Four Sessions held in July 2020

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July 5, 2020

Eloheim offers a new process for discovering sneaky personality using the “fantastical” things that we have considered and allowed personality to talk us out of. What’s your fantastical thing? Teleportation, levitation, healing, instantaneous manifestation, or? A fun and powerful session that is very helpful in unveiling the ways that sneaky personality is affecting us.

July 8, 2020

Fantastical Ideas

On Sunday, we introduced an idea and it seems like some folks got confused so we’ll start from there.
The idea is this: what is a fantastical idea that has enchanted you in some way over the years? Levitation ideas, manifestation, teleporting, flying: things that you don’t have evidence of in your society. When we say to you, what is your fantastical thing, what comes up within you when you imagine doing or being that fantastical thing? And then we look at what Personality is throwing at you about it. We change the relationship to what Personality is throwing at you, not to activate the fantastical thing, rather to realize the sneaky Personality that’s involved itself in the process and has gone unnoticed. Therefore, its affects on you have not been mitigated and sneaky Personality not surrendered around the idea. That results in a better abiding in Awareness.

Some folks said they can’t think of a fantastical thing or something that has felt out of reach. It’s not about the fantastical thing. It’s almost irrelevant, other than it’s coated with sneaky Personality. The goal is finding a new way to illuminate where sneaky Personality has gone hidden, unnoticed, undealt with. Personality loves it because it makes you feel limitation. Then it’s in charge.

We’re looking for the places where limitation has grabbed you and you don’t realize it. Instead of a fantastical thing, we could have asked where have you always wanted to go? What comes up for you around that idea? And you take whatever comes up and you stare it down. Because it’s b.s. It’s sneaky Personality. Can you afford it? That’s not the actual question. You’re only acting with it on the basis of Personality, period. Remember, Awareness is the Field. of. Infinite. Possibilities. Personality says yeah, yeah, that idea is pos-s-s-s-sible. Someday. Awareness says I don’t know what’s possible, it’s all possible.

Don’t let arrogance sneak in to tell you it knows what’s right. What you want to do is to engage with it in a neutral way. Neutral is work, people. Neutral says I have every temptation and habit and cultural conditioning and DNA pressure pushing on me. It’s like a hundred tennis balls coming at you on the tennis court. Neutral does not mean no tennis balls fly at you, it means you keep your stuff together while you dodge. You stay in a place that says it’s more important for me to do the steps that lead me to abide in Awareness than to fall for the lie of Personality one more time. So, the real question is, is there any sneaky Personality affecting me right now as I contemplate this fantastical idea? We’re looking for a vastly changed state, not a logical answer or navigating a non-triggered state. It’s a different stance. You’re engaged with idea in a completely different way.

The first place you start is that you forgot about the “infinite” part of the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Personality cannot be the place I go to when this idea comes up for me. Just breaking through the idea that I’m only in Personality about this is a huge step. I may not be in Awareness, but I can definitely recognize that I’m not going to only be in Personality about it. Subatomic particles respond to Presence. Subatomic particles do not show up in Personality. Personality cannot be in charge of subatomic particles or you will likely blow up the planet next time you’re angry. This is why you can’t have instant manifestation while in Personality.

This doesn’t have to be about something fantastical. It can be about ordinary tasks where you have assumptions and sneaky Personality about it as well. This includes biases like racism, homophobia, sexism. This tool helps you see what you’re bringing along with you that sometimes is impossible to notice in any other way. It’s in places where people set themselves apart from others. You’re just present without all that stuff showing up with you.
This is what we call “seeding the field.” Normally we say it and just keep talking. We use fantastical ideas to break sneaky Personality. And in seeding the field, by the way, we’re reminding you that those fantastical ideas are real things when you’re in Awareness and impossible to access when you’re in sneaky Personality.

When you’re in Awareness, infinite things upfold. The tapestry of Awareness starts to unroll itself and the exploration of those things commences. The more you can stand in the place of I am open and I don’t know, I am neutral, and as clarity and choiceless choice arises and you move with it, the more you experience the power of this whole thing. Personality is still here and it’s still trying but that’s not how I engage with the world. It’s that dodging-of-the-tennis-balls thing.

As you go about your day, notice what is hanging around you, what assumptions hanging around like Pigpen’s (a character from Snoopy) cloud of dust that hangs around him. It hangs around you without you even being aware of it. When something is perceived as impossible, that perception is not just on the fantastical idea, it’s showing up in other places, too. It helps you to heal your addiction to using it as a way for your Personality to dictate your experience.
(Group discussion ensues)

“It’s never happened for anyone else” is only dancing in the realm of possibilities that Personality offers. Personality says it’ll never happen for you, but you should still try even though it has never worked. It’s not possible because it’s never happened. Well, first, how do you know that’s true? And really, are you going to let sneaky Personality tell you something is impossible because no one else has done it? Would you let us get away with telling you can’t do something? No! But you’ll let Personality tell you it’s impossible!

How many assumptions do we take for granted? The Black Lives Matter movement is bringing to light racial disparities across the spectrum, specifically for black people. What if that helps illuminate bias in all ways? Oh, I wasn’t noticing I was making assumptions. In other words, I wasn’t noticing I was letting Personality be in charge of this interaction rather than Presence. That detachment is what we are working on right now. It’s whatever you’re bringing into the now with you that is keeping you from experiencing Awareness that needs to go.

“Personality hides as talking to ourselves in our heads so it can get away with a lot.” Awareness does not need to talk to itself. That’s the whole neutral thing.

As for assumptions, “why not just let Awareness be in in charge and quit working so hard to keep all these P-balls spinning in the air when Personality can’t get the job done?” Exactly. Personality is so busy justifying its existence it takes a lot to keep it going. And again, you don’t notice the work Personality requires of you until you start surrendering it. It’s infinitely much easier to live from Awareness. The bridge from Personality to Awareness feels like a lot of work because you are shaking loose a lot of fake certainty. The resulting ease is incredible.
If I did teleport to Paris, I couldn’t bullshit myself anymore. I couldn’t play small. I would be faced with own magnificence. That saying by Marianne Williamson*, the “fear that you are powerful beyond measure” may come up when you contemplate your fantastical idea. Personality says, what does that mean?? That’s not Personality’s job. Your job is to let go of the first part of her statement and abide in the second part.

*“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” -Marianne Williamson 1992, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson, Chapter 7: Work, Quote Page 165, Published by HarperCollins, New York.

The very first time you all teleport somewhere, it’s unlikely to be to Paris. That would be being mean to yourself! It’s likely to be across the room. If teleportation was in the queue for you, it would not be international during a pandemic! Teleporting from here to the ottoman is far kinder than to another country in the middle of the night.
When you’re in Awareness, it’s less work. “It’s like relaxing a hand that has been clenched for so many lifetimes. It’s fallen into the belief that it’s grabbing. Initially, when it’s asked to relax grabbing, it will experience it as a kind of grabbing, however, it’s a surrender of an existing effort into effortless Awareness. Every bit of relaxing you do helps you relax all the way.” Dennis

When you have had your hand clenched for awhile, that action of letting go feels unusual and strange because your muscles have been contracted. Yet your natural state is the state of relaxation. Perfect example and points for Dennis!

What comes up when you contemplate your wanting of some super discernment power? Come’s down to what’s in your lap. How does that affect you? What comes up for you personally about it? Surrender the idea that you have the idea how it should be done or the solution. Every time it comes up, use “that’s Personality telling me how to solve it using Personality, and will only give me more Personality.”

“It’s impossible because I’ve never done it before.” Having not done it before doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you haven’t done it yet. You have to continue to work on it, you have to be steady on one thing until it breaks through. Personality comes up with all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t. All that is Personality b.s., and none of that surpasses willingness. Don’t let arrogance nor Personality talking down to you sneak in. You’ve got to stick with it until it shifts. You can do this, and it will be incredible when you do.

The idea that “this thing is a big problem and you should be concerned with it and nothing about it can ever be solved, but you should just be freaked out by it anyway” keeps you out of Awareness. It puts you on the Personality treadmill and you’ll never get off. It will only give me more Personality, and I refuse to continue to navigate from the Personality mindscape and I want to set that down.

The actual difference that you all have the potential to make will be made by being consistently in Awareness. The opportunity for transformational acts that you will facilitate is not going to come from being a really great Personality. It comes from making that evolutionary jump into Awareness. That is the difference you can make, the gift you can give to this planet. If you abide in Awareness consistently and you give up on the addiction to Personality, the difference you make in the lives of the human species will be far more profound than any famous person, alive or dead, you can pick. The gift I have to give to the world is abiding in Awareness consistently. Everything unfolds from there. I don’t have to know what, when, how or where. It requires something very profound from each of you, and that is surrendering Personality, surrendering the operating system that has been in place since the planet was formed. And that’s a big freaking deal. And it’s a very focused thing. You have to do one thing over and over and over, and then don’t slip back and try to evaluate the thing you’ve done. The name of this game is staying steady and willingness and keeping an eye out for Personality that’s messing you up today and surrendering it. Don’t have an outcome in mind.

This will change if you’re steady. When it shifts, even for a second, you’ll never want to go back. You might bounce around a bit, but you don’t want to go back. It can be challenging, but once you taste it, you don’t settle. You want to make a difference in this world? You’re making it right now or you wouldn’t be here on this call. You’re the tip of the spear, you don’t know where it’s going but you’re the tip of it. Dennis

Every single thing you’ve ever done, you’ve had to practice to get good at it. Don’t let Personality b.s. you people, telling you you can’t or how this should go or what it feels like. Catching, surrendering, choosing Presence over Personality. It’s tempting to imagine Awareness as a concept. Awareness is…fill in the blank. Personality cannot tell you what Awareness is. You can only experience it once you surrender Personality to make room to experience it. It’s an actual visceral experience of a vastly changed state that comes from having surrendered Personality’s sticky hold on you.

July 19, 2020

Powerful discussion filled with loads of examples from the community highlighting what happens when we contemplate “unlikely” things and how Personality attempts to shape our experience of them.

July 22, 2020

Full Council: Splishy Splashy Times and the Goat

Guardians: Let’s see what’s going on. You all are IN it. It’s stirred up. It reminds of us of when Veronica was on a cruise ship to Alaska and there had been a big storm that came from Hawaii that made the waves choppy all the way over by California. The swimming pool was sloshing everywhere so she immediately got her suit on and jumped in the pool while the waves in the pool were five-six feet high. She splished and splashed in the churned-up pool until a cruise employee came by and told her to get out, that even though she was having fun, it was a very bad idea! Some splishy splashy is probably affecting you or observable by you. it’s a time of big, big transformation and it’s no surprise by now, and it feels like it’s happening in uncontrollable ways. You don’t have to be in the ocean of this splishy splashy at this time, but you might be in the pool. On the ship, there was a container of splishy-splashy uncertainty within a feeling of security. As you interact with the splishy splashy of the world right now, make sure you interact with and recognize what is actually true. It’s totally appropriate to be moved or say something’s going on here and use choiceless choice as to how you want to engage with all that. Remember what is true now so that you recognize that you’re in the swimming pool, not in the ocean because your nervous systems are going to want to process it as though you’re drowning in the ocean. Whereas, what you’re doing is experiencing profound transformation within a container. A container of experience. Is this true for every single person on the planet? No, absolutely not. Some folks are in the ocean. However, if you’re not, you’re able to have a different emanational affect. And it’s best, if you’re not in the ocean, to not pretend or imagine or let yourself be conned by Personality into believing you are.

So, you can be very moved, very concerned, wanting to be involved in everything that’s splishy splashy out there, but you also need to recognize when your emotional system and survival instinct are casting you into the ocean rather than letting you have an impact from the swimming pool. Remember not all of your impact on the world needs to be direct physical action. Emanation impact, being an energetic leader, has a profound effect, especially when we’re talking not just Level 6 but Awareness emanation. Then it has an exponential effect. Offering Awareness emanation is a huge contribution. It comes from getting deeply, deeply present rather than matching energy. You’re making a huge contribution every single time you surrender Personality’s dominance.

Visionaries: Clarity. In a confusing world, exacerbated world, it can be so tempting to look for certainty. I know this is the way it is, I know this is true, I know this is a fact. Personality makes a stand, is defensive. Clarity is illusive, not as sharp and intense. It is not familiar to you. It’s softer, less masculine, more receptive. That experience is something you have to train yourself to appreciate. It’s softer. Less Tarzan. More peaceful. Your societies in general don’t appreciate that. They honor the noisy ones. The quieter ones often don’t get noticed. Yet, if you keep doing Personality, you’re only going to get more Personality.

We have to look at clarity, when it arises, when you appreciate it or ignore it. Clarity doesn’t start from: I have an answer or I know better. Where does clarity come from? It comes from being very present to the temptation to be pulled out of the now, the temptation to create an outcome or solution or jam an answer into a situation. Clarity is what is left then. All those other things are highly adrenalized, super driven by the survival instinct and highly uncomfortable. When all that is taken off, set down, what remains is Awareness, clarity, the FIP. So, the next time you feel kerfuffled inside yourself, don’t scramble for the answer or clarity. Surrender. Set down the temptation to define the now. Just say no, I won’t. Keep surrendering and setting it down. Clarity is always available. It’s that timing thing. Clarity is available to you in right timing when it fits in with the rest of the unfolding tapestry. In the meantime, allow yourself to be present and drawn to what feels appropriate in your presence. Whatever it is. And in right timing. Like surfers waiting for a wave, that is all part of when you actually ride the wave of clarity and choiceless choice. They’re all part of the same mechanism. Quiet, active, quiet. Don’t let Personality divide up something that is whole by telling which parts deserve more emphasis.

Eloheim: Apparently, we’re doing water analogies tonight! Those were both great. Feel free to type while we come back from that. Whew.

Surfers waiting for the right wave was a great visual for me. (Randy)

We like the reminder that the quiet time and active time are the same thing, but Personality has told you to value the active and devalue the quiet time.

We feel like 2020 is just going to keep on giving you more 2020. This year feels like the year where the wheat gets separated from the chaff. This is the year of character, where you learn about your character and the character of others. This is the year when it’s playing out. Character shows up in so many different ways. It doesn’t show up only in insider trader or breaking the law. It shows up in people saying, I can change. It shows up in people saying it’s time for change. It shows up in as people saying, I’m not going to sit in shame as to how things have been as much I’m going to change and transform in this space and under these circumstances. Some people cling to old identities and roles and paths and patterns. A lot of times those kinds of people get the notoriety. Veronica saw a survey that in 2008, 36% of the people believed there’s racism, discrimination in people of color in America. It’s doubled now. 68 % of people say yeah, there’s a problem here. Let’s do something about it. That’s a shocking change in twelve years. To bring it into our community, there’s Personality saying, okay okay okay, I’m not going to settle for Level 6. Where we’re at right now is having enough of you say Level 6 isn’t good enough. Even though Level 6 helps you be more comfortable. Even though many lightworkers thought this is the best thing you can do. We’ve said anything past Level 4 is cool. But we’re at that point where it’s….and? And! Level 6 is the fallback plan, people. Remember when Level 6 was pie in the sky? Now Level 6 is your back up plan! Let that sink in. Well, here we are.

We talked a lot over the past few months about things like when you think of a fantastical idea, what comes up for you? Because we were trying to push you into situations where things don’t normally come up for you so that you realize where sneaky Personality is still hanging in there. There are still places where Personality is still glomming on to you. If you don’t notice those places, the best you’re going to get is Level 6 in those places. It’s here but it’s not bugging me that much or I know what to do with it.

Veronica was reading a book recently where one of the characters had a difficult childhood and finally decided to share it with a group of friends. So, the rest thought they should each share something difficult they hadn’t shared before. That’s an opportunity. That’s another place that you can do that’s like the fantastical idea. What’s the thing that is my secret shame, secret embarrassment, the thing nobody knows about me, the thing I don’t want people to know about me? See what comes up when you consider that thing. The thing that comes up is going to be Personality.

Personality is saying people are going to reject you or think about you differently if they know this thing about me. It’s an opportunity to take things that are fears and anxieties and instead of replaying those fears and insecurities and anxieties and letting your nervous system freak out once again, it’s almost like you’re watching them on a movie screen. Keep a separate space for them and say I recognize this. See what comes up and identify them as some more Personality. See how they have been impacting you and giving you the opportunity to shed more Personality. Because whatever shows up there is also showing up in other places in your life. When you surrender it around the secret, you surrender it around other places in your life. That’s the benefit here.

Finding categories like that where you can catch sneaky Personality is beneficial. Where is the sneaky Personality hidden in my reaction to this situation, a movie, a book, a song, a play, a FB post, a tv show. What does Personality try to tell you about you in relationship to that stimulus? Instead of reacting to that FB post, step back, and say what is Personality trying to tell me about this? Where’s the limitation in this? Stand back and let that dynamic illuminate Personality in you. It’s more helpful by a billion more percent than you diving in and trying to swim in all that stimulus. Especially if you go in with the stance of, I’m right and you’re wrong. One more person screaming fake news is not going to move the needle on societal transformation. One more person significantly surrendering Personality and abiding in Awareness and moving on choiceless choice absolutely can move the needle on societal transformation. So, make your choice. Let these things help you to notice your own Personality, notice where limitation is dominant, notice where the survival instinct is tempted to become involved. Stand back from it, not to be numb or checked out or be better than this, but to see it as an opportunity to surrender the Personality that is still affecting you so that you can be in Awareness and emanate the modified template to your society, which is the greatest gift you can give to anyone especially in these splishy splashy times. Use the stimulus that comes in in a different way.

Girls: Hi! You amazing beings you, doing amazing things, allowing for more amazing things to occur. Allowing, we like this word allowing. You’re allowing. Here’s the thing. You don’t have to chase down Awareness or go looking for it, you just have to stop overlooking it. It’s always there. You just overlook it and go do what Personality says I should do instead. It’s an allowance. You stop putting things in the way, making reasons and excuses, you stop doing that. Just stop it! At some point it becomes a big DUH. Allow yourself to be in Awareness. Allow yourself to be released from the deep, deep habit of Personality. Just allow it to happen.

So, what happens when you start talking about the word allow? You start to have deserving to come up. Allow yourself to drop into the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Personality tells you, you don’t deserve it. There’s no deserving threshold here. That’s not how this works. Allow yourself, give yourself permission to say, I’m not going to fall for the distraction or I don’t deserve it or I haven’t earned it, for whatever crap reason Personality comes up with.
Remember, this is your lifetime where there’s nothing in between you and your experience of Awareness. There’s freedom in that. None of you want to be told what to do by anyone in order to deserve to be treated differently. That’s Personality telling you what to do in order to check the boxes. Do those ten steps and then be evaluated by Personality. This is the lifetime where you don’t do that b.s. It’s obvious now when you or the other person is in Awareness. No one is going to check off the boxes or give you a gold star to tell you that you are in Awareness, that you have accomplished it. Run far away if anyone tries.

Warrior: You’re in the forest now, people. One of the things about being the forest is a lot of times is that you can’t see the stars. And sometimes that makes it hard to know where you are. If you’re on a journey and you can’t see the stars, it’s really easy to get lost. Are you lost? You sure haven’t been able to see the stars for a while. The problem is Personality will tell you what the stars mean. North is right. Don’t let Personality tell where north is or that it even matters!

Before times changed for us, we just hung out in the forest, hunting, eating, sleeping. Sometimes a villager would come along and wanted help in some kind of kerfuffle going on. We didn’t mind doing that. We just experienced and explored in whatever kind of situation we were in. A villager might show up and say, we only have one goat but we’ll give you the goat if you save us from the marauders. We didn’t take their goat! Just feed us and we’ll help. Don’t take their goat. They need it for their family. You don’t take their goat just because you can. Character. Care about what everybody else is going through as well what you’re going through.

One time a scrawny young boy comes and finds us in the forest. It’s impossible to tell how old he is due to his lack of food and unending work. He’s anywhere from 8-13. It’s always bad when the kid comes instead of the dad or granddad. You gotta be desperate to send your kid. Why would you do that? Somebody’s dad is hurt and grandad can’t come, so kid has to come. Imagine you’re the kid, having to be that brave. This kid has been running for days. He’s a mess, hungry, dirty, wild eyed, crying, scared. This kid shows up and there are eight of us. He’s looking for help standing in the middle of a bunch of bad-assed men twice his size. He says, “please sir, we’ll give you the goat.” That’s how he started. We’re getting emotional just thinking about it. When they start with that, you know they’re on the brink. So that we do not lose our entire family, we’re giving you the goat so that some of our family survives. It’s that desperation that brought him in front of us. So, we put the kid on the horse with us and we just start riding. Character. We made our way back to his place following his trail. And we fed him until he fell asleep eating. His dad had broken his leg. Grandpa met us with a pitchfork. We introduce ourselves, fix up the dad’s leg. There’s the goat. And the boy. Most people would just take the goat and the daughters and leave. But we stayed awhile and helped his family. Why do we tell this story? The character of those people. Courage in times of profound uncertainty. Don’t let Personality tell you what’s possible, people. Please? Because you never know what’s around the corner when you show up in your integrity, when you offer your clarity, when you’re courageous in the face of uncertainty and you don’t demand it go your way. You just say, please sir, we’ll give you the goat. Did the boy know when he set off through the forest that he would grow up and end up with 30 kids and be happy as can be? No. Ah, we admired him so much. Character. It matters. It’s going to matter even more. As the months wear on in this miraculously incredible year you’re in, it’s going to matter even more. Character.

Fred: Wow. It’s been awhile since we had a Warrior story. We like when he gets all mushy when he tells his stories. He’s a big dude with a big heart and he doesn’t get all shamed about crying or being emotional. It’s more the category of being in awe. It’s beautiful, that masculine vulnerable energy, especially when he knows about 37 ways to end your life in three seconds!

Let’s just feel into the energies and see what we can best offer you right now. We’re going to go back to the water. Imagine you’re on a sailing ship for your first voyage, and on that ship you haven’t seen shore for awhile, and as you point in a direction according to the stars, you don’t know when you’re going to reach shore. You just hope it’ll be available at some point. There’s the confidence of your fellow sailors who are saying, ah shore, we know it’s there, we’ll find it soon, but you’ve never done it. There you are, so many nights, sleeping, working, still no shore. Winds, storms, still no shore. What are you going to do? You’re going to be present to your tasks. What do you have to do with yourself? Do you pine away for shore or are you present for your first voyage on your ship? Personality will have you pining away and missing your first trip. Personality will tell you it only matters if we land on certain shores or it only counts if we make it in a certain number of days. It’s going to give you a story. The truth is, you’re on the ship and there’s all kinds of interesting characters to talk to or learn from, and always something to be cooked or cleaned. Are you going to miss that? You can be present to the shore when you get to the shore. If you always want something other than the now, if that seems insufficient, well, make it more, by fascination, creativity, by deep presence, by not skipping over it, by seeking what lies there instead of thinking the shore will be more interesting. You have the saying, it’s the journey, not the destination so this isn’t new news to you. It’s just putting it into the category of the journey is Presence, destination is Personality. it’s unfortunate truth that Personality wants you to skip over what’s happening. Don’t fall for it.

Matriarch: Wow. What a combination of each of them and their contributions. We hold the energetic truth, the template, container, tapestry, whatever word you like, so that all of you have something to match energy to. Your society very rarely offers the energetic of Awareness to match so we hold it. You can always know that. We’ve been holding that forever and will hold it forever to come. That energy of you in Awareness, of no longer doubting with Personality, it’s always there. If you need our help, you can always ask for that energy. Allow it. Thank you. Goodnight.

Four Sessions held in July 2020

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