Four Sessions held in May 2020

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May 3, 2020

Eloheim speaks at length about LEVEL 10! Also includes an entertaining discussion of the different types of non-physical observers who are finding our current Earth evolution fascinating. PLEASE NOTE: I included some introductory comments I made giving you some behind the scenes insights and updating you on my health. The actual meeting starts at about 12:51.

May 13, 2020

Reviewing Tools That Facilitate Awareness

We are super ready for this meeting. We have notes because we realized something really important that we have not put together in this way. For the past many months, years, we have been guiding, instructing, kicking you in the arse about surrendering Personality. Surrendering Personality breaks a millennials-long, hundreds-of-lifetime habit of only letting Personality be in charge. It’s time to evolve the entire system. The foundation of how the Earth experiment, the free will zone, was created is being evolved at this time. Cool.

For many years now we have been chipping away at how the Personality shows up. In the beginning, we never phrased it like that when we introduced the tools, the levels, healing the CE, navigating uncertainty, dealing with fear, and all that stuff. We were chipping away at all of it in the most obvious ways that Personality that shows up. Like Michaelangelo did when chiseling his marble statue of David, at first, we were chipping away at all the big stuff, using the big hammer and the big chisel to get out of Levels 1/2/3. As we moved into Levels 4/5/6, we started refining using the smaller chisel. But we still have to keep pounding at all the ways things come up in those levels: renegotiating your relationship to your triggers, choosing and choosing your reactions to your experience, holding triggers close so they don’t pop up and distract you and turn into sneaky Personality. When the relationship is matured into “what trigger,” it is a different thing. That is a vastly changed experience. That figure Michaelangelo chipped out of that block was always in there, it’s just been revealed through a lot of work. The same goes with chipping away at Personality to reveal Awareness. It’s always been in there, now it’s being revealed through a lot of work.
As we look at surrendering Personality, we want to refresh your consciousness about how you’ve done that with Awareness using all the various tools we’ve given you so you can recognize how it’s been supporting you and facilitating Awareness. And we have notes.

In September, it’ll be nineteen years we’ve been doing this work. There’s been a lot of material. All along the way, what we have been doing is helping you surrender Personality. Everything we’ve done. So, let’s review.


Personality thinks it knows it all, that it’s got it all figured out, that it knows what’s right and what’s wrong. Personality is extraordinarily rigid and limited and tense. That’s where the tool “I don’t know anything” came into being. When you relax into not having to know everything, the hard drive between your ears is freed up to do new things. Allowing yourself to be present and open to any input, clarity, and choiceless choice in the now is an Awareness perspective. When you catch that limited and arrogant thinking of Personality–I know how this is going to turn out, I know what’s right here–see if you can shift it into how Awareness can build on clarity received in a field of infinite possibilities way, rather letting it be a stopping point of “I already know how this turns out.” If Personality already knew it all and knew it better, your experience would be vastly different than it used to be. Awareness is a vastly different state. If Personality was going to get you into Awareness, it would have done it by now because you sure have Personality’d enough. No amount of Personality and arrogance is going to get you into Awareness.

There’s an infinite amount of wisdom that keeps the planet spinning, heartbeats beating, and black holes going that your Personality has no affect upon. Personality is not the end-all, be-all. If it was, you wouldn’t have the challenges you have and you certainly wouldn’t need to come to us for insight or support, and the mysteries of the cosmos would be at your fingertips. Keep an eye out for arrogance.

Every single little bit of surrendering Personality and abiding in Awareness is uncertain. It’s purposely moving into a state of uncertainty. It’s not a surprise that we worked for such a long time on uncertainty. Uncertainty cannot be avoided or ignored and should be sought after. It represents being in the FIP in a movement rather than cowering in Personality’s rigidity. Uncertainty is the place where all possibilities exist. A path to surrender Personality is where you say, where can I be the most uncertain here? Where in my life can I be more uncertain? You’re currently in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, the greatest uncertainty you’ve ever had in your lifetime. It’s a great idea at this time for each of you to reflect upon what you have learned relating to uncertainty, about treating it as the blessing that it is, the opportunity it represents, the gift that it gives you. “I don’t know” is the opposite of arrogance. I don’t know-uncertainty-gives the FIP free rein.

If uncertainty feels like a trigger, bring it close to you and hold it there instead of losing your s(*t over it. Use that Level 5, that Warrior energy. “I don’t know.” Get used to it. “I don’t know.” Period. Let it be a delight, an access point, an expansion, an opportunity. Feel the FIP. “I don’t know!” is your Warrior cry at this time.

Whatever comes after “I”, start to become suspect of it. Every bit of your lifetimes, every bit of it, was filtered through Personality. We suggest you put the word Personality in place of “I”. Personality says. Personality did. My Personality felt limitation. Who’s the one observing that? Abiding in Awareness, I recognize the temptation for my Personality to reassert itself by dragging me into limitation. Whoa, there’s a difference. Previously, “I” (Personality) meant your past, your projected future, and your gingerbread shape. But all of that is just a subset of the tapestry of Awareness that is All That Is. So, if you say that is all that I am, you’re missing out on that tapestry. This is a great doorway to Awareness, noticing the limitation of “I”. It’s a subset of Awareness. Why would you want to abide in that limitation, that subset, when you don’t have to anymore?

Personality says you end at your skin. And everything else is not you. I am my gingerbread shape, my past experiences, and my perceived future, and I interface with the world using my skin, my nervous system, what I can hear, taste, smell and feel. It feels limiting. It doesn’t have to be only that. The sensory system gives you that way to access all of Awareness without overcooking your nervous system. It allows you to recognize that all of that space between you and other physical objects, plus the physical objects, are actually part of you. It is just a part of you that’s very different than what you have spent millennia training yourself to imagine you are. For millennia, your identity has been your gingerbread shape processed by your nervous system. And now we’re saying when you let go of that limited perspective and allow yourself to experience Awareness, use the sensory system to help you differentiate. There’s a whole ‘nother batch of sensory, of sensations, to be processed when you begin to stop believing you end at your skin. That is the perception of Awareness, the All That Is.

Just like beyond the skin experiences are still part of you, recognize that physical objects are not other than you. When you start to say, I am All That Is, all of a sudden, every physical object is part of All That Is. Do you immediately have a real clear, unmistakable taste of that reality? Probably not. But what is true about it is that it’s true. And because you can’t immediately know this, that is just Personality trying to dictate how you interact with your reality. The reality is that all of the physical objects around you have always been part of All That Is, as has your gingerbread shape. You have trained yourself over millennia to ignore the impulse from the other objects and imagine them to be as other than you. It is a sensitivity that you have not become more tactile with it but it does not make it any less true. You haven’t yet viscerally experienced a changed state around that object.

Most of the time you’re processing your bleedthroughs from Personality. And it feels crappy.

There are three different kinds of bleedthroughs that we want to present to you today.

1. Alternate expressions lifetimes that you regard as having in the past. They are incarnations Personality tells you had in the past, and are therefore, inaccessible to you. Awareness knows that all nows are now and completely accessible at all times in every now. All nows are contained in this now. These are truths you are currently working to surrender your Personality’s limitations around. You have access to the entirety of the catalog of alternate expressions you’ve experienced on Planet Earth in this now. Personality will tell you can’t and what it will be like and filter the experience as you do access them, and then tell you it’s bad or wrong. It can be lot to experience. It’s not unusual, yet not the same as reading the written research.

2. Current expression bleedthrough is when you start to have reflections and re-experiencing of the things that have occurred in this incarnation to this current gingerbread shape. And it’s typically processed by Personality. When it comes up, allow yourself to be in Awareness as you revisit it in order for that to illuminate something. The strong temptation is to process them in Personality because that’s how you’ve always done it.

3. Non-terrestrial lifetimes. We don’t expect it to happen much but it is on the list. Keep focusing what’s on your lap. You don’t want to go there first, don’t make it hard on yourself. Start with something closer to your lap.

Allow choiceless choice to rise up from deep presence as guidance and to compel you into the next now. The body already guides you to the next choice: hunger, thirst, elimination. You’ve already got the muscle but it’s been filtered through limitation. Personality will talk you out of choiceless choice. Personality likes hamster wheel and thinking. You don’t choose choiceless choice. You get present, choiceless choice pops up, and it’s unavoidable. Personality can’t dictate or guide. Nothing matters right now except what I feel choiceless in doing. It stems from being present and surrendering Personality. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it because it’s subtle and quiet. Veronica finds if she ignores the subtle choiceless choice guidance, it gets louder and louder until she finally listens. Become sensitive to what choiceless choice feels like. It’s increasing your sensitivity to the reality of Awareness.

Personality loves thinking to keep you out of Awareness. Personality justifies keeping you thinking in a million different ways. It’s like Whack-A-Mole. Don’t argue with each thing Personality brings up and wants you to think about, just stop thinking. There’s an addiction to thinking because “I think, therefore, I am.” You identify yourself through your thoughts. No thinking is actually more valuable than presence.

May 17, 2020

Adding to the discussion from the last session, Eloheim speak about how our relationship with Time helps us surrender Personality. They explain how sneaky Personality shows up and how the nine tools below can be used to catch and surrender Personality.

Notice arrogance
Release the identification with “I”
Acknowledge the Sensory System
Physical Objects are not “other”
Benefit from Bleedthroughs
Choiceless Choice

Eloheim invited us to focus on one of these each day between this session and the next session on the 27th.

May 27, 2020

Full Council: Doorways to Awareness

Veronica assigned topics to each council member for this meeting.
GUARDIANS – Acknowledge the Sensory System’s doorway to Awareness
The sensory system is 100 % natural and normal. It’s not a strange way of being. You don’t have to go look for it or activate it in any way. It’s active, just covered up and drowned out so you don’t know. You have it, it’s already yours. It’s allowing yourself to pay attention when you experience things that are part of the sensory system and not talk yourself out of them. This dovetails nicely with Veronica’s work with empaths and intuition, your “Spidey sense,” the I-don’t-know-how-I-know-this-but-I-do sense. Personality talks you out of something that is totally normal. It is one of your senses. There are lot of messages that you get to move through when you start to value the sensory system. That’s fake, you’re creepy in some way, you should go to the doctor, you’re deluding yourself. There’s a lot of judgement going around to keep you from allowing this extraordinarily normal part of you to be valued. All of you are capable of experiencing it, and each of you will do it differently, and that’s alright. Don’t talk yourself out of it, let it be okay.

It’s interesting because thinking does apply to so much in the process of discarding Personality’s dominance and allowing yourself to abide in Awareness. It’s a broad topic.

The pitfall of thinking is where we would like to put your attention. The main pitfall is that you rarely get something new added to the mix. The tendency is to think about the past or project into the future and the barriers or pitfalls to the desired outcome. It’s a narrow channel. It starts to seem like ALL you have to work with. You can only build so much with what you have to work with. No matter how clever or creative you are, you can only build so much or have so many options with, for example, a set of seven Legos. The possibilities are limited. It’s not evolution. All the work we’ve done is telling you that you are not just a “7-Lego life.” It can result in some value, but it is not an evolutionary step to simply rearrange those seven Legos. Awareness means a vastly changed state, not just a rearranging of the same limited options.
ELOHEIM – Presence, Gratitude, Stories vs. Reporting, and Assumptions/Preconceived Notions.

Everything starts from being present. That willingness to be present with what’s in your lap cuts out a lot of Personality. Really looking at whenever feel any kind of wiggliness, start with coming back to presence. It’s an important step.

Gratitude. Another thing that is really important that allows you to be more present, to stop thinking, connect with your body, and invite you into a different relationship with habit is gratitude. It’s a pattern interrupt. If you find sneaky Personality bugging you, find something to be grateful about.

Stories vs. reporting. A lot of time when Personality is in charge is spent making up stories around what’s going on. Reporting is being a fair witness, stating just the facts. You witness. You report rather than create a story. That keeps you from letting Personality take the reins. Where does Personality pull from to make up the story? The past, habits, fear, lack, victimhood, assumptions. Be cautious about making up stories and stay in reporting the experience that you’re having. Acknowledge what actually IS. When you let Personality shape a story, you almost always get shitty stories. Being able to report keeps you in neutral observation, centered in your body, in the down and in space. That’s an important doorway.

Assumptions/Preconceived Notions. When you’re starting off with an assumption or preconceived notion, where do these come from? Personality. When Awareness is present, it doesn’t bring a bunch of crap into the now. We used to call this baggage and static. Baggage is what you bring to the now, or assumptions/preconceived notions. Static is what you throw up in now, or stories. You’re not even there, you’re not present. Don’t do that. When you catch yourself doing that, know that’s a doorway to Awareness.

WARRIOR – Release the identification with “I”
We can hear Veronica giggling. We’re not sure why she thinks this is funny but we’ll go along with it.

You as Homo sapiens, before you do anything about it, tend to run around the planet as this egomaniac. How does this affect me, you ask? My family, my town, my gang comes first. That “I” thing becomes that “othering” thing. That whole battleground is really baked in.

When the sensory system becomes more alive in you, then that “I” thing has to go along with that. What you regard as “I” has to morph and change. When you go along as “I”, it brings up feelings of pride, boastfulness, fierceness, a defensiveness storm of emotion. This whole thing is I-I-I. That temptation is to regard the world through this lens of “I”. It makes it hard to find the rising tide to lift all boats because you only really care about your boat. I’m okay, they should be looking out for themselves. It borders on arrogance, the Girls’ topic.

When you’re defensive, it’s really easy to activate the survival instinct. It takes away flexibility, and you retreat deeper into limitation. Allow yourself to surrender the defensiveness. We’re reminding you to watch how your identity is crafted around defensiveness in order to protect yourself and your position. You surrender limitation and end up in expansion. When you’re defensive about your identity, you’re actually protecting Personality’s perspective. You’re just entrenching into identity as a path. Allow yourself to recognize you’re not just here to entrench, you’re here to surrender that constrictive armor that you’re wearing so you can actually touch the world with your sensory system. It does not support you to get wrapped up in the identity piece. You’re purposely letting go of the thing you previously used to identify yourself. It doesn’t go away to nothing. Instead, you allow the authentic self to experience and explore.

GIRLS – Notice arrogance
That’s fun. We like this topic. (giggle)
One of the ways that arrogance is so loud is the “I already know…” I already know so I don’t need to open up to insights and ahas, new information, shifts or changes. Arrogance is a really fascinating trap because there’s a part of you that says, “I know what I need to stay alive.” That morphs into, I know how this should go, I know what this person needs, I already know this. A know-it-all is immovable. Rigid. They say, I’m the one who knows. When you catch yourself in arrogance, make room for something like, this is the clarity I have, and… You don’t want to be at a stopping point. You want to be in movement. Always leave room for “and” after a statement of clarity.

Be very mindful that you are not willing to cope with uncertainty by surrendering to the limitation of arrogance.

FRED – Choiceless Choice
We want to talk about how choiceless choice plays out on the bigger scale, in the bigger picture. You say choiceless choice as, I can’t avoid the nudge or I don’t know why I’m doing this but I’m doing it. Choiceless choice starts to be its own gravitational tide. When you think of other planets out there, think about choiceless choice. It’s not optional. The planet spins. The planet orbits. The planet is not asking for another option. It’s not trying to seek out different ways of expressing. It’s what I wish to do. This choiceless expression is the experience I wish to have. It’s giving the planet an opportunity to express without being distracted by wondering. You don’t have to wonder why you’re going to participate in gravity, do you? No. Within that paradigm, I will express. The planet is saying, I will express within that paradigm. That might seem limiting. Well, sometimes having the stage set gives you the freedom to focus, to narrow your attention and to focus in a different way. If you say, right now my choiceless choice is [blank], you’re saying, I’m agreeing to focus and explore what this focus reveals. It’s a bit like dropping a stone down to the bottom of the pond rather than skipping across the top. It’s not saying you’ll stay there; it’s giving you a new perspective about what you’re experiencing. It gives you the opportunity to go deeper into what you’re focusing on. The more present you are as the stone is sinking, the more expansive it becomes. Down and in. Allow choiceless choice to help you feel focus, and that focus becomes the other side of the hourglass, the narrowing opens out again.

MATRIARCH – Uncertainty
The beauty of uncertainty. We wish so much we could give you the gift of experiencing uncertainty without fear. Perhaps one of the results of all this work is that you finally get to the point where uncertainty is perceived and experienced as the beautiful gift and opportunity that it is. At the end of all of it when Personality is surrendered to such a degree that it is no longer interfering, you will be able to experience uncertainty as the vista that it has always been. Your throwing off of the shackles of Personality allows you the birthright of uncertainty and is experienced as bliss. Where not knowing is experienced as a profound gift. So, next time you experience uncertainty, try to see it as an ocean of opportunity that has been gifted to you to be your playground, to be all you wish or could ever dream of.

Eloheim – We just wanted to say goodnight because that was fun. We wanted to let you get some different perspectives on things and we hope that was supportive to you.

Four Sessions held in May 2020

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