Three Sessions held in October 2019

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October 6, 2019

Evolution of the physical form
Eloheim: This is the beginning of a powerful time. As often before, we have a new beginning in the fall; energetically, now, we are moving into a big new thing. It started with this preparation time for more Fred, of Veronica’s system adjusting to more of Fred’s energy. And, we’re at a transition point now with the notion that you’re Awareness that is occasionally impacted by Personality.

We have an opportunity to shake out the old, to release long-held energetic patterns that are stored in your cells. Those patterns were often generated in alternate lifetimes, and many of you are reporting more alternate expression bleed-through, and more body issues. Also, we’ve been working on changing your relationship to every physical object that you encounter, which makes an enormous request of your gingerbread shape, to pay attention to so much that you used to ignore.

So, evolve your relationship to what you’ve previously called “being sick.” If you need to see a doctor, go right away! But cold-like and other symptoms can also be a clearing-out. To support your body in transition, let your body have its expression, without the additional irritation of your criticism. Your body is working it out. You may recognize AE bleed through symptoms from an outsized emotional response, or from a sense of your concerns or feelings not fitting in with your surroundings. Though the experience is usually challenging, it’s also a major milestone on the evolutionary journey. If you could not handle more than your current lifetime’s evolutionary needs, you would not have access to more.

Our new challenge, when you share an experience, is for you to leave out what Personality has to say about it, to the best of your ability. Just leave out all the parts about Personality, so you don’t keep bouncing off of it. Here’s a real compare U2U moment: in the past, Eloheim would throw back questions that came from victim mentality. Now, there’s no victim mentality, just inclusion of personality’s perspective, which is actually superfluous.

Eloheim then read a written question from a subscriber about his challenge in recognizing an Awareness-forward path to developing a career in music, including wondering if the universe might present one. Eloheim replied that we each have a place in our life where we see this pattern, of trying to either figure out a way with thoughts, or wanting to throw it off to a greater force. And said, you’re not here in a free will zone trying to evolve to an experience of steady awareness, to throw it off and hope someone else will do a better job with your life than you. That’s never the answer.

Another participant asked about accessing guidance from Spirit Guides. Eloheim answered that when in an addictive relationship with Personality, having insight come through from a spirit guide can be a helpful way to chip away at that. And that now: We don’t recommend spending your energy attempting to connect with them, when you can go straight to connecting with your own soul, your own soul’s perspective, that we also call Awareness.

For all of you, when you find yourself in an intellectual spin of “What should I do? Will I be in the now?” you know that you’ve had Personality crop up and override your experience of Awareness. So that’s the thing to deal with, that’s where to focus, “Oh look at that, I’m allowing obsessive thinking to try to tell me how to be,” and use your doorway to Awareness. Awareness is always there; the now is a state of being. If you’re not sure what to do, get present. Monitor and navigate personality’s responses, and allow yourself to experience and explore. The invitation is to be steady in that. Personality wants to stay relevant by making a kerfuffle. Awareness abides. At some point, it becomes choiceless choice, where there’s no other choice but to notice and quiet Personality when it attempts to encroach, so you can continue to abide in Awareness.

Now, the body is having to navigate living outside of the timestream, and you’re incredibly accustomed to the steadiness of linear time. So your physicality is evolving, and feels different. You may need more downtime, but that can be downtime in Awareness. Take it easy. When, “This feels really weird,” there’s a temptation to find the way it used to be. Instead, there’s an invitation to experience and explore it.

Memories may be experienced differently as well. For Veronica, each recollection of experience that stands out feels like it lives on an island. You could also see them as books on a shelf, individuated, that can be experienced not as “memory” but as a “replay,” experiencing it in a 3D kind of way, like an energetic GIF you experience within yourself.

Let the gingerbread shape have its evolutionary time. We’re super excited that we’re working on the body piece. Thinking is very plastic, it’s very easy to evolve your thinking and have it slide back. But when the energetic body changes the physical form, it doesn’t slide back. It’s like bricks in the foundation of the building, an extremely solid contribution. The body gets it last, and now we’re on the body. And it’s you recognizing that the physicality IS you.

We hope you take all this information and apply it in the ways that support you best.

October 8, 2019

The Body Gets It Last
Than you for your commitment. We imagine you could all find reasons to be at your own home right now when the power might be off soon, but we appreciate you feel it’s important to be here.

One of things we talked about Sunday is using your sensory system to navigate the energies that Fred brings to the circle. We invite each of you to concentrate on using your sensory system when Fred comes in later.
How do you do that? By not trying to have it feel normal. We want a paradigm shift, and that means you cannot expect it to feel like it used to feel. Your baseline is shifting. Therefore, you do not know what normal is.

You need to allow for the changed physical experience of Awareness of being dominant. Your opportunity is to push out of your comfort zone the way you’ve pushed out of your comfort zone of favorite familiar suffering, habit, fear, lack, and worry, to now find the parallel idea with your physical sensations, for that to be your new normal. Because you have changed steadily, we have to find what your changed gingerbread shape relating to the physical word and dealing with Fred is. The way you want to do that when you’re experiencing Fred’s energy is not to fall to the temptation that you should find your old baseline. You let yourself say, oh this is new. The fact that you feel unusual when you’re dealing with Fred’s energy is part of the experience. If you’re in resistance to that, it’s less likely for you to find a new balance with the new energetic distribution that’s occurring. As you encounter these changes and you start to have these new sensations, just be like, oh yeah, this is me experiencing Fred. Fred’s energy leaves me a bit disoriented. Disoriented doesn’t equate to danger. Lean into it.

Watch your tendencies to resist this change. Be fascinated to experience and explore. Let yourself have it throughout the day as well as here at the meeting. There’s no teacher or guru or authority figure, and you have the least amount of survival instinct or Personality between you and the human experience in this or any lifetime. You’re going to have to adapt to that. You’re choosing to be human in a different way. Your gingerbread shape needs a minute. It’s understandable.

Fred: Our role tonight is to strip away Personality from your system as completely as possible to experience your physical form with as much purity as we can facilitate. Primarily what we’re doing tonight is stripping your energy field of the bastions of your Personality as they are hooked into your energy field while we are using words.

You have these very, very fixed notions of what physicality is, of what your gingerbread shape is allowed to be and how to transform it. None of these things are actually true. It’s where Personality has its hooks deep in you. It’s easy to believe in it. That belief of limitation is b.s.
We started with something easy, like connecting to the wall. And most of you had experiences. Just walking through your home, you start to recognize you don’t end at your skin. You start to say, well, who’s me, what’s I? You start to change the way you use your brain. Cool. Now that default change invites you to have a transformed relationship to how you interact with the gingerbread shape. What does that mean? Who cares what that means? Only Personality cares. The opportunity is-what is that experience and explore?
As you move into that clarity of brand new, the sky’s the limit, and even that is too small. You have a completely changed relationship to habit. Agreed? Yes. You’ve already seen this work. Now what we’re doing is we’re going to be changing your habit in your relationship to your gingerbread shape. You don’t have to know how to do it, just do you understand the notion?

Your gingerbread shape has very long been part of an assembly line, like a track. You start with a fetus, a baby, a toddler, and move on to an old person, then you die. That track, that agreement to have that track, is getting broken by the movement into Awareness dominance. That track is no longer your path. You no longer have to stay on that track. Being on that track maximized the potential of getting to this now. Societal evolution was facilitated through people being on this track and churning through lifetime after lifetime. In between each lifetime, you return to knowing about Awareness. You go back into the body and you lose it and try to remember. Society evolves, you leave the body, you return to knowing, you come back into the body as a baby and do it all over again. Meanwhile, you’re reaching heights because of the interconnection via the internet and the t.v. and sports, and more, and your big world starts to feel very small. That interconnection has driven the evolution of society powerfully. It’s a strong engine even though Personality has tugged on it to engage with the basest part of you as well as giving you the opportunity to evolve quickly.

You’re no longer beholden to the notion of aging, pain, and other bodily things. We could guess, but we’d rather you abide in the notion for now. The reality is not just not having to go to the hair dresser to have your hair colored. The powerful thing we want you to let set in your system is that you’re not on that track anymore. I don’t have to leave the body in order to access Awareness. There’s no rush to get out of this lifetime anymore. You’re in Homo spiritus, therefore, if you catch yourself feeling like you’re getting older or aging, nearing retirement or imagining you’re on that track and it tells you who you are, catch that all of that stuff is Personality. And for the first time, all of that version of Personality can be surrendered as well. If you try to surrender with your brain, it ain’t gonna work. So don’t. Allow yourself to abide in the fact of this truth even if you don’t know how.

Here’s the thing: When that body piece makes its transformation, it doesn’t go back. It doesn’t go back once it’s changed. As you do that, that process becomes a new reality for you, period. It clunks into place. When the body does it, it does it slowly, it does it with deliberation and second guesses itself, but when it makes it, it’s made. Just don’t get in its way. When we open the doorway, the hole for the pressure to release like a water balloon being popped, it takes care of itself. Let it flow it out. Recognize that it’s time and what I’ve been seeking for lifetimes, and what I’m not going to do is get in my own way. Obsessive thinking and Personality telling you what it’s going to be like is how you get in your own way. It’s the out breath time. You’ve been breathing in for ages, now it’s the out breath.
Eloheim: We told you on Sunday we’re so excited we’re on the physical part now. That’s not the end of the book. Turn the page. For many lifetimes you all have had strong desires for all the “teles”: telepathy, teleportation, etc. These teles seemed like magic and very cool to you. Our answer was, the body gets it last. Now, here we are, and we’re not saying you’re going to get all these tele-wants, we are saying it’s the path in that direction. We imagine it’s going to be even cooler and more surprising than the ideas you have now. The Awareness state will become not only dominant, but exclusive.

All that being said, the way you have navigated your physical form has been described as subatomic particles, or shapes, according to your scientists. What we are inviting you to recognize is that you are not a shape. You are not a shape looking for more shapes. You are an ever expansive, nonlimited force that is currently animating a physical body that is undergoing a period of evolution, and how you will experience your physical shape in time to come is absolutely unknowable yet amazing in its potential. That’s the invitation you’re being extended. When you let go of what “I” is, what “me” is, the track, when you surrender habit, what is left is Awareness. What is left is what you have always been and always will be eternally, expressing physically. That which you experience in between lifetimes as you’ve been driving this evolutionary process, both in your society and in your ability to be in the physical form, you find as the physical form. The physical form is no longer only what you have previously limited it to be. As Fred told you many, many years ago, you don’t end at your skin. What does that mean? Awareness doesn’t end at your skin. Awareness doesn’t end at my skin. That means there’s nothing else to limit my experience as Awareness of this planet.

You are not only a physical form being [your name]. Have you heard of neutrinos? They’re zipping around everywhere. They permeate everything. They come from the Sun and nothing stops them. There’s gazillions of them. They permeate you. That’s what Awareness does. Neutrinos are a perfect example of how Awareness doesn’t stop and permeates everything. You think this physical object is solid? Ha! Neutrinos just zipped through it. And that’s what Awareness does. How does Awareness experience physicality? Kind like a neutrino. The more you can break down the idea of what you identify yourself with-name, title, status, etc.-the more you can break apart and release the idea that you’re identified by anything external to your experience and exploration of Awareness. That is a true accomplishment.
The Soul, Awareness, Field of Infinite Possibilities, all words for the same thing.

The Body Gets It Last is now the beginning of the syllabus. Connecting to a physical object doesn’t have to be a big thing as long as you recognize it’s part of you and don’t walk by stuff and imagine it’s not. You walk by and recognize you don’t end at your skin. We recommend you listen to this meeting at least twice. Listen to it, take a little break, and listen again later. We’re contorting your energy fields, stretching your energy fields. There’s a lot in what Fred was saying, but it’s equally important to be in the energetic.

October 20, 2019

Powerful conversation with Eloheim that ended up with some Warrior energy bleed through!

Three Sessions held in October 2019

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $19.99