Six sessions held in November, 2012

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2012-11-28 ~ 89 minutes

Guardians: There’s a lot of energy you want to leave behind and not take into 2013. But, going forward, shift your focus on what you DO want. Change your attention. Put your emphasis on the experiences that you want to have. The rest will fall away automatically.

Visionaries: Right now, it is about “seize the day.” The “lay it down and walk away” is an old tool now. Instead of being aware of things in your life that you don’t want, it’s time to focus instead on doing what you most love and treasure – every day. Nobody else can do this for you. You are the one to move towards it. You are the one that decides. You may still need to deal with some “deserving” issues that come up, but continue to allow yourself to experience your favorite things about being human.

Eloheim: We’re having a new start. From here onwards, there is no more thinking or feeling that there is a separation of your personality self and soul; no more thinking that your soul is doing stuff TO you. Start living as the Integrated Self. Your soul IS you and you are the same being. Asking for insight should be an integral part of your day and life now. Don’t face the issues of your life as if you are alone on the journey. The soul needs your personality self, and all that you’ve experienced, or it could not experience earth. This was the plan all along, so let go of the idea that you are not contributing. Have confidence about your part, and realize what an accomplishment it is just to be human. The Soul doesn’t really know how to be human. It doesn’t know what’s best for you; it just knows how to be in fascination. So it is up to your human self to hold the balance and the make human decisions. But how does the Integrated Self navigate in your world? Remember the Frisbee example: Awareness of what is needed arises in the moment. Your Integrated Self, and insight, will feel like a remembering, like an “ah, ha.”

Some clearing may need to happen, but focus on allowing your soul to touch in. Allow more surface area to be available for that connection, partly by asking for insight and partly by experiencing your favorite things. Get rid of an outcome-based life. Say, “I don’t know anything – I’m open to insight”. Pre-conceived notions are often ideas that are outdated; they aren’t “you” today. Your soul will provide a new outlook and a larger perspective, and it may look like a crooked road to you.

Soul interface: think of a funnel, and imagine the funnel getting shorter, and the narrow part getting wider. How do you do this? Again, by doing what you love the most, because that raises your vibration. The Soul is then right there – and there’s more surface area to interact with it. Also, watch when you are tempted to feel that you and your soul are separate; don’t give in to it. Choose and allow for something else to unfold.

As the funnel channel gets wider, and you connect more to your soul, you will evolve physically. There may be some feelings of pressure, some joint issues, cranial stuff, aches, etc. The primary physical changes in the awakening human are the bone marrow (with new, more malleable, cells) and the brain (new neural pathways and synapses). When new things come online for you – healing, instance manifestation, teleportation, or whatever – again, it will be like a remembering, like something you knew or had all along.

2012-11-21 ~ 90 minutes

Guardians: There are amazing changes these days — charged with energies, possibilities, chaos, and juicy-ness like never before. The energy is absolutely ripe with potential. One of the way you can direct the energies is towards conscious creation, towards being in inner alignment with what you want, and then taking little steps. Step-by-step is the only way we’ve seen humans make transformation. What little step did you take today to live the life you want?

Visionaries: Foundational gratitude. Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” but, when you feel into that question, put the emphasis on primal, survival, aspects of life. Feel gratitude for the experience of just having a body, having shelter, being able to move around in the world, having food, having community — without tying any of those to specifics. Foundational gratitude can more consistently be enjoyed. And, because the survival instinct is also very primal, this primal gratitude is energetically very powerful because it can mature and transform your relationship to the survival instinct. Foundational gratitude makes the survival instinct more conscious and allows you to learn a lot about yourself.

Eloheim: Eloheim gave an exercise that created a physical enactment of the step-by-step process. Stand up and imagine something you’ve really wanted for some time; imagine it straight in front of you. Take a step into it, then feel yourself as a “new” person. How does the new position change the desire? Ask for insight as to the next direction, and then take another step. Each time you take action, you have a different relationship to the desire. Then Eloheim pointed to the far end of the room and said that wall was “the goal.” But that goal doesn’t change where you stand now, it doesn’t mean you immediately step towards it, and it doesn’t change the need to ask for insight before you take the next action. You may do a detour. Going towards the goal will not be a straight line. You do not have a straight-line life.

Outcome, the “I want to get there now,” is the energy your survival instinct uses to control you. Outcome, like the goal on the far wall, brings up your assumptions, pre-conceived notions and judgments: “I suck. I’m not Ascended yet. Am I ever going to be?” You feel that, if you “slip up” and don’t do specific actions, you won’t get what you want.

But what you truly want is only revealed as you go on the walk. It is a process. The “This is my first choice” tool is intended to comfort you about the fact that you’re not going to be straight-line people. Straight, narrow and safe is the way of Homo sapiens, and it slows you down. Detours speed it up. Instead of outcome, be in clarity. Clarity – combined with taking chances, facing triggers, allowing for uncertainly – gets you transformation. It’s messy, scary, challenging and erratic, so be willing to walk a crooked road. Ask for insight, wait, take action, wait. Asking and incorporating, asking and incorporating. You can’t “do to get” in Ascension. Instead, you experience, unfold, open to receive, open to insight.

Are you willing to bring in more insight, even if you think you can’t sense it? Make the choice to “get” insight in the way you can. If you want Ascension, insight HAS to come on board. That’s what Ascension is. So how often is insight forming your actions? How is your relationship to fear, to the survival instinct? Are you taking steps to ensure that your favorite part of being human happens every day? Are you willing to have new stories, to let go of the old ones?

Eloheim spent the last minutes talking a little about how they work, the “secret handshake” energetic challenge, and the fingertip tool – a tool created to help us practice emanation without bringing up fear.

2012-11-18 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 71 minutes

2012-11-14 ~ 96 minutes

The main themes of the November 14, 2012 session were about physical awareness and changes happening as we en-soul the body. The other was using the tools of Awareness, Ownership, and then making step-by-step changes.

Guardians: There is a positive tension of attention – of holding into the moment, and an overall sensation that comes along with that tension. Being in the moment is not yet comfortable. It’s still foreign to live in the “new, new, new, new, new” moments, which is the consciousness-based operating system. There is no fear or adrenaline here so it can at first seem boring.

Visionaries: Our questions to you: what’s your favorite thing about being human, what are you most afraid of, what’s the main thing holding you back? — all those questions are meant to wake up the parts of you that are sleeping, that are habitual. The main, middle ground of your habitual life can be put under the consciousness microscope. Look for those opportunities to be non-habitual, even if you don’t know HOW. (Don’t bring preconceived notions). Grab these opportunities, seize them. “I am ready to have a different relationship to my middle of my day, to the middle of my life. Whose voice do I hear? Who’s the compeller?” Give the habitual voice a name; be aware of how you sense it. Practice on the little things. Lots and lots of small changes add up fast.

Eloheim: In the next 6 weeks or so, there is a real strengthening in the physicality of ascension. Ascension is IN the body and, as it wakes up your body, you become more aware of processes. Physical things can change and we see no limits to the possibilities. Homo Spiritus is the combination of free will WITH your soul’s perspective. But remember that the physical body is slow, so be patient and encouraging to yourself. Again, this is still a step-by-step process; you are not a light switch.

Some of your issues give you another choice to love, or not love, yourself. Is there a part of you that thinks you don’t deserve 100% ? “If I were a good-girl, this would be easy.” Just be aware of any patterns that come up – you don’t need to bring them forward in your life. You don’t get out of pain by saying; “I suck because I’m not there yet.” Trust that you are going through a metamorphosis, and that you can’t go backwards. Just walk in the world from “What is True Now?”. Ask, “What am I trying to see and what am I trying to hide from?” Go through life as a walking meditation, in neutral observation. “Rather than imposing my will, why don’t I just see what else is here?” Instead of thinking: I would do this better, instead, just go “Hmm. OK.” If you try to control circumstances in order to feel safe. Ask, “why don’t I feel safe?”
When your life gets bigger, you lose control. In your expanded self, you start to be in clarity rather than certainty. Don’t have preconceived, limited ideas on how you want to receive insight and information. Allow things to come in without requiring a “secret handshake” for it to be valid. Let go of your story.

2012-11-12 ~ Sebastopol Q&A ~ 86 minutes

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Powerful discussion of taking on other people’s energy and family dynamics.

2012-11-07 ~ 83 minutes

This fun but serious meeting was about becoming more conscious within your day-to-day activities. Your Soul is trying to communicate with you and insight is everywhere, but the automatic way you go through your life does not allow the open space it needs to be heard.

Guardians: Talked further about getting rid of what no longer serves you, not just things but also opinions, beliefs, perspectives, focuses, dreams and desires. As things come up in your life, re-evaluate them because you don’t want to take a habitual version of you into 2013. Look around, as if you were moving: “Do I really want this to go with me.” When habitual thoughts come up, don’t speedbump over them. Have a conscious relationship to them; focus on the layers that you are uncovering in your encounters with them. Focus on the awareness, not on the thought. Awareness then creates more awareness.

Visionaries: The opportunities to create radical transformations are everywhere right now. “What is the most important, consciousness, thing I want to do today?” Remember your favorite part about being human, and incorporate that into your life every day. Make it a priority.

Eloheim: Eloheim’s main message was to be aware of the choices that you have. You have numerous opportunities to make choices, but you forget that in your emphasis on “getting stuff done.” So take a look at the “getting stuff done” part of your day, the daily patterns. By bringing in more consciousness, you can add some space to these automatic patterns. A new tool to create conscious space is to say: “I am choosing to……” And then ask, “Do I WANT to make this choice?” Get off of the habitual, impulsive train tracks, and allow your soul more room to play. Your soul is just a greater part of you; it is not separate or antagonistic and it offers you wisdom when you need it. (The frisbee illustration).

Insight will offer something new, so it will stretch you – even if it is fun. So start learning to talk yourself INTO new things, rather than out of things.

Fred: The mystery of these times: How do you transfer the non-physical into the physical. To receive insight from your soul, you need to get rid of preconceived notions. Provide the space, but also sense how you personally interface with your soul, as it will be different for everyone. Find the way to harmonize with your soul. And, when something clicks, you can say, “do that again.” Build on it, expand it. But you must first allow open space in order to magnetize the opportunity.

Girls: Know that you will encounter inner resistance to change. Change will trigger you. Expect and accept that. Consciously choose how you intend to react to triggers. “I’m making choices about my trigger, rather than letting my trigger make my choices for me.”

Warrior: Had a slightly different take on triggers and habits: Keep your triggers close to you, like an enemy, and not lurking out in the woods. You should be frightened of your triggers and habits, but then also be direct with them. Be on the lookout for them by being in the empty space of awareness. Make this a consistent, serious, practice. “I’m choosing to…”

Matriarch: You are making so much progress, and you want to do more. Keep going – keep prioritizing.