Four Sessions held in October 2020

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October 4, 2020

Continuing the guidance on Level 10 – Reunification, Eloheim shares that each of us likely has a collection of Alternate Expressions of a certain category: Warrior, Mother, Teacher, Healer, Politician, Artist, etc. We can invite reunification of that collection of lifetimes by watching movies/TV shows, reading books, going to events, etc. that feature those types of experiences. The group offered many examples of the collection of lifetimes that feel obvious to them. Additionally, Eloheim reminded us of the need to change our definition of “I” as reunification will require us to experience ourselves much differently than the current “gingerbread plus the past and the future” definition of “I” we currently use.

October 14, 2020

Reunification: The Core Emotion and Archetypal Connection

We have been talking of late of the idea of reunification, of alternative expression bleedthrough being stepped up and taken to the next level, where we start to connect to all kind of different ways you have incarnated and all those different ways you have incarnated to your gingerbread shape. How that will play out is infinite in scope, but there may be ways that are common or happen to more than one person. Some of you will be doing it in similar fashions.

One of the things that has become really freaking loud for Veronica is that the way her current gingerbread’s core emotion-the fear of getting kicked out of the tribe-feels when it’s active, that same part of various other lifetimes is especially accessible for her reunification. For example, the samurai lifetime, she doesn’t connect when he’s training or in battle, when he’s doing whatever a samurai does. She connects to the samurai after his master has died. The tribe has fractured. What has happened is it’s very loud where those reunifications are experiencing tribal fractures of some kind. Not necessarily even close what Veronica experiences as a tribal fracture, but what they experience as a tribal fracture. That bleedthrough connection is super accessible through the spot of unhealed core emotion. That’s become very obvious to her. The core emotion, the way you experience it is very loud. That’s not surprising to us. But it has been illuminating and unexpected. One of the ways that same kind of bleedthrough has happened is missing that kind of band-of-brothers feeling. All of these warrior lifetimes that has come through come with a feeling of band of brothers, of cohorts. Veronica mentioned to Dennis she has been feeling a lack of that during this time period of quarantine. Along with bleedthroughs with supporting art and artists. That’s what’s been going on around here. A lot of deep dives into reunification. It’s been powerful, not overwhelming. It just percolates, letting the clarity of how it unfolds occur and not letting up on Personality being in charge. Not easy but vital. You’ll end up in overwhelm if you let Personality experience it instead of allowing Awareness to explore it.

Do you have a sense of what kinds of lifetimes you tend to have a bunch of? For Veronica, it’s the art patron and the warrior type that are super loud right now.

Lynn says healer. We’re not surprised at that at all.

Annie: My fear and dislike of humanity makes me not want to leave my apartment at all.

Eloheim: We’d like to subset the word humanity.

Annie: Ignorance. My fear and dislike of ignorance. Doing the same thing for generations.

Eloheim: Ok, your dislike, your persistence of Personality in the Homo sapiens continues to pop up. That means that your work on not letting Personality affect you has to become your weapon, your tool. Instead of letting Personality run through my nervous system, my gift to that generations of ignorance, Personality, is to make sure I am not contributing to that. I am standing in the gift of Awareness that I am giving. Sometimes that can feel like throwing a rock into the ocean if Personality processes it. Instead, you’re a giant rock that the ocean has to go around. When you do that, Personality has to modify itself, it has to shift and change around you. You’re the rock of Awareness.

Annie: That helps.

Eloheim: Don’t add your Personality to the toddlers running the show, to their Personality. Don’t add yours to the mix. This is not easy. What you have to give is Awareness. Be the calm in the center of the storm. You’ve been trained and empowered with knowledge, experience and community to support you. When you’re the calm in the center of the storm, everywhere you look, you see storm. Not when you look within. That’s the gift you give.

Lynn: I’m not really feeling a strong connection to the healer lifetimes.

Eloheim: We invite you to sit with the different kinds of healing modalities. See if there’s a fascination or an interest in any of that.

Lynn: No, they feel separated, like they’re finished.

Eloheim: So, look for another one. Let things that maybe feel unusual have some surface area. Wow, so I’m curious about this right now. Explore that.

Tiffanny: Obtaining balance of sadness within loss of control comes up. We’re not sure what Veronica meant when she said that feels juicy. Learning to allow and do nothing but observe feels related.

Eloheim: It’s up for healing, for review. There’s room in your life to explore this, to dig into it.

Tiffanny: It feels like bleedthrough as well. Like slave lifetimes.

Eloheim: Yeah. That sense of helplessness. Sadness, being chained up or restricted. Even in those kinds of lifetimes, there’s ways to carve out freedom. Your thoughts were yours; your internal creativity is yours. I can experience something other than what my body experiences. The freedom I have is internal. What’s your unhealed core emotion?

Tiffanny: Expression of truth.

Eloheim: There you go. If you’re a slave, your expression of truth is being restricted. The only freedom you can have is the freedom that you carve out for yourself, your internal creativity. Same with Personality in this lifetime. You’re only there from habit. You separate yourself from that habit. The only freedom from Personality you can have is the freedom from Personality that YOU grab.

Tiffanny: That was a gate latch.

Kerri: I don’t have any specific lifetime that I can sense, but I have an unquenchable desire to study ancient texts, books left out of the bible, etc.

Eloheim: That’s a perfect example. As you let yourself explore this desire, be really careful you don’t let Personality decide what any of that means. You’re not trying to get Kerri’s perspective on that, you’re trying to allow the reunification to bubble up it’s wisdom about that. Does that make sense, Kerri? It’s not Kerri’s reading this book, instead you’re using this book to connect with the wisdom of that bleedthrough.

Kerri: I’m noticing interesting insights about them. Interpretations that jump out that are not the agreed upon interpretations, like I’m finally able to see with new eyes.

Eloheim: That’s exactly it. Let that bubble up and be sure not to process it through Kerri’s Personality. Allow yourself to witness the experience. Not draw conclusions. Let it move through the tapestry and see what bubbles up.

Jennaire: I’m having a conflict with wanting to explore art and gems and finding that it is not a need, and I feel I am wasting my time.

Eloheim: Here’s a great opportunity to decide what the priority is. Is the priority that I can only do things I need to do? Or can the priority be I can do the things I feel drawn to do? Because it’s very unlikely that you’re going to need reunification, like you need the thing you get out of reunification. Like Veronica doesn’t to know what it’s like to be a warrior. It’s not a need that her gingerbread shape needs. It’s a need that her reunification requires.

Randy: Teacher has always been loud in me and of course, artist. Now teacher, shaman, advisor seems to be up along with medicinal herbs.

Eloheim: It definitely feels like the wise woman, healer energy with the physicalization of plants, oils, honey and art.

Each of you is letting us know how this is showing up. You’re all doing it a little bit differently but not with a specific outcome in mind. We’re not trying to get to something very specific. We deepened your experience of Awareness using the sensory system to connect with alternate expressions to feel the sense of them being all you, of it’s all me.

Kerri: What it feels like is there’s a gift to give and a gift to receive. Like my alternative expression is soaking in the insights from me that pop up from the lifetime.

Eloheim: Yeah. This is juicy. If all lifetimes are happening simultaneously, and they are, when you have these interactions with these other incarnations, you affect each other. We don’t know what’s going to happen with that. We hope you allow it to occur. We think it could be majorly profound. Just recognize that it’s an exchange. It’s a gift to give and a gift to receive.

Darcy: Feeling a huge push to oversee large groups of people and provide support to helping them better their lives, providing the funds or the knowledge, to allow creativity to flow from imagination to physical. Definitely feeling empowering women and single women with children.

Eloheim: There’s a perfect example. This is now what I want to do. And so, we invite you is to say, okay, I’m feeling this is not coming from my gingerbread. My gingerbread is excited or feeling coherence with it, but as I clearly have done this in other lifetimes, as I let that bubble up. Just see what kind of clarity is there that you know is not coming from Darcy?

Anybody feeling like they’re just not feeling this at all and want some tips on how to start connecting to it?

Mindy: Yes, please more info on how to proceed.

Eloheim: Let’s see what comes up. So, there are really obvious ones to us: teacher, healer, leader, warrior, patron, spiritual aspirant shaman, monk, scholar, farmer, parent/mothering, slave, cook. What else? Politician, leader, wise woman, hunter, undertaker, midwife, prostitute, clothing maker, baker, musician, rebel, artist, writer, scientist, builder. So, if you sat with each of those, see what one jumps out at you. Pick one somehow. Sit with it. What you know, don’t know about them, what feeling it brings up. Does it feel familiar or far away or weird? Rank them if you want. See what resonates with you. Once you’ve narrowed it down, then find examples on those subjects via tv, YouTube, books, in your current life. See how that affects you, what it brings up. Does that help? The fact that everyone could think of examples, it validates our point. They’re kind of archetypes. Because you have archetypal needs as you incarnate on this planet.

Tiffanny: I have a dream of past lives. Can you talk more about the dream state exploration?

Eloheim: Yeah, the dream state in this case may be a way to access your reunification that circumnavigates your Personality. If Personality is really in the way of this notion, when you’re dreaming, it may be that your Personality is less likely to be in the way.

Did that list, did any of them jump out at you? Pick a few that are least like your current life, if you feel that you connect with a lot of them. Once you have a chunk of lifetimes that feel loud to you, marinate in ways that bring them in, and just let them bubble up. Truly be a witness with what you’re experiencing and exploring. You’re not supposed to DO anything with it, just experience it. Observe, witness and allow yourself to be evolved by it. Just refuse to do it the Personality way.

We’ve laid out a path. Is anyone confused and need more help? We are here to help.

Dorothy: If tears well up while I’m observing, is that Personality?

Eloheim: That’s a good question. If tears well up, if the body is having a response, if that is just allowed to be, that’s Awareness. If you want to judge it, change it, or control it, that’s Personality.

Feel into that list and give us some feedback on how connecting to that list that did or did not work and how it worked for you so we can start to feel if that’s a good tool because down the road we’re going to say to someone that’s reunification and here’s a tool you can use. We want to dial it in. So, let us know.

Darcy says it feels like my YouTube list is feeling into my pattern very clearly.

That’s hilarious. You want to say more, Darcy? Dorothy says, me, too. Okay, so that’s another thing to do. Look at your YouTube ventures. You guys are clearly being drawn to certain types of information on YouTube. We’ll talk more about that on Sunday. Let what we’ve talked about today prepare you to share on Sunday. Part two on Sunday.

October 18, 2020

Continuing the conversation from the previous meeting, Eloheim discusses various examples from the group about reunifications including the temptation to explore difficult reunifications first and how to avoid that Personality trap.

October 28, 2020

Extremely powerful, full Council session. Don’t miss this one!

Four Sessions held in October 2020

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99