Six Sessions held in January 2017


Price: $34.99

January 1, 2017

Special New Year’s Day Message from Eloheim


January 4, 2017

I will make a fancier version of this soon. 🙂

Deep conversation about the differences between living as Level 6 and living as Level 7


January 11, 2017

83 minutes – audio only

The trillions and trillions of choices that created this now!


January 15, 2017

97 minutes – audio only
I am infused by the field of infinite possibilities. My role is to experience and explore the now. I dwell in the unknown, abide in uncertainty, and embrace the unusual. I acknowledge that clock time may need to pass while the field physicalizes. I am the witness and the chronicler. ~Eloheim


January 18, 2017

56 minutes – audio only

The entire Council shares their thoughts on 2017!!!


January 25, 2017

75 minutes – audio only
Each council member took a turn speaking about our movement into Level 7/8/9.

Guardians: The Guardians asked us to look at abundance with a new perspective as we set aside what is going on in our world, to reconnect with “it’s all me” in our physical world, and to feel the energetic support around us as we move in Level 7. They reminded us that what we are encountering is our soul giving us opportunities and noted that someday we will “wake up each morning” reunited with our soul.

Visionaries: The Visionaries spoke about detaching from duality this year. Duality is not Level 7 stuff, they said. And that means finding a third way, especially concerning the political scene. The idea is to explore and experience in Level 7/8/9 rather than try to direct or control. We are to allow the experience as we witness it, all while we feel our surroundings hugging and supporting us.

“You can’t live in Level 7/8/9 unless you give up the director’s chair.”

Eloheim: Eloheim talked about the superhero stuff we are moving into and reminded us that what we are doing is not body-based yet. They were very pleased with their recent analogy of Spiderman and shared it again in detail for us to explore.

“I am witnessing and chronicling as I explore my superhero powers.”

Fred: Protons were Fred’s focus this night. “Protons alter the fabric of your reality in response to your emanation. You’re tumbling the protons with your emanation.” They shared this visual: our emanation comes out, tumbles the protons around us, and our soul reveals the experience to us. Our emanation is altering the path as we walk through the protons. Fred cautioned us to tend to what we are thinking and the words we are using, to be mindful, as our emanation is that powerful.

The Girls: The Girls, per usual, urged us to love ourselves as we love this new/unusual/uncertain thing. They then changed the word love to appreciate, for those who find that word a challenge.

“I appreciate myself as I go through this.”

Warrior: “You gotta know your truth ALL the time.” The Warrior says the narrative right now is “entrench.” They reminded us that we are not in a war and not to act like it’s a battle, that that’s not the energetic that will solve this. It’s important to be an energetic leader, not an energetic combatant, and it’s necessary to bring our truth to the table in order to do so. They said to use the tool, What is Now? which is an upgrade of What is True Now? Ask yourself, what am I emanating about XYZ? The Warrior also stressed that words matter. They asked us, are you supportive or fueling the fire?

Matriarch: The Matriarch suggested we take the tools the other council members offered and work them into the fabric of our lives. She summarized them for us and ended the meeting in her usual loving and tender way.


Six Sessions held in January 2017


Price: $34.99