Four Sessions held in September 2020

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September 6, 2020

DON’T MISS THIS ONE! Eloheim PLOP meeting focused on the steps we need to take to prepare our nervous systems for Level 10 Reunification. Eloheim also shares Veronica’s recent Reunification experience.

September 9, 2020

Your Relationship to Your Nervous System
So, apparently we’re supposed to look out the window and make some comments about the fact that the sky is different! What a great opportunity to practice your I’m-not-really-in-danger muscle, what is true now, what is in my lap. Whatever it is–earthquakes, fire, winds–practice seeing how you navigate it. Being the calm at the center of the storm, literally. That opportunity to recognize how Personality wants to drag you around and tell you how you should feel. It’s a great opportunity. Is it easy? No. You may as well grab a hold of it. It’s going to be orange outside, in this case. It’s a great opportunity to practice making good decisions under the pressure of uncertainty. No matter where you are or whatever you are doing right now, you can put yourself in that kind of pressure without making it being in your nervous system. You can say, what would I do if I needed to evacuate? Do it as an act of exploration.

As we have more reunification experiences, you’re highly likely to run into lifetimes where you’re under a lot of stress, under pressure, tension, a lot of responsibility you’re not used to. A lifetime where you have 12 or 15 kids perhaps, those lifetimes are going to be processed through your nervous system. You cannot do that. It’s practice at staying in appropriate relationship to the information you’re receiving. When you’re in Awareness and stand back and explore without it driving your heart rate up. This is good for everything, whether you’re watching the news or standing in line with people who are stressed out. It’s good for all of those things. So, practicing doing those things is smart. When whatever version of those things does happen, you have the opportunity to go through those things with some muscles already built. The kindness you want to offer your nervous system is the Body piece of BPA. If the nervous system is overstimulated, not only do you have those stress responses in your body, but you also have that taking up your hard drive. It decreases your capacity to navigate things with room for insight and ahas, with sensitivity to choiceless choice. Because when the nervous system is overwhelmed, you’re going into habit, pattern, Personality-driven experiences immediately, and that doesn’t leave room for insights.

We’ve always said, catching it is 90% of the healing. What is actually true now? This is true, this is true, and it doesn’t have to mean anything else other than it’s unsettling, disorienting, unusual, uncertain. The better you get at letting go of Personality take over saying, I’m afraid for my life, that’s an extremely important muscle to build. One that will help you the rest of your life. None of it has mean anything other than information, something to chronicle.
You’re going to feel unusual, unsettled, confused, shocked, awestruck, mortified as you experience reunifications. Okay. And none of that has to equal anything other than information, insight, and more things to chronicle. But if your nervous system gets involved, then it means something else. You are not doing yourself any favors and are highly likely to cut yourself off from further reunifications until you can settle that down, get out of Personality, and into Awareness. You’re not going to be empowered if you’re constantly going back and forth. It’s not going to work. We are in the process of transforming the way you have used your nervous system. We are taking it back from Personality and putting it back in the capable hands of Awareness. That’s probably going to take a minute. If you wait to practice, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Practice on the easier stuff, too.

We would be interested to hear your thoughts about previous meetings and how the idea of taking the nervous system back from Personality is settling in with you. As we look into the next steps, there’s just such a vista-it is the Field of Infinite Possibilities, after all-and that vista gives us an opportunity to go in all kinds of different directions.
Margy: Nervous system pretty clear despite smoke and partner’s fear. Very grateful.

E: Yes, partner’s fear. Living in the same place where the other may not have the same skills or commitment to handling uncertainty differently is challenging. Being an energetic leader and offering an opportunity to handling it differently is so important.

Randy: I’ve had to keep Tony’s illness out of my nervous system lately by seeing only what is needed in the moment and not filtering his feelings through me.

Eloheim: Difficult situation. Perfect example. You don’t do him any favors by filtering his feelings through your nervous system, doesn’t help at all, not a bit. And the temptation to let Personality be in charge, how he should feel, a great way to think about this is the stories and reporting muscle.

Tiffanny: I notice when I’m in thinking mode, I don’t have strong emotions with the experience at the time but have them later or on a different layer. Is that what processing things outside your nervous system means?
Eloheim: That’s interesting. You are getting a distance from the experience which is definitely one of the ways it can show up. It’s happening but not actually happening to me or I refuse to let it happen to me. Remember “Blue is for you”? That sense of recognition that you can be present to facts, to thoughts, and that means you don’t have to perceive them as occurring in your gingerbread shape. Is it actually helpful to feel it in your body? No.
Randy: Sometimes Personality makes me feel like I’m callous to his situation.

Eloheim: Yeah, this is one of the places where Personality is going to say you don’t actually care or that you’re a psychopath. The truth is matching energy with that person is the easiest thing to do. By saying I am going to surrender my Personality and be in Awareness as I navigate this situation requires more of you so that you can be more present, clear, and helpful.

Tiffanny: When I watch other people being pranked or watch horror movies, I don’t watch because I’m too uncomfortable. That could be a good indicator I’m using my nervous system to process those shows.

Eloheim: Veronica has set some pretty strong boundaries around that stuff. It doesn’t do it for her. Like some humor is not actually funny. It’s uncomfortable or disparaging. Can you find ways to entertain yourself without scaring the shit out of yourself? It seems like a very crude way of using your nervous system.

Margy: Reunification makes more sense. Especially since past issues of this life have made appearances for practicing not remembering it, not recreating the stress of the difficulty. I’ve been feeling as if I were backsliding by having old, past temptations show up, actually allowing myself to act improperly while observing myself without judging so much.

Eloheim: Yeah, the current expression bleedthrough we talked last meeting about how important it was to use them as practice, building the muscle so that when you do experience reunifications, you’ll have a muscle already built. Plus, it’s helpful to have a muscle to navigate your experiences of this incarnation that are still sore spots in a new way. Now as you recollect it, some of that stuff that you have shame about, you have the opportunity to change your stance on it, of being gentle with yourself. You only ever processed it with Personality so here’s an opportunity to have compassion and understanding about it now that you’re not always in Personality. It’s a kindness not only to yourself, but to all the characters that were involved in your script, too. That can have a lot of energetic ripples.
Nancy: I’ve been experiencing current expression bleedthrough that creates a possibility for tenderness, and in that stance, self-forgiveness comes up. Can you comment on that?

Eloheim: Yes. The self that you’re forgiving is the self that only had Personality to work with. In your present life, when you recognize the difference between having been navigating in the world through Personality and navigating your world in Awareness. You’re like wow, I know what it would have felt like if I had navigated that in Personality and I didn’t, I was in Awareness. We’re calling that a vastly changed state. When you can perceive a vastly changed state about something a little more current in your life, then you can see wow, what a difference. When you feel into something that happened previously in this incarnation and you recognize that that part of you was only in Personality, that part of you didn’t have access to the vastly changed state that is Awareness, that part of you didn’t know any better, we think self-forgiveness, compassion, tenderness, appreciation, recognition of the challenge is important. Just as you don’t criticize the two-year-old for not being able to tie his shoes, you are being given to the opportunity to abide in Awareness for times when earlier in your incarnation you didn’t have access to anything else to work with.

Jenaire: Having feelings of abandonment as a friend who is around me, and who I count on, must leave the state before the Chet’s surgery. So, I have been watching what has come up, and I feel this has been put off before and needs to be addressed.

Eloheim: That’s an amazing opportunity for you to not let Personality run that show and instead, be in the space to where you’re present to what is actually unfolding. It can be really tempting to focus on the fact that your friend can’t be there or focus on the fact that Chet’s going to be in surgery rather than be present to and grateful for the experiences you have while your friend is still around. That abandonment is tied to something other than just this now. It’s just life, unfolding. Your temptation is to use Personality to process it as abandonment instead of as an evolution of the friendship. Of course you’re going to have feelings. But they don’t have to include abandonment, right? They can be, I am really tempted by the fact that this friendship is changing. We feel like you caught onto what we’re saying.

The thing about choiceless choice is not ego based, Personality. It comes from being deeply present and inescapable. it’s surprising when it happens and the temptation is to process it by Personality instead of being deeply present with what you are doing.

The topic we’ve been digging deeply into in these close-together meetings is the nervous system. So, really keep an eye on your relationship to the nervous system, to how Personality wants to drive, how Personality wants to tell you how to do, feel or believe.

There’s so much unfolding right now and so many opportunities to get distracted and confused, that sense of why do people do what they do, and why is it this way? Really watch that because that’s another way Personality uses your nervous system. Be really careful that the things you allow yourself to contemplate actually have some worth to them and are not just some replaying of, why is it this way or I think it should be different, and all that stuff. Really check in with being present and stay in that centered place. What is my nervous system doing or not within my influence?

Veronica used to be a competitive swimmer for many years. One time she was in a race and 2/3’s of the way through, she could see the person next to her was about a stroke ahead. She realized she was not swimming as fast as she could. She swam harder and came out slightly ahead of that other person. That stuck with her, the recognition that she was just coasting. So. Being present. And really evaluating, what is actually going on here? Check in. You’ve had hundreds of lifetimes where your nervous system took the first feeling it could find and just ran with it. Don’t run with that. We don’t want to do that anymore. We want to build those muscles in order for that to work.

Read the summaries of the September 2016 Energy System sessions to see how Eloheim has been preparing us for this time!

September 20, 2020

Veronica was SO altered before this session it’s no surprise that it ended up being SUPER powerful and included a new visitor being channeled for the first time. This session includes three different examples of how to access Level 10.

September 23, 2020

Full Council: Breaching the Barrier
Guardians: Let’s check in on the energy. If you go back to a water analogy, if you’re something that floats like driftwood, it kinda doesn’t matter if the water is choppy. It’s what driftwood does. It bobs along even if the water underneath it is choppy. We invite you to keep that visual in mind. There’s no shore in sight, the driftwood is just drifting whether the water is choppy or not. Your water’s choppy, especially here in America. It’s going to get choppier, we imagine. As that energetic starts to get more busy underneath, below the surface, you can still float, bob along. You can still maintain your integrity, your coherent energy, your connection to your calm at the center of the storm.

We invite you to be that representation, that contrasting perspective. Be that gift to the world. You offer that transformational state. You can offer the “Ok, yes. And…” energy. It’s an internal process and emanates out. It’s not based on any external circumstance. There’s not a lot of room for flexibility on this. People don’t know there’s an option until it’s offered. You’re the one saying “there’s more than one option” with your outbreath, without knowing the answer or the path. It’s a great opportunity to surrender Personality at this time.

Visionaries: Yep. You are standing on shifting sands. It’s a good thing that you are not requiring the sands to stand still in order to feel secure. It’s a good thing that external stimulus is not how you evaluate your internal experience. The invitation continues and ramps up for you all to be the energetic leader even if you never leave your house. The exponential contribution that you can make goes far beyond what you can make physically when you focus on your energetic offering. Your physical contributions can be very impactful but your energetic contributions are exponentially impactful. Because you don’t always see how your energetic offerings play out, you don’t get proof of it. You have to let it just be real and lose the addiction to having it prove itself to you. You don’t let Personality run the show. You are making an exponential energetic ripple into the ether. And that offers an alternative to what folks imagine is the only alternative to what folks imagine is the only outlook, the only behavior, the only stance. It’s like the sun shining. It just shines. It’s an output of its existence. That sunshine affects your planet in countless ways. The sun shines either way, whether Earth life is there or it isn’t. That emanation from the sun is a great model. And the sun is observable from far away.

What contribution are you going to make? Now’s not the time to fiddle about with this, folks. Do not give Personality any quarter. It’s helping you individually, your friends and family, your neighborhood, your planet and beyond. You want to make a difference? Make an energetic difference. There are plenty of people out there doing what needs to be done: the physicalization things, building houses, carrying signs, volunteering. There aren’t a ton of people who make it a priority to manage their emanation and offer Awareness as their primary emanation to the planet. Not a lot of people are signing up for that one. You signed up for that. Cool. Do that one.

Eloheim: So, on Sunday, we had an opportunity for a visitor. That visitor left us feeling quite emotional. As we tried to explain, when we get emotional, it might be disorienting to you. Really, what it is, is that we have a limited number of ways to communicate with you. We primarily use west-coast-American, through-a-human-female-body English. If we were coming through a different individual, it would be different. Similarly, you get the number of ways we have to express things in the past. Sometimes we raise Veronica’s voice because what else do we have to work with? Sometimes in the past we got fired up, and sometimes we weep. And when we weep, sometimes it’s from sadness, sometimes it’s from the limited number of ways we currently have to share and express with you.

This is what happened on Sunday. The limited number of expressions we currently have to share with you doesn’t include an outlet for how recognition and appreciation toward us plays out. For example, if you didn’t know what went on behind the significance of an Olympic gold medal around someone’s neck, the years of training and grit, the support system for the athlete, and the actual contest, you might think it’s just a pretty necklace. Once you know all that context, it becomes much more significant to you. But you still don’t know what it’s like for that individual. Same for when the visitor came on Sunday. The words were powerful and had an impact on you but you don’t have any context. We might be the only ones who know. For us, when that happened, it generated tears because there had to be some outlet for us for the visitor showing up. On some level it’s a visitor who says, you used to be a brown level in karate now you’re a black belt. Someone notices when something significant has changed and has given an indication of that change. It’s also a visitor that says brown belts don’t get to go to competitions until you get a black belt (just pretend with us here). Now you get to do something different with your skill set. When that visitor comes along that says you opened the doorway….Veronica says she has it here for us so we’re going to read it:

“You experience the notion of time; you experience the notion of timing. You now need to experience coherence. You have breached the barrier between the limited perspective that you have been captured by into the nonexperience of that limitation, into the experience of nonseparation. Time and even timing generate separation from coherence. Your coherence erases time. It converts the notion of timing from an alignment that is a potential into a simultaneous coherence that is constant. Coherence, not timing. You have breached the barrier and achieved coherence freeing you from the lie of time and the coping mechanism of timing.” The Acknowledger

We could spend an hour talking about that. Just those few sentences we read. Right now, we want to highlight when they say “you have breached the barrier between the limited perspective that you have been captured by.” We can’t explain it to you how…we have to explain it to them…Veronica says it would be good if you explained it…okay.

You have breached the barrier. Okay, we’ll use a Star Trek example. In the Star Trek universe, when societies discover faster-than-light travel, warp drive, they are then allowed to be approached by the Federation of Planets to be invited into a conversation to be part of the Federation. If they’re out warping around and run into other species, they need to know how the deal works. Part of knowing what warp drive is, you have to be energetically grown up. And your planet is basically toddlers. Because you’re currently on a planet with a bunch of energetic toddlers, you don’t get warp drive yet. That’s how this works. In the meantime, you, in your own individual ways, collectively through this work, have breached the barrier between the limited perspective that you have been captured by into the nonexperience of that limitation. Which is Visitor speak for, you did it! You don’t know what you did. Good! I don’t know how I did it. Good! Don’t try to figure this out. You try to figure it out, you’re going to go backwards. Remember, don’t use Personality to describe or define Awareness-based experiences. You’ve breeched the barrier into the experience of nonseparation. Now, this is where words just are not good enough. Nonseparation. What this is saying is, you have breached the barrier between Personality and reunification. And you can experience no Personality. Now, of course, when we say Level 10, if you haven’t been studying along with us, those words mean nothing. They’re just a shiny thing around your neck. But because you have been here with us, you know Level 10 means something big, something unfolding, something unfurling.

So, when this Visitor comes along and says that, it’s not just us saying it, it’s us being witnessed. It’s you all being witnessed. It’s all of us, collectively, being witnessed in the breeching of the barrier. This isn’t just wishful thinking, people. You have been acknowledged. We’re going to call this visitor The Acknowledger.

We also like when they said, “the lie of time.” We adore the fact that they called it “the coping mechanism of timing.” There’s been a reassurance factor about time. You fall back on” all in good time” as a way to comfort yourself because you don’t want to be stuck in the lie of time, in Personality. So, you used timing in the middle between Personality and Awareness.

The other thing that’s really nice about this, because you live in a free will zone, what we can teach you next, the door has to be opened by you or Veronica. Occasionally it happens energetically. When you guys help open a doorway, then a Visitor can show up and turn that doorway into a freeway ramp. Energetically, that doorway can be put on the agenda and unpacked. It’s a permission slip for us. It lets us not wait.

We told you before the whole quarantine thing kicked in that we would have more visitors come in, that there’s a queue of visitors lined up. It does have the potential to accelerate what we’re doing. We’ll see how that plays out.
The Girls: Hello! So. Eloheim often gets moved by the visitors visiting and we get it. That experience is very profound for them and the indication that something big is changing. That acknowledgment of the movement that’s occurring. It’s a little like if you’re a coach and you get an email that says your team is invited to a special thing. And because this is not ego-based, it’s different, but it’s parallel. It’s an unfolding. It’s a revelation, a discovery. It’s not a destination. It’s a meandering unfolding, a blooming and blossoming. There’s no predicting how it will happen or what it will look like. So, when there’s evidence of it occurring, of change, of transformation, it’s super cool! And when you’re the one that’s been running the show for millennia, you probably would cry, too!

A very important thing is, don’t get weird about this, people! Don’t do that to yourself, don’t let Personality step in and evaluate this. Be present to how it expands. Don’t let Personality get in the way. Don’t let the way you’ve always done it be in the way. It’s blooming now, you just need to stop imagining that you’re in charge of how it blossoms. Be present to how it expands. I will unfold rather than try to control and dictate how it goes. It’s a deep and profound kindness to yourself. Control never worked, it was all an illusion, a fallacy. When the world shows up in ways that have traditionally challenged you to be in fear, to be in confusion, let yourself be in the truth of the matter: responding in Personality only gets more Personality. The world does not need more Personality! If you can only contribute Personality then shut up! That’s better than contributing more Personality. That’s a gift, your silence rather than Personality. Be a gift to your world. Your world needs it.

Fred: Eloheim said you’re a planet of toddlers. You really are. There’s nothing wrong with being a toddler. But it’s true. The energetic maturity of your collective is not that far along. It’s amazing, because you can have immature energetic beings doing fantastical things. It’s a tricky balance. A lot of time humans and other beings that get to this maturation point, they imagine that they’re very, very cool, without recognizing that energetic maturing doesn’t only mean technological advancement. You see this with your social media. It’s this whole cool thing that past generations never dreamed of. But you put it in the hands of emotionally and energetically immature individuals, and the toddlers are running the fun house. And you see what’s happening because the toddlers have been in charge of the fun house. It takes energetic maturity, energetic responsibility.

We’ve talked to you in the past about instantaneous manifestation and why you can’t have it. First time you get pissed off and Personality takes over, BOOM, whatever boom is. Social media is a type of instantaneous manifestation, and you get to see the emotional and energetic immaturity, and you get to see what happens within that combination. What’s amplified is Personality. It’s something that can be spun around the globe, over and over. We don’t say to scare you. We say that to make sure you are very, very, very careful what you put on social media. Are you coming from and emanating Awareness? Often not. Are you being very careful about what you are allowing into your nervous system, bringing in more Awareness? Chances are not because there is not a lot out there. For the most part, it’s a Personality echo chamber. At least pay attention to being present, being fascinated, being attentive to more Awareness. If you can make time to take in information you know is coming from Personality, then you can make equal time for information that is not coming from Personality. If you don’t, then what is your priority? What are you reinforcing for yourself? You’re making that decision that your discovery is going to primarily focused on Personality. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Warrior: We almost can’t believe that the first time a long conversation about Veronica’s fake sword comes up and Eloheim gets to talk about it and not us (a previous meeting). Part of the reason we haven’t talked about that fake sword is because Veronica has been intimidated about talking to us about the fake sword that lives in her bedroom. Partially because she knew if we started talking about it, it was going to make big shifts in herself, and it felt like it would overwhelm her nervous system. Well, see? Timing, even though it’s a coping mechanism, still works because now is better timing to have that physical conversation. What does that mean? It means allowing her current gingerbread shape’s nervous system to embrace the skills and capabilities of the nervous systems of other incarnations and from us. This is the sensate thing. When the kung fu girl gets to be in the bodies of other people when they need to kung fu.

So, Veronica always knew this was possible but now we’re not using the nervous system in the same way. Now we’re using reunification and it starts to change the dynamic. The hilarious thing is that whenever she picks up that sword, we say to her, this is the wrong thing for you, it’s too long, it’s the wrong weapon. She says it’s all I’ve got. And we get all sidetracked with that. Veronica should always have twin, lighter, short swords, that’s her weapon of choice from her reunification. She’s always fought with two when she’s been in that kind of incarnation. It’s the wrong weapon for her. It doesn’t have to be a weapon in this incarnation. What it is, is a doorway. But unfortunately, when she picks up the wrong-sized weapon, it’s a doorway to the times when she picked up the wrong-sized weapon. That’s not what we want to do. On some levels, it’s trial and error. On some levels it’s fun to explore in lots of different ways. Doorways to coherence, to reunification, to feeling into how these other incarnations are currently playing out when we erase time and when we don’t fall back on timing. When we erase time, it’s all simultaneous, and you best not be using your current gingerbread nervous system to navigate because that’s way too much. So, you better be using your sensory system and not drive all that information through your nervous system. That takes maturity, energetic maturity. And that becomes an offering to others, into an extremely immature system that you live in.

Matriarch: Everybody was pretty serious tonight. You didn’t get a lot of laughs in tonight’s meeting. Not because laughs are no longer part of it, but because you had a visitor that came along and said you broke through a barrier. Like graduating to a black belt. And when you break through that barrier, you get a little more serious. It’s because you’re being invited into a different maturity level. That does not mean those goofy-goofs are not going to goofy-goof again. This is just a port on this journey. They wanted you to know how serious and how weighty this is, what you’ve accomplished. Every doorway is a new beginning, so it’s a new beginning that we’re in.
Many blessings and much love from all of us to all of you.

Four Sessions held in September 2020

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