, let’s have a kick the ass of the Survival Instinct conversation. The Survival Instinct is freaking out, flaring up more and more, dreaming up more and more reasons and justifications for worry and anxiety as we journey into the Homo spiritus position. Back and forth, back and forth, using up a lot of bandwidth. It’s generating a lot more of the dance into the past and the pulling back into the now than is healthy or good.

Remember, the Personality is not qualified and has nothing to base it’s evaluation on as you do things you’ve never done before! The Survival Instinct will be able to justify its position completely based on the past and call those things bad. We have a foundation for the times the Survival Instinct flares up. The muscle to use for this is “This trigger is mine,” or “This SI is mine,” and you, the Survival Instinct, don’t get to run the show!

You’re pushing against something that is not the moveable piece into Homo Spiritus. Navigate those freak outs with a sense of knowing you are the one who gets to decide, the one who gets to choose to not let the SI’s voice be the voice you follow. You are the one commiting. You are the only one who can, the only one who can pivot away from the SI’s voice and not let it slow you down and distract you. This evolutionary journey requires you to choose and choose and choose to turn away from the Survival Instinct and Personality’s paradigm. “I turn away from that entire paradigm.”

The paradigm of SI/Personality is do-to-get, be-to-receive, be a good little Lightworker, I’ll feel safe, have enough money. It’s all about outcome, results, success. Everything you see in this world, with few exceptions, is in that paradigm.

Now we’re going to a foreign land and it’s all different. The paradigm of Awareness-forward, being aware of Awareness, is “nothing is actually happening but the now.” Period. Every answer you’ve been looking for is in the now and every now can be experienced in many different ways. When the Awareness is activated, not drowned out, you are in the Field of Infinite Possibilities rather than limiting the FIP in the Personality. It’s like swimming in the ocean rather than having a glass of water. Personality hands you a glass of water and says, be careful, don’t spill it, that’s what you get, you might not get more. The Awareness paradigm shows you all the ways water is present in the waterfalls, rain, faucets, rivers, firehoses, pools, all the ways you experience water. It’s everywhere. All of the FIP is accessible when you’re in the now. You get to experience the immense power of the physical of the Field of Infinite Possibilities, otherwise known as Earth.

We understand that not everybody, or maybe nobody, is actually living in the space where you feel this is true, though you may get glimmers. Words are the purview of the Personality whereas energetics are the the purview of the Awareness, so it’s hard to describe. You may just find you know it when you feel it.

Across the board, the invitation has been to find the way where being present is most likely to occur. You probably have multiple doorways to Awareness-forward. Find one or more ways that work for you. Currently, Veronica has used set it down, catching limiting beliefs, catching the P, and now she uses a rubber band around her wrist to help remind her to be present. When she notices it, she’ll ask herself a question like “Is that a limiting thought?” Catch yourself and ask, whose voice is that? Whose actually saying that, whose voice is that? We would call it the healed part of the Personality, the witness and chronicler, the enjoy-er, the kid on Christmas morning. We haven’t gotten to see much of that side of the Personality.

It’s totally worth it, just keep doing it. Be present. Choose and choose to say it’s all me, see the world as the Awareness rather than seeing the world as the Personality. Watch it move rather than try to make it happen. Need/need met. Awareness rising to offer you what you need to move forward in the journey of exploration.

What is Awareness? Experience and explore. Keep going. Your Personality is not qualified to evaluate this situation! Catch your Personality in limiting thoughts and the Survival Instinct and stand on it. We suggest you don’t say or do anything unless you can do it from Awareness. Refrain until there’s some Awareness-forward evaluation of the situation, until you can get past the Personality’s view on it. Try that. It’s not easy and we know it.

Then it was the group’s turn to share their experiences and ask questions, to which Eloheim gave their input. Catching the Personality and stopping it, questions about the rubber band tool that Veronica uses to catch herself in Personality, and a dinner out to talk about relationships were some of the topics discussed.

During the sharing, Eloheim devised an updated version for the tool “I’m tempted to.” When something happens and you can feel that Personality wants to speak, when you feel justified but you know that the words that come out of your mouth will be from Personality, say this sentence, “Personality says……[whatever it was you wanted to say].” Then, ask what would Awareness say about you. You’ll find it challenging to say anything that is NOT from Personality. This tool will demonstrate awareness for when P is talking and give you a choice to drop it or walk away. It will eventually wear down the Personality so you can find a way to speak from Awareness.

March 18, 2018

68 minutes

The Difference Between Living in Level 4 and Level 7

As you navigate your PhD’s, as you begin to live from Homo Spiritus, you get to live in a way this life has never offered before. Level 4 felt so difficult and exhausting with all the choosing and choosing and choosing, choosing until you didn’t have any more triggers to navigate. Now, with all the work you’re doing in Level 7/8/9, there’s also a lot of choosing in there, but it’s different. There are no limiting thoughts, no Survival Instincts to navigate, no making sure the Core Emotion is in check in these levels.

There’s a huge difference between Levels 4 and 7. Level 6 is the pinnacle of Homo sapiens in that you’re not running around triggered all the time. When you’re in Homo Spiritus, the choices you are making are to illuminate the vast potentials available in this life. You’re living in the Homo Spiritus state, and the opportunity to move up in those levels, in the expansion, requires another period of choosing and choosing and choosing. What you’re doing is not trying to get access to the no-trigger state, you’re generating access to Awareness-forward living, living your life as a soul-infused journey. You’re living as a high vibrational being that is actually filling out all the ways that you can be human.

Here’s a music analogy for this. It’s like learning all the music in Book 1 for your particular instrument. You finished the book, you know all the songs, and you’re feeling accomplished. You might feel like you just want to keep playing the songs you know. And that’s perfectly okay. Or maybe now you’re feeling like you want to play new songs. You’re wanting to try something new that no one else you know is trying. You say, I’m done learning the songs in Book 1 and I’m ready to start something new. So you start on Book 2. And it’s hard again. But you’re not starting over, it’s just new again. You’re playing new songs. You’re challenging yourself on purpose. It’s a normal feeling to feel like you’re starting over. Homo Spiritus, like your new music Book 2, is radically different than Homo Sapiens. You’re starting over in a lot of ways. You’re not starting at the beginning, you’re just starting something new.

One of the things you do when evaluating yourself in Homo spiritus comes down to asking, “Am I actually present?” Part of the reason this is so consuming is that every thought has to be caught and examined, giving no slack to the process or the thought. If every thought gets caught, you’re going to start noticing how many thoughts are not present thoughts. And yes, it’s exhausting.

When you’re exploring the Field of Infinite Possibilities, when ensouling your body, what you’re doing is a complete departure from the way you’ve been navigating your life up to now. You’re done learning from the first music book and are ready to learn new songs. You have the opportunity now to take everything you know and put it into new rather than hide in the old and just repeat some more.

Progress here is defined in a completely different way. Progress looks like sinking more INTO your life, rather than your life getting bigger or moving forward. Everything is happening in this one now, as opposed to moving forward in the fallacy of time. That’s where we’re headed.

At this point in the meeting, the group chimed in with some great updates on their PhD’s. Topics included: feeling unwell, timelessness and knowing your truth, a reference point for being present, “what if we believed in ourselves?”, the Survival Instinct flaring up in unusual ways, and giving a name to the subatomic particles.

Eloheim talked more about how to respond to others who are triggered and upset. Listening is the most important, as in saying thank you for sharing, without feeling triggered yourself or defensive. If you’re taking what they say and imagining scary future scenerios without being present to them in the moment, you’re just going to be more and more devisive. A few days later, Julie had an update to this conversation after her participation on a panel discussion on healthcare.

Here’s the update from Julie after talking with Eloheim during the meeting:
“Just got home from the panel discussion on healthcare. Thanks to E and Veronica for “noodling” on this. It was really inspiring to talk with E beforehand. And it was so much fun. I told my truth, realized my truth wasn’t so far from the truth of others, and spoke with passion about what I believed we could achieve together. I would have never done that as the previous version of me. I had several people come up to talk to me afterwards and tell me that I was “really inspiring.” That makes me believe I was indeed present and an energetic leader. Yay! Thanks Veronica and Eloheim!!!”

March 28, 2018

94 minutes

Two New Tools: The Tender Spot and Yeah But

Guardians: There’s an interesting tension in the environment in general. A lot of social change is being demanded, requested, and pleaded for. A lot of people feeling there’s transformation happening and a lot of people trying to find a balance in that. Humans like to swing between extremes-the traditional and common reaction to change. Polarization. Society has a lot of different ways to point fingers at each other via social media and it’s louder than in the past. Things that have always been present have been brought forward more than was possible before. Your society is showing its growing pains.

How do you deal with this? You recognize when you’re tempted to feel like a victim or powerless and catch yourself. Approach others with the sense that we’re all human and all struggling with triggers, and look for the third way. It’s easy to imagine no one else is doing this. Everybody is doing it in a new way, some consciously, some unconsciously. Everyone is being forced to be different and having to change. Change brings up tension. Look at those places where another feels tender, look for the tender spot in them, the spot where they have to change, where society is having to change around them. If you can look at them and see that tender spot in them, your Awareness says, that person has a tender spot and they are doing all they can not to change because it’s scary. Look for the tender spot.

We have talked about your energetic billboard, now we have an upgrade of that tool. The Tender Spot. We see it getting more tense before it gets better. You’re in for it. We suggest you not let that scare you. Say yep, that’s why I’m well trained, and I have many tools at my disposal. You didn’t sign up for easy, you signed up for evolution. You can duke it out with your Personality or you can step into yourself, activate your Awareness, and ask what’s the tender spot for that person? This is important or we wouldn’t have spent so much time on it.

Visionaries: We have been nominated to explain Eloheim’s new tool so they can do something else. First, some background: Veronica has felt stuck with the Awareness thing, and here’s why. What she realized is there are one or two things that feel unresolved or unhealed, and those things were dominating the internal narrative causing her to not notice or appreciate all the progress she’s made in so many other areas in her life. The progress in the things attached to “yeah, but…” hasn’t changed. Personality says you are not supposed to notice the change in one thing when something else hasn’t shifted as much as the Personality imagines it should have already shifted. This is one of the ways that Personality or Survival Instinct and Unhealed Core Emotion keeps you out of the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Don’t fall for it.

For Veronica this insight was extraordinarily liberating. “Yeah, but this hasn’t changed” was put aside. I am going to evaluate my life as if this thing wasn’t part of the equation. I am going to put it over there. This thing has been overshadowing my life, overshadowing so many things that have evolved. I am going to experience the things that have evolved and explore them from the Awareness-based perspective because the big thing holding me back in Personality is not as big a part of my life as it has been presenting. It has been overshadowing me and holding me in Homo sapiens. And when I liberate myself from that and acknowledge that all around the edges of that thing has changed, maybe not the core of it, but how I interact with the edges has changed. They can be appreciated and explored and delighted in, and then you can bring the other thing back and look at it with new eyes. The thing that was overshadowing everything else can be set aside, then examined, and it gets smaller and smaller as more and more recognition of places that Awareness has been activated about that issue has been noticed. Now it becomes like a skinny flagpole of what it once was. But you notice I am so different. What is likely the Field of infinite Possibilities will activate and that flagpole will have to change.

You guys all have at least one thing that is in this category.

Eloheim: Personality is not qualified to evaluate to tell you where you are in your Awareness journey. It literally doesn’t know. Personality cannot be allowed to judge as you move forward on this journey. If you’re letting Personality tell you, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Using a small whiteboard, Eloheim illustrated the Field of Infinite Possibilities around Veronica’s income stream and how her channeling and oil business are just the tiniest of slivers of the entirety of the FIP available when she’s in Homo spiritus. Personality cannot guide you in the access of the Field of Infinite Possibilities. It will not allow you to explore the Field of Infinite Possibilities as it is afraid of it.

There are so many different ways that the Personality is trying to evaluate you at this time. The Awareness experiences that you are having are very difficult to capture with language, other than to say it is very different than my normal journey. And it’s a weird way of being mean to yourself, to have one part of your life tell you that all of you isn’t getting the job done. Because the Survival Instinct and the Personality were the ones who told Veronica what was actually happening. Then they lost their grip. There’s been a real increase in the opportunities to be present without distraction without the “yeah buts…” making being present so hard.

There’s this opportunity right now for you guys to be fierce in this. Fierce in a “I will NOT capitulate to the ‘yeah but…’ that’s gonna drown out to the actual transformation I’m having.”

Homo spiritus has always been present so we’re not looking for something. We’re just trying to stop the drowning out. It happens within you. The answer to everything is present in this now. Your Personality cannot say that’s true. Your Personality knows that is not true. Your Awareness knows this is true. Personality is caught up in time passing. We’re so excited for when you guys know there is no time. The more you engage with your Awareness, the more you realize that the nature of time is that you are drawn out of it by the SI rather than deposited in to it by the Awareness. You go in and in and in with Awareness.

We don’t want you to think about these things. How do we talk to your Awareness without you using your thinking mind? Try to do something abut thinking, practice not thinking while doing something.

What you’re looking for is inside. You don’t have to go looking for it.

Eloheim told a story about Veronica getting a negative Youtube comment. Personality was getting ready to reply but Veronica asked what would Awareness say, and had a vision where Awareness said in answer, “There are many steps on the path.” A zen-like comment for both Veronica and the negative commenter. Awareness sounds very zen.

Who reinforces what you’re learning here outside this circle and your FB group? What do you guys have? Four meetings a month. That’s it. You guys have no support, unlike other pursuits. Athletes have their trainers and coaches and lots of written material and medals. People in martial arts have teachers and different colored belts that let you know you’ve progressed. You guys have no structure and no support other than four meetings a month and there’s a reason for that.

After having done every religion there is in incarnation after incarnation, at the end of it all, no matter how far you went in those communities, you still owed it to somebody else. Somebody else told you were only evolved if you did it a certain way, in this order, and it was still bestowed upon you by another human being with a Personality, a human being evaluating you as being done, telling you, well done you, often with pomp and circumstance. At the end of it all, these days and centuries and millennia of evolution, that’s not enough. That’s not it. We’re talking about accessing Homo spiritus, there cannot be anything in between you and Awareness. And that’s what we’re doing this lifetime, reaching this pinnacle of evolution with nothing between you and it. There comes a time, this incarnation is the time, when you have no deity in the way, with the idea of standing without any other force acting upon, judging or evaluating or telling you you’ve done it. You knowing in your truth that you’ve experienced something other than the normal way of being human that is not dependent on anyone else’s evaluation system. That is why we “kicked you out of the nest.” We are your PhD advisor, you come to us and we will guide you as best we can. We are not in front of this anymore and when you get there, it’s gonna be you. We are not the ones who will tell you whether you’ve done it or not. You’re going to say to us, I did it, and we are going to say, we witness you.

This very, very specific thing that we’re doing is to say there are no “yeah buts”. You have no structure, four meetings a month and a Facebook page. And look at what you have done. Look at how amazing this is. And at the end of it, you can say, Eloheim helped me but no one is going to be able to say, Eloheim bestowed this on me. You may appreciate the guidance we have to offer but you do not owe us for it. For us it feels like-we just feel like we’ve done the right thing. This time when you reach that place, it’s going to be different. It already is. Our purpose is for you to reach Homo spiritus with the least amount of influence of the Personality in that experience of the Awareness as possible.

You all show up this time after numerous incarnations and said I’m not doing it that way this time. Veronica was once told she was a leader of a pack on lone wolves. Lone wolves, overachieving lightworkers and fed up. Deep inside that Awareness part is that voice that says, this time I want to get there and not have this sense of it only counts on Sundays, an all-access pass only good one day of the week. We did not want that for you. All these years and we have to make sure that when we get close, we are not in the way. So what did we do? We pushed you out of the nest. No private sessions. Told you you had to do a PhD. We and Veronica cannot be in the way. We told Veronica to step back. Make yourself less needed, less important, less of a center. They have to need their own self. So when you get close, there’s nobody in front of you. Our greatest gift to you is to free you from the ultimate “yeah but” you’ve experienced every other incarnation. This was the one.

We’ve cleared the way, now you clear the way. Invest in yourself. Find that “yeah but” voice and navigate it in a new way.

Four Sessions held in March 2018


Price: $24.99