Four Sessions held in January 2018


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Jan 3, 2018

54 minutes

The Year to Opt In and to Stretch

First meeting of the new year. You’re riding the energy of the new year and resolutions are being made or desired. We’ve been working on this for awhile now and has left us knowing what is ready to change via the PhD, movement from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus in a real way.

The way you experience Earth, your world is gonna get shifted, rocked, and changed this year. That is a positive thing because you have been ready for change. The opportunity now presents itself to “seize the day.”

Then energy of this year requires you to opt in, to act, to set out on your own path. You. Have. To. Step. Into. This. One. This year is you have to choose into it. Some won’t, some will, and those who do, it will stretch you. You will find out who, how, and what you are in beautiful, stretchy ways. It will mean uncertainty. It will be different. Different means opportunity to explore the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

The Personality has to shut so the FIP can give you what it has always been trying to give you.

Eloheim then asked for questions from the community.

The first caller spoke of being conscious of coming from an Awareness-forward perspective instead of Personality, in particular, with her work. This is her stretching. In the process, the PhD study has taken a backseat. And she noted that she didn’t want to let down those who rely on her. She is aware that this is the last remnants of Homo sapiens or her core emotion and it feels huge.

In response, Eloheim spoke at length with the caller about the Survival Instinct’s attempts to keep Personality in charge. Where is your clarity about the situation? Clarity asks you to stretch. If you perceive that stretch as dangerous or scary, that’s the SI. You can’t keep letting the SI get its claws in you anymore. Clarity, stretch, explore or evolve. Just keep setting it down until only Awareness is left.

Eloheim ended the meeting addressing the feelings some of the group had about Veronica pulling back from doing private sessions. Eloheim had Veronica pull back to not only inspire the group to lean on each other but to give Veronica the space she needs to do her own PhD study without interruptions. And that has happened. Eloheim reminded the group that they (Eloheim) are available right here, right now, to the group on the Q&A’s and during other online meetings.

This is where we are in 2018, we are in a changed time. You have done hard things so many times, this is not a reason to let the SI and Personality keep you back or keep you from changing.

Jan 10, 2018

81 minutes

Active Neutrality

Eloheim didn’t feel there was much in the way of preconceived things to speak of at this time. We’ve set Veronica on a mission to working on the next wave of teachings and there’s an interesting dynamic unfolding between us and Veronica. Veronica is being in the cave by herself with it, upon our instruction. The result is we are making some fascinating progress on it, and once there is some stability in it, we will share it so we can build on it together as a team. Right now, Veronica is focused solely and quietly on that so that she can stay on topic and not be sidetracked by other’s questions and viewpoints.

Eloheim asked the group members for a one sentence blurb on their PhD topic before sharing their experiences and then they gave input on the sharings.

-Topic: Mentoring and offering tools and actions when appropriate.
It is going well. It has expanded to others and changed a bit in the process.

Eloheim noted that her PhD has highlighted how she has changed, how she mentors others. It used to be a script, now it’s a stance. And as she talks to people, she is to check in and ask, am I giving them a script or a stance? A script is to help you in a specific situation. A stance is how you are inside yourself as you engage with others telling you difficult news.

The stance we are now investing in and operating from is Awareness-forward.

Expanding further on the stance topic, Eloheim said it’s easy to imagine that the neutrality stance means pacificity. You can take a neutral stance and make a difference, it can effect transformation. It’s not “go with the flow.” It’s seeking a character-driven, neutrally active stance. To take that neutral stance is work. Nobody is defaulting to that neutrally active stance yet. It’s an active process that seeks the consistent stance. It’s an active neutrality that seeks clarity. That takes activeness. This is not a “go-with-the-flow passiveness.”

For example, Veronica would seek clarity by setting everything else down. She would sit and drop everything else off of her. What was left would rise up as clarity. And clarity would ask for action. And stretching.

-Topic: Observing Homo sapiens from a Homo spiritus standpoint.
The example that was shared of having a lot of downtime, of being sick, and the observation from it was that the house was not a tool, but a cage, and was rather boring and not fun!

Eloheim asked, was it possibly your Homo spiritus self observing your Homo sapiens self? You’ve had a great example of how limited Homo sapiens is. Homo sapiens has so few possibilities. What is actually going on in your life is just little dots in a huge sea of dots. Shrink those “big” dots of your life into their actual relationship to the Field of Infinite Possibilities. You’re not seeking certainty, not seeking answers, you’re seeking to acknowledge this actively neutral stance. This dot has perspective, yet it’s a tiny piece of the FIP.

Eloheim said this part was IMPORTANT….
Regarding the Homo sapiens experience: What about the Field of Infinite Possibilities? How would the Field of Infinite Possibilities fit in, how would the FIP be able to infuse this particular situation? This question will probably get the brain and the personality to try to think of answers. No. You don’t go seeking answers. When you ask how WOULD it, you open the invitation, you open the door and allow it to show you, rather than try to dream something up.

“Make sure you’re making the invitation to the Field of Infinite Possibilities to be activated by the experience you’re having, rather than inviting the SI and the brain and the Personality to dream up a solution to this that doesn’t include the FIP.”

-Topic: What is it that is a major block to your healing?
So far, it’s almost an exploration of what level of faith do they use to protect their survival instinct? How am I having an interaction with that? What does it bring out in me?

-Topic: Understanding feelings/energetics of the heart.
For the first few days, I had lots of insight and knew that I needed to write things down. Chaos started and I never did do that. I did touch on neutral observation during it, or what you’ve been saying, active neutrality, so I navigated it by sinking into my heart and neutrally observing, and it helped calm me.

This was Awareness forward during Homo sapien chaos stated Eloheim.

The point of Neutral Observation was to shut up the Personality. Neutrally Active means you observe and you act and move with the clarity of the Awareness forward.

“Ooh, this is better!” reports the speaker about the experience. Yes, agreed Eloheim with a chuckle, this IS better.

As we quiet the Personality and give Personality the opportunity to witness and enjoy and discover and be fascinated, one of these days someone will go, I finally understand fascination!

Jan 21, 2017

67 minutes

Do You Want to Live as Homo Spiritus?

The PhD program is manyfold. You are becoming the leader of your own community, whichever community you find yourself in, small or large. Part of it is to find the strength in you that allows you to be in a leadership role. We want to empower you to get into the world in new ways. To collectively, individually, be a leader in whatever unique way your inner and outer journey leads you.

Part of the PhD program is to shut up your Personality, which will then allow you to connect with your Awareness. It allows your Awareness to infuse all that you are doing when your Personality is quiet.

Some of the trouble with the PhD program is that not everybody has the desire to be a leader or has a community or wants to navigate the world in that way. What if we ask, do you have the desire to live Homo spiritus? As you walk in the world as Homo Spiritus, you are automatically a leader. To live as Homo spiritus, you have to shut up the Personality. This is the PhD program. Do your PhD program to integrate more of your Awareness into your day-to-day life.

So, we ask you to look at where you are:
-Do you want to be a leader?
-Do you want to live as Homo Spiritus?
-Are you disciplined enough to look for opportunities to act on your PhD program?
-Are you willing to prioritize your PhD program?
-Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to share about it?
-Are you willing to advance your PhD without sharing?
-If yes, what does that sharing offer?
-What does it give you?
-How does it change things for you? How does it empower you?
-Are you looking to make a difference?
-Do you want to do this with us?
-Are you doing it??

Here, Eloheim opened the line and gave callers the opportunity to share their PhD experiences and, in turn, they received some fresh perspectives on their studies from Eloheim.

Topics and tools discussed in this call were: accidental leadership, mentorship, what step are you on, the 3rd way, being in the marketplace without losing your center, harnessing the strength of diversity, political action and being liked, fears, triggers, finding the smallest moveable piece, pushing buttons and spiritual leaders, emanation and matching energy. It also included: it’s all me, making requests outside of other’s skill sets, active neutrality, relationship progress, and acknowledging subtle and powerful changes within the self.

The progress on the PhD’s is illuminating to all. Each person’s reported experiences helps everyone else see their own progress in their studies and new ways in which they can work with their own topics. Won’t you join us in reporting your experiences either here or on Facebook? What’s been your smallest moveable piece? Where have you found yourself improving or changing?

Jan 24, 2018

78 minutes
In an effort to access Infinite Possibilities with more ease and to just have some fun, we thought we’d do something different tonight.

It’s “Council-Members-Talk-to-Each-Other Night!”

After asking for suggestions, the group volunteered several topic ideas and the Council began the discussion using some conglomeration of the topics.

Fred: Disclosure, Water, How do you guys affect the Universe, current evolutionary trends in the spiritual reality….
The hidden-ness of things that would likely qualify as disclosure. Part of the issue around disclosure is the things that need to be disclosed are destabilizing. Your society is already destabilizing as much as it can handle and that has to be taken into consideration. Working on yourself will do more to heal society than disclosure. Rather than seek for additional spinning, seek for additional ways to be the calm in the eye of the storm. The call for disclosure, or more information, is asking for more chaos. But you’re curious.

Each person is having a unique experience and generates a different reality that is their truth. Thus, a disclosure of something may feel like one person got answers, while another will feel like the opposite. The truth is filtered through the lens of perception. We want you to use that curiosity to generate more healing instead of more information.

Fred had a fascinating discussion with the physical group members present about disclosure.

Then, calling them “Dad,” Fred said uh oh, the Visionaries are coming to talk to us (Fred) now!

Visionaries: We like Fred’s answers, and here’s the thing. Being human is hard, and Fred forgets that. They have access to all kinds of information and it’s overloading them and they are looking for some truth to anchor into. They have no stability.The magic wand thing, it’s a good one. But. Humans have to decide who they trust and it’s exhausting, and they always wonder, am I trusting the right person? They’re trying. But Fred loses sight of the fact that you guys have very little strength in knowing what truth actually is, especially with the “fake news” thing currently being thrown around. It causes you to doubt yourself to know what’s the truth.

I want the truth of the truth, where’s that, you ask? Fred’s right, it’s all filtered. It’s truth-truth.

Here’s the key, you take what feels like clarity and truth to you and you let that emanate from you and you see how that moves in the world. That’s the key, check in with what resonates with YOU. Truth is an elusive object, filtered through perception, and you’re responsible for seeing what resonates and adding it to your emanation.

Warrior: You guys want to hear what it’s like when we talk to each other. We’re going to try to pull it off. Us, Fred, and the Visionaries. We would say something like, what do you even know about safety? When’s the last time YOU (the Visionaries and Fred) had a body? The thing is. we always win these arguments, conversations. We had a body. Period.

V: We have a much longer experience and viewpoint with the human form.

W: You haven’t been actually walking on the planet.

F: Can we talk about universe jumping again?

W: We really do like Fred, but he is a space cadet sometimes! That does not help you when you go to work in the morning!

The conversation from here on out continued to be fun and fascinating as they “talked” to each other and the group about truth, the survival instinct, water, energy systems, and various other topics. It also became quite difficult to write up so you’re going to have to listen to this one for yourself to hear the whole discussion!

This meeting was extremely taxing on Veronica, and it took her a few days afterward to recover from the quick and frequent exchanges of the Council members’ energies in her body.

You’ll definitely enjoy this one!

Four Sessions held in January 2018


Price: $24.99