Five Sessions held in November 2017


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Nov 1, 2017

63 minutes

The New Year: A Time of Big Change

We are moving forward as a community into a different phase of responsibility for the work we do together. Eloheim is not abandoning us, we are a community and that will not change. Up to now, it’s been driven by Eloheim’s belief of what you need next, now it is driven by us, by what we need, by where we are stuck as an entity living the BPA balance.

Where are you stuck in that journey? How do you need help getting unstuck?

The Personality has to start sharing the load with the Awareness in this graduate study.

“We incorporate the perspective of the awareness in order to access the Field of Infinite Possibilities to engage, experience, and explore things that you never could dream of with your human-only brain.”

Evolution is dealing with things in an evolved way. Your Awareness starts to engage with the physical world and you (Personality) notice. Engage the Personality in the task of observing, with minimal participation, in the Awareness and the Body dancing with each other. If the Survival Instinct overruns the Personality, then the Personality will overrun the experience of the physical world responding to you.

Change the way you listen. Personality has to take a backseat. Listen deeply. Sit on your tongue. It forces the P into a different stance and makes more room for the A to show. It may not be in words, it often shows up as physical things. When you navigate the physical world, you need to be looking into the physical world and seeing it in a new way.

Remember you are not just your gingerbread shape. Life will show you more if you see it with your Awareness instead of just your Personality. For example, your soul has never been a 2018 Cadillac before. You walk down the street and notice one for the first time. You are meeting your soul in a physical form it has never been in before. Your soul is offering itself in a physical form that’s never been done before. You say, I could be anywhere now, and my attention could be anywhere, and I happen to notice my soul taking a form it’s never taken before. And there’s a reason for that. I let myself find out why.

You’re going to go places that push the Personality because it’s used to having a very narrow scope.

I’m interacting with this because I’m engaging with my soul if I stay present to experience and explore.

All of you are on this path and each has your own PhD work you are doing. It’s all me, watch it move, choiceless choice, Level 7-8-9. I want my Awareness and Body to show my Personality the Field of Infinite Possibilities incarnated, which is my soul incarnated, ready to be experienced by the Personality.

The group took turns interacting with Eloheim, mostly within the chatbox instead of verbally. Eloheim wanted to know where are we stuck in an overarching way.

Topics included housemates, the ending of a marriage, a resistance to listening, checking into body, relationship, and control (P) issues via preconceived notions or facts, and the purging of belongings.

Nov 8, 2017

93 minutes

Our PhD Studies

In this meeting, Eloheim talked about our takeaway from the Sonoma fires, correlating how uncertainty, SI, energetic leadership, and the innate goodness of humanity are involved. The PhD study program that Eloheim recently initiated was delved into more deeply.

A PhD Study
Eloheim used Veronica’s question as an example of a PhD study. “I don’t feel my physical world responding to me.” Eloheim suggested backing Personality out of the equation and bringing Awareness forward more. Say, I want the Awareness to be engaged with the Body. Be very mindful of exactly what the body needs in THIS now, without preconceived notions. This gives more opportunities to see the physical world responding.

Is It a Need or a Want?
One thing to consider is the difference between a need and a want. A need is in the now. A want is something that has preconceived notions, projections, survival instinct involvement, and imagining that things would be better if the want was had. Be aware, check yourself, is this a need or a want? If it’s a want, what is the need hiding inside it, what is the want covering up? This is a further exploration of need/need met, a time when Awareness is involved with the Body.

Group Discussion
As the group interacted with Eloheim, they shared their experiences, and what they have learned and are still learning from the fires. They also talked about their individual PhD studies. Eloheim reminded us that this is independent study, that everyone will have their own specific version of a subject they explore, and that the subject can be changed. The exploration of our PhD study can then be brought back and shared with the group so we can all benefit from it. Importantly, never forget Eloheim will always be here to support us as we do the work.

Nov 14, 2017

91 minutes

Take the Reins, Chart Your Course

Eloheim recapped the purpose and process of the PhD program. For years we (Eloheim) have led and come up with the syllabus for you guys. You’ve had your graduation ceremony, and now we are doing other things.

The PhD Program
To discover your topic of study, focus on something you are curious about, what is that thing that is burning in you to study, what part of your spiritual journey do you wish we had been talking about all these years, what subject is difficult for you, what subject is easy and fun, where do you feel the most blocked? There’s where you start. Then you come to us and say, I want to know more about this, and we say, look into yourself, check out these aspects. After which, you bring to the community your evolution about that idea. You do the study, and we are the advisor. From this process, we end up with a collection of people who take us up on doing a deep study that benefits everyone.

It is an opportunity for each of you to take the reins, to chart the course.

Why is this important at this time? Because it’s time for you to live as Homo spiritus. It’s time for you to be a leader. You’re ready. You’re getting kind of flipped out of the nest a little bit.

It’s important to note that the PhD program is not problem solving. It’s not Homo sapiens’ stuff. You already have the tools for that. They just need to be applied to your Homo sapiens’ problems. This is more of a big picture idea. This is more of get-out-of-your-Personality and see, as your Awareness, what it is you want to know more about. You have the opportunity to be an explorer above and beyond your problems.

We feel this is going to elevate your energetic to where your evolutionary journey is louder. Another reason to do the PhD study is that you always have something to be stretching for. And, one of the ways to elevate your Awareness is to do a deep dive.

When Eloheim asked for group input, every single person raised their hand. Eloheim was ecstatic! This was a first in fifteen years and so they took a picture to commemorate the occasion.

During the long group discussion that followed, Eloheim helped each person clarify what they might want to study and heard their reports on what they’ve explored so far. The participants discussed mentoring others, developing a common language when speaking to others and looking underneath to see what is being said in order to find out what works, having confidence in your own truth, and distilling their someone’s healing topic into something that becomes more personal to them by asking people for their blocks for healing.

You change you, and it changes your world. Watch it move!

The internet folks chimed in at this point with their thoughts and observations.

Once again, Eloheim reminded us how important it is for us to report in. Part of this PhD process is connecting with others and sharing what you’ve explored. Is this juicy, Eloheim asked? It’s so different, yet we’re all the same group of people, we’re still doing it together, we have the tools and the levels and shared language to lean into, and now everyone is doing their own thing. We will look back and say, wow, remember when we started this new PhD thing? We see that each one of you will have a very profound maturation process from this.

Eloheim says they “are so jacked up about this!” To those who don’t speak American slang, this means they are super excited about this project and our participation in it!

Nov 19, 2017

59 minutes

PhD Clarity

In this meeting, Eloheim gave the opportunity for the group to share and ask questions about their PhD topic of choice.

Eloheim asked, what is the next step in the process after you’ve identified your study?

The first reason we are doing this study is that it’s time for more self direction. Pick something you want to study now, something that fascinates you or you’ve always wanted to learn more about, instead of following Veronica’s lead, or ours, as you have done for the past 15 years.

The group shared their topics and concerns about their studies. In between questions, Eloheim was extremely helpful in assisting each person to narrow down, define, and clarify their PhD study.

Dream of your PhD idea first, then define it for yourself. That is the first step. Then break it down to the smallest step you can imagine.

In the past, most of the conversations we had with you have been around the role of Personality in your life. The role now is not about fixing Personality. We’re trying to separate away from the influence of the Personality and the survival instinct and the Homo sapiens from what you want to study. Homo sapiens is creeping into some of these topics. This study is about Personality observing how Awareness interacts with a situation. It is not Personality-driven.

Ask yourself, what do I want to learn more about myself? That is where you start to define your PhD study.

So far, the projects have fit into three categories: the science project where you explore and track the different ways you do the same thing; asking other people the same question; and a question you ask yourself all the time, over and over.

This is not about having an outcome in mind. This is Homo spiritus, this is experience and explore.

So, experience and explore something specific that’s fascinating to you. Something that gives you the opportunity to use what you have learned as you direct your own investigation and direction of spiritual development. There’s no pressure to share what you’ve learned in your study (like Veronica’s books or channels), but you may want to do that at some point.

This process is what we’ve been doing for 15 years. We are showing you the template of how we have done what we’ve done, the decisions we have made and shared with you. It’s your turn to decide which direction you’re going to go. You are the energetic leaders and now, this is your turn. We feel like we’re the parent bird poking you guys out of the nest. You’re ready. We’re pushing. This is your opportunity to stand up and say, me? It’s time to do your own thing and see what you learn from it. This PhD study will cement your connection to Homo spiritus.

You have our support and the community’s support. Again, we ask that you post on FB, we read everything Veronica reads and it helps us to help you.

Nov 29, 2017

66 minutes

Pushing Forward

A bonus session!

They first discussed Veronica’s study of Need/Need met via volunteering for a community holiday giving program. She was the need met in this instance, she fit their need perfectly. Then Eloheim talked with two attendees about their PhD programs, helping them to refine their studies.

Eloehiem noticed on FB that when some people were picking their PhD’s that the subject is more Homo sapiens’ stuff. If it’s not profoundly different, it’s more Homo sapiens. If it doesn’t feel radically different, you’re probably picking with your Personality. You will probably need to refine it if your PhD program doesn’t make you go “whoa!”

We’d like to look at how you’re documenting, what you’re learning, and what you need to work on more, now that you’ve picked a topic.

The three patterns that have arisen out of the PhD projects have followed this template: a question you ask yourself over and over; a question you ask a whole bunch of different people; a science project where you do the same experiment over and over in different situations.

Each of you is being groomed to be leaders in a variety of ways. Veronica figured something out. Each of you are being groomed to be leaders in a variety of ways. Up until now, you’ve been generalists on the evolutionary path. This means you are now becoming experts on a section of the evolutionary journey you’ve been on. That specialty will empower you in various ways. You’ve been generalists. Now you’re becoming specialists. And specialists go out and ply their trade in some way. We’ve been training you and now you have opportunity to specialize, and when you become specialists, new opportunities will present themselves.

Freaking out isn’t allowed, especially on FB. It will be deleted. Put “I’m tempted to” in front of it, if you are. We understand this is a huge change for you guys. We are willing to do as much work as you need and to be as patient as possible but you don’t get to drag the energetic down.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or shy, craft a program where you ask your own self the question.

In a traditional PhD program, you write a dissertation. Here it’s your choice what you do to document this PhD study, not only to share with others, but also to have something to remember and chart your progress. You may each have a thread in the FB group so you can track your challenges and progress and people can comment or review. You can document in your own personal journal, you might draw something, or do a video just so you can have a record of your journey. Your documentation will let you know how you got there.

We are helping you to bring your best self, your Jedi self, to when the chips are down or shit hits the fan instead of just scrambling to offer something. Each of you is doing this in your own unique way, in a way that is compelling to you. With this PhD study, you are bringing what you have learned, in an edited, condensed and easier manner, to help your compatriots.

This is another step in our grand plan. Go forth and PhD.

Five Sessions held in November 2017


Price: $29.99