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2012-08-01 ~ 89 minutes

Guardians: You can find the place of bliss, a state with no opposites, a place where it’s all your first choice. Every moment is an opportunity for you to make a difference in how you experience the next moment. Your abiding in this moment, your reaction to this moment, dictates what your next moment will be. Keep doing what you’re doing; don’t fall back into old patterns now. Stay with this. Be consistent.

Visionaries: Preconceived notions do not serve you in any capacity. They usually come from your past and keep you out of the moment. Watch them – how you think someone should act, how things will be, etc. – and then pop them one by one, as if they were balloons. Then go to ‘what is true now’. Preconceived notions will keep you tied to the dock where you’ve been for 40 years. Catching them, and laughing at them, will set you free.

Eloheim: This ‘don’t have preconceived notions’ doesn’t mean you can’t plan. But once you plan, be in ‘what is true now’. You may plan to go to a restaurant or the DMV – but, once you’re there, let it be a blank slate. Shed the baggage at home and show up in the non-baggaged state. Say ‘what is true now’, find two or three things that are true to align you with the moment, and then open a space for insight to come in. Because if you’re not in the moment, you can’t get insight. When you walk into the restaurant in neutral observation, you may feel like it’s gossamer, and not strong. But it’s actually unshakable because it only depends upon you.

When you try to manifest something, find out what stories and reservations come up. Find out what particular statics comes up. Preconceived notions create static all on their own, but you also have you own statics that can be anything. So it’s up to you to figure out what the big blocks really are. And be clear about what you really want; tell yourself your truth.

Fred: Have the attitude, “I am a static buster.” Have fun with it. When you find a static, laugh at it, and then blast it.

The Girls: Here are four big tips for loving yourself: (1) Don’t be mean to yourself. (2) Always err on the side of patting yourself on the back. If you’re not sure you did a good job, if it’s a close call, side with yourself every time. (3) Put the emphasis on where you feel you’re making progress, and when you are getting insight. Make sure to make that is the loudest instrument in your band. (4) Remember that, when you love yourself, you’re giving the gift that the world needs the most.

The Warrior: There was so much responsibility now in our life, back with all the kids and animals everywhere. You can’t get away from responsibility. So how do you handle it without it weighing you down? You rejoice in it! Every time it threatens to overwhelm you, say ‘yes; this is my first choice’. You can be honest about how you feel You can share the load, with others, with your soul. But also feel into the deliciousness of the opportunity, rather than see responsibility as a burden.

Matriarch: Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re here to have an experience. You’re not here to endure or be resilient. It’s not ‘somehow’. It’s WOW! Give yourself the gift of being in the “wow!”

2012-08-08 ~ 80 minutes

Guardians: Let yourself off the hook of thinking that there’s a ‘big answer’ that you haven’t come up with yet. You’re not in the big answer business. You’re in the small, immediate, in the moment, insight business. Ascension is the accumulation of ahs’s. So you don’t have to sit and wait. Every moment is ripe for you. Human life can be distracting, but don’t give away the moments where you can be conscious.

Visionaries: By the way, you’re not dead. Don’t project into the future; don’t go into habit. If you get triggered, abide in the discomfort, because that triggered place offers you something there that’s quieter. At some point, you survive it, in spite of the body having gone into high alert. At some point, you realize you’re not dead.

Eloheim: Not only are you not dead, you are ripe; ripe for transformation. You are ripe for that deeper and deeper experience of knowing yourself. ‘What is true now’ can be scary, because that is where the shit happens. But being where things are actually happening is the greatest gift. What’s happening may be fear – the bass drum – but there’s a lot of quiet underneath that you can become aware of. So abide in discomfort, then set aside the discomfort, carve out a space for insight, call it forward, and then freeze. Be aware what comes up. And be aware that, as you do this, old patterns will get louder. But continue to be in ‘what is true now’, and then be quiet. Pick one thing that you want insight about and be really clear. If it’s a big thing, divide it up. Then clear the decks; no multi-tasking.

It’s really good practice to talk with your guides about small things first, things that aren’t threatening, so that you’re comfortable when the big things come up. And it’s OK to be vulnerable. We like vulnerable. “OK, this is the truth; I hurt. But what else is here?” So set aside ‘I suck’ aside, set aside fear,..and then what else is there? It might just be ‘I don’t know.’ It might be sadness. Your survival instinct may tell you that sadness means you failed, or that you suck. Watch the equal signs. Separating the equal signs is part of abiding in the discomfort. I’m sad just meant I’m sad. Period.

Warrior: ‘I’m not dead’ meant a whole different thing in my era! But you live a lifetime now that gives you an opportunity like never before. You have enough safety and free time to ask, ‘what is really going on with me?’ Now there’s no dead/alive. Now, there’s carving out insight, fear, I suck, and the whole weight of this journey that you can’t even really share, because it’s all internal. This is an internal battlefield now, and you must focus on what is going on. Be so in the moment that the moment expands. Abide in the moment in order to experience the truth of it. Don’t pick thoughts that you’ve already thought! Carve that space out. This moment is the doorway to insight from your soul, the Akashic Records, access to your alternative expressions, and all the teleportation – and all the other teles you want to do. This moment is the doorway to all you’ve ever wanted.

Abide in the discomfort of ‘I don’t know’. This is the opposite of familiar suffering – it’s being in the uncertainty, the infinite potentials. Ask ‘what is true now’ and then let the answer be something that you can experience. And, when you’re in that moment, don’t pollute it. You are a soul in a human body – right there, that’s crazy. And now you get the opportunity for ascension. You are doing something unprecedented, and that has the attention of the brotherhood of all. The spotlight is on you. So when you experience a habitual fear or whatever, say ‘There’s my Mt. Everest’ That thing’s going down. I won’t have it.’

Matriarch: Nothing like a pep talk from the Warrior. We’ve said this before, but we are able to see you as your ascended self. We see you all as you look now, but shinier, with more of a sense of mojo, self-containment, an awareness that’s all coming from you anyway. Ask for more of that connection: ‘I want more, so I’ll open up to the more that I know I am.’

2012-08-11 ~ Sebastopol Q&A ~ 100 minutes

2012-08-15 ~ 80 minutes

Guardians: The main word for tonight is ‘opportunity.’ Potential. I am willing. I’m here, maybe even coming from a distance, but I am here. I’m showing up. I’m present. In your daily lives, come back to this place, because this is the place where insight happens. Come back to this place as often as you can. Stay ripe and ready.

Visionaries: In the Olympics, when the athletes are waiting for the sound of the gun, they are in a state of both tension and relaxation. A mellow tension, a neutral observation; prepared but relaxed. You are relaxing habits, judgments, preconceived notions, etc. But the temptation will be, once you move forward, to go back and feed the old patterns. So be conscious to feed the forward movement with new patterns. And, as the starting athlete, be where you are now. Wait in a space of extreme potential, and stay comfortable in that place. It’s not even to receive. It’s just, you ARE. And, as all the temptations to low vibration action pass through you, you WAIT. Homo spiritus is not a doing species; it is an emanating species. And when you’re in that place, you are emanating.

Eloheim: ‘Wait’ is not nothing. Wait is incredible power. (There were several interesting discussions with attendees). If you get into a therapeutic environment where they want you to remember everything, you should reconsider. What is valuable is to reorient yourself to the truth. There is a rage between what you know is true about yourself and the way others tell you who you are. But you are a creator. ‘This is my first choice. I planned this all along. The discomfort I’m processing is covering up something extraordinary’. That’s how you take your power back.

Carve out the empty space. And then fill that space with nothing – I wait – until insight has a fighting chance to get in there. You decide what you’re willing to think about. We don’t hide from reality here. But we don’t wallow in the past; we change our relationship to it. As long as you’re human, you will have some storms, so you may as well have a good relationship to them. At least be in neutral observation. ‘Yep, I see you.’ But then, who answers the door? Start from right now. Put the storm on the other side of the window pane.

Fred: We’re having fun with swirls. The thing that’s interesting about swirls is when you imagine yourself perceiving a spherical field. Because we don’t have a physical bodies, we swirl in a big way – like galaxies getting together! But humans, because you’re bi-pedal, tend to think in a straight line. You don’t think about what’s behind you, and you don’t think in rounds. And when you look back, you tend to remember your past harshly, the bad bits. To create in the round would mean that, when you think of a bad memory, you have to think of a good one as well. You make sure to remember something else that’s good.

Matriarch: We like Fred’s idea – swirly. See things forwards and backwards; let yourself see it swirly. And we like Eloheim’s idea of : ‘what do I want to think instead? If I were to pick a thought, what would that thought be?’ And can you just pick silence? Yes, you can pick silence – even when you are doing things. Just carve out that space.

The Guardians started it off by describing the energy of “opportunity” they felt in the room.

Eloheim answered questions from the group. They included an important expansion of the Notebook Tool, spoke more about “this is my first choice,” discussed empowering therapy, creating your reality, recognizing how powerful we actually are, and so much more.

Fred spoke about creating in “360 degrees.” It was a very interesting Fred concept!

The Matriarch closed the meeting with her beautiful energy.

2012-08-19 ~ 86 minutes

This was the August Q&A with Eloheim and includes a healing for those listening live and those who listen later!

2012-08-22 ~ 78 minutes

Last night was the first channeling of THE WITNESS. Absolutely amazing, powerful, extraordinary experience. In addition to The Witness, Eloheim “took it back to the beginning” and walked us through the progress we have made, spoke about how we are using the second, third and fourth chakras, and explained how love fits in. Eloheim hasn’t been this emotionally moved since The Visionaries joined us. Afterward, Eloheim was so HAPPY that I finally had to tell them to shut up so I could get some sleep!!!

Guardians: Can you hear the wind in the trees? Are you in this moment? Let yourself drop into this space. Reinforce those new neural pathways that know that consciousness is an opportunity, and that you CAN remember what it’s like to be a soul. This way of feeling is your natural state. Homo spiritus comes out of a very neutral, receptive place, where everything feels very permeable, very possible, very ripe, rich, ready.

Visionaries: We feel you at the crest of the hill and we want you to go to the other side. You’re on the tip, so don’t give in to fears now. When fears come up, stare them down. When fear gives you biological reactions, take responsibility. Keep the state of openness; abide in any discomfort that comes up. Keep telling fear ‘No, you can’t have me.’
The Witness: (When Eloheim came in, they noticed a different energy. From a few feet below the ceiling upwards they felt something very different and asked the attendees to stay in ‘I am willing.’)

Witness: There was a time before now when now was not possible. You are ready to know the truth of you from a completely new place, and the ability for you to access that truth is going to expand exponentially from this point forward. You have cleared enough static so that infinite possibilities are at your fingertips. Don’t let your minds take over and tell you how it should be. Stay in this moment, and this moment, and this moment. What is true now, I am willing and this is my first choice: these will allow you to access the new realities now available to you. We witness the truth that you are currently experiencing. As the Visionaries said, you have reached a pinnacle. We hope that you will walk forward.

Eloheim: We are at a loss for words. It’s like, ‘Wow, it happened!’ The Witness doesn’t show up unless you draw them here. They are an energy that comes and says, ‘you passed!’ For us, the Council, they are like quality-control entities, who we and other beings run plans by. And they only come through if you’ve hit a milestone.

Fear will probably always be with you as a human, so be conscious of it. When it comes up, acknowledge it. Shine the light of consciousness on it. Call it on the carpet. As you do new things and as you expand, your reaction to the survival instinct is becoming so profoundly important. If you want to keep evolving, you’ve got to keep a finger on the button that say, ‘survival instinct, I don’t agree with you.’ Carve out a space where fears and the mind are quiet.

What did the Witness say? What is true now, I am willing, this is my first choice. Those are the three. If we, the Council, talked of love and light and bunnies and rainbows, you would have no way to deal with the triggers that come up. And if you have no tools to deal with triggers, what you emanate is, ‘I can’t stand it!’. So we come in and say, “trigger, trigger, trigger, trigger – and then give you tools. What this has been about all along is creating the space so that you can ensoul your body. It’s all about ensouling the body.

You are indeed an infinite and immortal soul. You’re also extremely curious. So when we created this free-will zone, you came to our party, which meant living in duality and density and amnesia. And now it’s time to open the space and let more of you in. As the soul comes in, you start to live as new humans. You become loving and empowered. You connect with yourself more, and connect to others without barriers. The love that you have for yourself expands and goes out into the world.

2012-08-29 ~ 75 minutes

(This meeting was two days before the retreat)

Guardians: We’ve been collecting all the opportunities your free will has given us to open doors for you. Last week we saw the appearance of the Witness. And when you open up to a new place, it’s like moving to a new house. You get rid of the stuff you don’t need. And the number one thing that’s holding you back is habitual thinking, the if-I-just-think-it-one-more-time lie. That has to go. Refuse to succumb to habit. YOU decide what you think about. That is freedom.

Visionaries: It’s ass-kicking night. If your habitual thoughts were stapled to you, you would bleed to death. I’m worried, I’m worried, I’m worried = staple, staple, staple. Or think of a bag of bricks you’re carrying around. Every time you think a habitual thought, you throw one more brick in the bag. Homo sapiens is all about obsession, and it’s the only thing holding you back now. But if you wish to be homo Spiritus, learn to stand in receipt of insight. And if you find yourself with a sack full of bricks, just drop it. “No more!”

Eloheim: You guys were levitating the building earlier. The Witness came and said you’re doing it. It’s here. It’s time. But then it’s another thing for you to say, “Hell, yes, I’m on that ride.” Because nobody puts you in the seat but you.

(Sat and talked with the visiting Kerri and Ryan) Loving yourself isn’t an act; it’s an allowance. Loving yourself is your natural state; you just need to get the static out of the way. You get to choose. The world is going to show you a lot of things, and then you get to choose by how you react. (Talked about knees, hips, physical grounding and some exercises). The body plays out your energetic truths, and you want to catch that stuff early.

Fred: Last time we talked about swirling. Now we’re going to talk about ka-booming. It’s a lot of fun to shoot at stars, and the best part is not the ka-boom but right before the ka-boom. And that’s where you all are. You’re on the brink of something. When you ka-boom, you don’t know what’s going to happen next. But time sort of stops and all of you is present, so you have to let go of the old you. And how much you’re willing to let go of the old you will influence how big your ka-boom is.

The Girls: It’s about loving yourself. It’s already there, and you’re just clearing the way to it. And every space you clear is another opportunity for bliss. The static between can sometimes feel like a minefield, but you can always just fly over it. Recognize the mines are not valid; they are not who you are. They’re just stories, habits, patterns. Don’t let the opportunities available now be corrupted by the survival instinct. ‘This is my first choice’ means you don’t suck; and what’s here is here for a reason.

Warrior: Imagine all of us sitting by the campfire together in the forest. You’ve all journeyed together before, so this is not new. But it is unique. Fresh, you might say. Ask yourself: ‘is it true for me that I’m ready? Am I willing to be this disciplined? Am I willing to pay this much attention? Am I willing to focus this intently on my reactions and my decisions about my thoughts? Am I willing to feel free?’ You are on the brink of it, but only you can choose. So few can take responsibility for the thoughts that are in their heads. So few can say ‘this is my first choice.’ Be among the first.

Matriarch: There was a sense of readiness, and now there’s a sense of tangibility. It’s as though those potentials you were feeling have sunk into you in a deeper way. You have so much in the palms of your hands. So it all comes down to habitual thoughts. It’s not even fear anymore – just habitual thinking. So let that go. Create a space and hold it open until you experience something you’ve never thought or felt before. Open to the aha’s.