Four Sessions held in December 2020

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December 6th, 2020

Wow! Eloheim was ready to launch into a new focus! I had been feeling it coming on for days and it didn’t disappoint. They presented a variety of challenges and opportunities for us to gain clarity about as we bring the physicality piece online and begin to really see the full possibilities and impact on our world when we live in Awareness full-time.
The “show me” tool was introduced and explored. Eloheim expanded on Fred’s comments from last month digging into how “world wide” problems (Covid-19, Climate, plastics in the ocean as examples) are impacted by Awareness. Eloheim really emphasized that we don’t now all that we are and now is the time to find out! A tremendous meeting to launch the energies of 2021!

December 9th, 2020

December 9, 2020
Unlocking Human Potential

The most recent meeting was a couple of days ago so it works out nicely to stay in the energy of that meeting and continue on with more of that, plus inviting your comments about what has come up since then.

We talked about a lot of subjects as we started to bask in the energetics of 2021 and what it’s like to be in the discovery of all of you-the parts you have not had access to. All of a sudden there’s an opportunity for you to have your experience be revelatory. And that has lots of different faces to it. One of those things is that unlocking human potential-true at every level-is not just reserved for lightworkers or our community. The human potential can be unleashed on the universe starting from any place. It’s that internal evolution that’s occurring that is not yet showing up in society. Where attitudes start to shift about racism, sexism, gay marriage, whatever. All of sudden, something that not that many years ago the tide was pushing one way is now going another. Unlocking your potential has really looked like surrendering Personality in all the different ways. The doorway that we are currently walking through is unlocking human potential as it interacts with physicality. So, physicality starts to become this brand-new thing instead of it being something rigid that you walk around. It becomes the extension of the expression of you. You being Awareness. As we push into that, there’s stuff to be dealt with. Some are more obvious than others: change is scary, I’m not prioritizing it so it’s not happening. Others are more subtle and they have to be noticed. Outsized reactions, discombobulated. And that’s sensitivity to the difference that some have not garnered yet.

Veronica was looking into other lifetimes when she was very spiritual or close to very spiritual people and it cost her. There was pushback. And she was feeling that. The temptation was to only feel the fear and pushback and ignore all the good that came out of the lifetime, to ignore the more that was there.

It comes down to the changed state in you when you’re bobbling for any reason. And not assigning it to what you maybe used to assign it to: pms, tired, hungry, other people. We want to make sure you’re not reinforcing that. It can be really easy to do that instead of looking at the what the other lifetime is pressing on you with. Make sure you don’t default to the way you’ve done it before. Listen to the choiceless choice. Let yourself feel that reality rather than discharging it in some way. Be present to it so you can activate the field of infinite possibilities.

Coping mechanisms are very interesting. You all have them. The teapot boils and whistles and so you just open the valve to let the steam out. You didn’t turn off the heat, you just released some pressure. That’s a Personality way of doing it. The invitation is to catch and surrender Personality, over and over and over again, rather than just letting off some steam.

Remember “blue is for you?” Only you get to be in the actual nerves of your spinal column, your nervous system, not anybody else. This single gingerbread’s nervous system cannot carry the nervous system impulses from multiple lifetimes in a healthy way. You do not need to. It does not help. Connect to the alternate expression, experience and explore the sensory connection to it, witness and chronicle. Awareness arising in that space. The temptation is to experience nervous system responses to reunification, shut it all down, and let Personality be in charge some more.

The meeting on the sensory system and the nervous system was recorded on November 15th. If you are having any confusion with any of that, it might benefit you to relisten to that. If you need more clarity on that, we can review it. This is brand new and we have to remind you to notice and use it. When you don’t use your sensory system, you are using your nervous system because that’s all you have ever done. Catching it, knowing there’s an alternative is 90% of the battle.

The Energy of 2021

When we talk about species-wide issues, we are not talking to your Personality. We’ve never been in the position before where we could talk about them nonpersonality to nonpersonality. It’s not beneficial to talk to Personality about those things. All you will get is Personality solutions. Why do we bring up these big issues? The energy of 2021 is pushing you out of the cave. We’re taking all that you’ve learned and the energy of 2021 is pushing you out of the cave. The energy is like a bursting forth of creativity and potential and not letting yourself be hamstrung by Personality. You’re taking your monk into the marketplace. It’s been an extremely internal process that hasn’t been noticed on the external but your internal landscape has been vastly modified. We take that out into the marketplace, whatever that looks like. Letting yourself be seen by others in new ways. The 2021 energetic is the discovery of you, and as that happens, we see that explosion. It’s like your emanation flies off of you into the wall in some shape. We’ve never seen your emanation become physical, experiential for other people. It’s not solely emanational. It’s like music being written, paintings happening, courses being written, relationships being started. It’s launching out of you into physicality. It flies off of you into some tangible, experiential thing to interact with instead of an emanation. Your emanation becomes physicality. You launch a painting out of you, that painting contains your emanation as well, and then that emanation is accessible in a different way. There’s a focus for others’ interaction with your emanation. It’s more of a directed place for interaction with emanation. It’s different than simply being present to your general emanation. Plus, it holds your emanation in a space. What did they just say? Yes. What if your rock that you dropped in a pond to ripple out (i.e. your painting) is your emanation being steadily broadcasted? That’s a thing. It’s a byproduct of being in Awareness. You don’t have to make this happen.

We won’t be surprised to hear about lots of different ways you choose to physicalize as these months unfold. It’s a time of physicalization. It’s a time of having a different relationship to physicalization and physicalizing differently. We want to make sure you know this isn’t just about art. Let it just come out of you. Notice how your physicalization comes out of you. The topic may not feel artistic but the container around it might be. Don’t let Personality tell you how it will be. Out of your emanation physicalization, relationship to objects and people, and the generation of physical objects is currently ramping up in a different way. When we feel into it, art comes up, but it’s not limited to art. It can even be changing up your hair color. Don’t let Personality sneak in.

(For the remainder of the meeting the group shared and discussed recent physicalizations of their emanations: classes, pet drawings, felt animals, sacred geometry, a new baby, new pets, organizing, writings.)

December 20th, 2020

This meeting begins with Eloheim making a request for responses from the community:
1. What does choiceless choice feel like to you? How do you experience it?
2. What ways has Personality show up for you? Specific examples are encouraged.
This request comes as it feels like time to begin gathering information about the Body/Personality/Awareness teachings into some form (book, etc.) so that it can be more easily shared with people new to the concepts.

The meeting continued as Eloheim read comments from and shared the experiences of Richard who is currently in the hospital due to a broken hip. The hospital he is in is stressed due to Covid-19 patients so there are many, many, many ways that it’s not “going the way his personality wants it to” as there are staffing shortages and more to be navigated. This includes powerful examples of how quickly things “go to hell” when frustration and personality sneak in as well as how different it is when abiding in Awareness.

This session includes a discussion of the “incubation” opportunity that 2020 provided and how individual evolution is present in so many yet not really showing up in our society yet.

Eloheim added to their “plop” about how the work we are doing with Awareness will begin to support humanitarian concerns (climate, hunger, housing, etc.) and how the energies of 2021 facilitate what’s been inside us being able to express outside of us (physicalization).

December 23rd, 2020

December 23, 2020
Full Council

Guardians: Welcome to 2021. You’re not quite there yet, but we are. The energies have been opened. There’s always the opportunity at the beginning of a new year, people do like to make resolutions to ride the wave of the new year energy. However, in this transformation from 2020 to 2021, not only is it just in general energetically a different amount of ooomph, but because so many people have baked in how difficult and painful and challenging that 2020 has been, there’s even more of a collective sigh of relief to see 2020 in the rearview mirror.

So, the energetic of, oh thank god we’re done with that is really loud. You know we’re never really about specific calendar dates for specific energies opening up, however, there is something to be said for people hoping that the change of your calendar will equal a change in their circumstances. And we believe that there’s enough energetic support for the idea that the change in circumstances doesn’t have to look like someone saving me as much as people accessing new parts of themselves, an openness, an expansion, a new determination, a new willingness. The desire to see 2020 in the rearview mirror enhances the already present energy of changing the calendar over. Which is already well on its way because the energies of 2021 opened at the beginning of December.

Facing things in a new way, and as Eloheim has been explaining to you, there’s been a lot of internal evolution in people that has yet to express physically, has yet to express culturally. There’s a lot of head room for transformational time to be both personal and species wide energetically. So, it’s not necessarily a snap your fingers and everything changes over to 2021 kind of thing. What we’re saying is there’s a rising tide that’s ready for you guys to surf the wave.

So, if there’s anything you’ve been wanting to change, a big transformational desire within yourself, anything you want to start or quit, start now. There’s a lot of energetic support for that right now. And that will be true for a lot of people. So, if you have people in your life who aren’t necessarily living what you would call consciously or from Awareness, but you know are looking to make life changes, if people say things to you like I want to change something, you can be like Oh yeah, now is a really good time for that. Be encouraging of others who mention they want to change something.

There is expansion and new occurring. Let yourself notice those things. Let yourself notice within yourself where in your desires, systems, your interests, your curiosities, your hobbies, and fascinations are new, where your society finds new stuff and where it feels new and different to just do new and different stuff. Alright, so that’s the energetic you are in right now. Ride that wave into physicalization. Enjoy that.

Visionaries: So, you’re in a big time. We’ve been talking it about it for a long time. To be in a big time in a big way, physicalization, reunification, setting aside Personality constantly. All the seeds you planted over the years are ready to be harvested from. They’re strong trees now and you’re ready to pick the fruit of your labors.

Physicalization. Allowing your physical word to shape itself in new ways that are not assumed or preconceived or demanded of by Personality but through your abidance in Awareness. For many years now, Eloheim has been telling you about subatomic particles, and free the ottoman, moving the Kleenex box, and all that stuff. They’ve been seeding your field to make the movement into Awareness and physicality and the experience of reunification so it could be percolating along inside your gingerbread with enough Personality out of the way so that when these things start to occur, those things don’t come out of left field. They’re right there and it’s oh, this is what they were talking about! It becomes a big “duh!”. It’s so obvious! The more and more that this all starts to shape and reveal and be presented to you, the more you have the opportunity to just ride the wave of it. You can’t control it, shape it, or make it happen. You have the opportunity to ride the wave as physicalization happens around you. Reunification, physicalization, these are natural processes. When you try to do any of the above, you get in the way of a natural process.

Personality likes to sabotage you and then beats you up for not succeeding. Let that go. Find the ways that are constricting, limiting the way that your natural expression is. Personality is loud and covers it up. There’s a reason for that. You know you wanted to explore what it’s like to have Personality in your life so you come onto a planet where it’s really easy to have Personality and you had Personality for a really long time. And now you’re like, well, maybe that’s done. Let’s see what it’s like when we try to get rid of Personality now. Let’s do that. And that’s what you’ve been doing. Sometime you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Being able to appreciate living from Awareness after hundreds of lifetimes living from Personality. Being able to appreciate living from Awareness and what that means. You have a different appreciation for it.

But you know you, in essence, fought for it. You’ve got to see all about what it was like to live in Personality. Souls are curious and want to try every option. There’s plenty of room for every single option to play out. And you might feel like, but this is so hard! Souls don’t complain about that. Well, instead of fighting it, you can say I am doing this wow. Not from a personality perspective, Explore this from a deep presence. There’s so much more than Personality could ever dream of.

Eloheim: It feels like part two of back-to-back meetings. Veronica feels like Sunday’s meeting is this meeting continued, like it’s one long experience. Not entirely inaccurate. She was in a very different energetic space in a different energetic state than was typical. When she’s in that space for that long, there’s a real temptation to make it wrong. All of that, of course, is Personality. Personality is like wait, let’s make it wrong. Instead of, it is the way it is right now.

Does anyone have any questions? To recap Sunday’s meeting, one thing that went on is a discussion about all the internal revolution that is going on for all kinds of people, is stored up, and that internal evolution is likely to be physicalized but hasn’t yet. The work we’ve been doing with you all have been focused on your individual experience, and the humanitarian things like hunger, housing, healthcare, climate, COVID are going to start to become the purview of the work we’re doing. Personality wants to jump in and say, wait, I don’t know, I don’t understand, and wants to talk about Personality-based solutions to Personality-based issues. The reality is, even really great Personality solutions are just Personality solutions. There’s so much more.

We asked you to share examples of how Personality showed up and how you surrendered it, and what choiceless choice feels like to each of you so Veronica can organize the material into a book form in an understandable way for others. We also talked about physicalization and reunification involving the entire human species. When you have worldwide problems, you have to have worldwide solutions.

The journey, the way you have been human, Homo sapiens, is no longer. You all does not mean 8 million. But sometimes it means 8 billion and sometimes it just means the people we’re talking to. Right, and so that’s this weird reunification thing as well. It’s like we’re talking to a subset. And that subset of people making profound change has a huge impact. With that energetic of 2021, being this opening into physicalization, allowing for the world to shape itself in new ways along with reunification–reunification not just meaning you and your alternate expressions or you and the experience of this gingerbread’s life, but reunification of the entirety of the human species–if you think of Homo sapiens as one entity, that one entity is undergoing personal development. And now it’s real in ways that it hasn’t been real before, and there’s been an opening an opportunity for you to experience yourselves in new ways. Homo sapiens are experiencing themselves in new ways collectively. It was forced upon you. Homo sapiens don’t change readily unless they’re forced, unfortunately, and the average Homo sapien, averaging all of you out, doesn’t change at all. You can go back to Levels 1 and 2 or are you going to try for level 4, evolve? There’s room for change right now.

There was evolution. Shocking and beautifully so. And this is why we say, be careful when you look at the news and you see a lot of people who are expressing entrenchment. Don’t imagine that represents everybody. And there has been evolution. That evolution, as we said, has not shown up yet. It has not externalized yet. As an overall statement. And the way it externalizes is infinite so please do not let Personality’s imaginings have anything to do with the unveiling of it. The pressure makes the pearl. This year, as painful and lingering as it is, created evolution. We really want the inhabitants of Earth to get to the point where they don’t need so much pain in order to evolve. That’s an unfortunate aspect of Homo sapiens.

Be really super skeptical of yourself because your certainty is Personality and wouldn’t you rather make sure there’s room for the opportunity, for there to be something beyond just what you have already decided? You can say, I’m leaving room for more insight on that. Watch for the arrogance of Personality. Make sure you leave room for the “and…”.

Don’t forget to notice you’re not wearing the Personality costume anymore, and remember to live as Awareness. This is the part we can’t do for you. Only you can say, “I caught Personality and surrendered it.” We can keep pointing it out and reminding you over and over. Only you can catch it, surrender it, live in Awareness and use choiceless choice. It’s up to you in this lifetime. You’re in charge. We invite and open the door. But only you can do it.

2021 is a big deal year, again. 2020 was about character and learning about the character of other people and yourself. We feel that turned out just the way we expected when we said that. It turned out that that was true. 2021 is more about individuals expressing. Instead of you observing the outside world, it’s more about, I have been internally evolving and now that’s coming out of me.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, you’re well positioned to ride the wave.

Girls: This meeting feels quieter, like that long-dark-night-of-the-solstice feeling. It feels different, it’s beautiful. It’s making room for the and. It’s true in not just your thoughts, it’s true in all the ways you interact with the world. Making room for things to not be like they have always been. Personality wants it to stay the same. Personality says this is the thing that’s possible. It doesn’t want the open-ended. It’s yes-no. There’s no room in that beyond what I assume. You gotta make room for the and. Because when you do, you push out Personality. What’s the more you can experience or express or expand with? People can do this with food or painting or art. However, when was the last time you put any kind of “and” with your everyday objects. You have a very yes-no relationship with all of them. Your toothbrush, your fork. Let them surprise you, inform you. Give them some “and”. Things that had utility become something beyond that. The fork is living under the yoke of the master, which is your Personality. That fork represents the Field of Infinite Possibilities, it IS the FIP in your hand. Dutifully slaving away as nothing more than a utensil. Surrender that limitation. If you can free your physical surroundings, who knows how they will express? They’re all made of the same stuff so why is it trapped in fork form? Why? Because you needed a fork. How sweet of those subatomic particles to say, we’ll just keep being a fork. It’s a kindness, actually. That’s an act of love.

Let THAT sit in yourself.

Warrior: Wow, the Girls went deep. This whole thing about riding the waves and….physicalizing. You’re going to have to be courageous. What does that mean? It means change. It means telling the survival instinct not to be in charge. What does that mean? Risking. It’s always a risk when you tell the SI not to be in charge. Because it’s constantly telling you’re in danger on some level. And it’s a risky choice not to listen, according to Personality. When you are ready to make physicalization to occur, it’s oftentimes deemed as risky. So, be courageous. Face it down and do not allow fear to tell you it’s the only thing you should focus on here. Change is not automatically dangerous. It’s true. Be courageous. Part of making room for the “and” thing is to be willing for things to not stay the same. Just recognize I am doing something I have not done before. Don’t talk yourself out of it because you feel nervous. That’s not a justification for stopping. Do it anyway. That’s just residual Personality freaking out about change. But that’s not who is in charge here. It’s just something that is loud because it’s always been loud. Unplug the buzz of the Personality and the survival instinct. You have an evolved state to the SI, so unplug it!

Fred: Let’s just cut to the chase, people. You are in unprecedented times on so many levels, but there’s the whole news level that is woo-hoo. Also, the whole homeless, COVID stuff, people losing jobs, hunger concerns. Let’s just set that aside for fifteen minutes. What’s left is this open space. It’s always there, it’s just typically overrun by the concerns of day-to-day life. For a little bit of time, let’s just abide in this open space. And everything about this open space is typically ignored, overrun. It’s always there, and it’s always part of what’s available to you. So, as we sit in this open space together, it’s available to remind you of this “and” thing they’ve been talking about. This “and” thing is not just an intellectual pursuit. It can feel very semantic-y and mental. And it is those things, and that’s healthy so you can rewrite those neural pathways. We just want to add in the fact that you’re also having experiential reality of the “and”. It is this open space where all is possible, all is present, where time is a fallacy, a place where reunification is real, a place where your connection to the all that is beyond your planet is real. It’s the reality of you abiding in the FIP without the pressure of Personality trying to define that. It’s an opportunity for you to bask. This is in essence of saying, I’m going to push all those Personality concerns out and abide in the open space. I’m not ignoring those concerns, what I’m doing is carving myself a place of connection to the nonPersonality alternatives and solutions and clarity that are constantly available and yet, the cacophony of Personality makes it difficult for me to access. A place where I can abide in, immerse myself in the experience of a nonPersonality influenced environment and allow for what that unfolds to not be processed by a Personality filter nor my experience dictated by Personality. Allowing for the insights that arise without the P influence. Let yourself push away all those concerns of Personality that are overrunning you. And who knows exactly what it will look like or feel like or sound like or taste like that’s for you to discover. Setting aside Personality in all its forms, well, this is another way to do it.

Matriarch: Thank you everyone. For all of these months of powerful experiences that you’ve shared, the ways that you have collaborated and contributed. We’re so grateful to have been part of it with you. And we launch into your new calendar year and your new energetic time with a great deal of optimism and a great deal of lifted spirits about the potentials that you’re unlocking and the possibilities that exist for you.

Much love.

Four Sessions held in December 2020

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99