Three Sessions held in September 2017


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September 17, 2017

72 minutes

I Am New in This Today

“You can’t have change without change” is still apropros. The move to Homo spiritus is an extraordinarily large change and things have to shift. Things look very different.

Here is an analogy of this movement: Imagine your job is an archeologist. You go off to Africa where there are bones and you dig and dig and dig. You begin with large shovels and during each step, the tool gets smaller and finer. Then you box everything you’ve dug up and go someplace else with the box. You go to a lab, a college, your office, someplace where you begin to explore and share what you have discovered. You share it with others in the world via a presentation, a paper or whatever, and by now, everything about you is different from when you were digging in the dirt. Like the archeologist, Homo spiritus is you taking what you have dug up and discovered about yourself in Homo sapiens out into the world. It’s all me, watch it move, watch my transformation move my world, watch it affect my world. You let what you’ve discovered be seen.

Homo spiritus affects your unhealed core emotion. It reveals it in new ways, it gives the gift of “here’s more of you to interact with in a constructive way.” You’re in Homo spiritus now and it feels very different, it IS very different. The things that arise are different and your relationship to them is different.

You can’t have change without change. Say, “I don’t have to know everything about the situation. I’m watching it move.” It’s supposed to feel different, it’s supposed to feel unusual. Uncertain, unusual, unknown. Let that be the rightness of it all. I’m not clinging to my Homo sapien’s past. Be in the space of I’m open to move, without asking why. Say, “I am new in this today.”

The group then shared their experiences with Eloheim. Topics included relationships and our role as teachers and knowing when the student has had enough.

How are your relationships changing? How are you relating to yourself in new environments? How is your core emotion relationship changing now that you’re moving in the world from Homo spiritus more often? Notice, how am I more now that I let my Homo spiritus show up in the marketplace?

Evolution is about accessing more options. There’s a wider palette of choices for experience and explore. You’re evolving within this incarnation.

September 20, 2017

111 minutes

First channeling of the Sun Walker. Don’t miss this profound and important session.
The recording system crashed about 1/2 way through so I pulled the back up recording.

It was big energy!

September 27, 2017

85 minutes

Full Council session. Eloheim introduces us to the new opportunity the shift to Homo spiritus offers, The Warrior tells a story, Fred and Eloheim disagree about what Fred can share (Fred gets to share it anyway), The Visionaries and the Guardians give homework, while the Girl and the Matriarch remind us of important things!

Three Sessions held in September 2017


Price: $14.99