Four Sessions held in June 2020

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June 7, 2020

An unusual session! Eloheim invited conversation on “virtually any topic” as long as it was discussed from Awareness. We finally got to dive into their amazing insights about water and so much more!

June 10, 2020

Evolution is Messy
The previous meeting we had, we wanted to give you a break and we had fun. We hope you enjoyed it as well.
The opportunity now is to double check that you are continuing to catch sneaky Personality, to use doorways, to notice when you’re over thinking or projecting into the future, feeling unstable, out of balance. A lot of time those times of feeling unbalanced are alternate lifetime bleed through. You may try to explain it or justify it. Rather, it is more an acknowledgment of feeling that outsize reaction and it’s influence on my current experience. Just let it be true, and acknowledge the reality of that bleed through as neutrally as possible. Try, in the maelstrom of trigger and habit, to have a neutral stance so that you’re less likely to have Personality drive the situation, project into the future or reflect upon the past, imagining it’s going to happen again. You’re not numbing out or pretending it’s not happening; you’re trying your best to shed the influence of Personality so that you can engage with what-is using Awareness. It’s important right now.

One of the reasons it’s important right now is that you’re having people saying it’s time for the injustices to be removed, to see things a new way, for us to acknowledge the ways things have been unequal, to recognize that authority and service are out of balance. Shining the light of consciousness. We told you this is the year of character. You’re being given the opportunity to see character in action. This is a collective lean into another direction. Powerful. That movement, that lean is a way that the entirety of society starts to become more conscious not just habitual. It’s a big deal.

The pandemic is gigantic, but this movement of consciousness, spurred by the death of George Floyd and others, starts to value different things than it has in the past. It starts internally, where millions of people all around the world start to look inside and say, hang on a minute. It’s the choice for consciousness. This societal movement is saying, I don’t like the way where society has been. Habits are being reflected upon very deeply. Some are saying, I don’t want it to change, I want it to go back to the way it was; some are saying, it’s about damned time it changed; others are saying, I didn’t notice but now that I know, I agree it needs changing. Very interesting.

Back in the day, there was this whole buildup of the year 2012. That’s when everything is going to change. December-something, 2012. We know older lightworkers who, when they woke up the next day, were utterly depressed because nothing changed overnight, because they really believe that date was the switch. No. Energetic tide is the switch. The hundredth monkey. One monkey starts washing his fruit and all of sudden all the monkeys are washing their fruit. It becomes part of the collective consciousness. It’s just the way it is. Around here for example, it was bringing your own bags to the grocery store. People were resistant in the beginning. All of a sudden, everybody started bringing their own bags to the store. It was an adjustment period then it shifted. It seems to be the way it happens quite often. You cruise along and all of a sudden, you have a kangaroo-type jump.

For us, it’s an observation that goes on for years. Recently, it’s been quite noticeable. Obama being elected was a big change. Going back a few months even, some things changed. Look back to January, Australia was on fire. That seems like a long time ago. Sometimes evolution takes a while, but society connected by the internet, as you all are, hastens these tidal shifts that are possible. Part of the conservative shift against change is to make it go back, back to when it was perceived to be better. A lot of this comes down to uncertainty.

As you watch the evolution of your society, take the mask thing. A few months ago, if you wore a mask, everyone noticed you. Now you leave the house, you have your keys, your phone, [your wallet,] and your mask. Around here, it’s totally normal to have on a mask. Humans are incredibly adaptable and extraordinarily flexible. Once you accept this is the way it is, innovation happens. You make it something more than you had.

It’s a really interesting time watching you guys evolve. To watch societal evolution occur, it’s quite amazing. Recognize that your personal evolution has not been tidy, so societal evolution is all that personal evolution added together. Yet, there is this commitment to evolution occurring. If we step back from that a minute and let go of how difficult and harsh that is, if we step back, holy moly, people. Societal evolution happening. And it’s not done. 2020 is not done yet. We say that to encourage you as you look into your world, that you stay mindful of your own personal evolution and allow yourself to feel the awe of societal evolution going on around you. You’re watching it happen. A lot of people of different colors are saying, this is the way it should be and we’re done with that [old way] now. And is it messy? Yes. Evolution is not tidy. You don’t get to pick how people evolve, how millions of people evolve, how collectively people evolve. It’s not helpful to judge that. It’s helpful to support it streamlining itself. Resistance to what-is has never been real powerful in our book. Acceptance that what-is is our starting point is helpful. Then trying to be less messy about going forward while recognizing that sometimes how things change is just messy at first. That’s just a fact. It is messy before it gets tidier.

We’re not only talking about rioting or looting; we’re talking about crying and screaming fatigue and laying down on the floor and exasperation and all of that yummy human stuff that you do. It looks like love and unity and all boats rising. Your evolution wasn’t tidy and societal evolution is messy. Evolution is messy. If you’re feeling rigid, that’s the kind of messy you can do something about. You can find within yourself where the place is that I am clamoring for it to stop. That desire for comfort, rebooting, self-care is not wrong. It’s not saying, let’s go back to where it was. It’s saying, I need a time out. I need some integration time. Personality cannot move the societal tide once the tide starts to move in consciousness. It sure wants to try and may look like it may win sometimes, but once it starts, it’s a tide that cannot be turned back. It can be diffused or rerouted. It has happened before. We think this time the pandemic pointed out a whole bunch of cracks in the system and now with the illumination on the police relations with some members of society, that light is on now. And there’s video. That creates a tide, and that tide is unlikely to be turned.

So, the invitation you have is to make sure you do not get rigid. Don’t get arrogant about how it should be, how people should be behaving. Use it to get present. “I feel strongly is that things need to change, and the first thing I need to change is me being in Personality.” We’re saying whether you protest or stay home, do it from Awareness, choiceless choice. Let Awareness arise in you so that it may fuel the surrender of Personality. Fuel it from Awareness instead of Personality. Abide in Awareness. Drop into Presence. It’s the gift you have to give. Free yourself from the bindings of Personality and you end up being that the domino that starts the dominoes falling. One of them has to be knocked over for the rest to go down. Even when there’s a lot of fear and anxiety and clamoring, you still come from that Awareness stance. That’s what you have to offer.

You are that person. Are you on video like the man standing in front of the tanks on Tienanmen Square? No. You say enough, and you stand up. I’m done with it and I’m going to stand up. There’s a switch inside that says, no more, I’m going to stand up. Take the police thing out of the picture and just surrender. Hands up. I’m standing here saying enough for how it has been. I surrender. I surrender the way it’s been and I stand on the edge of the unknown. No more.
We have been doing this for years. You have been surrendering limitation, moving into Awareness. I can’t continue like this I can’t do this. No more. I surrender Personality, hands up, I surrender. I don’t know what the next step is, I just know I can’t continue the way it has been. I surrender. Because there’s no authority between you and that, you surrendered over and over, not knowing what comes next. What has been must go. We can’t have more of that. It has to go. You surrender and you surrender some more. This is your version, the version that says no more, however you do it, whether you do it quietly or in front of the White House with a sign. You say, no more. Your society is saying their version of I surrender. The character of your society is changing before your very eyes.

Here in America the biggest thing that happens in the second half of 2020 is a Presidential election, and there are a lot of cracks in your system around voting. And America has thought it was so cool around voting so we’re going to go stick our noses in others countries’ voting systems. And the last few times of voting here there have been plenty of examples of people standing in line for six hours trying to vote. In the rain. Voting while social distancing during a pandemic, in inclement weather, even if ill, tired, hurting, or got babies with them. That’s just a whole powder keg waiting to blow up. It’s messy in thousands of voting systems in so many individual states. Energetically, it’s going to be a mess. It’s a challenge. Perhaps you could convert some of the protest energy to working at the polls and voting booths. You may want to get involved if it concerns you–the mechanics of casting a vote, and who’s allowed and who’s not. There’s a huge crack in the fabric of America regarding this system. There are a whole bunch of people who want to control that rather than have it be open and have everybody count the same. Inequality.

Gird your loins.

Pandemic, protests, Presidency. Seems like there’s something else between that. We just feel like there’s a panic. There’s a big fear. We’re not sure where it stems from. We’d rather be wrong about that. How about preparation? Be prepared to be the calm at the center of the storm, be prepared to surrender Personality. All that work pays off. Along with all that, you’re also getting evolution. Messy. Still, evolution.
Seeking choiceless choice, waiting for choiceless choice to bubble up, and then following it when it happens. That muscle needs to be built up. Don’t allow Personality tell you how it should be. Allow choiceless choice to tell you, aah, that’s the path. When choiceless choice comes, don’t ignore it. Practice having choiceless choice being really super obvious to you. Notice, are you doing something from Personality or from choiceless?
What else for 2020? So asks the overachieving Lightworker hahaha. What else? That panic word keeps coming up. Let’s feel into that…we can’t see the context for that. Unsettled. There’s an unsettled energetic for the rest of the year. What do you do? Presence, presence, presence. Surrendering Personality, no exceptions. Preparation. Put your hands up. Surrender into the next unknown.

June 21, 2020

A powerful meeting focused on being the “calm at the center of our own storm” and how that affects the rest of the world. A discussion of the changing speed with which society is responding to global affairs. A deep dive into the ways that competition contrasts with collaboration.

June 24, 2020

Full Council
Guardians: Let’s do an energetic check in. It’s the calm before the storm. We say that to acknowledge you’re in a very changing time, within yourself as well as outwardly. That time within yourself is being played out in physicality. That internal revolution is an opportunity to seize change while change is ripe. It’s easy to let Personality intercede and tell you things are wrong or bad. The reality is everything is changing because it’s finally time for everything to change. You’ve arrived at a changing time and place. You’re at a crossroads where you’ve said I’m not going back to where I was. I’m going forward.

Profound change is not typically tidy, look at the caterpillar and the butterfly. It’s messy. Small changes are often not tidy! It upsets what has been, it upsets the apple cart. It’s messy and confusing. Don’t let messy turn you off to the whole thing. Allow messy to indicate, yes, we are in a transition, a changing time. And so, as you let go of Personality and transition into Awareness, it may feel messy or disorienting. It’s normal. Of course you feel that way. You have been uprooted, shifted. Resisting this disorientation doesn’t get you anywhere. Change is messy. It’s a component of a change, not its entirety. It’s a step on the way. Personality will tell you it will be this way forever. Be cautious that you don’t expect the new to feel like the old. Messy is normal. Don’t fall for the lie that it will always feel that way. Let yourself explore the new without feeling as though it has to feel like the old in order to feel right.

Visionaries: As we look into how you walk in the world, as you’re letting go of Personality, we see it like a big boulder that’s rolling and gains momentum as it rolls. The slope of your land is changing and your boulder is speeding up. That’s a positive thing. The opportunity is for you to feel that sense of momentum that comes after having a long period of time where things maybe felt slower than you wanted, less clear, less obvious than you wanted them to be. The boulder (you), moving away from your Personality and abiding in Awareness and having that be default, you are starting to experience the vastly changed state that it represents. As the boulder rolls faster and faster, it starts to give you that sense of the real difference between Personality and Awareness. You, feeling the tapestry of Awareness, the way it feels to go from aha to aha, abiding in bliss as you do so; that movement through that recognition that everything is connected because it’s all you. Therefore, you are not caught in the limitation of “othering”, of “I end at my skin” anymore; the freedom you have as you begin to abide in Awareness enough that you’re experiencing extended periods of time where Personality is no longer the dominant influence it once was. That boulder speeding up is coinciding with the huge change in your planet and across your species as you start to look at long-seeded things, like racism, for example. Those deeply held personality-based paradigms are being cracked open, and it’s messy while it’s getting sorted.

It really comes down to catching yourself. For Veronica, the one doorway that worked all the time for her no matter what popped up was “stay out of the way of Awareness.” She could feel the visceral difference in her body when Personality was in the way of Awareness. Use this one if it works for you.

Eloheim: We want to talk about the difference between Level 6 and Awareness. Level 6 is What Trigger? The idea of what trigger has been the goal of lightworkers for many, many lifetimes, to not freak out. It’s the place of neutral observation. I maintain my center. Level 6 used to be a fantasy, a big goal when we talked about Level 4: I wake up in the morning in Level 6. But then people quickly got bored in Level 6 so we moved into Level 7. Level 6 is comfortable. The “thing” pops up and you don’t have a trigger about it. You’re still dealing with it, this thing pops up, and you don’t have trigger about it. When you’re coming from an Awareness perspective, those popping up things, that’s not how life goes. You abide in a steady state, choiceless choice arises, and choiceless choice impulses you into an activity. You’re abiding in a state from which choiceless choice arises, and the Field of Infinite Possibility is active in but you’re not always having to dodge things popping up all the time. It’s just an IS. It’s engaged with, rather than I’m not triggered by the thing. It’s not that way 100% of the time, maybe only 90% but it’s vastly changed. It’s vastly changed because of the interaction with Awareness/Personality overall has shifted many, many, many things into this space where you just abide. And the abiding in Awareness allows for choiceless choice rather than navigating all these things popping up all the time.

The other thing Veronica did, besides staying out of the way of Awareness, was only acting on choiceless choice. It was hard for about a week. It was, I’m going to BE until choiceless choice pops up. I’m not going to do a damn thing until choiceless choice tells me what to do. Personality had something to say about that but she stood firm.
So, a vastly changed state is the difference between Level 6 and Awareness. If you’re not in a vastly changed state, you haven’t made the jump. And the temptation is going to be to try to figure out how to make the jump instead of finding that doorway and finding what helps you abide in Awareness. You probably all will have different ways to do that.

[At this point, Eloheim invited Randy into the conversation to talk about her experience with her husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis and having to euthanize her dog the day before.]

Randy: Being Present is IT. Because everything else feels like shit. When something comes up, it gets taken care of. It feels different than a few years ago, different than what my system went through when we euthanized another dog.

Eloheim: It’s a vastly changed state.

Randy: My husband had cancer a few years ago, it was a completely different, survival instinct-based experience. It’s not my job to take on his experience. It’s his. He’s having his experience, and I’m here to support him in it, and I don’t have any attachment to the outcome. Every time I think about what I “should” be doing, I feel overwhelmed. And none of it is necessary. It’s not helpful.

Eloheim: We’ve known you for years and anyone who has listened to you knows you cry very easily. You’re not crying right now.

Randy: No. The tears come from being grateful. For the first three days, the tears would happen but I realized it’s not helpful or being present.

Eloheim: It’s not to say you should or shouldn’t cry, it’s to say that you reported it without crying. You reported it in a very neutral way. If you were in Personality, you would be crying. When your friends say to you, not on my watch, that’s not you being needy, that’s just the Field of Infinite Possibilities presenting itself with reality. Don’t let Personality take over that beautiful moment of gratitude and love. What we liked most about what you said was when you said “Tony gets to have his experience, and I’m here to support him in having his experience” because for 15 years we have been trying to get you to the point when you said those words. That’s a huge thing, a vastly changed state for you to say, I’m going to let him do him, and he lets me know what he needs.

Warrior: You’re engaged–your battleground right now is strange. Because you have an internal journey of surrendering Personality that you’re dealing with in the middle of a lot of Personalities not surrendering Personality.
When we are on the battlefield, time and sounds are very strange on a battlefield. You imagine, and your shows depict it as super noisy and chaotic, but when you’re in the middle of that, the sound starts to be not what you imagine it is from the outside. Sound starts to modulate, starts to become very focused in a small interaction. Time does really strange things as well. You have this shrinking-in that occurs of your field of attention and sound becomes more like sight. Your choice starts to narrow very significantly, your field of focus and visual shrinks. And auditory shrinks the most. It’s very surreal and can get addictive. Athletes call it being in the zone. It puts you in an altered state. As your field of focus shrinks, time stops moving in the way it typically does. When you’re in this quiet place time slows down and then time catches up with you when you slay those foes. Times sort of slows down then speeds up. Once you get used to that happening, that kind of focus becomes an opportunity to discover parts of yourself that you’ve never known. Your current battlefield is similar. It’s this place where when you’re alone, understimulated by the world, your experience of surrendering Personality or abiding in Awareness may be easier or distinctly different than when you’re in public, in the hustle bustle of the world. And that contrast may be disheartening to you. When I’m at work in the public or around my friends, I have a harder time being in Awareness. Remember, that action of surrendering Personality, those doorways to Awareness, is in that quiet, internal zone, that internal cone of silence, and you always have that. It’s–are you paying attention to the overstimulation rather than staying and concentrating on that cone of quiet? So, watch that you’re not letting Personality define your battlefield. You discern your focus in battle. The discernment that you’re doing is your engagement with your foe. Make sure you’re deciding. You pick the place of engagement. It’s extremely empowering.

Fred: You’re in it. You’re in the messy time. It gets messy before it gets tidy. It’s not just one drawer you’ve dumped out on the floor, its several. You’re juggling a lot of different things to be navigated simultaneously. It’s all thrown up in the air at the same time. And Personality will tell you you have to solve them all simultaneously. And the reality is, there’s a whole bunch of you. So, focus on the parts that feel choiceless choice to you, that you feel the most drawn to, and let others pick up the parts that you aren’t. That doesn’t mean you have to do anything out in the world but you could be surrendering Personality on a consistent basis and abiding in Awareness and acting on choiceless choice.

There’s such an opening right now, and the messiness makes it seem like a lot is not getting accomplished, but there’s quite a lot getting accomplished. It feels like this work you’re doing as a society, as a species, as humanity, is like plunging through the stargate (reference to the 1994 tv show) and where you’ll end up, who knows? Your work with the Field of Infinite Possibility is in play, and your work in surrendering Personality makes it more tangible to the human race. So, if you look into your world and everything is black and white, and duality is unbelievable and feels too much, make sure you’re not buying into it. You’re allowed to disagree but be careful you’re not casting people into the “other” category. Your contribution makes an exponential difference. It’s like having an energetic bullhorn. You’re not trying to dictate; you’re trying to be present. It’s amazing. Powerful. It makes a big, big difference.
Girls: For a long time, we would focus our conversation with you on self-love, self-kindness. Let’s do a refresh on that because we haven’t done that in awhile, and the opportunity is now to engage with that from a surrendered Personality place.

Personality says self-love is [blank]. A lot of times it says self-love is selfish. So then surrendering Personality comes along, and it all gets mixed up and confused. From the position of Awareness, you recognize that love, appreciation, gratitude, connection is emanated from you and received from All-That-Is as like the in-breath/out-breath exchange of acknowledgement of it’s all me. It all is, it all abides. It IS. It becomes this unending exchange from your unique perspective into the collective of all, from the collective of all into your unique perspective. It becomes this in and out, like a breath. A tide washing in and out of the shore, if you will. It’s a recognition of acknowledgment, gratitude, the noticing, the experiencing, the exploring. It’s not that “I love my gingerbread shape.” It becomes “I am.” In the process of I am, the experience of All-That-Is becomes this loving act. It becomes the tapestry, the conduit of this in-and-out expression of love and gratitude, of amazement, of awe. This is another way of carving out that little space for yourself: being in awe of the All. You don’t get tripped up by those small pockets of duality as you experience the awe that flows in and out. Loving oneself starts to look really different when you take Personality out of the equation.

Matriarch: That was lovely, wasn’t it? We are grateful we got to spend this interaction from Awareness with you. Thank you so much for sharing it. We will say goodnight for the entire Council. All the blessings we send to you. Goodnight.

If you feel drawn to chip in, here’s the link to Randy’s husband’s gofundme. link

Four Sessions held in June 2020

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99