Four Sessions held in December 2018

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December 1, 2018

A New Experience of the Sensory System

For Veronica, the Big-B Body is being activated by all kinds of stimulus these days and has come up in connection to her cello concert with the rest of the students in December. It’s not the same old nervous system response, it’s a new overwhelm experience on a level of feeling deeply moved while in the presence of loud and distracting. We want to dig into the part where she’s deeply moved. Experiencing the young kids she has watched from the beginning perform now is deeply moving. She wondered, would I have felt this way a month ago? We say no, she would have been overwhelmed in her nervous system. She and you have come to perceive and engage with overwhelm in a brand new way, a new nervous system response.

Overwhelm has turned into gratitude, appreciation, love, a sense of camaraderie, community, connection. It has turned into a new experience in what we call the nervous system. You don’t end at your skin, and it has become a sensory system thing being processed by Awareness. You are moved. We are looking for the right terminology and “moved” may not be the word. Just know it’s being experienced and explored and brings to life “it’s all me” because you start to perceive it’s all me. It’s unlike all the responses you have ever had and is located in a completely different place than the psychic or empathic overwhelm place.

Some of you may have a foot in both worlds, Homo sapiens and Homo spiritus. it’s not wrong or behind if you feel you’re not experiencing this new thing or all the time. It’s likely you will feel a stronger default to the new template of the healed Personality combined with the Awareness and the Big-B Body state we’re describing.

Remember we told you ages ago that if you grew a third arm, you’d have to remember to use it. That’s where we are now.

The group offered feedback at this point and Eloheim spent time going over their concerns and statements about their nervous and sensory system experiences.

This is a new concept and we’re still trying to put words to it. As usual, we would like to hear some feedback on where you are in this process.

December 12, 2018

Esmeralda and Fred: You are Not Legos

During set up, Veronica was experiencing confusion as she attempted to get ready to film and record the meeting, and Eloheim was having problems with open eyes during it. It had been awhile since Veronica has felt like this so they knew something unusual was happening.

Eloheim: We’ve been talking at length about how the sensory system is not the same, that there’s a new relationship to the physical world. One of Veronica’s experiences that happened recently, only once and not for very long, was that she was playing her cello and she could see sound. So, be on the lookout for unusual things happening. Notice, witness, chronicle. That’s the healed Personality template’s job. There’s some expanding truth in my experience. Pay attention to when unusual things occur, give them validity and importance from your healed Personality template. If you don’t validate these experiences, who is going to do that? Or else, in essence, they don’t exist, they don’t matter. It’s your responsibility to notice and acknowledge and not try to control.

Eloheim asked if anyone else was having any of these new kinds of experiences. No answer. And at that point, they began to open to a new energy who came to visit upon Fred’s invitation.

Visitor: The structure of this physical space is quite unusual. You are playing quite a game of hide and seek with your greater self, your magnificence. You come into the physical form pretending. You’re pretenders. Why?? (Listening) Oh! Did you really do this?? You came with amnesia. (Laughter) Wait, what? Okay, so you came here with amnesia and then you explored and then you, now you’re remembering, and now you’re trying to make sense of what you’re remembering. Is that really what they’re doing? You came here with amnesia and now you’re starting to remember (laughter), but you’re playing hide and seek, but your remembering! What a strange thing to have done. This is fabulous!

You might wonder why we showed up without knowing what is going on. We were invited by Fred. Really? “Fred?” (Laughter) (Whispering…we’re going to make sure others know that nickname!) So anyway, Fred did not tell us what was happening. Fred did not tell us, it’s like a blind date. So here we are. They keep telling us stuff and sometimes it’s helpful and sometimes it’s distracting. You’re here playing peek-a-boo. Now you’re attempting to have a non-amnesiac state of your physical world. Right? That’s one of the things you have been doing.

We are a master of physicality. We don’t like that word but it’ll do. The hilarious thing is you’re all dallying with your physical world as representation. They tell us this is a chair and this is a floor, and we suspect this is part of the problem. (What?) Apparently the physical experiences you’re currently having was not your primary mission for being here. Huh. Now it makes a little more sense! So your physical experience in this physical world is giving you the opportunity to interact with the actuality of physicality for the first time. We’re being told sometimes you call these subatomic particles. We’re skipping that. It’s not a physical structure you are navigating. You’ve fallen for the the tangibility fallacy. You are experiencing the flow of…wait…..we have to use the right word…movement.

It is not building blocks of matter. That is an incorrect model. We know this is the best your people have come up with. You go into it looking for what you already know. Movement offers a response. The Field of Infinite Possibilities? You have movement responding to your construction. All the way down to the subatomic particles. Particles should be the tip off. No, it’s not really how it works.

Underneath all those ideas is the truth. The truth is you are engaged in movement. You’re in a movement.

You’re not a bunch of little blocks. You are the result in a birth of movement. There was a movement and in that movement became tangibility. And then tangibility was broken down. Because you came here with amnesia, you decided you had to break tangibility into it’s component parts rather knowing it’s simply movement. It’s simply a movement of what-is. This paradigm shift away from the idea that everything you get is a Homo sapiens paradigm, and you will surrender that as you move into Homo spiritus. Everything is a movement, not a flow, it’s not passive. It’s a birth. The child is moved into the world, you are part of a movement. And what we would love to leave you with is that each and every part of you and everything around you is not something that needs to be broken down into component parts. Don’t try to see them as solid, see it as a movement that is being captured or stilled or slowed down even. Let yourself know that all you experience is in movement constantly. It’s almost like wind or water, how it flows in this movement into shapes, it moves and forms.

There’s a beauty and grace to it, more than any kind of building blocks you have. We’re hearing this word Legos. You are not Legos. You are a movement that has been forgotten and it’s time that you started recognizing that truth. That will connect you to the truth. You are in movement and everything around you as it responds to your interaction is in movement as well. It’s all movement. The rigidity and the boxing in of the Homo sapiens paradigm is being surrendered so you can be in movement in what you call Homo spiritus. We find that we are having to go right now as we are creating a physical drain.

Eloheim: Fred’s friend. Fred invites a friend to come by. We might have to explain. Fred’s friend is right. When a visitor comes along and says, what are they doing and why are they doing it that way?? And this friend decided you all are ready to hear a different paradigm about physicality. And yes, your scientists have worked very hard, and that model is very effective, up until to a point, and then it’s not. And tonight this visitor decided to tell you that the reality of your physicality is not still, not structured. It really is more liquid and really, liquid does not capture what we’re talking about.

Why is this important tonight? Because we’ve been talking about how the Big-B Body is interacting with your presence and it helps to go for it in an impassioned fashion. You are not a bunch of little blocks. Part of the difficulty of this discussion is how to break down this paradigm. What is the step-by-step process to changing the current paradigm that you’re in and to embracing the new one? To make space for the new paradigm, how do we help you release this paradigm you’re all trapped in? The way you’ve been up until now no longer serves you.

These things we’ve been doing together are to release you from the paradigms that have been holding you. It’s clear that the energetic from the friend is still permeating this room in a way that is unusual. We’re just talking over it to hold you together. There’s a huge shifting in the energetic and frankly, we’re just trying to find the best way to help you. It’s sort of a rewiring thing going on, a realignment.

Question: Is it like a flock of birds or fish? Starlings? Yes. The creation of shapes those birds make…when you perceive it, it doesn’t feel like Legos, it’s an animation. They move together to make something.

The scientific approach is driven by the unhealed Personality template and the SI primarily, it can only give you a certain amount. It can only give you a box, a shape. Because you feel you’re a shape and look around and see all these shapes, you start to imagine life is about shape and form and structure, and because those things reinforce feeling safe, structure and form start to be the important thing. Your world is defined in many ways by shape. You’re a woman, a man because you’re shaped like that. Fred’s friend decided to unveil the reality that shape is a notion of a Homo sapiens mindset. We are always humbled and honored by the fact that a visitor comes by, and pushed. And this one started changing things in Veronica’s body.

A question was asked-Was the primary movement of what-is the birth of the souls? We always tell you guys it’s all fractal. On one level, you could say, the fractal is the movement you were all born. That’s a movement. There’s a layer below all that, and that layer is where all-that-is is movement. It’s always been movement, and that movement has resulted in animation of infinite nature, an animation of an infinite variety of expression, presentation, opportunity. It’s difficult for Homo sapiens mind to capture that. When you are encountering your physical world, don’t let it feel fixed, structured, and done. Allow for the reality that it is in fluctuation. Vibration is a description scientists have used, but it is not this.

If you are able to experience a wall or a tree, for example as a movement, your experience of the world is snapshots and agreements. As a Homo spiritus, you ping the FIP and it frees the movement to express and continue to respond and reform to you in an evolving fashion to your expression. You’ve never been Legos, you always been movement and always been caught like a balloon floating across the sky getting trapped in a tree. We’re attempting to find ways to let you know that is not you as Homo spiritus. How do you free yourself from that? Allow everything have a new relationship with you or you with it.

The “I don’t know anything” and” Kid on Christmas morning” tools help me a lot with this offered one participant.

The energy is continuing to be processed by the group. We don’t remember any of the visitors leaving behind continuing energy to be processed like this.

Question: Fred’s friend being “masters of physicality,” what did they mean by that? We’re going to have Fred come talk about his friend, why should WE do it?

Fred: Okay! Surprise! Merry Christmas! You got a present! We like to mess with Eloheim sometimes. Esmeralda. We can make up a name. Esmeralda is a master of physicality. Master of physicality. And those words are completely wrong (giggle). We would refer to Esmeralda as a revealer of truth. Not any more helpful to you guys but it feels better to us. In your case, the truth that needed to be revealed was the movement thing, not the Lego thing. Esmeralda is often seen working with primal forces like gravity or the movement of galaxies. It’s a big job. Esmeralda got that job because of an infinity for the underlying nature of expression. In your world it could look like a singer who chooses to be louder in one part and quieter in another. Underneath that level is the impulse generated by an infinite number of things, like emotion expressed and moved into tangibility. Esmeralda works deep deep down in the initiation of the movement. Why does the galaxy go that way? What is the initiation of that? What is the impulse of those primal forces and does that primal force need shaping? That is Esmeralda’s work and privilege. There is an animation that results in tangibility.

Scientists have probably dreamed up reasons for it and that’s fine. What if the movement of the galaxy is an expression of movement. What if that is shaped? Esmeralda’s privilege is to be the singer of the galaxy. We thought that would be a good guest. You guys deserve to have visitors come by who are out there doing some stuff. So we did a surprise for our friends. We thought it would be kind of fun to put Eloheim in that position. (Laughter) You’re getting into our turf now and we have more to share. We’ve always been the one to want to push the envelope faster than Eloheim.

So when you reflect on the visitor’s message, don’t stop with movement. Allow yourself to reflect into how a being that has primary responsibility for expressing and shaping an entire galaxy decided you’re valuable enough, important enough, and regarded highly enough that you should be offered insight and perspective. Sometimes it so easy to imagine Homo sapiens as being so small that the visitors, who are not small and doing very large things, decided to come by and remind you you are not shapes, and it’s time you knew that. It’s actually movement that is really ready for you to interact with it, to allow it to be released into its true form. Ask in that place where you know truth lives and you’ll get the yes. Of course that’s true, and what happens because it’s true? Let it reveal. You are built, not from blocks and shapes, but from an expression of movement.

Everything you are doing is giving you the opportunity to unveil the true relationship between your gingerbread shape and what you regard as not your gingerbread shape. Our message to you there’s nothing more important to you than to fully reveal the honest and true experience of what you regard as physicality.

December 16, 2018

Be Nimble

Veronica is already feeling super altered again following our meeting from Wednesday with Esmeralda when she spent all of the next day feeling disoriented. That changed state will continue to unfold.

We want to celebrate you all a bit. Things like Esmeralda coming to visit don’t happen unless the community evolves. We know, from Veronica’s perspective from channeling Esmeralda, she does not recall a time when she felt that much energy, transformation, movement, the underlying ripple that is now being noticed in a new way. If any part of you imagines this is just getting started or may continue and then stop, this made you become cognizant of something that has always been happening. Watch it move. Everything always has been a movement. Moving is not the same as movement. Movement is the fact that all creation is a representation, a tangibility of the underlying movement of all-that-is. These words are very insufficient.

You don’t want to take a physical object and say “you’re moving.” Then your brain argues with reality of it not moving according to your eyes. It’s a tangible form of All-That-Is. It’s movement having a tangible experience in order to experience and explore density and duality, to experience amnesia, and to recover knowledge from the amnesiac state. That’s what’s going on. The energetic opening to that truth has been made in a new way. You have blocks to the idea that your desk is as tangibly you as your gingerbread shape. Your ability to say this desk is as valuable, as alive as what I believe animates my gingerbread shape, has not been easy for you guys to get a hold of. Well, clearly we’ve done our work well because Esmeralda comes along with the energetic of “now things are different.” We suspect that will continue to unfold as to how that actually plays out in you and what gift that gives you down the line. We have reached a transition point. Her visit has opened the doorway to what we have been discussing being real to you in new ways.

We like how she talked about shapes. We can use that shorthand of shapes. Don’t get lost in interacting with shapes.

We want to mention that Fred’s role in the Council will be changing, bringing in the opportunity for his unique viewpoint to be expressed more for the next few months. Look for more from Fred. Report on your experiences if you want to accelerate the timeline. This is important. Let’s say you’re not having those experiences. That’s important, too. If no one tells us what’s going, we have only what Veronica is experiencing to go on.

The group shared their experiences with things disappearing like TV stands and their own edges. Eloheim encouraged everyone to take notes, write these experiences down so they don’t get lost or ignored. They are important.

THE ENERGIES OF 2019: You’re going to see incredible transformation across the spectrum. One day won’t be same as the next, the same as the next, the same as the next. So it’s going to be incredibly important to stay nimble, intellectually and emotionally nimble. It’s important that you connect to your own personal truth, to what’s in your lap, to what is your focus, to your piece of the puzzle that you care about because there’s going to be so much information and so many pulls that are going to draw your attention. And trust in yourself, trust in others that there are others picking up pieces that you cannot pick up or carry.

2019 will be a milestone year in the history of your history. It is not a small thing by any stretch of the imagination. It’s like building a barn. Everyone has a different job, and everyone chipping in gets the barn built. The level of spiritual evolution of the human that is going to be tangible and accessible is going to be far greater than ever before. It’s going to require commitment, attention, focus, remembering that you want it. It’s easy to slip out of focus and become distracted. You’re going to have to treat it a little more like Olympic athletes treat training. There’s going to be so many distractions that you’re going to have to commit to it on a new level. Transformation is literally there for you to grab.

Most cultural traditions, most humans do not like nor are set up for change. You must be nimble. Check in with yourself about the things you feel rigid about. Make sure they are reflecting your current truth of you as an evolving human. Your society has evolved at a fever pace, especially with advent of the internet and your cell phones. It is outpacing many members because change triggers the SI. See how you personally relate to things changing, to the alteration of your society, your community, your family. Even when the changes are a good new. You’re going to be called on to be energetic leaders more and more, and you will need to stand in your truth and use your personal tools.

We suspect that there’s a strong chance there will will be at least one or two large scientific discoveries later into 2019 that will revolutionize your world as well. The likelihood that those discoveries being positively embraced by your worldwide communities will be influenced by how the first six months of 2019 are handled with this whole change and transformation thing. It’s a serious year for those of you have been serious about your evolution and how society evolves. You will have to be nimble. Some people will retreat into rigidity as a defensive reaction. As you face change, it’s important that you are nimble and reflect how this gives you the opportunity to look at the situation with new eyes. Ask, what can I bring to this now, how can I use this as a doorway? 2019 is going to ask something of you. Those requests are doorways waiting for you to walk into your evolved state. The doorway or the pit of rigidity? Which will you choose? You can’t have change without change.

Freedom from Homo sapiens and the revealing of Homo spiritus is one of the biggest changes to take place on this planet. It is now here in 2019. Change creates change and opens doorways to further change. Change needs to be something you’re accustomed to, to be right and good for you going forward.

As we move into Homo spiritus, shit gets real. It’s like the Big Bang. Each of you becomes your own big bang, energetically moving this world so you have to have your shit together in 2019. There’s going to be a time when your energetic leadership matters and this is it. This is exponentially more of a jump than going from one Level to the next. We’re not just refining something, we’re changing into something completely different. You’re going to have to be responsible for your interactions in your world.

The key: you’re going to have to be nimble. So be ready. You’ve been put on notice.

Question: How do I move through the bodily issues and pain that feel like limitations? A: Treat it like a classroom, as a classroom for exploration. If you can do it when you’re not feeling well, you’re building that muscle for when you feel better. Finances and illnesses are common areas where these feelings come up. If you’re in it, you’re in it. It’s not easy to explore the experience without resistance. Those words can used in any of the transformations coming up. Explore the experience. If you explore it, you will find new insights. Make it meaningful.

It doesn’t have to be described as “turmoil” coming up. A situation can be reinforced by the paradigm you previously imagined. Be nimble as things occur and process them as doorways. Don’t forget you are no longer operating as Homo sapiens. Look for clarity and walk through a doorway.

None of this is meant to scare you or activate the SI in you. You are your own Big Bang. All these things like Esmeralda showing up and doing what she did energetically are signs. It’s not necessarily trauma, it’s transformation. How are you going to process it? The Homo spiritus event is here. Be nimble. Bring everything you’ve been taught.

We have so much love and appreciation for all of you.

December 26, 2018

End of Year Council Meeting: Don’t Retreat into Rigidity

Guardians: After looking at the energetics, the Guardians declared the energetics smooth in the area tonight. There’s a sense of anticipation for the opportunities and challenges for 2019.

As we feel into the energies of 2019, the dawning of a new age, the underlying structure of that is for you to remember that you have been building a foundation to lean into and believe in year after year. Your house is built on a solid foundation. That gives you strength, power, and capability as an energetic leader in a way that can be a model to others and a way for you to feel it as a constructive journey rather than a jolting one. We imagine it like a roller coaster ride, a part of what you expected that delights and surprises and challenges and gives you opportunities for new things in positive ways. Allow yourself to feel that. It is a normal part of the journey. You have to be willing to encounter and embrace new things and transformation. Let them be fuel for your fire, your journey. You’re going to encourage these things to occur. It is a time of opening.

This is my first choice. This tool has been talked about a lot. I’m not going to shy away from this or make this something that it’s not so that it feels like it used to be. It’s, I am going to say yes to this change, to embrace the doorway, not retreat into rigidity.

Visionaries: Opening, opening, opening. You are in a grand time of opening into the new. Now that the Body/Healed Personality/Awareness template is yours to act on, and letting it be active. It represents power and opportunity to move in a new way, to offer a new perspective on day-to-day life. This year has been a very progressive year.

Remember to access the new perspective. It’s very easy for the unhealed Personality template to activate itself. Am I being present, engaging Awareness, knowing I don’t end at my skin as I navigate my day-to-day life? Am I noticing evidence of transformation, of unusual things happening? Or am I slipping back into old patterns? You have to notice and follow up. It’s important to notice unusual things and don’t talk yourself out of them or retreat into rigidity! Celebrate them! Only you can make you do this. Only you can make the choice.

Eloheim: Don’t retreat into rigidity. We like that. It has felt like this before when we’re at a point when we feel like we just want to push you guys. We have learned not to push and scream and yell at you anymore.

Teeter totter…you have a choice. On one side is this impulse to treat something new as something to be corrected into something old. Something occurs and the temptation is to say, you should be the way you were before. You can’t let that unhealed Personality template reoccur. Ask, what is the opportunity here? Abide in this fact, and at least be neutral and feel into-is clarity calling?

What we’re offering you here to your sensory system you cannot necessarily see yet. It’s here, you just don’t notice it. It could be anything. Our job going forward is to continue to distort your realities, your perspective, until you stop selling yourself short. When something unusual occurs, let yourself engage with it. When you retreat into rigidity, you’re letting the unhealed Personality take over, that’s not where the FIP or clarity arises.

Questions were put forth and discussed regarding sentience and consciousness around physicality; is the soul expressed as aspects of one’s soul or is it essentially nonphysical; how does the relationship work between the individual’s energy and the rest of those in the shared physical world in regards to not ending at our skin?

All these are great questions but going mental about how things work is retreating into rigidity. Don’t wait to engage with unusual things before figuring them out. You don’t know how your own cell phone works and yet you still use it. You’re not going to be able to use your thinking to describe how these things happen.

Fred: What do we have to add concerning Esmeralda’s visit last time? Rigidity-Esmeralda could have retreated into rigidity by throwing up objections about coming here, instead she came here through the doorway and interacted with your energetic fields. She realized that experience is the goal not the outcome for the Homo sapiens on this planet. That’s hilarious, you five convinced her that this wasn’t a goal-oriented society, that you were here for the experience! We laughed and laughed considering how goal-oriented most Homo sapiens are. You conned her into believing that your planet this wasn’t a goal-oriented society! What it shows is the potential of humanity to represent to the non-goal oriented galactic society that you’re here to express.

As you express, feel yourself dropping in and down through the fractal layers of your existence trying to mine everything that is here now. As you do this, you are transforming and evolving who you are. You don’t have to leave this now to have all that you desire. We hope to guide you into the tangibility that everything you desire is in this now. Just let it happen, don’t think about it, just experience it, let your expression be your existence, and let it reveal clarity on clarity. Each step you go deep into your expression. Drop in and down the next time something comes up, a worry, a wonder, a passion. First drop in and down. Reclaim the energetic we’re in tonight, the potential of humanity is to not be an outcome species. We can build on that.

Goodnight. We’ll see you in 2019.


Four Sessions held in December 2018

Price: $24.99