Three sessions held in December 2014

This package includes audio and video of three sessions held in December 2014.


Price: $24.99

December 10, 2014 Sonoma

December 17, 2014 Sonoma

December 21, 2014 Q&A

Questions answered:
What do I most need to know to reach for my highest possible level of consciousness at this time?

my question is more a request for you to offer any additional insights through which I may reveal more for myself as I experience the releasing of energies with the bodywork. I want to eek out as much from these upcoming sessions and this time as I can.

Do you see anything in my energy field that I could benefit from seeing before the year end – or anything else you feel you want to share would be wonderful. I am especially interested in my soul-plan.

The anxiety I have experienced for some time now has diminished since we talked last. However, it is still somewhat present; would you please scan my energies and offer your insights. Is it something I am resisting? what change am I not wanting to make? Does my core emotion have a play here? Or is it something I have not thought about or be able to fully help? Very grateful for any insights you can offer me.

About every two weeks or so, I go to sleep feeling fine and wake up with a strong headache in my forehead. What could be causing this? And how can I learn to work with it beyond trying to mask the pain?

I have come to realize that by working for a minimum wage in a health shop for the last 2 years I am not valuing my time enough. I ve been thinking of starting my own business connected to health in some way but I am apprehensive. I get very tired at work and it makes it difficult to think straight when I am physically exhausted. I know I am on the verge of some fundamental change though and I am getting a feeling my current job is no longer my energetic match. I am conflicted whether to just simply quit or carry on until I find or create something else. This job is part time and not my main source of income. Can you read my energetics to assist me figuring out my next steps. Thank you.

In order to move forward into 2015 it’s important I’m true to myself and others. To prepare for this, my truth, I clearly see the relationship with my current partner has to come to an end. (Construction not destruction) My tools are there for me also Veronica and the beautiful people within this group. Eloheim please look at my energetics, I know my decision is what I want. Would you give me energetically through your words, anything that would help make this transition as smooth as possible.

How can I support my body properly so that it can be the perfect vehicle to support me in making a leap in my life and consciousness?
I am currently dealing with fatigue and weight gain. How do I makes sense of the fatigue and weight gain — have these served me in some way, and how can I let go of the weight?

I feel like the people around me and in my life disrespect me and are unappreciative. How can I change my reaction to their actions and feelings towards me?


ALL three sessions in one package!

Price: $24.99