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If you would rather read the transcripts of these sessions, COLLECTION THREE of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between October 27, 2010 and December 15, 2010.
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11-03-10 ~ 79 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by asking us to open up our heart chakras. They asked us to move our truth to the front of ourselves, and in doing so, offered to help us clear any debris that we kick up along the way.

Visionaries: Talked with us about this being a point where we’re walking a fine line, and that in believing and trusting that we do in fact create our realities, we can no longer fall back to old devices of victim hood and ignoring our own truths.

Eloheim: A deep discussion of how “I don’t know” can be a position of great openness and opportunity. If we can allow ourselves to be comfortable in “I don’t know,” we can be open to more of the truth of ourselves. “You don’t have to be afraid; instead, you can be open to explore.”

The Girls: Made the statement: Until you love yourself, you have nothing to offer the world. Then expanded on the idea, and went into the “I don’t know.” They advised: It’s very rare to abide in the “I don’t know” comfortably, and yet that is the place where all the revelation occurs. Until you decide you don’t know it all, there’s nothing more you can learn.

Warrior: Continued their story, this week, leaving the village where they found Riley, the three-headed dog. They’ve added a lot to their group since the beginning of their story, and compare this to us and how we’ve added so much to our experience, but aren’t sure yet how all the elements fit in. “How exactly does it fit in to walk around with the truth of me? How exactly does it fit in to walk around in clarity?” This led to an exploration of integration, balance, and awareness.

Fred: As you walk the truth of you, you cannot hold energetics that are in opposition to that. You shed them. Fred advises us to do this, and also to ask the Guardians to do a bit of housekeeping as we shed.

Matriarch: Closed the meeting by reminding us that they experience us in our already-ascended state. They told us that all they see between each of us and the ascended state is a preconceived notion of limitation.

11-10-10 ~ 91 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by encouraging us to release energies that we are ready to let go of.

Visionaries: Discussed using a new tool, “What is new here?” By asking ourselves what is new in any moment, we can go deeper into that moment. They encouraged us to look for things that we have never noticed before, no matter how strange those things may seem.

Eloheim: Expanded on what Visionaries talked about, and then went into a very deep discussion of short, factual statements. Two members of the group stood up and gave examples from their lives, and Eloheim used their examples to illustrate how to use short, factual statements to illuminate where the static was in the situations.

The Girls: You show people how to love you by the way you love yourselves, and by the way you love yourselves you will be known. By the way you love yourself you will be known.

Warrior: Continued their story of going to see a new king, who turned out to be a queen. They became uncomfortable because they reacted to the new queen not from their strongest chakras, but from their heart chakra.

Fred: Looked around the group at how we’re dealing with our crown chakra portal. He said that there’s nothing to fear with the new information coming in. And he advised us to allow ourselves to experience our soul’s perspective simply as an add-on, a boost. It’s not taking over, it’s adding to. Allowing yourself to be open to the soul’s perspective integration is really a key process in the path to ascension and the movement into Homo spiritus.

Matriarch: Told us: The truth of you is a tender thing, so hold it gently to you as you would a child or the most precious, delicate sculpture you’ve ever seen. Be gentle with yourself as you experience the truth of you. Remember that you had to learn to walk as a toddler, and that experience can help as you learn to integrate your soul’s perspective into your life.

11-17-10 ~ 79 minutes

Guardians: Opened by acknowledging that the group had come into focus deeply on its own.

Visionaries: Discussed “I don’t know” as a place of vulnerability, which is strength. Encouraged us to become comfortable in “I don’t know,” rather than looking for certainty.

Eloheim: Went deeply into the concept of re-queuing, using a baseball example to illustrate how the current version of you can better handle triggers that have been too difficult to deal with in the past.

The Girls: Looked at self-love as experienced by self-respect, discussing boundary-setting and the uncomfortable feelings that often accompany it. They advised: Respect yourself enough to set boundaries and love yourself enough to be kind to yourself as you’re doing it, and to be gentle about the residual discomfort you might feel.

Warrior: Continued their story about going to see the queen, and feeling discomfort in their fourth (heart) chakra. Now is the time to work with the chakras that we feel are our weakest; this will bring balance, and balance is very important for us as we approach 2011.

Fred: Cautioned us that when we show our self the kindness of asking for the energy of the moment to slow down, we don’t go into lack. It is the gentle thing to do with ourselves to ask for a slower flow of energy, and not to fear that we’re missing out.

Matriarch: Defined “transformational energy” as the opportunity to experience your current life from a different perspective.

11-21-10 ~ 90 minutes ~ Q&A with Eloheim

11-24-10 ~ 83 minutes

Summary: This meeting was unique in that each Council member spoke in the order of and in relation to the chakra with which they are associated. That order is:

1st chakra: The Guardians
2nd chakra: The Girls
3rd chakra: The Visionaries
4th chakra: The Matriarch
5th chakra: Eloheim
6th chakra: The Warrior
7th chakra: Fred

The Council members discussed the energy associated with each chakra and how we can use that energy in our lives. This information was tailored to support us in using the Strongest Chakra tool and balancing our chakras. Balance and balanced chakras are the energetic focus of 2011.