Four Sessions held in May 2017


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May 3, 2017

47 minutes
Ready to Talk About Level 9!

Level 9. It’s time to talk about Level 9. We’re ready. You’re ready. We introduced this idea awhile ago, planted a seed while waiting for the time to begin talking about it. We have called this level Choiceless Choice.

Now that Levels 7 and 8 are enough in hand, we can move forward. Levels 7 and 8 will continue to move forward and continue to unfold. Some aspects of Levels 7 and 8 are already happening a lot, like Need/Need met happening simultaneously. The obsession with hamster-wheel mind, repetitive thinking, and past and future stuff has dramatically diminished.

The dominant narrative of Level 7 and 8 is experience and explore. You “engage with what is, allowing your fascination to unfold the opportunity it presents.”

We celebrate this profound, important, and amazing leap. It’s a gift to yourself, to other people, and to the planet.

So, how does this migrate into Level 9?

Choiceless choice. It doesn’t make sense to the thinking mind. It’s not doable to the mind. You can’t think your way into it. It is a fractal level. It says, how I am in relation to this now can be explored in many different ways. You can “ooze” into relationship with various aspects of the now. That oozing is permeable, you can easily go into different states.

There are no preferences in the Level 9. Veronica prefers the term “assumptions.” See if, instead of looking for exceptions to having no assumptions, where this feels like it CAN be done. Let’s get it working first before tackling places you feel you can’t be without preferences or assumptions. Ask yourself, what if I had no assumptions about this now? You might not even be aware you’re doing it.

“Where are your assumptions generating limitations and creating situations where you use a previous version of you to navigate this now?”

We come from Awareness. Now we want to have your experience of this from the Body’s perspective.

See what it feels like to navigate the world assumption-free. Time is an assumption. Gravity is an assumption. Your survival instinct operates from the assumption that staying alive is the most important thing. Dropping assumptions has the power to drop the survival instinct power down considerably.

Levels 1-6 is about Homo sapiens. Level 7/8 is Homo spiritus. Level 9 is a whole nother category of different. This isn’t small so if you’re confused, it’s okay. All we ask is for you to try to find places where you can get the idea to go.

May 10, 2017

89 minutes
Say Yes to What Is

After a review of the last meeting, Eloheim moved further into Level 9 and touched on Level 10. This was a meeting packed with ideas and support for moving into Level 9.

Level 9 and Choiceless Choice. What does that mean? Level 9 means you live with no assumptions. You carry around assumptions with you into every moment. Assumptions about the next now craft the next now for you. So we (Eloheim and the Council) are supporting you in stripping away all assumptions. Assumptions craft your experience rather than you being fascinated by what is going on. You’re getting a limited and distorted view of what the protons have to offer, of what is possible when you bring assumptions and preconceived notions with you.

This is not do-to-get time, this is experience and explore. A couple of Veronica’s experiences were then offered to demonstrate Level 9. Eloheim says they can’t explain how she did it yet, other than just saying “Yes” to the experience.

Level 9 takes:
-no resistance to the now.
-complete presence to it.
-a willingness to be in it even if other people are not comfortable with it.
-a willingness to be open for it to be changing in some way.

This is probably one of the touchiest things we have ever tried to teach you, said Eloheim. Outcome is so dominant. How do you go about your life basking in the now with no assumptions and no preconceived notions?

Thanks to Fred, Veronica is exploring this idea with the essential oils. She knows nothing about them. This is the easiest way for Veronica to explore this idea without assumptions. You have likely seen some of her experiences with them on Facebook and they talked about them more here.

Where would be a way for you to have an experience that you could consistently interact without assumptions? Something you do? Something you think? Where in your life do you have the least amount of assumptions?

These things are not hard, intense maybe, but not hard. It opens up and exposes the field of infinite possibilities.

“What is, is” is not a hugely common skill. Practice strengthens the muscle, especially if you take it to the marketplace. It starts with an acceptance of the now without assumptions of what the now should be or driving the outcome. What part of you drives the outcome? The survival instinct. When the now is valued in such a profound way, the hold the SI has on you has to drop away. The SI starts to take a different role. Say yes to what is. This is a doorway, raw materials, an opportunity, an opening.

“Everything in Level 9 is you encountering your soul not through the filter of the survival instinct. Therefore, the way that the survival instinct previously filtered things cannot be the priority for you now.”

The rest of the meeting had the group asking in-depth questions and seeking more clarity about this idea. The oils were also discussed some more.

Eloheim said, “This is a big thing to ask, but we don’t feel it’s going to be hard. You’ve done harder things!” This is physicalization time, proton time. We went from Tools for triggers to the Levels to the Body/Personality/Awareness teaching to Proton time.

“Is” is your doorway to more movement of your soul. With no assumptions.

This meeting was dense with material that probably will need more than one listening. And ideas that will need practice! Fortunately, Eloheim tells us they will continue to talk about Level 9 until we can get a handle on it.

Contact Veronica to learn more about her journey with the Essential Oils here

May 21, 2017

44 minutes
Don’t Try to Do This Where It’s Hard!

This meeting was short but intense. Eloheim talked about finding the place where this idea of no assumptions is the easiest to enact and requested we let it happen there. Ask yourself, can I just release my assumptions here? If the answer is no, then do it someplace else. Eloheim asked for examples where it was easy to not have an assumption.

Two callers then talked to Eloheim about their experiences, and it led to insightful explorations of how to drop assumptions, the steady internal state of choiceless choice, and Level 9. One person talked about the ease of doing it in the cave or when not being constricted by time, and the challenge of being present and exploring the now while at work. The other caller talked about dropping assumptions with people, especially within the dating arena. Eloheim remarked how different her energy was with this. She’s dropping outcome, dropping armor, and allowing the flower of her heart to bloom. It was a very emotional discussion.

Everything you need is present in this now, reminded Eloheim. That profound presence is choiceless. The emanational effect is exponential. As you deepen your connection to the now, the more your emanation goes up. The fact that we’re talking about this is extraordinary. We are very, very proud of you.

May 24, 2017

63 minutes
Council Meeting
Seek Out Your Assumptions!

Guardians: If you are not actively seeking out assumptions, it’s time to start now. When you assume, you literally have all the props of the play set up ahead of time. You’re already telling the protons the limit of what you’re willing to experience and this is nothing like what happens when you activate the field of infinite possibilities.

“When you’re navigating your world without assumptions, the distance between need and need met shrinks.” Guardians

Visionaries: Don’t come up with ways that are hard when looking for places to drop assumptions. Your brain is not an asset here and you will not be served by thinking. Your other senses can assist you in this.

Eloheim: Reminding the group of the question they had asked in the last session, Eloheim passed the microphone and asked the group what assumptions are currently present about this now? After those examples were discussed, Eloheim noted that assumptions have these in common: I will be safe, and nothing unexpected will occur.

Creativity lives in the gaps between assumptions. When the now is sacred, you don’t assume what is being offered, you’re being attentive to the moment. Your nows are so abundant, you don’t treat them as sacred. Each now has to become sacred. That activates the Field of Infinite Possibilities (FIP).

Can you find a place in your life where it’s easier to have no assumptions?

“Every single IS is the only IS there is.” We only have one now. Explore it, engage with it. Don’t assume what is being offered. Say, offer me all you have to offer, I’m not getting in your way anymore. And see what comes after that. Probably an assumption.

Eloheim offered an analogy of the animals in a circus being like protons. The animals are doing what the human wants, not what its nature tells it to do and not what they would do if they were let loose in the wild. The same with protons, let them loose in the FIP and see what happens.

Fred: The emphasis Eloheim puts on this is too small. The more attention you put toward this, the more it pays off, and the closer you get to “wizard” stuff. It’s that important. It’s the thing up on the list now. It was You Statements, then But and Because, then Don’t Tell Stories, and Limitations, and now, it’s Assumptions. This is the latest in radically valuable things that transform your life. Pay attention to your assumptions.

To the protons say, “I will empower you to access the FIP and reveal yourself to the current version of me.” My choice is to allow choicelessness to be experience and explore. Free the protons to express their true selves. Choiceless choice means I will watch all of me unleashed.

At this point in the evening, Veronica was physically spent, and Fred ended the meeting there.

Four Sessions held in May 2017


Price: $24.99