Five Sessions held in March 2020

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March 1, 2020

On community questions, and surrendering self-definitions
The first member’s question asked to clarify the relationship between emotions and Awareness.

Eloheim: Emotions are personality territory, when they’re experienced from personality, which has been a long-ingrained impulse. Is the idea that Awareness is emotionless, from sneaky-P? Yup. Any projection about how Awareness will be, is coming from personality.

Repurpose any capacity you’re spending on speculation about Awareness into getting present, surrendering, and connecting with the Now. Let’s take the feeling of fear as an example. It’s driven by survival instinct, cultural conditioning, and hundreds of lifetimes. It’s suffering, and it’s familiar, so it feels extraordinarily normal. It doesn’t shock you or surprise you or confuse you. What personality gives you, is just to suck it up and deal with it. If you surrender that familiar suffering, set it down, and see what remains, it’s Awareness. For Veronica, the first experience of Awareness after setting down personality feels like a neutral void. Not that it’s without stimulus, but the stimulus is of such a different, non-adrenaline type, it’s undefinable, yet totally experienceable. Exploring emotions from only Awareness is an undefinable experience. Like Jody Foster’s scientist character in the movie Contact saying, “They should have sent a poet.” The drive to understand is gone. Instead is a sensory experience of something grander, something more. Being exposed to something new, changes her, and her internal experience, down and in, becomes the rich place of exploration.

The next question asked about wanting to grok oneness with a Kleenex box, to viscerally experience the “It’s all me” concept.

Eloheim: All personality will give you is a rejection of the notion. There has to be a fresh, no-pre-conceived notions way to experience it. It’s good to be skeptical of curiosity, as personality will spin you in curiosity in ways that are not actually supportive of your journey. Watch that the urge to be curious doesn’t get louder than the willingness to experience and explore the Now. Curiosity, in a healed way, can help fuel our willingness to explore our Now experiences, without personality.
Another person asked about navigation of the Now, not resulting in financial support or certain physical resources, though her internal experience had changed.

Eloheim: If you’re frustrated with not making money for some time, that’s understandable. Navigating that from Awareness is going to be way more satisfying than navigating from personality. Personality discounts all the difference you feel internally, and moves the goalposts. Are you allowing yourself to value small changes, like base hits, or saying, only home runs count? We have observed that as more parts of your life surrender the personality template, the sticky places that remain get louder and get weirder. Personality digs in and says, this is where I make a stand. At some point you’ll feel what a magnificently huge thing it was to overthrow personality dominance. Sure it pops up sometimes, but remember, it used to be a steady state. If there was a Core Emotion for the human species, it would be survival. If tempted to worry, that’s where the discipline comes in to energetically step back, like the Guardians said.

The gingerbread form does need things, like food, transportation, shelter, and health stuff. Right now, our shared reality is that the “wiggle your nose” method does not work consistently to provide those. And some of you are done with the old way of trading time for money, you’re letting go of the structure and fake certainty. So we’re in the middle ground in between not wanting to do it the old way, and the fun, magical way not yet being reliable. Just like learning to play a new instrument, getting fluent with it will take consistent attention. So design some experiments or scenarios that you can consistently engage with, to break down what is in the way. Just like people may want to connect with their intuition, or be more sensitive energetically, that’s what they need to do, steadily engage.

It’s practicing, seeing what comes up, and incorporating that transformed state. You’ve got to be careful, for instance, practicing walking on water. When it doesn’t work, what are you doing with the fact that it didn’t work, feeling like a fool or a failure? Then break that down, and use it. The work of this is to surrender what personality brings up when you try. All of that sneaky-P being dealt with helps you across your life and your lifetimes. Even if the Kleenex box never moves, YOU move. What you want in your world, that could result in the Kleenex box moving, is, no more personality in the way. Eloheim responded to other questions as well, then moved on to expanding on what was covered in the previous meeting.

Fred laid a truth on you. That a category of sneaky-P we’re navigating, is self-definition. You have believed you were a gingerbread shape, with a past and a future, and address and number identifiers, and called that, “I”. The past isn’t happening now. The future is only projections that aren’t happening now. The gingerbread shape IS happening now, that’s why we tell you to connect to your body, it’s really the only thing here. Then we redefine the body: you don’t end at your skin. You’re the gingerbread shape plus the sensory system which includes everything in the world. But for now, let’s keep it to, everything you see or hear in your physical surroundings. So we had you get acquainted with the wall, for example, to connect with what’s there without personality’s habitually limited definitions. A huge amount of capacity is expended, focusing on the past, and the future, of the gingerbread, continually crafting definitions around that limited idea of self. In Fred’s terms, constantly putting on the costume and refining the costume you’re wearing.

You can catch those definitions, and have a powerful new experience. For example, the definition, “I am a nice person” primarily reflects the past, with some future projection. When alone in your house, now, there’s no evidence of it. You’re not doing anything that suggests that definition. So you can see it’s just a house of cards built on sand, with heavy surf. Don’t fight for definitions that can be easily washed away. How about, “I want to know who I am when I don’t have the limitation of definition telling me who I am. I want to liberate myself out of personality and into a consistent awareness stance.” Whenever you find yourself saying or typing the word, “I”, see how often you can be skeptical that you know what the word means. Chances are, it’s based in your past, which is a very small subset of what you have the capacity to experience and explore.

Veronica found that when someone would ask her a question, it would open a loop within her. She might ask for more information, and if they didn’t respond, the open loop would fuel speculation and frustration. After a few days of painful reflection, realizing her role in perceiving relationships through many, many open loops, she set about closing them. For some, she would contact the other person and ask to settle the unsettled thing between them (such as, whether they were going to get together). Closing all those lingering loops was a huge relief. Then it got really silent.

Interactions with self-definitions is like having a loop within yourself. Veronica recognized that it felt the same. The circulating loop ties up your attention. Every definition you have about yourself is like an ongoing item on a to-do list. You end up juggling a lot. Which definitions of yourself can you surrender? It’s a trippy process. “It’s all me” isn’t busy, but there’s an infinite depth to it. It’s not just another ride at Disneyland. It’s something else, without survival instinct, that can be with awe, and gratitude, and, Whoa. It can be silence. And there’s a sense of movement that can be experienced and explored.

See if you can listen again to Fred’s part and the Girls’ part from the last meeting, and just float in it. Don’t require yourself to understand it. Be in the experience of it, and just float.

March 11, 2020

The Virus

Let’s get the noisy elephant in the room out front and center. And that’s the virus that’s moving around this world, and the potential it has to be disruptive, to accelerate, to affect the way you go about your day to day life. Don’t be surprised if it accelerates in a way that’s surprising. We have been training you for 17 1/2 years to be energetic leaders, and here it is. Here is your first big chance, your first big moment where all of you get to be energetic leaders on the same topic, even if you are spread around the entire planet. And the opportunity that’s been laid here at your feet is to respond to what is occurring from a centered, non-Personality way, in the way you have been training. Here it is. The fact that this virus is going around your planet is not surprising. Mother Nature. Viruses are normal parts of your human experience. Stay steady in the storm. The storm is real. It’s advisable not to resist the idea of the storm, instead we suggest you repurpose all of that energy to be the calm at the center of the storm and act as the energetic leaders that you are. What is true now, what is, IS. All the fundamental, basic things. The general population is going to be in in Level 1 and Level 2 about this. At a minimum, Level 4 is better, choose your reactions to your experiences. People can choose to stay calmer than they are.

Isn’t it wonderful we spent a considerable amount of time working to surrender Personality? Personality doesn’t help. You can bring Awareness to this rather than Personality. You say, what does Awareness know about this?

If you stay in Awareness, other people can find themselves in Awareness with you. It’s matching energy. It’s magnetic. It’s energetic leadership. You have the opportunity to show up. If you’re afraid, own it. It’s okay to feel fear. It’s okay to say I don’t know, I feel unsettled. It’s not okay to act from those fears. You notice the fear and you set it down. For years you have been training how to set them down, how to be in Levels, 4, 5, 6, and now Levels 7, 8, 9. Watch what you post on FB, what you’re reading, notice if you’re being mindful. You can spread the fear, you can be the virus.

You’re going to start to see the economic impacts, the supply chain interruptions, people starting to point fingers, people trying to climb over others to get something. You’ll see the best and the worst of people. People rising up to help and solve problems and find answers and people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. We suggest you be part of the constructive side of this. You know how. If you need help, you can reach out.

Make a plan, have a strategy. Right now, if you do not have at least two weeks of food in your house, go tomorrow and buy two weeks worth of food. Go get the things you need. Don’t be silly and deny this is happening. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency. And don’t be afraid as you do it. You just say, the gingerbread shape needs to be taken care of. Make it so it’s an option not to go out. This does not have to be fear-based. It’s taking care of yourself.

This is one the most impactful things to happen in your lifetime. Just think about what the Warrior said to you. Even when the shit is running down your leg and you’re in so much fear, you can still stand, you can still be a chooser and be an energetic leader. You don’t have to be numb, you just have to be a chooser.

We’re not doctors. We’re simply telling you something here about the energetics. If you get sick, it’s a respiratory illness. One of the things about respiratory issues is, your body is resisting the outside world. Be super duper mindful of the outside world. All that empath stuff is going to be involved in the energetics of this disease. It makes the world very small, and brings up otherism. Be mindful–if you get sick or you hear the news or when friends get sick–be mindful of your relationship to other people and boundary settings, the world pushing in on you and the load you have on your shoulders as a human being. All those things are energetically tied up in this. Be really mindful of how you’re navigating otherism in general. If you get sick, that’s the last thing you want to be doing. What is, IS. Be present with what is in your lap. There’s a sense of inevitability to it. This is going to be part of your lives going forward for quite some time. That is pretty victim-y, too. Maybe you will, but don’t succumb to the inevitably of it, that you’re part of the masses. This virus is all about how this world is interconnected and interdependent. Use your words to set boundaries, not your body. If you need help, access Veronica’s Living and Thriving As An Empath course. What this disease is doing is making you all more like empaths. That’s pretty much how empaths live. I can’t get near you because it affects me, it’s overwhelming. With this virus, I can’t be near you, you might get me sick.

Awareness is a Movement

Moving on. We want to talk about Awareness and aspects we haven’t emphasized. The experience of Awareness is a movement. Remember, Esmeralda told you this. Now Personality comes along and says, movement, it’s about the hustle and bustle. Personality doesn’t gets to be the one to define the experience we’re having with you. Personality doesn’t get to be the interface between you and us anymore. How cool is that? When we say Awareness is a movement, the best thing you can do is stay in the place of, I don’t know what they’re talking about. And you ask more of us, want more, ask us to clarify. Don’t assume you know. Be present to what we’re saying enough to pull from us a deeper explanation. If you stop with I know what the word movement means, what’s the impetus for us to give you more? So, if we say to you, Awareness is a movement, the response that is the most conducive to do that is just to give us a look. Okay, that works.

The Sensory System

When you experience yourself from Awareness, you activate the sensory system. All of a sudden you stop using your skin as the definition of the boundary and instead, you start experiencing your surroundings as part of you. And in that experience of having your surrounding be part of you–but not defined–you will find it is a movement, you will sense movement. For Veronica, the easiest way to define this is in the water when she’s floating. She can’t tell where her skin stops and the water starts. The key there is to abide that changed state where you no longer end at your skin, rather than try to explain or define. You have to drop self definition.

What does that mean?

In the process of surrendering Personality, you eventually surrender self definition. And one of those self definitions you surrender is where your edge is. You don’t end at your skin. And you start to recognize that there is no edge. There really is no difference between the gingerbread shape, open space, the ottoman, open space, the wall. The definitions you’ve assigned all those things become irrelevant. Which is why we spent that time getting you to connect with physical objects in a new way, because we were trying to break the objects out of the definitions that you had always given them. So, it’s not free the ottoman and it becomes a bird, it’s free the ottoman so that your experience of the sensory system doesn’t have a preconcieved notion. It’s your experience in the sensory system that you previously experienced as the ottoman to be something else that can only be experienced and explored. It cannot be explained. The experience you’re having cannot be explained and it shouldn’t be. It should be experienced and explored. Look around, let it affect you. Be moved by it. Be in the awe and gratitude. So, as you sit or stand or wherever you might, you allow yourself to drop the idea that you have an edge, the sensory system activates without action on your part. It just IS, it’s always been there. It’s the way you feel Awareness, the way you tangibly experience Awareness.

Witnessing and Chronicling

We’ve talked to for many years about ensouling your body. And what that means nowadays is living from Awareness and activating the sensory system. So that you experiencing yourself is not limited to the gingerbread shape while also having the gingerbread shape to witness the experience and explore. So the witness and chronicler piece: you witness Awareness, you witness your gingerbread shape in Awareness. You know, I feel different when I’m in Awareness, my body feels different. You’re witnessing it. You’re noticing it.

But that chronicling of it is the movement piece where you ARE Awareness. There’s no separation from it. Chronicling is not like making a book about something, that’s not what we’re actually talking about. What we’re talking about is actually allowing yourself to drop Personality and then, because you do still have a gingerbread shape, it’s allows you to both see that it’s happening and BE the happening. The chronicling is the being of it. To say it in a way that feels good to your brain, you’re adding to your Akashic records, you’re adding to the history of your soul. You watch it unfold as you are part of it, the witness and the chronicler as you experience and explore in choiceless choice fashion. It’s all tied together. It’s all fueled by choiceless choice. Choiceless choice arising as you experience and explore. It’s the next layer of petals opening that pushes you, it’s the wind in the sails of the movement of choiceless choice. It doesn’t feel like orders or gotta-do’s, it become a sense of propulsion. Wind in the sails is actually a pretty good analogy.

Something that became really clear and helpful for Veronica is that if we imagine Awareness is a beam of light going through a dark room. Personality imagines the beam of light can be improved on and wants to mess with it. Stop messing with the beam of light. Stay out of the way of Awareness. Keep surrendering the temptation to mess with Awareness. Be part of the unfolding. Awareness knows, don’t pull on the petals of the flower unfolding. You are Awareness unfolding in the human realm as your gingerbread shape becomes something unlimited.

Stay out of the way, what do we mean by that? Personality tries to imagine how it should be or turn out, rather than being present to what is. The work of it is the surrender and surrender of the idea that you have to be in charge or control what’s happening, of what’s unfolding. Experience and explore what’s actually there. Personality shows up with think think think rather than being led or urged by choiceless choice to take action. It’s not always the easiest thing to be the energetic leader. Choiceless choice is softer, but for Veronica, relentless.

A good example of choiceless choice is what is true now? We’re going to start with what is true now?, what is, IS, and connect to your body. That’s choiceless choice. We’re not going to start with the freak out about the future or fear, we’re gonna start with what is true now and build on that, addressing those concerns, but not acting from them. The more you can hold in that place, the more likely the sensory system becomes the navigational place that you act from. That means the more likely you are to be accessing the field of infinite possibilities. I am part of a movement when I surrender the definition of my edge, of who I am.


One of the things that happened for Veronica when she was surrendering was a sense of loss: how to be in the community, how to be with us and the people in her life. For a profound couple of days, she felt like she was losing everything. A sense of, what’s left if I surrender everything?

How does that surrender thing show up for you?

After that time, there was a sense of rebirth, of coming to the situation freer and disengaged from Personality. I set down the definitions and it frees me from the burdensome parts of those definitions. It changed the way she can be present to us.

How much can you set down? All of it. It doesn’t mean you’re abandoning it, it means you’re reworking your relationship to it so your truth is present. So your Awareness is infusing it so that you have the opportunity to know who you are without having to define who you are. Because you’ll be in movement. Surrendering.

There’s so many things to surrender. It becomes the new thing to do. Remember when we talked about reporting? That was surrendering stories. I don’t know anything is surrendering. What is true now is a surrendering of the temptation to be in the future. Review the tools and look at how and what it helps you surrender.

Surrendering doesn’t mean you lose who you are. Why would it mean that? You come here specifically to differentiate, so what would be the point only to lose who you are? You gain more of who you’ve always been but not have been able to be on Planet Earth. Doing is not how you achieve Awareness. You surrender, you don’t do it. It’s been waiting for you to access it. It’s always been there, ready for you. If you’re in kindergarten, college is there, waiting for you when you’re ready. Awareness has always been there, waiting for you when you’re ready. Now you’re ready. Surrender kindergarten. Awareness is waiting. It’s there, ready to be accessed.

(Eloheim opens a chocolate bar.) Come next month, you’re going be very grateful for one candy bar at the store. You’re going to be in awe and grateful for the choreography it takes for one loaf of bread to end up in your home for a few dollars. Back the movie up from you buying it, back it out to the person who put it on the shelf, whoever unloaded it into the store, who put it on the truck, back up to the manufacturing place, seeing it out of the wrapper, to the dough, to the ingredients, to the farmers who grew the grains, to the seeds. It’s fractal. All so you can to reach out and take bread off the shelf, buy it, take it home and eat it. Just one loaf of bread in your store, in your home for a few dollars. Be in awe of that orchestration. For the fractal rabbit hole that is. It’s an exercise for being in the movement.

You’ve been trained for this. Now is your time. It’s a time of surrender because you have to surrender how it’s been. It might not go back to normal for awhile, folks. Everything is going to be have to be done in new ways. It’s pushing people into transformation, into change.

Don’t expect you’ll have the same things in the grocery stores. Be grateful. Wash your hands a lot, stay home, use your words instead of your body for boundaries. Listen to the second part of this, the sensory system part, listen to that again, sink into it.

This is your time. You’re peaking. Just as we start to really get that Awareness thing, and then boom. That timing is amazing and not accidental. And amazing. Now you gotta use it. Like the training for a health professional goes, you watch one, do one for yourself, and then teach one. Here we are. We’re on the teach one stage.

March 15, 2020

The Warrior stars off this meting with their perspective on our navigation of the virus, Eloheim does a deep dive into how the sensory system is more accessible at this time and how to help others as they navigate this time of upheaval.

March 20, 2020

Bonus meeting with Eloheim, Fred and the Warrior: You’re In It
Eloheim: We are very pleased to have this extra opportunity to spend time with you. We suspected it would be a good idea and we’re very glad Veronica went ahead and set up this meeting so that we can check in because you’re in an unprecedented time in the history of your species. Yes, you’ve had the Black Plague, the Bubonic Plague, and the Spanish Flu, and other stuff. What makes it unprecedented is you have the internet and airplanes.

Added together, that means you know what is going on, and what’s going on comes closer to you faster than it did in any other situation. The opportunity you have now is being faster yourself: faster in choosing your reactions to your experiences, faster in catching yourself in matching energy with others, faster in catching yourself when there’s opportunities for choiceless choice, and faster in speaking out of clarity to support others, faster to influence the conversation in a certain direction. So, it’s a real opportunity to be in a position where you are on the ball. That opportunity to say this matters, and how I am in this matters quite a lot. So, we invite you to pay a lot of attention to that, and at a minimum, choose your reactions to your experiences.

It’s super easy to have sneaky Personality come in with a victimhood energy that you don’t really notice. We haven’t had to pay attention to this victimhood energy in quite awhile. There’s an opportunity to say, oh the government did this, my town did this, the media did this. These very vague conglomerates of energy are given a label and then that label becomes something you can have victimhood up against. Watch carefully. Recognize when you feel like a victim. Say, I feel like a victim right now. Don’t claim, I am a victim. Say, I feel like a victim in this situation. Not unusual to feel like that so recognize when that feeling pops up. Be very mindful of that places where that feeling pops up. If you find yourself regularly feeling like a victim when you come up against a specific type of stimulus, stop letting yourself experience that specific stimulus. Monitor what you let yourself take in if you know it triggers victimhood in you. Don’t watch the media all day long if this happens. Take in less.

Let yourself have this less active time as a break in patterns and a break in habits. There’s a really easy place to get stuck and that’s Level 6, what trigger? Level 6 is not the stopping place. See what other things come up during this time of less activity. It’s a stepping stone to Awareness and choiceless choice. Veronica noted that, for her, this is the best opportunity to not act from the to-do list. What if, instead of the to-do list trajectory, I get on the choiceless choice path, taking action when impulsed by choiceless choice. It feels really, really different than the to-do list path.

The sense of choiceless choice starts out quiet and gets louder and louder for Veronica. There doesn’t have to be a kickstart to the survival instinct, it’s not a disaster if she doesn’t do it, it’s simply an urging until she acts on it. We would encourage you to give that a try and see what it feels like to you. That choiceless choice impulse starts to be part of your navigational beacon in Awareness.

There’s a sense of nothing’s the same as it was before. And that’s kind of like the difference between Personality and Awareness. It’s a vastly changed state. Be flexible, be nimble. Allow yourself to feel that sense of, I don’t need it to be the way it was in order to feel as though things are okay. Wanting things to be okay is a slippery slope, it’s the moving of the goalposts thing. Wanting to pull it back to how it used to be is a fallacy and really not helpful. Veronica phrases it as, playing the cards you’re dealt.

Staying out of outcome, as far as knowing when this will end, is all uncertainty. What do we do with that? What muscle do we use? What is true now. Be in what it is.

Let’s get Fred.
Fred: So, we’re doing it at a special time?
So. You guys are in it.
A way you guys can get tempted to be in the not-now is to get really worked up about where the virus came from or if you end up ill, wonder who gave it to you. It’s tempting to wonder about that, and also, not helpful. So let it go. Because it’s keeping you out of the now. The now is going to be the solution, the answer, the opportunity.
Let’s talk about the now. It’s the door way to the Field of Infinite Possibilities (FIP). It’s very easy to imagine the FIP as a giant Costco with tons of shopping carts. We get it. However, the FIP isn’t objects, isn’t shapes, isn’t definitions, isn’t widgets. The word Field should be the cue. It is an actual energetic field of possibility. Possibility is not like Door Number 1, Door Number 2, Door Number 3 possibility. What we mean is, the raw materials of creation exist. Your scientists like to think of this as subatomic particles but it’s not shapes. Veronica likes to think of like a tapestry or fluid. We don’t know which word we will end up using but it is definitely not shapes, not a field of conclusions or field of outcomes or objects or a field of done. It is actually a well of potential.

When you are truly in the now, being impulsed by choiceless choice, you are, in essence, drawing from that well of infinite possibilities. You cannot assume how that shapes up or what form it will take. You want to be in the position of nothing being in the way of those possibilities. What you’re doing is allowing the FIP to affect, influence, and shape in the world of physical form. As the FIP begins to coalesce into form, Personality wants to tell you what’s going on. It’s trying to take something that’s formless and make shapes out of it, make outcomes that are comfortable. Allow it to be unfamiliar, and stay in the place of I don’t know. Stay in the place of Personality doesn’t know. The rest of your system can be experiencing and exploring while Personality is in that place, allowing your nervous system to have a response, allowing your sensory system to be engaged. If you clamp down on it, you lose out on the opportunity to experience and explore in it’s raw form, in its movement. Watch it move. Let it affect you. Don’t let it try to control you. You don’t have to understand it. Let it move. It’s movement.
Like an abstract Jackson Pollack painting, don’t fixate on one spot that looks like a duck to you. That’s what Personality does. “The duck part I can get behind, but the rest of it, I’m going to disregard because I can’t understand it.” Let it impact you, don’t try to control it. You don’t have to understand it. Let it move. Experience and explore without trying to make shapes.

Let’s say you have a need/need met, as we used to call it. The temptation is to say, that was awesome, whew. And it becomes stagnant. When you find yourself in a need/need met situation, it’s a “Yes, and.” Don’t put on the brakes.

Let’s get Eloheim for questions.
Eloheim: Randy likes the Pollack analogy. If you imagine the subatomic particles coming into form, then once that form is no longer needed, it dissolves back into subatomic particles, never losing its inherent truth. If it takes form, it doesn’t define itself, it simply expresses in a new way and carries on.

John brought up losing track of time and the days. Oh yes, Veronica has lost touch with time completely. It feels like a long time since we brought up the virus but it might have only been ten days. You’re starting to lose the rigidity of time. It starts to lose its cohesion in you. Time is fake, it’s it’s not a real thing. How time is experienced in Awareness is very different than how it is experienced from Personality. Water and time, we really want to talk about water and time eventually, and it’s getting closer.

Let’s get the Warrior.
Warrior: When you don’t have a lot stimulus going on, it’s a little like when we would sit around the fire in the forest, sharpen our knives, and talk. In our case, there was was always someone on guard. The sitting around time for us came with being alert but that was just background noise for us. The comparison for you when in that quiet space is to allow yourself to deepen it. Some people go into a quiet space and want an adrenalized distraction of the previous space, the distraction of being busy. All of a sudden these things are shed off your schedule. So, you surrender and shed, and surrender and shed. When you get to that point, you can go deeper into presence. Notice how the act of walking from one part of the house to the other is different because there is so much surrender. Notice how you are different from before. Notice how not having the pressure has changed you. It’s an amazing doorway to Awareness. That quietness can let ahas arise, let clarity in because your attention span has been constricted by other things.

Sensitive people often tend to have skin and respiratory challenges. The body is setting boundaries on some level. You have this disease right now that is primarily a lung-based illness. So that represents challenge, the energetic is affecting the respiratory system. In a typical respiratory challenge situation, the body is setting boundaries against the outside world on some level. Be very aware how much the outside world has previously pushed on you based on your busy schedules. A very smart thing to do is to notice how different this feels from your previous way of life and keep your body energetically primed to be in a constructive stance at this time.
We’re talking about the energetic relationship you can have with with world right now.

Eloheim: Staying energetically healthy is staying out of victimhood, out of outcome, and being aware of this sense of responsibility and how it’s playing out in your system. It’s being careful about your consumption of input from other people–media, neighbors–being really cautious and limiting that consumption as needed. It’s really being aware of the temptation to match energy. Matching energy to mob mentality or the current situation does not strengthen you. Yes, you acknowledge this a real thing, people are getting sick, nurses and doctors are overwhelmed. Stand in the space that says I’m going to connect to the now and the rest of what we’ve talked about rather than getting caught up in it and freaked out. And if you, or anyone you know gets sick, be sensitive to how much responsibility you’re putting on yourself. It’s likely that your body is being used to set boundaries if you do that. That’s putting a strain on your body that you don’t need.

Use your words. Social distancing. Wash your hands a lot and wash your energy system as well. Surrender, set it down, let it go, use the blue bubble, use your intention.

Something you’re learning about your society is how stressed out everybody is, for many different reasons. This is helping people to see how different they are in this situation than before. You are getting to see people’s true character come out. Listen to how people tell you who they are. It’s showing people’s character. Leadership, corporations, billionaires, the neighbors. Pay attention to what they are showing you. The heat gets turned up and some are less stressed, some are immoral. Pay attention.

There’s a lot of struggle going on and there’s a lot of freedom as well. Freedom has a lot of different faces to it. We suspect it’s going to be bumpy for awhile. Be in the now, be honest about your now. What is, IS. And start from there.

Not being able to be next to each other does something very interesting. People notice each other more because you can’t do anything else. It makes us emotional because most of the time people go around not noticing each other because they have too much on their plates. We suspect that will have a lasting effect. Again, your world feels smaller. It’s going on across the world, this is happening here, it’s happening over there. It’s all me. When you are doing less, you are noticing more. Isn’t that experience and explore, noticing?

What is proving to be true is that Homo sapiens aren’t especially proactive. And if they are, it’s often from a survival instinct reason rather than wanting to feel that sense of personal evolution. So, small and steady changes work well instead of cataclysmic changes, which is what we’ve been doing for the past fifteen years.
Noticing, noticing, noticing. That’s going to be our buzzword. Report on what you’re noticing, and how you’re experiencing and exploring what you notice. Be the witness, don’t limit or box it.

March 25, 2020

We had considerable technical difficulties with the software which I edited out (for the most part). ALSO, THE VIDEO GOT CORRUPTED SOMEHOW SO IT’S AUDIO ONLY FOR THIS MEETING.

Full Council

Guardians: Your whole planet is having an event. And the energetics of that event are shockingly fascinating. And what we mean by that is they are showing up in the profound dualistic way. A whole bunch is going on with the health care and essential workers and politics plus so much uncertainty, that there is this energetic of activity all the while one third of your planet is supposed to be holding still. Movement and stillness, side by side. While all this bubbling of fear and uncertainty and confusion is going on, you have to hold still, stay put, don’t move, stop.

It really interesting that that kind of “stuck” when enmeshed in that bustling movement is quite similar to the energy of a prey animal, like a bunny. Be still so as to not bring attention to oneself. That template of “freeze but be wary” so the virus doesn’t get me is going on. Constantly on edge on some level. It’s in the air. Personality loves that, that side by side example of duality playing out in density. Watch out for those two different energetic templates, watch out how you navigate those templates. It’s an energetic stew for you to navigate whether you are well, sick, or concerned. Be less militant about your position in it all, and be more using it as a recognition of being sensitive to the sensory system, to the larger picture of the energetics that are unfolding on your planet and how those energetics are dancing and navigating in and amongst each other.

Being an energetic leader means you are not matching herd/mob mentality. It often starts with recognizing where a lot of people are going and asking deep questions of yourself to discover your own personal truth and then, emanating that. Recognize when the energetic feelings are not your own. Discern the truth of your current experience. Is this mine or others’ energy that I’m picking up on? It’s essential going into the next twenty-day period. Be very diligent.

Visionaries: Your attempts to connect with each other are going to be changed from here on out. We always thought it was weird when someone asked you “how are you?” and the response was, “I’m fine.” How is “I’m fine” always your status? That’s not always true and rather generic. That kind of habitual, repetitive response is out the window now. You have to work to talk to each other, to spend time with each other, to do your jobs. You’re doing a lot of stuff over the phone or computer, not shaking hands, etc. All those the habitual ways of connecting are gone and may not be coming back. And if they do, they will be changed. We advise you not to mourn their loss, rather, enjoy their transformation to something more sincere and honest, more connected to the reality of you.

Let yourself evolve into the next opportunity to connect in new ways. Notice each other in new ways. Let it evolve. You are in the middle of a huge amount of cultural evolution not driven by a whole bunch of people bringing illumination to some thing that is going on. Now, the cultural evolution is having an effect on YOU. The culture is changing and the individuals are catching up. It’s not usually done that way. As the culture changes, what’s really fascinating is to see how that cultural change is embraced or rejected by those that are involved.

Eloheim: The Guardians and the Visionaries made interesting points. We are having these parallel things where part of it go-go-go, worry, worry, hustle, hustle, helping people, and then there’s this whole message of stop, hold still, don’t do much. And those two messages are really interesting, rubbing against each other. And the Visionaries saying how the culture is moving and individuals are having to catch up with the culture rather than the other way around. We’re trying to think of the last time that happened, and it might be when you were enslaved and put into a totally different culture. Or maybe when you travel and you’re in a place where the food, language, and customs are totally different. You’re surrounded by transformation that then you have to dance to catch up with, and a lot of the people in your culture are trying to do the let’s-just-have-it-go-back-to-the-way-it-was thing.

Not getting into politics here, that’s not our job to speak about specific political figures, but when the leader of America is trying to say, let’s just turn everything on in two weeks, he is just trying to make everything go back the way it was without honoring, respecting, noticing, believing that everything has changed irrevocably. Energetically, to have someone in that position saying just make it go back, that is not going to work. You can’t uncork the bottle. You CAN navigate the fact that the wine is pouring out. As much as many wish it would go back to the way it was, what is, IS, and the change in transformation that is legitimately occurring in your human culture, well, that genie is out of the bottle, folks. It’s a movement. Awareness is a movement, it’s moving like a tsunami, and if you resist that, you’re likely to be knocked over and jostled off your center. Move with it and be flexible, psychologically nimble. If you resist, wanting it to be the way it was, the longer the resistance, the more suffering will likely to occur as people are hit with reality.

If you’re struggling and not staying in balance, it’s understandable. It’s not excusable if you let it run too far. The invitation is that energetic leadership, even if it is just inside, you recognize that things are different and the physical toll it’s taking on society. If you know people who are sick, see if you can work in what the energetics of this virus is: overwhelm, setting boundaries, pressure, responsibilities. Lighten your load is good for the overall energetic. Healthcare and food supply workers can’t do that, so watch yourself, watch how stressed out you feel. Feel into how each now is making this invitation for you to show up in Level 4, Level 6, Awareness, rather than Level 2 of victimhood. There’s going to be a whole bunch of hidden, sneaky Level 2 victimhood that is not obvious that you’re going to want to be unearthing, like the roots of a weed.


There’s a dissonance in you when you ask, “How can time be fake when the sun comes up and goes down and time has passed?” When we were going over this with Veronica, what became obvious was-if we don’t think of time as clock time but like timers, you recognize your whole life is full of timers. There’s an amount of time before you eat again, before the meeting starts, before you go to bed, an amount of time that something lasts that are constantly pushing on you. And most are entirely irrelevant as well. And habitual. The greatest one? How much longer will I live? For most people, that is floating around in you someplace. It’s not like you’re afraid of death, it’s just a fact. These timers show up if you look for them. What they do is hold you in a relationship with clock time that is not required. Especially now that you are sheltering in place. You can disengage with clock time if you’re willing to let yourself. But if you do, start looking at how timers are still there, look for the places where timers are still there. This is a way that victimhood will show up because Personality still is in charge and dictating your experience. Oh man, I should go to bed. Are you tired? Is there a reason to go to bed right now? No. So why do you have to go to bed? It’s a habit. It’s a way P is in charge. Sneaky Personality. Your homework, should you chose to accept it, is to catch your timers.

Timers contrasting to choiceless choice. That to-do list is just timers. Tick tick tick. Instead of impulsed by choiceless choice. Surrender timers and that will help you loosen P’s wielding of clock time as a way to tell you who you are. It tells you it means more than it does. The fact that the sun goes up and the sun goes down is just part of the movement of Awareness. It doesn’t have to mean anything other than an expression of Awareness. The assignment Personality makes about that to generate tons of timers to control your behavior and limit you and narrow you into a skinny little place, that’s the problem, the issue. Catching timers. How long will we be in shelter in place? Tick tick. You cannot know the answer that question. Any energy you give toward it is a wasted opportunity to be present. All the presence that you have toward what-is gives you the opportunity to move with the evolution that is happening with your culture, to be an energetic leader, and to offer that clarity to others. So here we are in a position where separating from P’s mandates around clock time is ever more important and more evolutionary. It’ll help you disengage.


Timing is where things come into alignment where seeds that were planted many moons ago germinated and bloom. The work that we have done with you for many years, the timing is right for you to use that. Timing. Timer, clock time, and timing. Three separate things.

The Visionaries wanted us to talk about what? Oh yeah. Make it go back to the way it was. Clock time. It’s tick tick that you can never get. Talk about moving the goalposts! How cruel. As if you have that power. Personality will say that’s how it needs to be done, that’s how we get out of this, we make it the way it was. Making clock time as the whip. One of the opportunities you have right now is to release yourself from P’s dominance over how clock time unfolds. There are so many ways. Really look for the ways that timers show up for you.

We hope all that is helpful to you. It’s our estimation that things will more challenging and more intense on your culture in your next time period. Now’s a good time to become really balanced and centered so as the waves get higher, you’re less likely to fall down. Stay centered. What is true now. Bring your presence to now. Be an energetic leader. Take care of your gingerbread shape in all ways that are recommended, eat well, sleep when you need, wash your hands, have your supplies on hand. Give yourself permission to the changes that are happening. You’re revising your entire culture. Be gentle with your neighbors, friends and family. Fear shows up in lots of ways. Be in a position where you recognize first that person’s afraid. They’re angry because they’re afraid. What do we do with fear? What is true now, etc.

Warrior: So, the Guardians referenced hunting earlier. We thought that was a trip. They had an interesting point though. When a bunny is being pursued, it tries to hold really, really still even though its heart is going pitter patter, pitter patter. There’s movement even when you’re holding still. The invitation is to be very peaceful even as you’re ready to take action. For example, astronaut John Glenn’s heart rate never went over resting rate even as he was lifted into space. Stillness in activity. Activity in stillness. You are not used to this. Being still at Disneyland is not normally on the list of things you do. Yet here you are. Being asked. It’s a good muscle to develop because when the unexpected occurs, keeping your cool, keeping your center, keeping connected to what is true now, not matching energy-that’s some Warrior talk right there. Gives you that opportunity to be a leader. That’s an amazing leadership stance. Kids and animals really like that stance, it helps them calm down in the middle of kerfuffledom. Build that muscle. Be careful that calm does not equal denial or I’m waiting for it to go back to the way it was or blaming others. Calm is what-is integrated, rather than what is rejected. And you experience and explore with Awareness and it becomes an opportunity for evolution. See how calm you can be while also acknowledging reality.

You’re being given an amazing opportunity. The whole alien thing where they show up en masse, well, there’s no way aliens are ever going to want to show up and talk to your Personalities. This is a proving ground if you ever want to take your place among the “Federation of Planets.” The way you have valued the things in your society and the pressure like this really illuminates it. The people picking the fields, the ones driving foods to the stores, the ones who deliver it to you, those who serve. It’s time to recognize that your society is extraordinarily interconnected, and there are pieces of that interconnected puzzle that have been treated poorly and they’re under illumination now. Have honor. Have character. It will be needed. Operate from integrity. Tell the truth.

Fred: Okay. When you have a galactic, when you are a member of the Galactic Federation of Planets–that’s not what it’s called but we’ll use it for now–and have a galactic citizen as an earthling, you’re rep-ing for a planet. That’s a big deal, a big quantum leap. You have a culture that’s a melting pot on Earth so if you take all the cultures, languages, history, ideas, fears, and somehow try to represent that in the Galactic Federation of Planets, you’re not ready for that. We want to talk about that anyways. When you have a country who fights over a leader, and then how that leader leads and how it gets along with other leaders, and all of a sudden you get to be part of the Galactic Federation of Planets and you get together 200 or so humans to show up to nothing like you’ve experienced before, when you get there, you want to have someone psychologically nimble to deal with that. If you pick from bravado, that shit don’t play. Bluster will not get you anywhere. What have we said about going to Mars? You don’t even know what that’s going to do to you. You don’t even know what amazing contortions and shapes that will confront you. You’re the little kids on the block, folks. And that’s okay, you bring an amazing spirit with you that some of the other galactic cultures haven’t experienced in a long time. Psychologically, as a species, you’re extraordinarily immature. But you’re light. Amazingly light, considering your planet is still steeped in duality. Mostly because of the way the human body is set up, it’s such a gift for how you feel. Send the deeply compassionate and curious. Be careful not to send blusterers. Do send some architects, send some artists, some writers. Let the whole way you document humanness be present when you go. This whole thing with the virus is a warm up to taking your seat at that table. It’s putting pressure on the places where Personality has sold you a bill of goods that collapses in a nanosecond.

Girls and the Matriarch: Let’s do another one of those meditation things. We’re going to bring in the Matriarch’s energy to hold space, we’ll do the talking, and Veronica’s gonna let us.

Five Sessions held in March 2020

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