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2012-06-06 ~ 80 minutes

Powerful exploration of the tool “First choice.”

The Guardians highlighted that energies are very intense and kind of messy right now since we are in a “cleaning out the energy mode.” They pointed out that we do not need to “understand” the patterns which we are releasing. We do not need to justify the release. Just let the patterns go ENERGETICALLY and then fill that space with soul’s perspective. Fully choose to lay the old patterns down and walkaway. Then call on The Guardians to help clear away the energy.

The Visionaries pointed out that as we ensoul more of the soul’s energy in the body we are going be way more sensitive to the change in the body’s vibratory rate. One of the ways to calm the body’s triggers around spiritual growth is to stop saying things like, “I give up!” or “I don’t want to be here.”

Eloheim reminded that the idea of “this is my first choice” is very simple but extremely profound underneath. We often experience our creations as if the are “telling us what to do” and we are then tempted to resist accepting our creations because it feels like we are being “bullied” into accepting them. When we view what is occurring as our “first choice,” it helps us experience everything that is happening is TRULY our creation. It ultimately gets down to, “my first choice is to experience myself as a Creator.”

The Matriarch concluded the meeting by tying “first choice” into “step by step.”

2012-06-09 ~ Q&A in Sebastopol ~ 86 minutes

2012-06-13 Eloheim Channeling Session

This meeting consisted of Eloheim, only, talking in depth about the “this is my first choice” tool.

The point of the tool is that it interrupts the habitual patterns in the brain. ‘This is my first choice’ gets you out of habitual responses and into alignment with what is. “I am a creator and I am not hiding from that truth, and all the things that are being created can teach me something.” It’s happening FOR me. Then ask for insight from your soul.

The “first choice,” the acceptance, puts you on a new stepping stone. “I am brand new here; what is the opportunity?” Being a new person on each step, you re-evaluate based on the place you are in now. With “first choice,” you are clean; you don’t generate static and are aware of your opportunities. You own it and work with it, and this allows things to unfold in a wonderful way. Magic starts to happen. In level 8, your creation perpetuates. And, since it’s always your first choice, you’re not putting any static between you and your creation perpetuating.

Baggage and static: Your baggage isn’t all bad. Your baggage is you, what you’ve accumulated and accomplished in your life. The point is to not allow baggage to create static in the moment or in new situations. You bring your whole package into the moment, but then the choice is there: static or no static – static or empty space? To choose no-static, be willing to abide in the uncertainly and discomfort in order to see what’s on the other side. Be present. When you accept your creations, you don’t generate static. Looking at it doesn’t create static. Static is created by unconsciousness and resistance to what is.

This tool is not about victimhood or abuse. “This is my first choice, period.” Or “This is my first choice, I created it – and I’m NOW setting a boundary!” And it’s not about self-victimhood either: “I created this, so I suck.” “I suck” is the largest static generator of all; it creates a literal barrier between you and magnetizing your needs and desires. You are magnetic beings and you will magnetize good things to you if you clear static. So accept the package of you, the baggage of you, and make new choices.

You are doing one of the bravest things there is to do in the universe right now. This is not for sissies. Earth is not for wimps, by a huge margin.

2012-06-20 ~ 80 minutes

An extensive exploration and clarification of the “First Choice” tool by the entire Council.

2012-06-27 ~ 101 minutes

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A powerful, transitional meeting. We are in a new time and a new energetic and Eloheim explains how to use it to maximize your spiritual growth.

Profound session which shed light on living from the expanded sense of Self in a way that is high vibrationally consistent in our everyday/moment experience.

The Guardians urged us to explore what more can we ask in order to deepen the exploration of Self. In this spiral expansion there is no stopping point. They reminded us, “If you are not asking you cannot receive.” If we write down all the new things that are happening due to our asking for expansion it helps us notice the internal changes that are reflected in our external experience. This gives us a new way of experiencing Self and our life beyond what the survival instinct wants us to believe.

The Visionaries cautioned us to monitor how and where the much habituated victim hood tries to pop up. In some cases it might pop up as low-vibrational humor. Let there be NO excuse for victim hood and judgement in any form. Full ownership of creation and watching the experience from a high vibrational stance is the best way to navigate the energetics now.

Eloheim explained that there is a collective asking for transformation and thus a new part of our Soul is NOW available for us to connect to, we are NOW sitting in receptivity to the opportunity without holding on to a certain outcome yet intuitively knowing we want expansion.

There were a lot of great examples from the group which had a theme of letting go of an old identity carved out of some of our long standing habitual patterns.