Seven sessions held in January, 2013

This package includes audio of all seven and video of six sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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2013 01 30 Meeting ~ 121 minutes

Guardians: Started by confirming that the internet viewers are energetically part of the meetings, and not mere observers. For our work together, what counts is your intention for transformation, and resting in the “I am willing” place. It’s about allowing whatever arises in you and exploring that. It’s about being willing to allow the truth of the moment to be fascinating to you. When you do all that, then you open the door to us.

Visionaries: Imagine yourself on a high mountain, way above the clouds (triggers, habits, Homo sapiens). Climbing the mountain asks you to choose, and choose again, for transformation and to face whatever arises. At the top of the mountain, any lies you have will emanate much more powerfully because the vista is clear and unobstructed. So you have a serious responsibility. Ask yourself what you are sending out. Also know that it’s normal for this whole process to be challenging, because you came here to challenge yourself and grow. But if you don’t like the merry-go-round that you’re on, or if you feel stuck, and that’s where we can help you.

Fred: Your emanation doesn’t stop at the planet’s stratosphere – it keeps going everywhere and it goes into the Oneness. What do you want to give to the Oneness? How do you wish to affect the Oneness? Don’t think small, for you are much bigger than you know. Emanate consciousness. Be aware of whatever emotional state you are in – frustrated, confused, whatever it is – because that alone is already consciousness. “What is NEW today?” Require it to reveal something to you.

Girls: If there’s one thing we wish we could give you, it’s to experience the bigness of you. That wide vista at the top of the mountain IS you. But when you are below the clouds, you think you are small and inconsequential, and there is a tendency to hang on to little things, hang on to the thin beams of lights that come through for a short moment. It’s part of being human to not have unfettered access to your soul’s perspective; that is how you set it up. You are the one that put blinders on yourself. And when you ascend the mountain, and when the vista opens – which is the soul and body coming together – you have to double down. Don’t look for new blinders to put on. Turn down the old voices in your head. Make that choice. Keep choosing for transformation and looking at the truth of each moment.

Warrior: Under the clouds, there is disappointment. But don’t take disappointment into the next encounter, the next moment. Each moment is FRESH. Find that place in you that is not disappointed and ask, “What IS fresh and new here?” There’s always something new, so find something new. Let the new pull you into desiring this moment for what it IS, rather than bringing yesterday’s moment into now. Climbing the mountain is leaving baggage behind and choosing conscious interactions with your experiences. True compassion grows as you climb. It humbles you because you know what it took.

Eloheim: Continued to explore the big lies we tell ourselves because of how it affects our emanation. They gave the visual of a large marching band as being one person’s emanation. It’s constantly broadcasting, but not every musician may be in step, or even on the same street. The out-of-step elements are your lies, habits, or just being in the lower levels, and this divides and scatters your band/emanation. So know your lies. “I am tempted to” allows you to see your lies and stories without believing them. When you ask, “what’s the lie”, you are looking for the tubas that have gone off. Call them back. Consciously decline lies, habits, baggage and static to keep the band together. The resulting alignment creates a united emanation that clears and magnetizes your path. Keep pointing and going in the direction that you want, step-by-step. The fascination in each step will lead you to the next step.

[They also gave an example of 48 feral cats (lies) in a room. You point – your intention – to command them to all go to one side. But the cats….well, you know.]

It doesn’t matter where the lies came from; what matters is where they show up. You emanate your lies through your energy field. So question the lie. Call it on the carpet! In the simple noticing of it, the lie dies and a door opens. You can get out of them immediately if you’re conscious, but you can suffer indefinitely if you’re not. Once you are conscious of them, you can turn your lies into something fun and delightful. Try to make your lies delightful in next 7 days. Emanate the changed, bigger, person you are out into the world.

Matriarch: If you look at the big lie underneath all the others, it’s the lie that all you are is this body, with a finite life. It’s ironic that some of you have issues with being “big” because you already are big beyond measure, and your path is to experience your bigness in human form. And you will; the truth will win out. It is unavoidable and magnificent! Your human journey is like Eloheim’s old example: like playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. You purposely blindfold yourselves, spin yourselves around, laugh in all the confusion, and then attempt to place the tail. It’s been a delightful new experience. But soon, you will take off the mask of “human” and embrace the glorious soul. Until then, when you are dizzy and confused, our advice is to just hold still. And whatever spot you eventually find to put the tail, you got it.

2013-01-23 ~ 83 minutes

The Council stressed that, as we are going into new levels and into more powerful emanation, we need to continuously own our truth.

We send a wave of emanation out into the circle and we see what happens; we watch it move. Tonight, we sense a feeling of new horizons. You can see that something new is happening. Also be aware of the gift of this community, the ability to practice what you’ve been taught with each other. Grab the opportunity, and the experience, provided here.

Visionaries: You need to start from a higher place in order to go deeper into the levels. 2-5-8: 2 – victimhood, 5 – own your trigger 8 – watch that ownership move in the world. This very moment is yummy; and it IS for me. When you get to level 8, you become a real creator. But watch for old patterns. It’s not “watch it move; now I DO.” It’s watch it move, and then hold still. You need to recommit and recommit to level 8, to watch it move. You need to keep being open. Do more of what brought you there.

Eloheim: There is such a sense of potential, or the image of you shuffling through a revolving door. For a brief moment, in the middle of that, you can feel trapped. That’s the energy we feel tonight. There can be an authority figure behind you in the door, determining whether, or when, you can get out. You can see the upcoming crack to the lovely open vista, but are not there yet. The energetic is “I don’t know when it all changes.”

You are not really sure you want big change because you are not comfortable with it. Big change is scary. “What will it look like? Can I do it? Can I be that big? Could it really be me? ” So it’s easier to stay in familiar suffering. The point is, it’s OK to own that. You must start with what is true. You are afraid of your truth because you think it makes you monstrous, bad, untrustworthy, etc. But truth is not “stupid,” it’s just the truth. Keep feet under shoulders. Keep checking in. When you own your truth from levels 5-6, it turns it into an asset, rather than a liability. It sets a clear path for positive magnetism, keeping baggage and static away.

So what is the thing that you won’t let yourself admit, that you use other descriptions to mask? In order to live in levels 8, 9, 10, self-honesty is essential because you have a powerful emanation in those levels. There is no editing there, and a lie with be magnified. Feel into the underlying energetics. Where do you believe you are lying to yourself? A big lie is: “It’s not for me because…I never believed that I could have it,…that I deserved it,…that I mattered.” Can you let your emanation out when you don’t know what happens when you do?

It’s not about having a defensive thick skin, an “I’ll show them.” And it isn’t about grabbing outcome and trying to pull it towards you. Just change your relationship to it because that is what creates enormous change. Be conscious and in truth. Be in softness. Stay centered. Magnetize your clarity and clear a path in your circle of possibilities. Let fascination lead to choice – and that’s when the purity of your emanation is your top priority, because it’s just too impactful.

Be in your truth, then in willingness.

Express your truth, and then stay open. When you say “I don’t know” then static falls away.

Your emanation is so penetrating that you really want to keep good track of what you attach to it.

2013-01-20 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 66 minutes

2013 01 16 Meeting

Guardians: Feel into the truth of “now.” Connect to the moment of possibilities and opportunities. See what asks for your attention and set down the distractions. It will arise,then you set aside. Arise then set aside. Come back. Be here now. Leave distraction behind because distraction create more static and less possibilities. Let it fall away.

Visionaries: There is a sea change. Many of you are starting to feel a shift, a shift out of a holding pattern. The heaviness is starting to lift, and you will “lighten” as you continue. But, as you set aside habits and start feeling the change, the old ways that you’ve tried to solve problems, the old habits and patterns, can scream out. You fear losing what is new, try to hang on or reproduce it, and are tempted to go back to old habits. Catch yourself when this happens. Back up. Catch yourself when you go back to thinking. Stay in step-by-stop. Follow fascination and living with insight from your soul.

Fred: There’s more here, like fractals. The tools are not just for themselves, but to lead you to the main event, which is living at level 8 and beyond. It’s about being in the permanent fascination of observation, where you go into “it” (whatever that is in the moment) and see what else is there. Watch it move, within and without. Whatever is, IS and the exploration of that is your gift. So, if you are in frustration, be in fascination about your frustration; have a new relationship to it. Where are you going to engage with what IS? Level 8, being in step-by-step fascination about whatever you’re experiencing, is where Fred wants to begin.

Girls: Level 8 is the real deal. But before level 8 there is level 7, Oneness. We prefer to say “It’s all me.” Whatever you’re experiencing, you created it, you brought it in. Anything you perceive, it’s all you, so you need to have a clear relationship to it. If you don’t like what you see “outside,” there is something within you that you don’t like. Notice what you get upset about and know that, somewhere within you, you also have that energetic manifesting. Your external world is a reflection of your internal journey, not the other way around. For example, if you have the idea that “precious things can be poisoned” – including how you eat, – that emanates out into the world as “pollution.” Watch it move. A “don’t-like” emanation is like pouring black paint into a pool of white paint. However, consciousness (“I am tempted to…”) is not black paint. If you just step back, in that little step, it becomes neutral. And by loving yourself, you start letting yourself off the hook entirely, and it’s all white paint. “What am I broadcasting?”

Warrior: So we are walking out across the field, at a time when there is a strong temptation to worry; “what if…., what if…?” You have to decide if you want to waste your time in this way or if you want to embrace your time, and really see what’s there. “What are the bottoms of my feet doing?” To get out of worry, get in your body and get into the moment. Your soul needs to know where to find you, and this is the only place where you can receive insight. Don’t be in a make-believe life “out there” (What if this happens?…) Make a choice to be IN your real life.

Eloheim: Last week, the tools discussed were mainly for the energetics of levels 1-4, given in the period up to December 2010.

Shortcut: You are going to start in level 2 (victim hood) very often, even daily. So be aware when you feel like a victim. Acknowledge it: “I feel like a victim here.” You can’t go from level 2 directly to level 6 (what trigger?) but there is a shortcut from levels 2 to 5 (this trigger is mine) and then to level 8 (watch it move). 2 – 5 – 8 can work, if you are conscious. Acknowledge, accept and transform. Accept and transform.

YOU choose your level. In level 8 WATCH it move – not make it move. It’s not about forcing, doing anything, or being in outcome. Try to rest in 8, in fascination. It may help to have a visual, like the Warrior’s breeze moving through the tall grass, or the movement of water. “Going in” in fascination can take you out of what makes time real. In this space, everything is probable and time can’t affect you.

Fascination (not fear or frustration)

Integration (recognizing your soul’s perspective & alternative expressions)

Emanation (watch it move)

Magnetism (where the circle of possibilities, real choices, come in)

Matriarch: We see you as babies in swaddling clothes, at the beginning of a lifetime of potentials. Yet the baby is living in the moment, in openness. You are holding all the potential of a new-born. You are ready to be that version of you that you hoped for, dreamed of, believed in. You are a great, vast being that has offered itself to a beautiful expansive opportunity to do something profound. You were already delighted at the idea of it, before you even took on physical form, the idea that you would walk this planet in ascended form. That is why you are here. Remind yourself of that.

Be in deep patience. Look for fascination, allow for integration, emanate your truth and become magnetic to your dreams. Focus, make choices for consciousness, and listen for your soul’s insight. And so step-by-step we go, to the place we’ve already known you would get to.

2013 01 09 Meeting

A grand summary of all the tools that have been included in the 13 Eloheim and The Council books and the levels from which they work.

When one door closes, another opens; there is a turning. Now there is an especially interesting opportunity to ride the wave that everyone’s on. Why not? Look at what you really want to change, including anything that’s flared up recently. Tools review: these are new ways to look at the old stuff, the stuck stuff. These are new ways to look at what hasn’t moved, new ways to know who you are, to know your truth and to work with your real desires. Look at what was stuck with new eyes.

Visionaries: Alignment. You have every opportunity to make a choice about where you align yourself. Be ready to participate, to engage. Dial in what it is you wish to experience, what you wish to change, where you wish to go. And align behind the idea that change CAN happen. You don’t have to know how, but align yourself to the idea that it is possible. Stay open. Radical transformation is possible.

Eloheim: Most of the tools can be used on other levels than listed here, but some are designed, energetically, for specific levels. You can use them to help others as well as help yourself. You will still go into levels 2 and 3 on occasion; when you notice that, use the tools for those levels and don’t beat yourself up. Looking at the chart, you will notice how the tools cluster, with similar tools at the same level. Use what works for you. Try to be at least a level 4 person.

Level 1: Simple duality. The only tool/ rule is “don’t be mean to yourself.”
Level 2: At this level, you are too involved with others and with victim energy. These tools help you move beyond that.
Level 3: “I create my reality” involves taking responsibility and coming into the moment.
Level 4: Once you are in the moment, these tools are about what actions to take, what to DO in the moment. Here, you start having some influence on your life.
Level 5: This is the level of “preferences” from here on, and where you have genuine spiritual power. The tools at this level are being developed in the weekly meetings; many have yet to be added to books. Level 5 is a “resting” level meaning that you need to become very comfortable with this level and start living from it before moving into the further levels.
Level 6: The body gets to relax into a new way of being. The beginning of living a brand new way.
Levels 7 & 8: This is a whole different way of being in the world; Homo spiritus.

Essential tools (asterisked):
–Short, factual statements
–I am tempted to
–I am willing
–Neutral observation
–Clarity vs certainly
–Vulnerability vs. weakness
–What is true now? (always applicable)
–Compare you to you

2013-01-07 ~ 88 minutes

Audio Only

Sebastopol Session. Great examples about the Circle of Possibilities and Step-by-step tools, the Levels of creation, and much more.

2013-01-02 ~ 84 min

After recent meetings about illuminating static, the focus now shifts to how to get rid of our static, with Eloheim re-addressing levels and fractals. Determining which level the individual static is coming from can help shift our relationship to it.

Guardians: This is a time of expansion-ness. You are ready to let go of your limitations. 2013 is about being aware of more possibilities and, the more you clear, the more the possibilities transform into probabilities – and the more you will have genuine choices. Take responsibility. Be in the experience of clarity; you can always find something to have clarity about in each moment. “What is true now?”

Visionaries: Don’t lose sight of the Big Picture. The anguishes and challenges of the day are not as big as you imagine them to be; they sit within the bigger picture. Notice your more quiet days, the days when you are largely un-triggered. Give those quiet moments and days their due, because you build up your muscle by recognizing them. And when you are triggered, just observe and bring it back.

Eloheim: In the meetings, we need you to be more serious and more personally-focused. Each meeting is a sacred opportunity. You are asking us to help you change.

Levels and static: Any experience you are having can be had at various levels. As a personal exercise, take one experience – or one static – and use the different levels to have evolving perspectives on it. The example chosen for the session was the fear of failure. [Eloheim draws the fractals as they talk.]

Level 1, Duality. In a way, this is a simple level, very limited and very blunt. You are in “failure” or “not failure.”

Level 2, Victimhood. On this level, if you’re in “failure,” you blame things and people outside of you. You are at the mercy of outside forces, no matter where you are or where you go. Someone, or something, else is telling you who you are, and you are influenced by how others think or feel. “It’s happening TO me.”

Level 3, I create my reality. This is the beginning of “Lightworker” territory, trying to pull more responsibility into yourself. But most tend to just switch the blame to yourself, to now be in self-victimization. “I did it to myself.” Failure feels like a bigger failure here because it’s a much tighter circle within yourself: “I’m afraid of failure,…I create my reality,… I experience failure,… I’m a failure,… I’m afraid of failure….” This is hamster-wheel mind territory, an empty pit with a lot of “why, why, why?” questions, but no depth and no way out.

Level 4, I take responsibility for my reactions to my creations. At this level, when you are in fear of failure, you choose to NOT pick the habitual reaction of “I suck.” You notice the old path where you got stuck in the past and say instead, “I am tempted to….” while staying in neutral observation, with no story attached. BE in awareness, and open to insight. “I take responsibility for my emanation.” “I am willing.”

Level 5, This trigger is mine. This level is a resting place after the huge leap of level 4. Now you hold the trigger (“I am a failure”) close to you, front and center, and you don’t give it away to anyone. Pulling it back in, you can experience the depth of the trigger, and notice the potentials for juiciness. “This trigger is part of what makes me me.” “Whoa, check this out. It’s happening FOR me. What ELSE is here?” You know there is a reason for this; that there is something to be experienced or learned here. Acceptance. What is, is. You can’t transform what you don’t love, or at least accept.

Level 6, What trigger? This level is the result and reward of resting in level 5. The activation, the trigger effect is gone and you are left with Awareness. The trigger is no longer a trigger, but an awesome place to abide in. This IS my first choice!

Level 7, Oneness. This is the level of unity and synchronicity. All is good; there are no bad guys or bad things because if your triggers aren’t enemies, then nobody else can be. Everything is part of you, everything is an opportunity for growth. Your “failure” now becomes an access point to other people and ideas. This level sounds airy-fairy until you actually experience it. [Note from Veronica: When I made the original graphic, I forgot to put “It’s All Me” in the description of this level. During the session, Eloheim realized that the energy at this level wasn’t being fully described. We sorted it out and the new graphic is below.]

Level 8, Watch it move. This is about being totally in Experience and not in outcome. Watch your emanation move in the world.

You can observe these levels not only in yourself, but in others, and you will be at different levels in different situations. This is about being in observation, not in judgment.

When you ask your questions of us, be very aware on what level you are asking them and try to at least be on level 4 or 5. Make grounded, clear statements,based in the now.