Four Sessions held in August 2017


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August 2, 2017

55 minutes

Cataloging Need/Need Met

Continuing the discussion about flexing physicality, Eloheim explored Veronica’s reactions and assumptions about her surprise visitor in her kitchen, the lizard who keeps showing up on her stove top. Veronica’s survival instinct is voting no! on these visits.

Eloheim says the survival instinct (SI) errs on the side of caution. It also tells you: this is a waste of time, you suck, everyone else is getting it but you, and makes you doubt and judge yourself. It makes you believe that it’s you when it’s actually a deeply held trait that overrides your conscious self and your wisdom.

At this point in our development, the SI only gets 9% of the vote as opposed to 90%.

Eloheim says to count all the little things as “flexing physicality” so that it begins to feel natural and normal. Notice all the need/need met moments. Wake up in the morning and your trajectory, your stance, your expectations are “this is just how this works.” Acknowledge the little things. Everything needs to count! Err on the side of counting stuff that you felt haven’t counted before.

Energetically, the small things are the same as the big things being different, like Veronica’s kitchen counter example. We encourage you to count things throughout your day like need/need met, physicality shifting to facilitate a connection with an aha, feeling a wink or dominoes standing up, things lining up or moving in a magical way-without you dictating or controlling them. These are subtle and not do-to-get things. The smaller, the better.

This reveals the field of infinite possibilities as the sub atomic particles are released from being controlled by the SI. Everything needs to count.

Physicality doesn’t exist until you experience it. That’s flexing physicality. It turns on as you look around at the world. We find it fascinating that we have to show you something that you are ALREADY doing.

All you need to do is experience and explore without preconceived notions getting in the way. As you flex physicality, the reality of “It’s all me” will sink in even more. Once you live in “this is all me,” you start to experience Earth as you were meant to. You live as master of your realm rather than a slave to your SI.

The doorway to Level 7+ is cataloging need/need met.

August 9, 2017

74 minutes

The Sacredness of the Moment

This meeting continues our ongoing discussion of the various ways to break down the wall between you and the recognition of “It’s all you.” “It’s all you” is the way you’re supposed to be living on this planet, and we want to help you do that.

The best doorway to that is to use need/need met and the knowing that you are more than your gingerbread shape. Everything is you, reuniting with your soul.

The step we are on is ensouling your life rather than you experiencing yourself as a Homo sapiens’ gingerbread shape.

Eloheim explained the use of need/need met with a hammock analogy: As you attempt to get on a hammock you wonder, will this hold me, is it okay to trust it with my weight, can I count on this? As with a hammock entry, the same happens with need/need met. It requires balance and trust. And making a choice to use need/need met.

Find a place in your life you know where you’re doing to do-to-get. Choose need/need met to practice it there. Use that place to engage in a new way. Catch yourself in do-to-get and try need/need met instead. Don’t force it, and expect it to be unexpected and unknown.

Ask yourself, what preconceived notions block need/need met to keep it from feeling like a default stance? Then drop the preconceived notions and don’t put new ones in its place. Expect need/need met to happen without forcing it to happen in an outcome you desire. Hold yourself in a very specific stance, tension, or concentration until you get the neural pathways set and the feeling that this is the new normal. It’s a muscle to build.

Each moment is unique and unreproducible. It is special yet familiar. Get present. What about this now feels sacred? Notice the sacred. When the now is sacred, need/need met becomes more possible. You’re choiceless choicing. You’re present to what is.

Get clarity about why this now is important to you, how you want to feel, and what do you value about it, not what you want or need. What you want or need is driven by the survival instinct, victimhood, and a past version of you. Short factual statements can help you find the clarity.

1. What are your preconceived notions preventing need/need met from feeling actionable
2. Continue to share your experiences with need/need met on Facebook.
3. Find whatever word that works for you and allows you to sense expectations of need/need met. Find a word that helps you acknowledge need/need met as always being present, always has been, and always will be, like gravity, air, or the sun.
4. Feel into someplace where you know you do do-to-get, a place where you can say, “Fine. I only do need/need met here.”
5. Try once a day/week to ask yourself, “What makes this now sacred?” What is your personal definition of sacred?

August 20, 2017

76 minutes

On The Road to the Eclipse!

Sitting outside by a river in Oregon in someone’s back yard, Veronica channeled a few Council members in a fun and different type of get-together.

Before launching into the meeting, Eloheim checked in with the land, the trees, and the moving river, and the new area first, sensing the energies. The river helps keeps the energy very clear, they said, and Eloheim suggested the owners take advantage of it to clear their own and their home’s energy on a regular basis.

Moving into the current event, the eclipse, the meeting began. When you experience an eclipse, Eloheim said, because it’s a very rare experience, it can bring up unusual sensations in your body. It momentarily blocks the brightness of me. It can bring up the shadow or reveal the shadow of me so that when the brightness comes back, you know where to do the inner work of the aspects that are ready to evolve. What did I see about myself when the brightness of me was momentarily dimmed? It may not happen as you are watching, just let it come up when it does, and then explore it. The eclipse is a good time for releasing.

Eloheim opened up the Q&A to the group attending, in person and the online group.

One question elicited an enlightening and fascinating talk about society’s shadow side currently coming to light, similar to an eclipse. It helps to know yourself, to get clarity when issues come up. The way you were raised doesn’t decide who you are now. The current version of you decides. Find your own clarity rather than being influenced by society.

More talk about the eclipse came after another question about the event and the hoopla and mob mentality surrounding it. Some are experiencing the eclipse solely on a scientific level and some are doing it energetically.

At this point, Fred joined the meeting to add their perspective. Laughing loudly at E’s “calm and carefully crafted conversation,” Fred excitedly explored the eclipse event. We are physicalizing an astrological experience, having a new experience of a heavenly body, and this is a big deal that the sun is all of a sudden turning off. It is an expression of your soul, an alignment of self, a part of yourself you haven’t even noticed that is magnificent until it is dimmed. It is both a shadow of yourself rising up out of your life, and the brilliance of yourself being occluded enough that you can finally let it in. It’s the soul, the sun, the earth, and the body. It’s an alignment that reveals. You’re exploring the revelation. You’re squandering your potential if you don’t notice or explore that.

The Warrior concluded the session with a brilliantly funny eclipse story about the king and themselves, calling it, “How the Eclipse Cut the Taxes in Half.” It’s been a long time since we had a new Warrior story, and this was a perfect ending to the pre-eclipse meeting.

August 23, 2017

89 minutes

Full Council Meeting
The Eclipse Experience

Guardians: The Guardians first set the energy to empower the rest of the Council, clearing the runway for them, as they phrased it. This then led to a trip down memory lane, comparing the new, more evolved us to past us, and then talking about how their role has changed over the years.

Visionaries: Calling this time an extremely fascinating moment in history, in our culture’s development, the Visionaries described how we are hearing about all the things that have always been happening, yet are now coming to light via the media and individual cell phone videos, all on a constant basis and in real time. It is overwhelming to our blue systems. It makes it more real and more gritty and hits you differently. Seeing everyone as “other” is being broken down. We are being “upleveled” and the Visionaries are interested to see if it sticks.

Eloheim: Eloheim gave an eclipse debrief of their trip with John to Oregon to view the eclipse in the path of totality while staying with friends there. Preconceived notions of what would happen during the eclipse had an effect on the experience, explained E, all except for Veronica, who did very little preplanning. Eloheim and the participants talked about their experiences of the eclipse and then what happened after it, during which the story of “turn right” was shared.

Fred: This was an alignment of more than you know, said Fred. What if it were more than a random comet aligning as well as the sun and the moon? The gateway energies were exacerbated by more than what you know about. It went far deeper than you imagined, and it opened a doorway to an evolutionary jump. It was an enormous gateway. This was a collective thing.

Girls: Giving their perspective on the eclipse, the Girls described the eclipse as the sun and the moon having a relationship with each other. They hugged, they affected each other. And we got to watch it. It gave us an opportunity to explore our own relationships. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some big evolutionary things happening in your society in the next two months, they said, so double down on your work: need/need met, it’s all me, what is true now, watch it move, sharing on Facebook, and more.

Warrior: Continuing their previous eclipse tale, the Warrior talked about what happened afterwards, both to them and the King. The Warrior said Homo spiritus is going to bring us many, many opportunities, so seize them to have a different experience than before. It’s important. The Warrior asked us to remind them to continue the tale from where they left off the next time the Council meets with us.

Matriarch: The Matriarch felt into the dance of the Council members teachings, saying it’s a beautiful and delightful one to watch. Then the Matriarch noticed the Girls and the Warrior and Fred concocting something fun to do after the channeling. They called it a “team-building experience” so off they all went to throw rocks at something!

Four Sessions held in August 2017


Price: $24.99