Four Sessions held in April 2019

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April 7, 2019

Sneaky P’s Underlying Soundtrack

April. We told you we suspected April was going to be meaningful and significant. The premise of the plan for today is, where are you at? You need to give us a check-in. There’s a fierceness that is needed so that Personality does not dictate the situation anymore. If you can help us know where you’re at, we can help you better. So, we’re speaking to your Awareness by shutting up Personality and saying, talk to us. If you’re feeling shy or fearful about talking today, you’re in Personality. We have to stop coddling Personality.

-Personality narrates a story whenever I drive.

Do one “what is true now” every time you catch Personality. And we need a report about what happened when you did this. Reporting your experience in it, what your internal process is–like, I felt the temptation and when I got present, I asked what is true now. Once I did that, blah blah blah. What is your internal experience like?

-How do you not care when you care?

That opportunity is still there but put your attention somewhere else. I’m going to care about something else. I used to care about that and now what I care about is Presence and setting down Personality. I’m gonna set that down because I know it gives me Awareness. Have an Awareness experience around your passion instead of Personality experience.

-I’m admitting I’m in Personality right now because now I don’t remember what I was going to say after listening to John and am wondering how to get back to Awareness!

Personality can’t help you access Awareness. Giving up is sneaky Personality.

-I’m noticing the big difference. Where I’m getting stuck is physical representation, and why I continue to get stuck on the same thing. I have lots of ideas but to actually put them into the physical is where I still get caught up in the Personality.

What we’re hearing when you say “I” is Personality. A great tool you can use is inserting Personality in place of “I” when you notice Personality. That would be a great tool when you know you’re in Personality and you don’t quite know how to get out of it. The more you bounce between projects, the more Personality has its claws in you. If you get an idea, let it be a potential not a demand, don’t allow Personality to distract you with the chaos of multiple projects. Personality is giving you a line, giving you a red herring, when you need to prioritize and not let Personality be in charge. Awareness will give you a feeling you’ve never had or thought about before, you’re not simply regurgitating the old thoughts or feelings, the outcome driven ones, that Personality gives you.

-I’ve been experiencing more Awareness, food tastes vibrant, waves of joy and contentment arise. I still get hooked into wanting to change up my career. That’s also tied up with money and body issues.

The way Personality gets its hooks in you is through career and body stuff and a lack of clarity. Because you don’t have clarity about those issues, Personality has a great playground. That’s interesting to us–the Body stuff arises in both your Awareness and Personality states. We feel like the hook place for you is with work. You can’t take a question into Awareness. Personality has questions and answers, Awareness has presence and clarity. Each time the thought of work comes up or while you’re at work, allow yourself to notice that this is the time that Personality will be dominant unless I intervene. Calling Personality on its stuff when you’re at work will help you. You don’t really know what it’s like to be in Awareness all through your work day, but you can catch yourself and see what opens the door to Awareness here.

-This has been so helpful listening to others’ experiences because I found little sneaky ways Personality creeps up on me. Personality is shut up in me a good part of the time. I’ve noticed that Personality is loud around home stuff, work, and trying to explain things I’ve been feeling or wanting to friends and family.

Sneaky P is our biggest challenge right now. Your Sneaky P is talking to friends and family about changing things up. P says you can’t explain it to them and so that invalidates what you are doing. So, catching Sneaky P is where you are right now. What helps you get into Awareness?

-Breath. Deepening my breath takes me back into Awareness. I use breath when I go up the stairs because I know it’s going to be painful. One breath per step keeps me in Awareness.

So Personality has a soundtrack that plays when I do this certain thing. Identifying within yourself the place where Personality has an underlying soundtrack that always plays when you do a specific thing or when you’re in a specific place is important. We’re pretty sure everyone has at least one underlying soundtrack that Personality wants to play, and recognizing that soundtrack is a good tool going forward for everyone. This will help you know ahead of time so you can say that’s not what I do here. So you don’t let Personality play that soundtrack the next time you do this thing or are in this place. See if you (everyone) can find your own sneaky soundtrack that Personality plays when you do a specific thing or are in a specific place.

We really want to get over the hump here in April so we can have calls about living in your Awareness. We’re really happy about where this call went.

April 10, 2019

No Longer Doing Personality Better

We mentioned that April was going to be an important month. We had to navigate a bit of complacency, and so we had to crack the whip to get people to talk on the call Sunday. We had some interesting dialogue to find out where people are, as far as Personality is concerned, so we don’t push the teachings past where you are. We can’t go into lecture mode until we are all on the same page.

The soundtrack of Personality was what came up. It’s where Personality has a message it consistently offers you. Every time this soundtrack comes up and we catch it, we can make it into a doorway.

-John reported how his homework Eloheim gave him regarding his driving situation. He figured out that it was coming from his impatience, and that also crosses into other areas. There’s more underneath impatience.

Impatience is limitation and based on Personality. It “should” be different and therefore, it’s wrong. That’s limitation and a red flag of Personality. It’s also about control which is also Personality. Impatience is not allowing the situation to be a starting point.

One of the biggest challenges of this time is “Sneaky P.” We’re not trying to do Personality better. We have to say, I recognize Personality in this moment, and instead of navigating that soundtrack in order to cope or soothe or celebrate-which is still not Awareness-we use the soundtrack as a doorway to Awareness.The soundtrack is the ping, the reminder that you’re still in Personality so that you can surrender Personality, get totally present, and become more Aware of this exact now. You’re not trying to fix your soundtrack, you’re using this soundtrack to give you a ping, a reminder to get present, to use whatever your doorway is that gets you into Awareness.

If we said, you’re drawing with a pencil and now you can use watercolors. You say, oh yes, that reminds me, now I can do more and be better with my pencil. We’re saying you have the option to use watercolor here! It’s not to be better with your pencil, it’s- let’s use something else.

You’re not here to be the best Personality anymore. We don’t really want to do your Personality anymore. You’ve freed up the bandwidth to do something else now.

We believe a steady doorway for everybody is to be deeply present. One long “what is true now.” See if you can string together that kind of presence that comes when you use the “What is True Now” tool.

It might help if everyone looked at what is going on in that soundtrack as being like an alarm clock going off. Getting into Awareness is not done to solve Personality’s concerns. Personality’s concerns are the pings that you’re not in Awareness. It’s an opportunity to notice and come back into Awareness. Look at your soundtrack, your alarm clock, as your reminder, your ping, that Personality is trying to take over. Money thoughts are Veronica’s alarm clock. It pings her and drives her straight into Awareness.

Is Personality getting better or is Awareness peeking in? If it’s a brand new thought, if it’s something you never thought of, if clarity bubbles up, if it touches you, that’s Awareness stepping in. Personality has a lot of shoulds, better-do’s, outcomes, no clarity and nothing new to offer.

If we can spin up this urgency and clamoring in you for that drastic shift into Awareness, we can really push into a new place collectively.

-If I look at my Personality as a bad boyfriend, then I have to break up with it. Relationships have been a thing in this lifetime. I have to break up with it and it’s sad. It’s the decision. It’s the necessity of that position, no fence-sitting. I have to say no, and that sucks. I’m in that place.

The fact that you’re having that unmistakeably powerful response is really good. Being Personality is not getting it done. Breaking up with Personality is a good way to look at it, dying is another way. Being in a war is another way to look at it, it’s using that fierceness. You are in the middle of an evolutionary jump, and we have to let go of one to embrace the other. Because we can’t tell you how it’s going to look, it is an incredible leap of faith. It’s a big deal. Experiencing the world from Awareness to Awareness to Awareness is a completely different way to live on this planet and you are in the birth of it.

-Personality being stripped away feels disempowering. That’s my hurdle.

Yes, Personality is being stripped away. The less Personality, the more Awareness rises up. If Personality doesn’t think about this, then Awareness will handle it, will step in and be available. It’s a celebration to disempower Personality. All of that allows Awareness to rightfully come and dominate your experience. You’re not letting go of of Personality and falling off the cliff into nowhere, you’re letting go so the Awareness that has always been there, but has been drowned out, can rise up and take its rightful place and can guide you and offer the experience of Earth from Homo spiritus that you have never been able to achieve. That’s celebration.

The personality is not the bad guy, it’s just got to be put in its proper place. Personality is trying to do all the jobs and it’s out of control, out of balance. It needs to be re-assigned later on. Right now you are putting it down, shutting it up. It’s a stepping stone. It’s a completely different way to navigate this planet and you are in the birth of it, and the way it flowers is not yours to figure out. It’s your job to find that ping, that transition point and do it over and over. And when you find it, you don’t let sneaky Personality in, to think more, to affect those moments of Awareness.

Sneaky P starts out with the do-to-get thing and moves on to “you should do this or that.” That’s still Personality. You’re just trying to do Personality better. We have a feeling that Sneaky P is becoming more obvious. Use that ping to go sideways into Awareness instead. It’s an opportunity to use “what is true now.” We think “what is true now” is a good doorway. Or “I am present in this now.” I can feel my feet in my shoes, I can feel the steering wheel in my fingers.

Personality pops up, it pings you, you use your doorway to have a radically different experience of being in Awareness instead of being in a better version of Personality.

Sneaky P can also sneak in with body stuff. Who says you can’t be in Awareness if your body is in pain!

In tonight’s call we have very specific actions we wish you to take. If you do this, and you push this, this will facilitate a huge shift, both personally and community-wide. We’re pushing you on this. Make it an active engagement. Report in and let us know how it goes.

April 21, 2019

Walking Awareness in the Physical World

It’s Easter Sunday and we are aware of this idea of propelling you into something new, of renewal and new beginnings and the optimism of springtime. We’ve been talking a lot about tipping over from Personality into Awareness, of moving into something new.

Personality and Awareness needs to take up the focus in context with what’s going on in your life. You’re ready to reboot and revamp and revise in the energetic of Awareness. Where are you spending your moments? Not how, but where are you putting your focus, and what in you feels like it connects to the energy of rebirth?

We want to look at potentials for expression in Awareness. The example that comes to mind is Everyday Expertise and the idea of presenting yourself to the world and rebirth. How are you presenting yourself to the world? You’ve all been reborn into an Awareness-forward perspective. Now we wonder if it’s time to start talking about the physicality of all this. Bringing things into the physical. That’s the Body piece. Affecting your surroundings. This is the connection to the Body piece. It feels like the connection to the Body piece is going to get louder and louder as we go into spring and summer.

The idea of how the Body piece appears in the swirl of Personality and Awareness is up now. Letting the Body piece be driven by clarity, ahas, insights. Let it be driven by being present and seeing what occurs. New clarity may rise up and nudge you to a new, unexpected direction, after you begin what you had originally imagined. You have to careful to not let Personality insert itself or throw up blocks, to let blinders, outcomes, and assumptions get in the way of that clarity. You want to go from clarity to clarity. Allow your Presence to be evoked into action through your clarity. Things like going in one direction and then clarity arising to show you another path is going to happen more often.

Clarity might feel like a nudge, an aha, an insight or a distinct sensation. It’s whatever clarity feels like for you. The sensation of clarity can be very subtle and will be unique to you. Knowing what clarity feels like to you would be a good thing to sort out.

This is the physical world and how you interact with it, the “it’s all me” piece. It’s you dancing with the reality you exist in.

Walking Awareness in the physical world is very different than Homo sapiens so don’t expect it to feel the same way. When the physical world responds to your experience, it’s allowing yourself to have that ability to follow it. When you’re operating in Awareness from the physical, be in allowance for the surprising change of direction and don’t cling to the way you imagine the way it must go. That’s Personality.

When we see it, the image we get is a swirl of colors. The way physicality responds to Awareness is in this sort of swirly way. It’s not a straight line. A straight line to an outcome is Personality driven. Each now is actually the new start, a new step, a brand new beginning, a swirly way that physicality and Awareness interacts in the world. Each step is a new now. It coincides nicely with the Easter energy of new beginnings.

It really feels like it’s time for the Body piece to be more involved in our conversations.

Questions or comments?

-My clarity keeps surprising me. Personality and clarity tell me things that are completely different.

Of course it does. Personality is limiting. It may feel disorienting, but it’s Personality is who is disoriented as Personality tries to cling to a limited experience. Personality offers a subset of all Awareness offers. Observing and interacting and being present to the now in a way that allows for Awareness to swirl it up on you is where we’re at. See what comes out of the swirl. We think it’s fun.

It’s “watch it move” and “it’s all me”, and isn’t that what we’ve been describing today? We’re just now coming into the ripeness of what it offers.

-I used to call it serendipity rather than being in Awareness.

Serendipity has the connotation of “lucking out.” It feels amazing, surprising, has a magical vibe. That’s Personality taking credit for an Awareness experience.

-I usually have to be on my own and it drives others to distraction who want to know details of my arrival and how, etc. when traveling.

Having other people around demanding that you be in Personality can be quite frustrating. The temptation to use Personality to deal with that can be habitual. Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to respond from Awareness in a way they don’t feel is disregarding their concerns.

-On the road one day I decided I wanted a coffee so I got off and let my Awareness tell me which way to go. I ended up seeing a hair salon so I got a trim, went to a grocery store, got coffee and sat in my car working on my computer instead of sitting in a coffee shop.

Perfect example of the swirl of Awareness.

Catching Sneaky Personality is one of the steps we’re on as a community. Sneaky Personality activates and tries to get you out of the swirl. Be vigilant. How is Personality showing up right now? Because it’s still there-it’s just catching it. Let it make you feel like Sherlock Holmes instead of a failure, because when you notice it, you defuse it.

April 24, 2019

Full Council

Guardians: Last month, Eloheim said this would be a very important month, and it has been, in the sense that more clarity and movement has occurred. That springing energy of April is super loud. That movement into living Awareness forward is very rich right now. The energetics are super supportive of that. We are here to help you with that.

Visionaries: Last month Eloheim said beware of April. The feeling we have of this month is the inescapable divide between when you’re experiencing Personality and when you’re experiencing Awareness. Finding and catching when you’re in Personality, and doing your work to get out of it.

You’re aware when you’re in Personality, and you may have to reinforce that bridge into Awareness. Though you may doubt you’re in Awareness, it’s becoming crystal clear when you’re in Personality. A month ago, you may not have known it. Now you’re cognizant when Personality is dominant, and that is the vital part of this month. Keep doing that work. Don’t linger in the after affects of Personality. Use your doorway to Awareness.

I’m in Personality, what’s my doorway, now I’m in Awareness. Hold on that.

Eloheim: What the Visionaries just said is super important. You know when you’re in Personality, and you’re catching yourself. When you catch yourself, do something about it. Knowing your unique doorway is vital.

Eloheim went around the room asking for everyone’s doorway. What is true now, breathing, looking out the window, dropping thinking, and getting present were some of the answers to that question.

We’ve talked about the difference between being Personality and Awareness, of catching yourself in Personality, and the bridge between the two. We haven’t talked about being in Awareness. Part of it is the Body piece, but it’s also when you know you’re in Awareness, go deeper. We need to deepen beyond the surface experience. Don’t coast, push more. How present can you be? Can you be aware of every single part of you that’s touching the chair right now? So, when you feel Awareness, deepen the experience. Dive deep.

During their part in the meeting, Eloheim did energy work on one of our beloved members who had been extremely ill for several months.

We never promised easy or a straight line, but we did promise it was worth it as well as a next step.

When you find yourself in what is true now, go deeper. When you’re in Awareness, go deeper. Albert Einstein was great at algebra but did he say, I rock at algebra, and then declare, I’m done? No, he went on to discover more. The same with this Awareness gig. Once you’re in Awareness, require yourself to go deeper. Make it more textured.

Girls: We were sneaky last time and it was fun!

Over the years we’ve talked about loving yourself. In this conversation of Personality and Awareness, it’s important to recall how harsh Personality can be. Personality has been doing it’s best to do a whole bunch of jobs for which it was never intended nor qualified. Let’s also remember that eventually that part of you is going to slot into its most perfect spot, and when it does, there’s going to be a grand healing that’s going to occur. You’re going to be able to have that part of you offer you its gifts without offering you its harshness. We wanted to remind you when you’re feeling this intensity with Personality, that it’s a necessary boundary. That boundary allows Personality to give you that strength it has to give, to give you the gift it has to give. Just because Personality acts out, it doesn’t mean you have to listen. You’re not rejecting or ignoring that part of you, it just needs boundaries. Boundaries actually create freedom.

Warrior: We told you we might start telling you a new story. We’ll tell you a story about walking in the desert. Walking in the desert is a whole different thing. The dry sand requires you to have a different and mindful relationship to the land beneath your feet because it’s always moving. It works your muscles and makes requests of your joints. It requires you to be mindful of where you are, rather than focus on where you’re going because the ground is shifting and moving under your feet. We are asking you to try this. No matter what’s occurring under my feet, I can be present to it. You’re not sitting and meditating. You’re not shutting out stimulus. You’re purposely being present in an uncertain, unstable and unusual circumstance. We’re using the desert setting to deepen your connection to Awareness.

Fred: Part of the reason the Warrior is asking you to do that is so that we can have a forum to start talking about Awareness and Body. And that is juicy. We need you to do what Eloheim told you to do first. Catch yourself in Personality, find your doorway, shift into Awareness, go deeper. Push it so that the conversation can move into “it’s all me.” You’ve made a ton of progress this past month, keep on it.

Matriarch: You’ve made such progress this last month and if it doesn’t seem like it, we don’t care because we know that it’s true. Match our confidence and clarity on this. Let go of Personality telling you different. Good night.

Four Sessions held in April 2019

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99