Four sessions held in April 2014

This package includes audio and video of the four sessions held in April 2014.


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Roundtable #1

Business and Self Employment

We kicked off our new Roundtable format with an hour-long community discussion. It was amazing!
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Thank you so much for this FANTASTIC offering … JUICY and extremely NOW for me. Thanks to all who showed up to ask those great questions which elicited great answers. I got something out of each answer.

I’m sure to listen to this one several times.

I loved this format, loved the easy going feel and continuity …. really really GOOD.

April 9, 2014 Session in Sonoma

A powerful session in Sonoma!

April 13, Q&A

We had a great Q&A this month!

Questions Answered Included:

Starting last November in Turkey I started having heart palpitations. The initial cause seemed to be linked to sugar – I had been majoring in Baklava- which I do not normally consume much of, and to trying a few Turkish coffees. I normally only drink decaf and usually one a day. I then noticed that even a small amount of alcohol had the same effect. This carried on through Christmas and the two and a half months I spent in Mexico. I have cut out coffee, alcohol and most sugar, which has reduced the frequency. I also know, from tests in the late 70s, that I am hypersensitive to my own adrenalin. I am wondering if the stress around traveling, and the consequent rise in my adrenalin levels, has made me hypersensitive to all stimulants or if a physiological change, I am not getting any younger, is driving this. What is the energy surrounding this?

What is the main thing that I need to be done with in my life to have my life change?

I have had plantar fasciitis in my left foot since July of last year. I am curious what this means on an energetic level and if there is anything I can do to clear it. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a tendon that runs from the heel to the toes and is constantly inflamed and is very painful when you step on it. There is nothing much to be done and it will eventually clear up on its own.

I have been working on making this moment my meditation. I do still strongly feel the split between the monk in the market place and the monk in the cave. I also feel scattered and challenged. Can you tell me if I am monitoring my emanation enough?

I want to get rid of being so focused on what other people think of me and how they see me. How can I do this?

I would like to know what is in my energy that I am not seeing. What do you have to share about my energy?

April 23, 2014 Session in Sonoma

The April 23, 2014 session began with the Guardians talking about the opportunity we are now in. The Visionaries continued this theme speaking about focusing our attention.

Eloheim then introduced a new idea, our “template” which represents a sort of energetic name tag that we wear and make sure that others know about. Things like “I can’t afford it,” “I’m not supported,” “Don’t expect much from me,” and other ideas that are showing up very powerfully now that we have cleared so much of our baggage and are generating so much less static.

Eloheim also provided and energetic check in for the community and asked for feedback about what we want from them.

Fred continued this idea speaking intensely about being spiritually passionate and the “spiritual survival instinct.” Asking, “What does it want?” Fred reminded us that we are attempting to experience being human in a brand new way! Are you coasting?

The Girls give their perspective on how they see us “being human.” Very funny!

The Warrior told a long story! It’s been awhile and it was really fun!

The Matriarch concluded in her beautifully, comforting manner.


Price: $19.99