Four Sessions held in November 2018

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November 4, 2018

Noticing the Nuances

We have been in a very diligent and focused journey through the Personality/Awareness dynamic into the Body/Awareness dynamic, moving into the fullest expression of its potential. It seems to be happening in fits and starts. And that’s understandable. It’s a dramatically different expression. Physicality gets it last, and this puts the most pressure on the Survival Instinct because it creates such a different experience. That’s why most people don’t change unless they’re forced into it. That’s the sticky spot, when it starts to affect the physicality.

As Homo Spiritus moves into the physical expression, the temptation is to imagine it be like instantaneous manifestation. It’s actually more surprising because it is not generated by the Personality’s imagination. It is generated by infinite possibilities. And it doesn’t feel foreign. By that, it means it doesn’t feel like it’s happening TO you, instead it’s happening FOR you. It feels expansive, and often happens not on the same subject you imagined it would. It’s being offered to you by the larger version of you.

Pay close attention to how it feels. Feel into how it’s not foreign. It’s familiar. It’s like all the things you already love being given to you. Or being given things maybe you didn’t know you loved yet, or getting the perfect gift that you never thought about. It’s a clue. Pay attention to the feelings you get. Grabbing hold of those feelings becomes a template for the Body/Awareness connection showing up. It’s another layer of making B/A connection more realized and noticed. The more present you are, the more you’re likely to notice, and the more likely you will to have this experience. So pay attention.

What did we say the healed Personality is? The Chronicler. It’s noticing Awareness/Body in action, noticing the connection, the dynamic. It’s noticing watch it move. It’s chronicling the sensations in your body, the affects it has on other people, noticing the expression of that into the world. It’s noticing, even just some of the time, that healed part of the Personality go “oh” and doesn’t take it as an ego stroke and want more or to control it. The healed Personality observes, witnesses, and chronicles the experience. It witnesses, then chronicles to deepen the template of the B/A connection. We’re surrendering the old template of the unhealed Personality-the old default setting-and upgrading and reinforcing it to a new pattern.

Here the group offered their experiences and feedback in respect to the opening talk. Some of the things they discussed were the tension around the Survival Instinct and using whatever it takes to release the habit of defaulting to the unhealed template; the realization of how much [Body/Awareness] has happened that has not been acknowledged; setting yourself an intention, at least once or twice a day, to have an experience with an every day task by noticing, witnessing, and paying attention to every bit of it; the fact that the Witness has not had a lot of “air time” in the psyche and that now it is the time for it to get to do the job it has always been meant to do; the lie of limitation, that what Personality believes is most important IS most important; how the assertion of “getting lucky” is all unhealed Personality talk.

We’re talking about the healed Personality now. Yay! So, we’re looking at the new template of Body/Awareness interacting and allowing the subatomic particles of the Field of Infinite Possibilities to rise up as clarity. The Witnessing Chronicler interacts with the experience by noticing the nuance to deepen that template so that template can be the default pattern going forward. We’re bringing in a part of you you have not experienced, the healed Personality, the Witnessing Chronicler.

November 14, 2018

Welcome to YOU

During the last call we began hearing about interacting with the healed Personality. The work on the unhealed Personality has been done and now the healed template of the Personality can be activated. The way it does this is by being the Witness and the Chronicler. The Witness has the aha moment, sees the picture has changed. The Chronicler sees the difference in what it looks like and feels like. It notices and says, this is what it is like, and pays attention to how it affects the Big B-body. It will be super easy to tell stories about it, project what that means or be distracted. Any of that will snap you out of it and will be driven by your unhealed Personality self. Instead, be present to what is and don’t imagine what it means.

This is an either/or situation. Either you’re in the healed aspect of Personality or you’re not. It’s not a little of both. The invitation here is to say this, the frustration I have with the way things are and the liberation I am going to have will not come out of the unhealed Personality state. It will come from Awareness. I will choose the full palette of colors generated by Awareness instead of the limited palette of the unhealed Personality.

You may have wondered in the past, well, who am I without the Personality? When we speak to your healed Personality template, we’re still speaking to the Personality that makes you who you are in this lifetime, but now we’re speaking to the one who has Awareness and the connection to the Big-B Body alive in you.

When you scoop up the unhealed part of your Personality and set it aside or put it in the bin, what is left? The healed Personality aspect is the part that’s left. You don’t know that part of yourself very well. You’re meeting yourself. If we talk about comparing you to you, upgraded, we’re talking about the person that you experience yourself to be, about who you are as you walk in the world from Awareness. Welcome to YOU. You’ve transformed, you’ve healed, you’ve scraped away all the dross to find who you are. All these years we’ve always know that part of you was there. It was just overpowered, covered over by the unhealed Personality. At some point, you’re going to say, “I’m not who I was. I’m meeting my new self.” You’re experiencing a version of yourself that has never been accessible to you before. And now you have an opportunity to take that new version of self into the world. You don’t have to try. You don’t have to choose. You show up and just ARE. You wake up feeling that healed connection.

The group had questions. How does this relate to meditation, to the emotions? How does this affect the chakras and the body? They talked about the changed energetic regarding the need to understand the truth in duality and a driving update from the last time we talked about driving examples and the Personality.

Things are getting really juicy! Hang in there! You’re morphing from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Not a good time to quit. People who quit don’t tend to change much. It’s such a powerful time and so easy to get distracted when things get so intense. It’s time to hold steady. You’re just starting to reap the rewards. The motivation is that I want my internal experience to be different than it was. It’s not for the external rewards. The evidence is in watch it move. Ask yourself, is the action I’m taking come from do-to-get, i.e. outcome, or from clarity?

We’d love to hear from you guys if you are having a physical sensation that lets you know you are in Awareness.

November 18, 2018

You’re the Nexus

Finding the steady connection to the Awareness Body feeling for Veronica goes in waves. She has days of being in a steady connection and then it will switch to reaching for it more. There’s a difference now in how she responds. Instead of it being “I’m in Awareness, this is cool,” or “Oh. I’m in Personality and it sucks,” it’s “Oh, I’m not in Awareness, alright.” The temptation of the unhealed Personality template gets set aside. Looking for clarity, being present, has become a more natural response to the fact that Awareness is not being experienced. We are moving from one template to another, and it’s completely reasonable for it to teeter totter a bit.

Another difference Veronica has noticed is what Awareness forward elicits from the physical form, the gingerbread shape. Clarity elicits a strong response from the physical form, and that strong response is going to generate more clarity that offers you an opportunity to act from clarity. And we suspect this will continue, one continues to feed and lead to the other: clarity>opportunity for action>more clarity>more opportunity for action. Be on the lookout for these places where you have these large responses.

Pay attention to where you go inside yourself. Stay aware where you allow yourself to track.

The body has lots of messages. Your inner voice could potentially exist without a gingerbread shape, but for some reason, you ended up with a gingerbread shape. Why do you have one? The point is density and duality. It’s what makes it dramatically different from when you’re in your soul form. Another reason is to experience sensation in a new way. The amount of sensation is radically different, and when you’re offered the opportunity to up the sensation level, you guys grab it! (Like riding roller coasters, for example.) When you up the sensation, you get more opportunity for experience and explore as well as more opportunities for the Survival Instinct to intervene. And the dance is on. You’re having an increased sensation being elicited from your gingerbread shape without the corresponding increase in the Survival Instinct’s message.

Remember we have wanted clarity to dictate your path, not the Survival Instinct dictating your future.

You’re getting now to the point where you can have an increased amount of sensation, an increased amount of experience of the Big B-Body and the gingerbread body without a corresponding increase in the Survival Instinct’s amplitude.

Clarity arises from presence, from experience and explore, from fascination. Clarity does not arise from do-to-get. Clarity represents an opportunity for propagating in that now. It’s not seeking outcome. Clarity is saying who am I as I walk this next step. It’s not getting to the conclusion. This now contains all the answers, it’s all present right now. This is not something your logical mind will ever be able to grasp. Doesn’t make it untrue. This now contains everything. There’s only one now. Everything’s in it. Why don’t you see it? Survival Instinct, habit, the unhealed Personality template. You have a palette and stimulus you’re accustomed to having. If you want to be in Homo spiritus, that “level 10” experience, you’re going to have to be willing to navigate stimulus of a new type. Willingness and practice is how you do it.

If you start to experience a now that feels like you’re in two places at once, don’t let that freak you out. If they overlap, and you’re in the experience you’re in due to habit, the difference between the fact of that and the reality of it, something you can actually do something about, is what we’re calling the attention or the transaction. You have to change the way you interact with the facts until they become reality.

We’re in that time with you guys. You guys are looking for the place where your Body…drumroll…your gingerbread IS the Big B-Body, meaning the sensory system that you already have and are familiar with is actually the experience of the Big B-Body. You’re the nexus, the center, and the physical things you imagined existed far away exist now. They’re pulled in and down into your nervous system experience, and because your Survival Instinct isn’t in charge, you can open the door to these larger experiences. This is a fact but it’s not your reality. Until it is. It’s not to be processed by your SI, it’s something to be processed by clarity.

How do you permit this experience? Well, all the years and all the work we have done together to put your Survival Instinct in it’s proper place has built a muscle that gives you the opportunity to process the sensations without the SI interfering and to open the door to the fact that everything is happening in this now. This now is the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and you have the opportunity to access the FIP because you ARE the FIP. The messages you’re receiving from your gingerbread shape and what they are now meaning are of far different things than they used to be.

Today’s meeting was very important. We hope you’ll review and chew on it.

November 28, 2018

Full Council: The Warrior Tells a Tale

Guardians: The energy is definitely more peaceful now that the weather has shifted (referring to the recent fires in California).
The energetics of the Homo spiritus journey feels unsettled, unbalanced, unstable, and has a toddler sort of feel to it. What a fantastic time that is, the time when the unsteady toddler surrenders the familiarity of crawling and steps into new idea of walking. There’s a lot of falling and getting back up and inspiration in it. We like that parallel a lot in regards to your journey. This new movement that you’re in is exciting, unsteady, and challenging, yet so empowering. If you don’t surrender the familiarity of crawling, you’ll never walk.

Visionaries: We like that analogy. You’re taking a transformational step that feels unsteady. It is driven by your desire to know your complete self as you inhabit this earth. All of it is your soul being made available, being made tangible. The reason you have the gingerbread shape is to increase sensation. It’s the physicality of your soul being made tangible in a variety of ways that you don’t get outside of this physical form. You’re here to reach into the physical, to experience it as your soul, the relationship between what you call “yourself” and what you have called “other.”

What you have been calling yourself and what you have regarded as “other” is morphing. You look into the physical and you see yourself in a different expression. What we’re trying to squeeze into you is that your gingerbread shape being sentient is not what matters more than the carpet on your floor. Sentience is not the only thing that indicates importance. You have a similar blind spot to what is your soul expressing. We’re trying to change that template, that interface you have established.

Eloheim: Without having to force it or choose for it or believe it, when Veronica connects to herself, she now perceives herself as a sphere that’s about 25-30 feet in diameter rather than just a gingerbread shape. We told you this would happen. You don’t end at your skin. Your perception of self is changing.

That increased energetic surface area has led to a lot of changes to her sensory system. This is not the nervous system overload that it has always been her whole life. Instead, her sensory response to stimulus feels like an overfull cup of water. It’s emotional, it’s not empathic. She’s filled to the brim and will have it easily overflow by any expression of kindness, tenderness, community, gratitude. It tips her over. She overflows into tears, into a big expression of emotion of some sort. The expanded surface area of the “I don’t end at my skin” is taking some getting used to. That shape is connecting to more things. This amount of connection, gratitude, sensory input is taking a minute to get used to. For her, this is how it’s showing up. It may not show up that way for you. Don’t compare your experience to hers.

What is driving it is the connection to Body/Awareness and not the Survival Instinct. It’s a new default. It’s brand new, that sense of being in overflow, of tipping over into a strong response that previously would not have had an impact. It’s being able to view limiting things with a sense of great gratitude. The B/A is in collaboration now and revealing itself in this way.

Warrior: We haven’t told you a story for a long time and tonight seems like a good night for it.

There was the time when we were trying to cross the river, a time back in the bachelor days. We were quite serious back then with what we thought of as a lot of responsibility. The men respected us and we loved them, but we later saw that we didn’t have fun back then, not like later on. We thought that was what was needed out of us.

It came upon the day we needed to cross this river. We didn’t have very many bridges and none were where we were. We had spent an entire day looking for a place to cross. Why did we need to cross the river? We had decided to, and ego wouldn’t let us reverse that decision. The men are wondering why are we doing this, but no one is speaking up.

First lesson, speak up. Don’t attack with your insecurity or fear. Speak your doubt. Add your ingredients to the stew. A quality leader takes that information onboard. It would have opened the door to a changed path. But no one said a thing.

What’s the best way to cross a river that has no bridge? Somehow the bodies and all the stuff had to get to the other side of the river. The idea got floated to strip down, bundle our stuff in a pack, and have one man wade across the river carrying a rope which would then help guide the others and their stuff across. A rope we had to make, by the way. That task took days. Still, no one says, why are we crossing the river? And during that time of rope-making, no one noticed the weather changing and how it was affecting the river.

So, circumstances change and you need to pay attention to how it affects the decisions you are making. The river was changing, getting colder and more frozen. **to say anymore about this would reveal SPOILERS! Can’t have that! Listen to the recording to hear the entire story.**

When you put your mind to something, it doesn’t mean you should always stick to that plan. Let the plan be alive in the now with you. You are constantly updating based on new insights. Be willing to let it change and evolve. It wasn’t wrong to want to cross the river, but we needed to pay more attention to the now, to the surroundings, rather than be fixated on the outcome. Another thing, if you’re going to do something, know why you’re doing it. We didn’t, we just decided we wanted to be on the other side of the river at this point. What’s this thing you’re choosing to do going to offer you, change you, evolve you?

Girls: We like when the Warrior tells stories and how they make them applicable for you. It’s heartwarming to see the vulnerability and the bluntness and unpretentious way they tell stories, and we appreciate it. None of the rest of us have stories! We leave that to them.

We want to chime in about this big ball Eloheim talked about happening with Veronica and how that affects the emotional state, the sensory system. It’s not being processed through the nervous system, it’s being processed cohesively through the field of subatomic particles (SAP) that make up that entire sphere. It’s actually the field of SAP being affected by stimulus to this larger system. The stimulus is tumbling the SAP in response to stimulus like wind waves over a field of grain. They are not being processed exclusively by the gingerbread shape. Because this process is not driven by the Survival Instinct but by experience and explore, it elicits a response from the nervous system that often feels like an emotional release. The body has been trained to process that kind of stimulation in habitual and traditional ways but it’s not the only way. So the exploration is explore what other non-habitual response is appropriate. Why is feeling “moved” only expressed by tears? Why not ecstasy, for example?

Fred: The Girls got a bit “Freddy” there, didn’t they? When you step into this Body/Awareness thing, when you wake up like that in the morning, there’s going to be a response from the SAP that meets you in that. There’s a call and a response. That call, you cannot imagine what it will be like. As you show up, as you commit, it responds to you. You generate into the Field of Infinite Possibilities and it responds back to you in a wave. You have yet to stand in your attention to the FIP and say, I am serious about this. When you do this, it pushes into the FIP and requires a response to your presence. It wakes up to your showing up. We suggest you step up to the FIP and intentionally make yourself known.

Matriarch: Powerful night. Thank you for showing up and pulling all that powerful stuff from the Council. Many blessings and our gratitude for your showing up and what you’re offering.

Four Sessions held in November 2018

Price: $24.99