Four Sessions held in February 2019

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February 3, 2019

Levels of Awareness

We have looked at different ways of expressing Awareness in order to make it feel more graspable no matter where you are in the process. Because you have experience with the Levels, we have worked with Veronica to create some work around Awareness levels with the idea that there are different proportions of Awareness. There are different levels of Awareness. She went through these stages distinctly, and the previous ones were left behind. Be careful not to compare yourself to Veronica. What and how she experiences may not be true for everyone.

The Homo sapiens Levels 1-6 were worked on for years, and you slipped and slid between them. The Awareness levels seem to be more of a shift, more like shifting a car’s gears, like a light going on.

Veronica made some graphics describing the Awareness Levels beginning with A3, which turns out to be quite similar to the original Level 3. Please read the descriptions and follow along on the graphic while Eloheim talks about these new Awareness levels in this meeting.

Awareness Level 3 (A3)

The Sensory System is the language we’ve come up with to describe what you are using to incorporate the input you receive from the Big-B body, the input received outside of your nervous system input. If we say, “It’s all me and watch it move,” how are you processing the input you receive from the non-gingerbread shape? Personality is intermeshed with the nervous system experience and response. I am a nervous system responding to my environment. That’s one way to say who you are. When we say, “You don’t end at your skin,” there’s a gap that extends onto infinity. That’s the Big-B body. The perception of that, how does that get processed without letting Personality be in charge? That’s the Sensory System processing your surroundings as “it’s all me.”
We don’t know how that will work out. Veronica found she has to start outside and let that outside sensation, the Sensory System, inform her but not use the nervous system. The nervous system has always been a source of overwhelm for Veronica. This aspect, the Sensory System, is a nuance we are dialing in. We don’t expect anybody to understand that completely. Just let that float around for now, it’s a notion.

Personality argues and gives excuses to stay dominant. You have to call out Personality for yourself if you have no one around to do it for you. The Personality ecosystem can only give you what the Personality ecosystem has to offer. Personality has a very limited ecosystem for you to active and be involved in. The longer you stay in a Personality space, the more bored and uncomfortable you’re going to be with what you’ve got. In A3, the idea is just to catch when Personality tries to dominate. You notice, oh yeah, that’s Personality. Personality uses body sensations to try to con you into staying there.

Stuff like, I’m afraid if I go into Awareness, I’ll float away or if you do this, you’ll not be who you think you are. In essence, unhealed Personality is dying off, fading away, so yes, it’s fighting to stay alive. It’s saying, I don’t know the clear path even though I know it’s not working, so I’ll just spin.

Leaving A3
The key to moving to A4 is the acceptance that Personality can only give you limitations, catching it and saying, “and that’s Personality” every time it declares a limitation. Personality says that that is an ottoman and that’s all it will ever be. So, when we say “free the ottoman,” we’re talking to your Awareness. Personality absolutely cannot hear “free the ottoman.” Personality can only hear that’s b.s. Are you in Awareness so you can hear “free the ottoman?” This is one of those times when you have to decide you want more than the limitations of the unhealed Personality ecosystem. When you step out of it, you start to hear it.

How do you get out? By noticing you’re in and shutting Personality up, shutting it down. Because Awareness has always been present, Personality has drowned it out. You have to stop ignoring it. Surrender the way Personality has decided how things are. Personality wants the certainty of knowing where you’re going. Awareness says experience and explore.

The key to recognizing when Personality is talking is when you say any of these: I am, I feel, I want, I do, I need. That’s Personality talking. You can even say, Personality feels, Personality needs, Personality wants, etc. The way it becomes Awareness is by catching and surrendering that limited perspective of Personality without needing to know what you’re going to get. Each of you is going to have a loose thread to pull on to recognize when you’re in Personality.

Awareness Level 4 (A4)

Sensory System starts to be experienced viscerally and will be experienced differently by each person. There’s way to interact with what starts at your skin and goes out. That navigation is new. It’s a big difference and will have to be worked on, probably for weeks. Don’t let Personality con you into thinking you don’t get it and never will. The temptation is to think about it rather than experience what the sensory system has to offer. Thinking has become useless in this process, useless in experiencing insight or clarity. If you’re thinking a lot, it’s Personality.

When unusual things occur, instead of letting Personality talk you out of it or the Survival Instinct tell you it’s dangerous, you let them matter. You start to become grateful for the experience rather than allowing Personality to modulate or change it. Everything that is familiar to you, that’s Personality.

Unhealed Personality is caught over and over. It’s not gone, it’s caught.

How do you get to Awareness in a steady state? You stop letting Personality dominate. Awareness will be right there. It’s always been there. Unless you get out of Personality’s grip, it will continue to dominate.

The key to getting out of A4 is recognizing and owning the huge difference between Homo sapiens and Homo spiritus. For example, Homo sapiens is your gingerbread shape and Homo spiritus is the whole planet (actually the Universe). You expect it to be radically different and it’s what you want. It’s a decision.

Use your Warrior energy. Don’t settle for the ecosystem of Personality. It’s radically different and Personality is absolutely unable to evaluate, drive, dictate, assume anything about this process. It does not know. It’s as if you were going to Italy, and someone who has never been there, seen it, heard it, or even read a book about it, and knows nothing about it tells you what it’s like, reasons why it is bad, and why you shouldn’t go. You wouldn’t listen to that dude, so don’t listen to Personality on this.

Here the group chimed in with their feedback and input on the above.

During the discussion, Eloheim suggested we replace the word “I” with “Personality” when we are talking. See what happens when you change I to Personality when speaking. Personality is sad, challenged, tempted to, requiring me, giving me limitation, making me feel…, etc., whatever it is you are expressing. Find a way to call out Personality for yourself. You already have this muscle.

Awareness Level 5 (A5)

This one might change a lot as we get more information from everyone. Allow for the new. Experience and explore rather than think and feel in the traditional ways. What does it look like? You will tell us.

There’s a sense of getting established in this radical new way of being in the world. The Healed Personality template is unfamiliar yet dominates.

Action is spurred by choiceless choice. The whole idea of I can’t do it until I know how it’s going to be is no longer needed. You don’t need proof. You are clear that the information you have about what’s it’s going to be like is coming from Personality and it’s BS. It’s no longer useful. That’s key.

You don’t have to be doing every single sentence in each of these levels. You can be doing a little mixture of each in any level.

Eloheim brought up something Veronica found fascinating, the famous tenacity meeting or the kleenex-box meeting. The notion was how to relate to physical objects, i.e. moving the kleenex box without touching it. It mostly just confused people but we were doing what we call “a dump.” The “State of the Object” is talking to your Personality. The “Your Stance in the Encounter” sounds like, are you in Awareness with the object? The “GPS Coordinate” is the body. This is Body, Personality, Awareness said in a different way.

After a request, Eloheim refreshed our definition of the Sensory System. It is everything other than your gingerbread shape which uses the physical senses to see, smell, hear, and touch. If “it’s all me,” then the interaction that the “me” has with “all” has to be processed in another way without using the feeling and thinking that the Personality and nervous system uses. Awareness uses the sensory system to navigate” it’s all me.”

February 17, 2019

You Have One Job

We’ve been talking about the new Awareness levels, breaking down the Awareness journey into new levels, into different subtleties. These levels stemmed from Veronica feeling that some days it was not so clear, and on some days, Awareness happens a lot.

You have to remember that Personality asserting itself is the grandest suffering of all. It has claws in you…and some claws are deep. When things get even slightly off kilter, those are the claws that dig in again. You don’t catch it, and you let it have its way with you. The claws of the Personality are fixated on the few things it has left to really work you over on. This is good news. Those things are probably very obvious to you. Because they have worked you over for so long and so hard, you might feel it’s hopeless to change them. And that’s where you have to be strong. You stand on the fulcrum of a teeter totter of the Personality and the Awareness, and you can be sucked backed into the suffering of Personality, or you can catch it and observe. It’s essential you stand in that middle space. You want to be able to see both sides are true. You want to find the middle ground where you notice what’s going on, where you say, oh, that’s just Personality. It’s still there, but you’re not going down in the mulch with it, not going up and down with it. You only have one job right now, and that’s to notice, to catch when Personality is active and dominant. For awhile, we used surrender as a tool to catching Personality. If that works, use it. Or use the teeter totter. It changes your behavior when you notice.

When you stay in the realm of Personality, all you’ll get is what Personality has to offer. If that idea is not solidly understood and known, then that’s where we need to do some more work. The truth is Personality can only give you what Personality has to give. It’s like going to a giant Costco and only staying in one corner. It’s a limited sphere.

Surrender still works for Veronica but knowing Personality can only give me what it has to offer works better for her. Calling out Personality has been happening a lot for her, she has been on both sides of that. Your Personality’s actions have been as unnoticed as the workings of your digestion or your heart, and it hasn’t been ideal. But you have said, I want to see what life is like when I’m not limited to Personality’s small circle of possibilities. There is more, we know it, and we want it.

Personality is limited to the gingerbread shape, the history, and the dream. Awareness is you’re all-that-is. Personality is only a part of all-that-is. You decide where you put your attention. Personality decided what-is-me is what moves when I move it. It’s going to con you into an idea of what-is-me. But it’s just a decision. You decide where you put your attention. Don’t let Personality tell you what to do. Somebody decided red means stop and green means go. It’s a decision. You made decisions, and they become something that is not questioned. Like your digestion or your heartbeat, you don’t notice, are not engaged with its workings if it’s working right. It just works. Your Personality’s involvement in your day-to-day experience went unnoticed and hasn’t been ideal. One of the decisions that was made was that “I” is the gingerbread shape, and that what has happened to me is ME, and that’s all I get. Those definitions were defined in the Personality template. If you continue to dally in the limited Personality template, that’s all you will get.

Now you’re saying, I don’t know exactly what it’s like, but I want to find out what it’s like to live in Awareness. Personality will find reasons not to do it. Living Awareness-forward is trying something new constantly. Personality says don’t stretch because that freaks me out. Your only job right now is to notice Personality asserting itself and to shift out of that limited place, no matter what task you’re doing.

Eloheim asked for feedback on the opening comments. Can you agree with and believe that Personality can only give you what Personality can give you? How it is for you to catch Personality, and how are you navigating that? And is the idea off catching Personality challenging or not?

The first caller shared that catching Personality was über challenging, causing her much suffering as a result of her diligence. Another talked about falling into Personality around loved ones and how it takes a long time to even get back to neutral. Another shared how when they find themselves in Personality, they feel like they failed. Others talked about using the I’m tempted to tool, setting Personality aside by focusing on something else, how being sick is fodder for Personality, and finally, how sometimes one felt like she was failing Veronica and the community.

If you’re recognizing that everything is Personality, that is a good thing! Focus on the fact that you’re catching it. Remember, you aren’t evolving just this one lifetime, you’re evolving ALL your lifetimes, and that is probably why the body stuff is coming up so loudly for everyone. In other lifetimes, if you got sick, you usually died. As for failing us, is there a list that you have to pass/fail? No. You can’t let us down! You’re here. You’re doing it, you keep coming back for more.

So, you have one job. What is it? And, is Personality trying to take credit for things it has nothing to do with?

Q: I see and label a table as a table. I don’t know how to not do that. I don’t know how to let the more be shown to me.
A: We look at this desk and we say, this desk is you. And you say I don’t feel it. It’s because Personality is the one doing it. You can’t use your Personality to evaluate that narrative. You can’t let your Personality’s define what “it’s all you” means. If you can’t feel it, stop trying, and instead, let clarity arise around whatever clarity arises about. And it may not even be about the table or the desk. Eventually, you will have a different experience. Nothing happening immediately doesn’t mean you fail. You can’t let Personality define what it will finally feel like!

Your job right now is to catch Personality. Eventually, you’ll just give up dancing with it. What is left? Only Awareness.

February 20, 2019

Experiencing the Bubbling Up of Awareness

The transition between Homo sapiens and Homo spiritus is a big deal. It’s not easy, straightforward nor obvious, and often it’s two steps forward and almost two steps back. This is completely normal and expected. You’ve had hundreds of Homo sapien lifetimes where you’ve lived another way. It is normal and expected for it not to be obvious, to be confusing, uncertain, and strange.

What has to be abandoned is the idea is that Personality knows what Awareness is like. Personality can only give me what Personality has to give. It cannot tell me, warn me, prepare me what Awareness is or control how I experience it. We can say this a thousand times, but you have to do the work to have that settle in you. The longer you dally with Personality trying to find Awareness in you, the longer you will battle. This is a key speed bump, a pothole between experiencing Personality and experiencing Awareness. This is a very distinct requirement: you have to stop letting Personality tell you how it’s going to be, look, feel, sense, or allow it to evaluate.

How then do you experience Awareness? Awareness is what is left when Personality is not in charge. It’s always there. You don’t have to go looking for it. It’s quieting Personality in whatever strategy that works so that you can experience Awareness.

For Veronica, it’s very clear if she’s thinking a lot-i.e. hamster wheel thinking-that’s Personality. So, stopping thinking is one thing. The next thing that happened for Veronica is when a lot of feelings come up. These, in the past, have had a ton of power over how you feel, like when you simply look out the window and you feel down even though nothing negative is happening. That’s driven by Personality. There’s a distinct sensation that occurs when she’s really experiencing Awareness, and that feels a bit like a kid on Christmas morning. It’s a sense an unspecified delight, without a container for there to be a specific generating reason. Awareness without Personality is when that bubbling-up feeling occurs without a container for it to be pegged on. There’s no reason for the sensation that can be pinpointed, other than simply being alive. So when Veronica is not having that bubbling-up sensation, she knows she’s not as deep in Awareness as she has the capacity to be. It’s a very good indicator.

If you have a sensation that lets you know when you’re in Awareness, that’s good. Make sure you don’t compare yourself to Veronica. Find your own thread to tug on that lets you know you’re in Awareness. Don’t let Personality tell you you’re not doing it or how to do it or that you suck. It’s a dance. Catch your Personality and find that thread that takes you into Awareness, into knowing it exists. Personality will try to dig in more deeply the closer we get to living in Awareness because unhealed Personality is fighting for its life. Personality is kind of done.

We’re in this interesting phase of recalibration after the big push in January. February has been a bit of retraction and a gathering of our resources. The invitation for each of you is to really, really commit until Personality is caught, to not settle for what it offers. And then surrender to whatever comes up. After Personality justifies its case, you say, I can see that. AND? Next!

When you find and feel the connection, your sensory experience connected to your Awareness, start to create a home base there. Start to have it feel a viable choice.

Q: Should we be doing this in all aspects of life, like in business?
A: Get your warrior aspect out and use him in those situations. Ease into it. Don’t feel as if you have to do it only one way. Personality might need to be pulled out in some situations. Find what eases you into Awareness.

Eloheim asked the group, “What do you feel either helps you wake up Awareness or shut up Personality?”

Randy expressed the she’s more aware of when Personality comes up and her shutting it off, rather than noticing Awareness. She then shared an experience with a painting she had sold and the buyer coming back dissatisfied. She found the way she handled it during and after was completely different than she would have not too long ago.

Eloheim: It’s probably common when people give you criticism that there’s an immediate filter that Personality has used to process that kind of thing. Personality has these filters it uses, and when it is no longer dominant and Awareness is up front, they’re no longer needed. So now, after the fact, Personality might poke you like a third wheel to the conversation. Personality is like a person sitting across the table saying mean things to you. Whatever Personality has come up with lately, just imagine it’s a person sitting across the table from you. That has never helped in any situation. You wouldn’t sit there and let someone tell you you are doing it wrong and that you suck. That person would not be welcome. When Personality sits there and says mean things to you, you have a choice.

The facade of the Personality has cracked now, and every once in a while Awareness shines through. That’s where we are right now, and Personality keeps saying, fix the cracks!

One person spoke of being addicted to thinking, finding clarity, and how she feels the bubbling-up sensation on occasion. Someone else talked about his experiences at work, denying he hadn’t been feeling Awareness. Eloheim affirmed he was using Awareness and clarity and was simply present to the moment in a more quiet way.

There are bands of clarity. Some are more noticeable than others, like the bodily elimination feelings, they’re very clear. There are infinite bands of clarity, and those bands can be experienced and explored in Awareness when Personality is not in the way. Another way of noticing Awareness is synchronicity. Let all those things count as Awareness.

The proportion of Awareness to Personality is much greater than you know. You are simply more sensitive to the times when Personality shows up.

February 27, 2019

Full Council: A Recalibration

Guardians: There’s a saturated feeling to the energy tonight, an interesting push-pull tension between cleansing and looking messy. There’s a conundrum of not knowing when you’re in Awareness. There is a distinct difference between the two states. When you’re in Personality, the things that hook you are quite loud and normal. As you connect more, Awareness will become more and more natural and normal, and much quieter. How is it perceived by you, that connection the larger part of you comes from making the Personality be quiet.

Visionaries: You have reached this pinnacle and are on the brink of something new. You’re just right there. You’re almost over the hill. In space travel, you have to work to pull free of the Earth and its gravity, and at some point, you start being pulled on by Mars. Similarly, at some point, you stop being pulled on by Personality and start being pulled on by Awareness. Personality has you until it doesn’t. And it only happens if you want it. It only happens based on your motivation and belief and decision and acknowledgment. There’s nobody coming along to pat you on the head and say good job, you just moved onto the next level. You are the one who has to find the motivation and apply it and not talk yourself out of it.

Eloheim: We’re edging closer and closer to having Awareness be the default. You wake up and you’re in Awareness. For Veronica and others, the bubbling-up feeling is one way of noticing if you’re in Awareness. If you’re not experiencing it, something is in the way. What could be in the way? Thinking and not realizing she was doing it is what Veronica figured out. It was habit and favorite, familiar suffering sneaking in. It was an underlying soundtrack of thoughts. So she went looking inside for where the “I” was, the “I” that noticed the thinking. She sat in the place that recognized that thoughts wanted to be thought and observed. It was the place of watching it move. You don’t have to understand any of this, it’s our job to lay this out.

Fred: You guys have been talking and talking about Awareness. Fantastic, keep following what they said, it’s good for you. Cool. And we don’t want to talk about that tonight.

Every once in awhile you need to go to Vegas and eat a lot of chocolate and skinny dip and skip your vegetables. What is that in the spiritual journey? Here you are on the brink, and it’s a serious thing you’re doing. You’ve been doing it for a very, very long time. Where’s the fun? That’s why you got us. Let’s have a little fun!

The liberation of the spiritual journey out of the muck of the Homo sapiens aspect is the fun of it. You’re in the muck and there’s nothing wrong with that. We want to show you what’s on the other side. The Homo sapiens’ journey is burdened by responsibility, duty, and obligation. It’s a burdensome navigation. You know how many other expressions there are of your soul that don’t require you to feel the sense of responsibility that Homo sapiens requires, that journey of safety? You think hanging out in the rings of Saturn is burdensome? No. This planet does not have to be that. It has been that, and you’re releasing that burden of safety.

Homo spiritus says I want to experience, explore. I want to embody my soul’s perspective to drive the physical gingerbread shape rather than safety driving the physical gingerbread shape to be the actor. And because Awareness is not limited to the gingerbread shape, you get the “its all me” bit. And we know that part is not really visceral to everyone yet. What if we step back and say, how about if I have this experience rather than seeking safety? Set it aside. Say, this now is for me to explore. Every single thing that can be experienced is present in this now. It’s absolutely valid though it may seem like a nonsense string of words. Be present to the now, and let this now present itself to you without seeking safety. And see what happens!

We wish we could say it will be like this, x-y-z. That would be Personality, rather than you experiencing and exploring as Awareness. All we can do as the Council is create doorways and give you different mechanisms to strip away the things in your way. Whatever is captured in the idea of seeking safety traditionally includes finances, health, housing, relationships, food. All those things that keep you alive and happy need to be regarded as being of Personality and set down. Give yourself a time when you can say, I don’t have to worry about safety right now. Shut down that checklist of things, one by one. That checklist will help you stay centered. Consciously and manually shut them down so you can observe and witness and chronicle the actual visceral unfolding of “it’s all me” and it’s all present in this now. You have to catch all the ways that create the subtle soundtrack of survival instinct creating the dynamic wherein you were unable to access the fullness of the now.

In our Vegas example, you’re not thinking, you just having a good time. In the Homo sapiens version of that, you say I am consciously shutting down their dominance in my system to reveal what is available to me.

Girls: You know what they’re all trying to say to you. “Oh dear, you’re close, you’re so close.” We have to talk to your Awareness. And your brain doesn’t get it. That confusion and disorientation is positive. It means you’re hearing information about being in Awareness, and your brain is not turning it off, it’s just tangling with it a little bit. If you can just let it in without tussling with your brain about it you’re going to be pretty excited with what occurs. You have to stay in that unfolding place. And let it unfold and reveal. To us, this feels like a fountain as it pushes the water up, up, up. Let that fountain continue and see how long you can let it continue without being pulled back.

In that place, you become completely detached from the past and the future. The bubble-up feeling, that fountain, gives you that sensation in the sensory system, rather than the nervous system, that is disconnected from the past and the future. You get to experience how you feel, you get to experience yourself for the first time as your embodied self in an undistorted way. This is a sensation that you have never had, and we want it for you. We believe that bubble-up feeling is the precursor and is not attached to thinking. It can be the doorway to the experience where your sensory system is activated and your sense of self is experienced and explored, and the visceral knowing that all is present in this now is your playground.

Warrior: Fred made an analysis and did this time out of time thing. Fred decided that you guys were ready for what he was explaining, and in the process, they had to push Veronica’s system into that space in order to teach that. In order to do that, they took what would be like 3 1/2 of your hours to calibrate, and we watched as Fred tinkered with Veronica’s system in order to facilitate that energetic. It’s still calibrating for Veronica. They said a ton of words, along with being entertaining, in order to pound you with that energetic. We don’t know if you felt it but you got to the point where that could be done. Tonight we would advise for all of you to drink a little bit more water before bedtime. When you lay down to sleep, try to be in a situation where you can let yourself sink into the encouragement, into the fact that something big happened. Fred did a calibration and it’s affecting all of you. Don’t try to figure it out, no head trips about it. It’s a sensory system experience. Allow yourself to experience and explore without using your mind.

Matriarch: We want to acknowledge that for many years now we have seen your energy fields as a white-ish bright light. You’re brighter now. It worked, whatever Fred was up to. Goodnight!

Four Sessions held in February 2019

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