Audio from each of our five meetings held in January, 2011


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If you would rather read the transcripts of these sessions, COLLECTION FOUR of The Homo Spiritus Sessions includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between December 22, 2010 and February 9, 2011.
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01-05-2011 ~ 80 minutes

Guardians: (Silent energy work)

Visionaries: A deep discussion of uncertainty. Moving out of just coping with our fears and into finding comfort in uncertainty.

Eloheim: Told us that being uncertain is our nature, and when we become comfortable with our nature, we can be more in the moment. Questions and answers about uncertainty and practical usage in our lives.

The Girls: Because we can never attain certainty, striving for it leads us into being mean to ourselves. Whenever you want certainty, you’re setting yourself up to fail. When we can find peace with uncertainty, we can find serenity. Peace with uncertainty is serenity.

Warrior: Continues his story of the wedding, using Cedric getting into a fight with a boy from the neighboring kingdom to help illustrate the points: When you tell your truth you help other people to be more sure about who you are and where you stand. When you’re comfortable in uncertainty, you make it easier to be around you.

Fred: Talked about the joy of uncertainty, using a story comparing playing pool to creating the universe and the fun and creativity that can only be experienced in uncertainty.

Matriarch:Commented on The Girls’ talk about setting ourselves up to fail when we look for certainty.

01-12-2011 ~ 85 minutes

The whiteboard meeting! Eloheim planned a special presentation for the meeting. The other Council members did not interact verbally in this meeting. Eloheim used a whiteboard to outline the transition from the fear-based operating system to the consciousness-based operating system, and explaining the tools we use to make our transition while creating the presentation.

01-16-2011 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 102 minutes

01-19-2011 ~ 80 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by urging us to be present and centered.

Visionaries: Talked about discovering unconscious fears by applying consciousness (awareness) to our experiences. They urged us to allow ourselves to experience the moment rather than being triggered into constantly trying to find solutions. When you find yourself in a conundrum, it helps if you allow yourself the knowledge of the truth of it without demanding that somehow you come up with the solution to it.

Eloheim: Further discussion of last week’s “whiteboard meeting,” and how the concepts played out during the week. Deep analysis of the differences between the consciousness-based operating system and the fear-based operating system, and why it is so challenging to move from one to the other.

The Girls: Referenced last week’s meeting and the drawing of a circle (fear reaction) bouncing off a triangle (conscious reaction) representing what happens when we try use the fear-based operating system with the consciousness-based operating system. Advised us to use the phrase “I bounced” when we go into unconsciousness. Recognizing that we’re being unconscious brings us more consciousness.

Warrior: Started on a new chapter of their story, picking up five years after they last spoke with us. Brought us up to date on their family and what’s going on in their lives, and began their discussion of community.

Fred: Told us about their New Year’s resolution to be more clear in their use of language with us, and reminded us to allow ourselves to slow the flow of energy into our crown chakras when it feels too intense.

The Matriarch: Expressed how much we are loved.

01-26-2011 ~ 85 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting with energy work, clearing clogged “control” energy in our neck area.

Visionaries: Discussed how allowing ourselves to become comfortable with uncertainty opens us up to living from our soul’s perspective. Our souls want to experience everything there is to experience, and living in fear and always striving for safety closes us to many experiences.

Eloheim: More exploration and discussion of the “I’m tempted to” tool and how to use it as an all-purpose tool to stop and center ourselves. Also discussed sexual energy and conscious and unconscious sexual responses.

The Girls: Encouraged us to look at the world we’ve created around us as the museum of our life and appreciate the beauty we have gathered. They also advised us to consider whether we have created a museum or a mausoleum, and get rid of anything that would be considered fit for a mausoleum.

Warrior: Continued his story of going to see a neighbor’s neighbor, another king who is threatening war. He also talked about Cedric being his heir, and the love he feels for him.

Fred: Led us in a visualization exercise to connect to our soul’s perspective.

Matriarch: Closed with a message of her love for us.