Six Sessions held in April 2020

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April 1, 2020

Viral or Fractal Interactions

Like everything else in your world, big changes are happening. The computer system isn’t necessarily cooperating but we did a work around and that’s part of the energetics going around right now.

What’s going around right now is lots of different opportunities to rub up against all sorts of different places where life is not what it used to be. And perhaps will never be that way again. And so, let yourself feel into uncertainty, how upset do you get, how not upset you get, how you move through it. And that is going to continue to be something you’re going to find challenging, offering you sandpaper.

We suspect very strongly that things will be very difficult this month. And we say that to you bluntly. Veronica was just reading that an ER doctor in NY was saying he had signed more death certificates in one shift than ever in his life. There’s also the fact that people are looking for an explanation for this. The trouble with this is when Personality goes looking for an explanation, Personality is looking for someone to make it feel better. When Personality does that, it’s going to get more Personality. When your government or leaders get more Personality, the intensity of that is going to ratchet up before it ratchets down.

So all the work we’ve done these last 17 years is becoming more and more important. You have the opportunity to be the calm at the center of the storm. Watch the temptation to try to explain. Be careful about othering. Why? Because you don’t want to put yourself in a position where there’s sneaky Personality showing up in victimhood. Those other people did that. You’re getting a lot of that.

There’s also a real temptation to point fingers. You did this, you did that, you were too slow. Some of that is helpful as it points out the cracks in the system. But you have to watch how much of that affects your moment to moment presence. There’s a temptation on social media for Personality wanting to box this in, to make it reassuring, to be the smarter person. Really watch that desire to box it in, to explain it, to understand. Make sure it’s not the leading desire for your navigation of this now. Be present to your own experience of Awareness and be in the movement of Awareness so you can be ready for choiceless choice to help be ready to support others. Be sensitive to choiceless choice. If Personality is running the show, you’re going to have duality, victimhood, limitation, blame, trying to understand. The problem with that is you often end up in Favorite Familiar Suffering. The temptation to spend all your time on this really does nothing more than feed Personality and quiet Awareness.

What do we do when Personality wants to assert itself? Gratitude. What if you told the people in your life what you appreciate about them? Be careful that it’s not about their function, how it makes your Personality more comfortable. How about, for example, I just love how the tree shades me, how it’s still there. A sense of, this is how I appreciate you. It’s so profound at this time for people to know how you feel. Because people are dying. Not trying to be morbid here, it’s part of being human. What if in that time you stood in your presence, you told another human being this is the part of you that I have always appreciated. And that other person listens and lets this in. And, what if you noticed what another person would like in their life and you were capable of providing that for them?

It’s very tempting to take this idea and dilute it. I’m grateful for farmers. Be grateful for the person standing next to you, for how they have touched you, who they are, their resonance. If someone says this to you, let this be a doorway to Awareness as well. Be extraordinarily attentive to what they’re offering. That’s a doorway for both of you.

Viral or Fractal Interactions. We want to talk about the difference, the contrast between a viral spread and a fractal experience. Timely.

Viral Interaction

Viralness. Let us feel into how Personality is like a viral experience. It’s a way you’re very accustomed to things spreading in your reality. The way viruses, things spread is that one person tells two people, each of those tell two people, and so on and so on. It kind of looks like tree roots. Say there’s one dot and they spread it to eight people and so on, and it gets bigger and bigger. What is fascinating, the more viral Personality gets, the quicker it gets to victimhood. As things get more viral, the faster it gets to victimhood. If you can keep pulling yourself away, you end up in the higher levels.

In Personality, they’re all permutations of the generating event, the first place that it showed up. The generating event is primarily fear, fear of getting dead. It branches and branches and branches. In the beginning when we would work with you, you would show up with all these branches. We would try and work with you to get you to see the generating event. The closer you stay to the generating event, the “what is true now” of the event, the easier it is for life consciousness to find the duh. THAT is what has been bugging me? This trigger is mine. I’m going to grab the generating event, and then you’re in what is true now, gratitude, in the generating event for the truth of what it really is. It’s all Personality smoke. It’s not actually reality. It’s all happening in Awareness. Be connected to your presence.

The big generating event we’ve been working with now is “I believe I am Personality.” The more you can hold to that statement and break that statement apart with the light of consciousness and recognize that I is a weird word, and Personality, what is that, and AM- oooh. Be skeptical about definitions and descriptions. It lets all of that other stuff get fuel if you let it get traction. And as soon as you do that, Personality goes viral with it. So here we are now, recognizing that when the generating event is something that previously would have caused that viral Personality to happen, we say, what trigger, Level 6. You stay ahead of Personality going viral. You catch yourself in a generating event. What if, instead, I sat with the light of consciousness on it and say this is, in fact, Personality. You could stay with the generating event, like having to fight in the Coliseum making sure you had your sword and shield and everything you need to battle. In actuality, the door is open the whole time and you could set everything down and just walk out. What if I just walk out? What if I set down the whole idea of who I am, and how I should do this, and walk out instead?

So yeah, it’s a scary and intimidating time for your entire planet. There’s uncertainty and confusion and distrust. That’s going to be going on for awhile but that cannot be all you are. There’s a whole thing called Awareness for you to explore and witness and chronicle. Step out of it. Step out of Personality completely, all the ways Personality wants to control it. You’ve done enough of that. You’ve played that game enough, you don’t have to study it anymore.

Fractal Interaction

Fractal interaction with the now is down and in. You’re dropping into a fractal, like a cylinder that comes up across your body, dropping, dropping. If you look out and say, I need that specific outcome! See how that immediately limits you? You’re tying yourself to one possibility. Personality. As you’re dropping through the fractal, choiceless choice (CC) impulses. It moves you around but you want to keep choiceless choicing. As CC impulses, you’re swinging over to a different part of the fractal but you’re still dropping in. Don’t try to control it, direct it. Just keep dropping through. It’s the idea that the fractal, Awareness, you are a movement. It’s all a movement. You’re not holding still. It isn’t separate from you. You are part of the overall and a witnessing perspective as well.

That’s part of the beauty of being on Planet Earth. It gives you the opportunity to experience the density and duality. It means that having the powerful visceralness that a physical body gives you the opportunity to experience. The visceralness, the physicality, the sounds, the tastes, the smells. When visitors come, they get a taste of it and are overwhelmed by attempting to process it all. This place is intense. In a good way. This is a Disneyland ride, people. There’s a new ride in town, people, called Covid. That intensity is precious. It’s not everywhere you can get that kind of intensity. You don’t just come in and lay around for fifty years. No. You make it bigger and bigger all the time. That’s what this place is for. To experience that profound sensory state. So when you want to have visitors to come and share this space with you, it’s a big adjustment for them to even talk for just ten minutes. It’s a big deal.

You have this opportunity right now to experience the fractal, not just from an observational place. What you are is, you are able to be in this extraordinary visceral unfolding, and also, be the thing that’s unfolding, which is very trippy for your brain to understand. Simultaneously. And it’s in a place where there’s a lot going on and it’s intense. When we say you’re dropping through the fractal, you’re both able to be a witness to that dropping through, and simultaneously, you ARE the fractal you are dropping through. That’s not something that’s easy to understand. It’s a visceral thing. How do you drop down and in? You gotta be present. You’ve got to allow for the movement rather than the control. The desire for control is going to be Personality. Relax in the big changes time like right now. It doesn’t help to control. You’re only going to get what Personality wants if you try to control. It cuts you off from being in your sensory system. If you find yourself being tense in your body, get up and get moving. Sitting in tension isn’t going to do you any good.

The intensity with which you typically interact with the world in general, that is the charm of Earth. The Warrior tells you how much simpler it is now to get food, for example. You’ve made a lot of things easier, food, water, health care from a thousand years ago. Recognize that in this incarnation, where are you as a society in the interaction with intensity, the density and duality, where you are is, everyone is interacting with the same thing, the same intensity. In the past, everyone interacted in different ways. Now you’re all pretty much doing the same thing. It’s a pretty ripe moment for Homo sapiens in general, all looking at the same thing and all having an opportunity to navigate that. We hope that as this progresses, the temptation to point fingers, Level 1, Level 2, otherism, the blame game isn’t going to overshadow the opportunity for creative expression, for a reboot. It’s giving everybody a chance to reboot your incarnation without having to be reborn. Are you going to cling to how it used to be and be pissed off it hasn’t gone back or are you going to let it strip you down and pick up the parts that really matter to you? It’s giving you the opportunity to surrender things. And to appreciate the people who do things you can’t or don’t want to do.

Express your gratitude. You can even do this to people who have passed on. Write it down, speak it, think it. If someone thanks you, gives you a compliment, don’t bounce it off by returning an immediate thank YOU back. Get quiet, let it sink in, say you’re welcome. Anytime you are expressing rigidity, you are in Personality. Feeling tense in your body, rigidity in your thinking, rigidity in your response to a compliment, any of that is Personality. We’re working on the opposite of rigidity. Catch yourself and surrender it. Express gratitude to others for how they resonate within you. See where you could join another in something you feel they would enjoy.

Girls/Matriarch: It’s fun to share Veronica’s space with the Matriarch. Eloheim was talking about dropping through the fractal. It doesn’t have to be that cylinder thing. Surrender into it.

Swooping Leaf Meditation ensued. This meditation is also included above in the three meditations Veronica bundled together from three different meetings.

Here’s a cleaned up version of what Eloheim discusses during this session.

April 5, 2020

Surfboard Time with Choiceless Choice

A participant asked for insights on fielding reactions in her body at this time. Eloheim responded that even without the biggest impacts of the pandemic, all the minor shifts in our lives are enough to cause a big change in the relationship between our gingerbread shape and the big-B Body. And a lot more people are experiencing an extra layer of sensitivity. Those alone are enough to give the gingerbread a strong reaction.

And, surrendering personality as we’ve been doing, can be discombobulating. It’s built into the system, that, to have a free will zone means, to have a personality that thinks it’s in charge, and will push back. The greatest use of free will is in allowing yourself to step back and surrender personality’s hold on you. And then not assert free will, because you’d rather be in choiceless choice, you’d rather allow yourself to move in, through, and as, Awareness.

Be really careful that you don’t process the new responses in your gingerbread shape from personality, with resistance, or with feeling it’s wrong. The engagement with it can simply be: you’re on the surfboard. You’re surfing, in a constant balancing and rebalancing, adapting and adjusting to the very powerful changing circumstances that surround you. “What is true now?” is so helpful for you to be present in that way, instead of in the future. It’s still smart to plan– it’s logical to buy enough food for the future when you’re at the store. The energetics of, “What is true now?” help shift your focus from any state of tension over how the future might be.

The spreading pandemic, with the confusion and the rising number of cases involved, puts pressure on many systems. What part will you be playing? Even when there’s no major event, like pandemic, war or natural disaster (that impacts almost everyone’s lifetimes when personality is in charge), it’s not like personality runs out of material. But now it’s going to really push on every single anxiety, confusion and fear that comes up. So for those of you who know there’s an alternative, it’s important for you to do your best, to stay in the alternative.

Your energetic leadership is needed now, of: the calm at the center of the storm, even if you’re at home. Stay very connected to what is true now, and very, very connected to what part of you is activated by choiceless choice. That’s going to be your guide as you move in and through awareness, as you float through and drop in through the fractal of infinite possibilities. Check in during the day, if engaged in a habitual behavior, “Is this still the choiceless choice impulse? Do I feel there may be anything else I’m being drawn to, like a magnet?”

When stuff comes up for you, in your own lap, navigate that. Then don’t settle for, “I’m OK for now.” Yes, that can help soothe your nervous system, but let it be a starting point, not a stopping point. Look for doorways to awareness, such as gratitude. And hold the line. Just look at the graphic Veronica made from our drawing, showing all the places in levels 1-3 where there’s stimulus for distraction, confusion, hamster-wheel thinking, and the rest. You don’t want to slip past level 4! Make it a high, high priority. Many of you have more freedom in your daily choices now, and we don’t care how many snacks you’ve had or how much Netflix you’ve watched, but we do care that you absolutely do not go back to levels 1-3. Get out your warrior energy. There’s an interesting soup of levels 1 and 2 showing up a lot in various media. As you stay informed, process the information from, “this is true now.”

We’d love for you all to get very clear on how YOU interact with choiceless choice. How do you know when it’s happening? What does personality do when it’s happening? It’s a super important thing to dial in. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize. For Veronica, it’s like a very quiet, “ah-ha,” an in-her-torso, heart-chakra kind of a feeling. Many times, choiceless choice may seem out of the blue, prompting a personality response of, “There’s no reason to do that.” Or, there may be a personality cacophony, like a brass band in your ear, of personality trying to distract you. Then look for the quiet nudge that preceded that.

One member contributed that for her, choiceless choice feels calm and absorbs her full attention, while personality offers guilt (not being able to do everything at once) and a clock-time driven feeling. Another asked about how to discern between a problem solving impulse and a cc impulse. E replied that choiceless choice will nudge you into an action (or a quietness) while being quite detached from the outcome of the activity. And, be careful that when a choiceless choice arises, you don’t use personality to navigate it. If a choiceless choice impulse arises that feels hard, scary, or confusing, don’t get rigid about it just because it doesn’t feel familiar. Ask whether your resistance comes from interpreting it through personality.

Sometimes a change that you might expect limitation from, instead opens up new opportunities. You play with what’s present, like an improv game, or like hackey sac or a beach ball. The energetic is, keep it up in the air! You say, this is new and I’ll go where impulsed. You play the hand you’re dealt. You can sit and wish you had different cards, but that’s not the point of playing the card game. As in these examples, you can take the neural plasticity of thinking-and-moving on your feet, and take it into the life plasticity of choiceless choice. When moving with the new circumstances, there’s no resistance. Just don’t let personality interpret that as, “suck up with whatever comes along.” Instead, as you move with choiceless choice, additional impulses are more cards in your hand that you get to play with.

The hundredth monkey phenomena is real. The more people like yourselves stay connected to awareness and surrender all forms of personality, the more likely there is to be a jump, where that becomes more normal. Adjusting to transformation, humans typically respond with a period of resistance, of denial, then push back, then it becomes a new normal, and adaption happens. Innovation, inspiration, and cleverness start up. That innovation time has started to kick in, with internal creativity and breakthroughs, like cities where people now cheer and make noise at the same time every evening, expressing gratitude to the essential workers.

We encourage you all to let the new normal impulse creative changes. What are you learning about your employer’s values now, or what would you like a new occupation to be like going forward, that you can work on now? Let yourself be moved in this time. Watch for the choiceless choice impulses to generate change and transformation in your circumstances. Let the new normal birth something. Let it open and shift and grow and see what else becomes available to you. It’s never really going back to the old normal. Let the new normal inform your onward movement.

April 8, 2020


Rather than ending the meeting with a meditation, the Girls, the Matriarch and Veronica started it with one.

Eloheim: As we begin our conversation tonight, abiding in the energy just accessed, in the opportunity to connect and permeate different levels of consciousness, we’re going to have a guest.

This guest is having a really hard time connecting so what we’re going to try to do is a hybrid thing by voicing their words so they have a path.

Ashmush: For-fortuitous, that’s the word. It feels opportunity to be here. It asks limiting potential. It asks limiting possibilities. It asks constricting, for constriction.

Hello. Let’s try this. Greetings. We can’t be so careful about the words so we’ll do our best, but we can’t be perfect because it’s too hard. We have the opportunity to gift to you. As we gift to you, we invite you to hold your energy in a place that is not question mark, is not discussion, is not contemplate. No, this is not helpful. This is opportune to get new. Yes.

You’re on an energetic potential, energetic potential trajectory. Sorry. Difficult. We intend help. This you do, very hard. However, important, so we stay. You interject potential is powerful and not guaranteed. No jeopardy. No. Not planned for. Better word. Unexpected. See? Hard. You do hard things here. Unexpected. Erase other words, thank you. Eloheim helping. Unexpected energetic projection affects other civilizations, offering gift of higher vibration, offers, supports other civilizations. You don’t know this. It’s important, and it’s gift you give. You imagine, you pretend small. You don’t understand. It hard here to do what you do, and important. Gift other civilizations, your gift travel[s]. You think you’re here for here, it’s true. It not only helps here, work here, it travels far away from here. You would never know. You can’t know. It important gift. Gratitude [for] you gift. It help us, see other civilization evolution-energy. It hard explain. We tell Eloheim, they explain better, but we want to come. Gift received you. You do hard thing here, not just for here and you don’t know it, and that’s why we come. Hard here, is gift elsewhere. You’re doing gifting. We gift back you gratitude and we gift back you the fortitude. We say thank you all [the] gifting and hope you keep gifting. It helps. Your kindness, it gifts us. We thank your gifting. You make it easier on us there, not here, hard limits here. Constricts. Not easy gift giving from here. You do good thing here. Gift giving. You should know, you part big thing. You part big thing. Gift giving. Eloheim says time to stop being here now. Gift gratitude to you.

We are supposed to tell you name. Ashmush. Funny name in your world, we think, but kind of close. Is short name for our energy space. Gift gratitude.

Eloheim: We decided visitors have to give their own names now. In the past we gave them identifiers but if we’re going to have visitors on a regular basis, they’re going to have to come up with their own.

One thing that seems to be true is that visitors have trouble with multisyllable words so we hope you understand visitor-speak. (laughs) What they were trying to convey to you is that the movement into Awareness generates an energy field. And that energy field moves off of the planet into what you regard as the Universe. And that energetic burst is constantly being renewed by any time you experience Awareness. That burst of energy travels just like radio waves, though not subjected to your physics. It is instant. It travels to an area where this guest is not an inhabitant. This guest is more like you would call an archangel or guide or energetic advisor, energetic overseer. This visitor was operating as an observer and as nonphysical support to that planet, which was what you would call a pre-industrial kind of civilization. Your energetic bursts support them in their evolution. It moves through the energetic grids and fuels the expansion out of fear-based. That planet is set up differently than yours, and it’s a time when superstition and made-up things are dictating their experiences. They’re still really primitive in many ways.

They don’t have a lot driving them to evolve. Earth is a really unique set up due to duality, density, the survival instinct (SI), the free will zone. When you put all that together, it’s a pressure cooker, it’s hard. Not every place has that kind of pressure to evolve and change. So, that place where the guest came from, the “people” there don’t push for evolution, they just kind of cruise. When you don’t have the SI pressing on you like you guys do, there’s a real a tendency to coast. So, an experiment like we’re doing here, because it has unexpectedly evolved, has generated a fuel source for evolution in other worlds. It’s emanating off of you anyways and turning on inspiration in other civilizations. And your visitor wanted to say thank you for that. Maybe it would have taken another 50 thousand years before anything really happened there.

The tendency for Lightworkers is to observe humans as though they are really lame. You see famine, war, racism and other -isms, and think, we could do better. The thing is, the “we could do better” is not all that common. The fact that you look around and think, “we could do better” is actually kind of rare. The stew of human, the distinct pressures you have been under now that we’re moving into Homo spiritus and what that squirts out of that is precious and yet, quite abundant in that it could move through the Universe. It really matters if you let yourself deal with Personality. You’re an inspiration. Literally. You’re doing this hard, constricting pressure, pushing sort of thing that is not always done.

The way it is done on Earth is not common. And with Awareness in the mix and a pandemic. Whew. That pressure to do better, to do more, is now being magnified in a such powerful way as you attempt to wrangle a worldwide pressure that you’re experiencing. The rigidity is being surrendered, in some cases, and drops away. Imagine the whole planet as Personality, a personality that all humans contribute to, and as you start to see public figures elevated into the public eye, you get to see what part of Personality a leader is illuminating or what part of Personality is being surrendered. Are they coming from ego or less Personality? Are they offering change, shooting for outcome, shooting for new possibilities? Imagine there is an extra crust surrounding your whole planet, and every time a leader or public figure does something that comes from Awareness or less Personality, a piece of that crust flakes off and the light shines out. We believe that that can do a 100th monkey thing, where more and more of that leads to more and more of that.

The amazing thing, and one of Veronica’s favorite part about humans, is the ingenuity and adaption to change. Once the resistance to change is past and change occurs, they start to move into–okay now we’re playing the cards we’ve been dealt. You can fuel that from Awareness or notice how much ego is there. Is it coming from wanting adoration, notice me? Or is it coming from a sensing of struggles and wanting to ameliorate the struggle, a coming together in oneness? As you engage with the leadership, be really, really observant how much of this is coming from Personality or ego, or is it coming from innovation, out-of-the-box solutions, and responding to the now? Does it address the now and expand into new frontiers? How do we navigate the new normal? We now have a new hand of cards. Bemoaning the fact that you lost the old hand of cards does not help you with the new hand you’ve got. That’s the tricky part. Getting the hundredth monkey thing of people into the new normal idea. There’s a temptation to make the new normal thing a sense of victimhood. “The government is making me stay home” instead of saying, “what’s the opportunity here?”

Veronica had to drop all her boundaries when she first began reading the essential oils. And they were messy, not one unified, pretty boundary as portrayed on Star Trek. It was piecemeal. While doing the readings, it was just her energy and the oils’ energies. After that, when she went out and had to deal with other people, she needed only to pick up what she needed to go on, not the whole piecemeal of before. It made it easier. That dynamic of setting everything down and only picking up what you need to move forward is where you are now. Four billion people are sheltering in place right now. Half the planet. You have this opportunity to say I’m setting everything down that is on my calendar, setting down my job, the hustle and bustle, my responsibilities, whatever you’ve got going on. Or if you’re still working, you get to reevaluate your job in a new light. At some point, you get to decide what you pick back up. Through choiceless choice. That is important to me. That is what is coming with me. That is what I want to melt into, be edgeless with in this friendship, marriage, job, whatever. Meaning, you want to go into it in Awareness. I’m only going to pick up that which I can be in Awareness with. It’s rebooting the incarnation. It’s a bit like when you turn off your computer and you turning it back on. Which programs do you open right now? Probably not all of them. And if you know you’re in Personality, don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Don’t say it. If it doesn’t help you be in Awareness, don’t do it. I’m going to shed and correct and use all the doorways to Awareness I have until I’m at least in Level 6 or Awareness. Whatever is slipping you out of it becomes highest priority. Talk about a change of standards, huh? Remember when Level 6 was way over there? Maybe someday I’ll get to Level 6 was the thought. See what it’s like to be unwilling to navigate the world from anything other than at least Level 6.

For short, Level 6 is “what trigger?” It’s that recognition that if I let myself to flare Personality in this, I’m only causing myself more suffering. It’s saying yes, there’s a huge temptation to dive off of this place into Favorite Familiar Suffering, unhealed CE, SI, and I know that absolutely none of that will make this situation better. Capitulating to those habits or fears will not make the situation better. I’m not getting anything out of all that. The only thing that will be transformational is being present and walking through my doorways to Awareness. There can be a minute while you beat back the temptation of oh, this is too hard, of capitulation to that notion that anything in Levels 1-5 can be helpful to what’s going on right now. You make one choice. Which is, I’m going to stay in Level 6 here. That’s where we’re at now. You had a visitor, Ashmush, come in and tell you that you’re sparking evolution on his planet! And that’s just moving from Level 6 to Level 7!

That feels like plenty for now. We invite you to let that sink in. Listen to the meditations, see what you want to take with you into the new, hold on to Level 6, walk through your doorways to Level 6, and look for the nudge for choiceless choice.

April 19, 2020

In-depth discussion of how the body is navigating this unprecented time. Eloheim talks about our movement into “Phase 3” of our response to the pandemic: Ingenuity. They also spoke about what we want to take forward with us as we move into the new normal.

April 22, 2020

Full Council
Guardians: That’s a beautiful way to start the meeting (the moments of united group silence). We love how that changes the energetic. It’s cohesive. Beautiful. We’re going to look deeply into the energetics right now. We know you’re in a challenging phase of human history, and in that, you have the opportunity to have an impact on the energetics as they unfold. You have to know what the energetics are first.

(The Guardians look into the current energies.) Choppy waters out there, isnt it? Windy, stormy. The choppy waters are going to feel different in different places, really choppy in some, less so in others. The temptation is to imagine the tops of the water, the waves, as the part that matters the most. At times, it does, but don’t ever lose sight that below that topsy-turvy top part is a great depth. That great depth has a lot of steadiness to it, even in its movement. So when you find yourself having a hard time, are sick of being at home, concerned over the health of family and community or disturbed by decisions made by the leadership in your world, the tumultuousness is only a piece in the ocean of energetics that you’re navigating. Sink down into the energetics, into deep presence, a deep dropping into the collectiveness of the energetics. Draw on that steadiness.

The perseverance of humans is amazing. One of things that is so boggling about earth life in general is the perseverance of humans. You get knocked down sometimes, but humans persevere. You innovate, you’re ingenious, creative. That survival instinct kicks in and it fires you up. Use it for innovation and creativity, that’s a powerful contribution. Find a way to be creative. And creative could mean moving glasses in your kitchen cupboards. You’re taking raw materials in your surroundings and recombining them into something new without attaching a weighty meaning to it. Be creative to simply express another way to do something. Be creative for the sake of being creative. Look at a situation and renew it. Reinvigorate it.

Visionaries: The theme here is innovation, ingenuity. This is an opportunity for you all to do that. Take it seriously.

The other stuff that is really important here is your own personal integrity and what that means to you. There’s a temptation to match energy with desperation, with the “get all you can out of the system” energy, with the idea of making sure you get yours. In one, five, ten years from now, when you look back at this time, how will you want to have remembered yourself acting? We hope it would be something like in Awareness, in consciousness, in integrity, with character, with respect for others. This is a really good time to be how you wish people were. Act from integrity, strong moral character, a sense of clarity.

Personality will try to pull you into sketchy nefarious shit. There can be justification for that: anxiety, fear, nervousness, desperation. Watch if your desperation is actually true or whether you are being influenced. If you need help, ask for help, that’s character. If you need support, ask for support, that’s character. Catch when Personality is trying to push on the idea if you should do the right thing or should you cheat a little? Are you the kind of person who is every man for him/herself or are you the kind of person who wants the rising tide to lift all boats? Your society is fracturing along the lines of that question. Both sides have every nuance under the sun to them. Me first and only me is all I care about or I kind of want everyone to do well so how does everybody have the best chance of doing well? There’s always been a lot of tension between those two groups and it’s become really obvious where those cracks are in the system. What is my own sense of what is true, authentic, in integrity? Be cautious what you take from others, run it through your own check-in.

Eloheim: During Sunday’s meeting we talked about this time as Phase 3. Ingenuity time. As we drop into it, there can be a temptation to predict how that ingenuity will turn out. Instead of wondering if it’s valuable to anyone or being attached to the outcome, stay with the idea that this is simply choiceless choice to express my creativity in this way.
Right now when things are changing, it’s a good time to change things. You may as well throw in the things you want to change. Let this time of great change be a great time to change. When you express your creativity, innovation, your evolution, make sure it’s set up for this now, rather than imagining it’s for something future-based. It allows you to be in that down and in place. If the action is for now, the likelihood is that you’re going to drop into it rather than lean out of it. That’s going to matter more than you know.

Here’s one reason why this matters. When you don’t know what the future holds, that becomes the biggest moving target ever. Say you have scheduled a wedding for June 2022. That becomes an anchor, and all of your actions are moving toward that anchor. Invitations, the dress, the limo all reinforce that time in the future. Well, you can’t plan anything right now. You can try to start making that happen but the anchor is blowing in the wind right now. All those anchors that used to be your calendar pretty much don’t exist anymore, and you’re left right now here where you are. The ability to stay really present and not create any anchors is a beautiful thing. Any anchors that you throw out there are unstable. The Olympics are unstable (and cancelled soon after this). When you do a project of any kind, really watch you’re not trying to set an anchor in the future. If you don’t want your goalpost moving, don’t set goalposts. Allow yourself to be in this now in a way you’ve never been able to do before. In reality, it’s all just happening now anyway.

You perceive time flowing in a horizontal fashion, one day following the next. The truth of the matter is, it’s all one now that you have a renewed experience of. We know that doesn’t necessarily settle in very easily for you because it’s changing something you’ve always existed in. It would be like telling you gravity isn’t real. It’s very real, not like science tells you, but it still affects the physical form. Time is actually an absolute construct used to control and dictate how uncertainty is navigated. And that can be changed. And it’s time to start changing because you have this unique opportunity in your lifetimes to be anchorless in time. You may say, I still have to help my kids with schoolwork at a certain time or we’re gonna have a meeting next Sunday. Yeah, we get it. Lets be real. If the number of anchors is cut down by 90 percent, it’s a big difference. Let’s see what we can do with the fact that your experiencing that for the first time ever. If you find yourself casting in to the future, be suspect of that. Whether it’s, will someone buy this thing I’m making or will they start football up? It’s almost like a boomerang you throw out and it comes back to catch, that temptation. Oh yeah, I’m not doing that. I had a temptation to engage with the future and that temptation came right back so I could do something different with it.

Because this interlude of humanity that you’re in, you don’t know how long it’s going to last. We don’t say that to scare you, it’s all uncertain. We don’t do well with time. No one knows how long it will last. You can’t know any of that. It’s completely flexible. Some people are literally saying we should go back to work and we don’t care if people die. They’re so uncomfortable with uncertainty. That’s one extreme. We’re sure there’re some people saying I will never leave my house again. If you perceive uncertainty as danger, then everything is dangerous. Even creativity. Creativity starts in uncertainty, a blank canvas. If you see uncertainty as infinite possibilities and an opportunity and raw materials, then something different is possible. And you have to keep all of that really clear in yourself because you don’t know what tomorrow will be like, more so than any other time. Are you going to have ingenuity and creativity? Roll with it. We believe in you more than you can imagine. Are you going to have to face down the cracks in the system that need to be healed? Yeah, going to be some of that, maybe even more than the virus itself. The truth bubbles up.

Being super kind to yourself is very important. It’s really easy to get back into duality. Be careful about othering. Remember they are scared when you are disturbed by someone’s words or actions. Remember. This is a core level, deep inside terror, without an enemy to hit or fight in all the ways people have been trained to strike back. The enemy is an internal relationship to uncertainty. That’s the battleground. People are going to be looking for an enemy. Can this inescapable uncertainty, can that go away now, please? So we can go back to the way it was? Or we do it the way we have been doing it. It’s tempting to have it feel really terrifying. People without the skills to navigate uncertainty are going to be looking for an enemy. Something needs to make the uncertainty go away. So when you see people behaving in ways you find difficult to navigate, we invite you to have your first thought be, that person is terrified, that’s a frightened person. The fear overwhelms their whole system. Be compassionate, recognize that people are in fear rather than calling it stupidity, brainwashed, whatever. Fear is the unhealed CE of the entire species. Fear looks different for everyone. Say, that’s what fear looks like. You’re getting to see fear in many, many faces that you probably don’t see very often.

Warrior: What we know about fear is that we have felt it many, many, many times and learned when it’s helpful, it’s very helpful, but most of the time it’s not very. We watched many people frozen by fear and when someone is trying to stab you, that’s one of reasons you get stabbed. It’s just a fact in our world.

We can’t guarantee that you will not feel fear. Fear is something you can’t pin down. So you have to be willing to act even if you’re afraid, feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear does not mean freeze, stop, give up, be a doormat. It doesn’t mean any of those things. It means you’re having a biological response to deep, deep uncertainty. And in that biological response, there’s not always a steady experience. Like we have told you many times, hold your fears close, like you would a lover, keep them close, face them because you can blow them out of proportion with stories. Fear does not have to be debilitating. If you keep that fear close, embrace it instead of judging or pushing it away, you say, yup, there’s my fear, and it has to melt in the face of consciousness into a revelation, into what’s really going on.

Here the Warrior told the tale of a frightened, distracted ten-year old who had been sent out to be a warrior. The Warrior held the boy on his hip while continuing to fight on the battlefield. The point of the story was that the boy was more afraid of never seeing his mom again rather than the fact that there was a battle going on around him. When you actually notice what you’re actually afraid of is oftentimes extraordinarily valuable.

You have endured. So endure, be creative. Don’t compromise who you are even when you’re in a shitty situation. When you come out the other side, you want to respect who you were through the process.
Eloheim: Well, you got a Warrior story in the middle of all of that. Most of you probably already know that the Warrior is the only one of the Council that Veronica channels where she gets to watch a movie play out as he tells a story.

Fred: You know, the Warrior hasn’t told a lot of stories lately, but when they do, whew.

Down and in, and fractal. there’s so much to it. It’s so utterly simple. There’s only one thing you have to do. Surrender Personality and all it’s tentacles and roots. What’s real? Reminding yourself all the different ways Personality shows up and gets in the way. You continue to remind yourself, but you’re only really doing one thing. Surrendering Personality. Or, as Veronica says, don’t get in the way of Awareness. Personality is so prevalent and has so many facets to it, it can feel like the Whack-a-Mole game. Pop up, knock it down. You’re dealing with the moles popping up instead of cutting off the electricity to the machine. Cut out all the ways Personality shows up in batches. Tonight’s talk has been about fear, about recognizing, navigating fear in a cut-electricity kind of way. It’s very powerful. Pull the plug on it. If you find yourself bashing moles/fears all over the place, look for the ways they have in common. This is just uncertainty and I can’t be certain in this moment. This is a beautiful way to navigate uncertainty. There’s nothing to do in uncertainty so just set it down. Personality wants you to stay in the sense that uncertainty is a problem. It’s a puzzle that can’t be finished, it cannot be resolved. For example, you don’t know how long you’re going to live so worrying about it is a waste of time. You don’t know how your cell phone works so you don’t think about it. You don’t give it attention or don’t let it trouble you. Personality will use uncertainty to make you suffer and you have to disagree with that idea, disengage with that paradigm.

At the end of the meeting Veronica, the Girls, and the Matriarch once again collaborated on a meditation.

April 29, 2020

Bonus Meeting: Alternate Expression Bleed-throughs

It’s a powerful time, and we suspect it’s going to become even more intense. The load that you feel will change, and that load will stay at an intense level, if that makes sense. For some of you, life is very much like it used to be, and for some, it’s very different. Being gentle with your body, be smart. Be smart how you make demands of yourself in your relationships. Be slow and steady in your attention to the now and your engagement to what-is. Even before this all started, you were already doing some that, and that was hard enough, surrendering Personality. The whole world is changing around you, and there’s no way to know how much it will change. You’re only at the beginning of the supply chain disruption, i.e., the meat packing plants. People are trying to figure it out as they go. For the regular population, saying “just try to figure it out,” that doesn’t work for them. So, you get people saying, just make it go back to the way it was, to the way it was more comfortable, safe, certain. Watch where that temptation is to say, make it go back.

We want to talk to you about something different, about how alternate expression bleed-through is affecting you in all this. When you have past life bleed-throughs, the experience going on in those past lives actually affects the lifetime you’re currently experiencing. Some of the bleed-through going on and the body feeling heavy is because when you have that bleed-through happening, there’s something in every single one of those lifetimes that can bleed-through right now. There’s always been some big uncertainty that feels overwhelming that is pushing, putting pressure on your system to say you don’t know how this is going to turn out. Every single one of your lifetimes is pressuring you with bleed-through. Some of you may be able to identify it and some of it may feel nebulous. It’s important that as you navigate the now, you stay connected to your current gingerbread shape’s presence in the now. It is even more important than it used to be. As you heal the way that bleed-through affects you, you gift that healing to the part of you that’s in that other lifetime. The bleed-through goes both ways.

As we get into level 10, reunification, one of the things that become reunified is the lifetimes that you have spent on Earth. The invitation here is to allow yourself to recognize that as that pressure from other lifetimes is increasing, be aware of what is actually in this current lifetime. Notice when it’s feeling outsized. For Veronica, watching something on the tv and bursting into tears in compassion and simpatico for someone she doesn’t know is an outsized reaction. And totally okay. Debilitating crying is outsized. Yes, it’s difficult. And I need to come into my center before I can be an energetic support to anyone. And in doing so, you end up being energetic support to you AND your alternate lifetimes. When it was you that experienced things like that? The invitation is to recognize whatever lights you up in all this is highly likely to be influenced and affected by alternate expression bleed-throughs at this time. That is part of why the body is getting a workout for some of you. It’s because you are, in essence, carrying the energetic load, the really scary part, for hundreds of lifetimes. So, what do you do? You step back and say okay, the more I can get it together in this now, the more I can give that gift to those other lifetimes. Feeling their pain in an outsized fashion is not a gift to those other lifetimes. Watch how far you take it. Your opportunity here is to allow for all of the wisdom you have to benefit all of you. And that means your alternate expressions as well. What you can bring to this now, you are bringing to all those other lifetimes as well.

If you keep your shit together and stay calm and centered, you have a better chance of offering a solution, of navigating the now in a healthy way. If, in reverse, you offer a calm, centered support to your other lifetimes, you’re offering a gift to yourself. Remember, they have other gifts you currently don’t, and as you help those other lifetimes raise their vibration, you begin to access all kinds of wisdom, resources and insights. Just as when the visitors come, they want to talk to your Awareness with Personality out of the way. In alternate expression bleed-throughs, as you help, the connection becomes rich and powerful instead of adding more sadness and difficulty. It makes sense that they mirror each other: the visitor and your current self, and your current self and your alternate expressions. It’s a fractal experience. And a larger fractal is the unification idea. Bridging that gap between the visitors and your alternate expression is the current gingerbread-you, a you that has had the opportunity to study consciousness.

All those lifetimes get packaged up and gifted to the larger collective, to what you might call the Akashic records. The lifetimes started out really primitive and go all the way to space travel, that evolutionary path gets packaged up and gets gifted into All-That-Is. Here you’re being pressured by a virus that’s being spread across this world. It actually ends up being close to, are we going to sacrifice others to get ahead or are we going to do a rising tide lifts all boats? That’s high on the evolutionary scale, it’s a pinnacle. If you look in the news you can see where people are taking advantage of the money help being offered businesses. They’re getting caught and having to give it back. Just because you can step on someone, are you going to? Or is it going to be a rising tide lifts all boats? As a society, you’re making big choices right now. We find it interesting some States are getting together and governing together about various things.

The opportunity here is, without having to control it or being in charge of it, you, by doing what we’re working on, make the tide rise. You see the boats go up in unexpected Field of Infinite Possibility kinds of ways. Not as Personality has it know how it should turn out. That’s where Choiceless Choice pops up. That helps the tide rise. You don’t know when you’re ever going to be on the cusp of that tide being on the big lift. You never when you’re at that point. You just keep surrendering Personality because you know that will rise the tide, will help with reunification, alternate expression bleed-through back. The invitation continues to be: do what you’re doing because there’s a lot of moving parts and the physical body is being made a lot of requests of, it’s being pushed right now. So, be gentle, be kind to yourself.

Q: I have been having issues with my back chakra. Any ideas in the chakra energy field for the past life bleed-throughs?

For you mostly, you’ve gotten stabbed in the back a lot. We put the Warrior on the Council for a reason. When you start dealing with past life bleed-throughs, you’re going to have to deal with lifetimes where there were a lot of battles, life and death situations. It makes a mark on your energy fields. That’s what we’re working on. Definitely be looking out, say that’s not happening right now and give tons of forgiveness for what happened. Don’t judge your lifetimes based on your current standards and what you know today. Be watching where in this current experience any sort of I-can’t-forgive-myself energy. Look into places where you are still holding your feet to the fire and acting like you were not good enough or whatever. You weren’t careful enough, you didn’t plan ahead, other people paid the price for your actions. Forgive yourself.

What if you couch this pandemic in terms of this is an opportunity to see how society is functioning? We told you 2020 was going to be about character. Character is revealed when things are hitting the fan, letting your character rise up to the now. What parts of this lifetime, now that I’ve had a check-out time, what parts do I want to pick back up? What parts mean more than I knew they meant? What parts do I treasure even though I may or may not have known that? You’re all figuring it out. Surrender what you imagine it should be and then see what-is. Maybe you pick up some pieces, maybe you drop them all. You’re surrendering the idea of how it has to be in order to see what’s actually happening.

Six Sessions held in April 2020

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