Six sessions held in March, 2013

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2013-03-27 ~ 80 minutes

Guardians: There is a new tension that we’re feeling. [Later in the meeting, it was determined that the tension was about a new opening.] In your explorations, don’t look too far ahead. Take small steps, and close-by steps. Then re-evaluate. What is powerful is your focus, your attention, defining what matters to you, and where you are pointed. Then steps will arise to meet you. Allow “now” to be your focus. Allow “what is” to be where you place your attention. Being in “I am willing” and “what is true now” opens the doors.

Visionaries: There is a need for consciously monitoring your trajectory throughout the day. Trajectory is not outcome; it is a pointing. But after pointing, let your focus be on the moment. “Where am I?” Focus on what IS, not about wishing things were different than they are. Be clear where you are pointed because being off by even a small amount will create a larger diversion down the road. So, as you watch your trajectory throughout the day, adjust it every time you notice when it’s off. (You can visualize a picture of what going in and out of your trajectory looks like.) This means monitoring your interactions with others and with yourself. Notice your reactions to your experiences. Fears, habits, etc. will pull you off the original trajectory; consciousness will correct it. Choose and choose again. Allow the “now” to be revealed more deeply to you. This is an attentiveness that only you can choose into.

Eloheim: We feel a great opening occurring. We imagine the ceiling up here having a big circle. And on the other side of the circle is an opening into another place or portal where you can access your soul. It’s a kind of sparse, white space, a kind of laboratory where you participate in the experiment of being you. You connect with your soul there and integrate all your alternative expressions. You are not just ascending your current lifetime, but all of them. So you will get bleed throughs: thoughts, problems, anxieties, insights. In this new space, you can meet your alternative expressions in oneness, as well as relate to them as separate creations.

But this “now” moment is the most important. As you work with the bleed throughs, don’t be pulled out of “now.” This is all about being the truth of you, not about being in distraction. Go into “what is.” Stay the course. The tension we feel – the tension of a coiled spring – is this tension of having to watch every moment. You have to know where you are, especially for this bleed through process. You need to keep using the tools to take you back to “now”. Attend to what your alternative expressions bring up, but attend to it from this moment. Watch your trajectory. Be “on it” all of the time. And, like anything, this takes practice. And, energetically, you’re new beings all the time, so an alternative expression doesn’t need to be another lifetime; it can be childhood in this lifetime. Whatever comes up, if it is loud, have a conscious relationship to it.

Realize there is no certainty, and there is no syllabus and no grades at the end. There is a difference between “story” and “exploration.” Being exploratory is evaluating “what is true now,” and being in the fascination of your current experience. “Story” is every time you focus on the past or future; you let go of the moment you are in and lose all contact with yourself.
Your “big thing” and your familiar suffering won’t be as much fun anymore because you’ve crossed a threshold. If you find yourself in them, use “I’m tempted to do things I’ve done in the past.” Remember the tool of “I don’t know,” which connects you to infinite possibilities. You can consciously connect with the fact that infinite possibilities exist, but you really know nothing about them, and that’s OK. Focus on what is true now.

Manipulation of time: The longer you can stay in the now, in fascination, it changes time so that it hasn’t really passed for you, as it has for others. It’s like the theory of relativity. Aging stops, or slows. Focus on staying with the encompassing feeling that’s in the present. You change things, not by being in outcome, but by changing who you are inside.

Interactions: Add what you have “now.” Don’t shake shoulders. Simply express your truth with no attachment to how it’s heard.

2013-03-20 ~ 87 minutes

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A powerful session!! When will all of this spiritual growth get easier?

We will discuss this topic on our next radio show. Join us April 15th at 11:30am Pacific here. We will take your calls!!!!

Guardians: We are feeling something different: a sort of gathering up and an unfurling. All of you, in the morning, before the day begins, can make a request of the Council, to check in, to establish a point of view to start from, to set your emanation and a clear trajectory for the day. Point to your preferences. Point to integrate your soul’s perspective. Allow yourself to have insight during the day about each next step.

Visionaries: Expanded on the idea: “Leave it more conscious than you found it,” with the emphasis on our conversations, e-mails and social media posts. Before writing or speaking, attend to the situation with consciousness. Imagine yourselves as campfire neighbors. “Does what I write or say raise the vibration of the conversation?” Focus on your truth and vulnerability, and not on anyone else. Use “I” statements and know that any change you want to see in the world happens first inside you. Have a connection with others around vulnerability and truth. The connection is important, not the story of whatever article you are referencing. Give out the highest vibration version of you, and emanate what you wish others to match. Emanation doesn’t require you to be perfect or “finished” – it does require you to be in your truth, even if that truth is “I don’t know” or “I’m uncertain.”

Eloheim: Continued the discussion of the Visionaries, saying this is getting more and more important because we are ready to be leaders. You cannot point fingers at anyone without pointing at yourself. Just be in your own truth and vulnerability.

Level 9: The choice-less choice. This is when things come along in your life that you can’t choose out of, nor would want to. Facing the choice-less choice can be challenging because it pushes you to change and grow. Level 9 is about continually living this way, living in a clarity of action, until the clarity shifts. There is no idea of tomorrow, just awareness – continually acted on – in the moment. Until you live in Level 9, you can have glimpses of it, but eventually it will become a continuous experience.

Weariness and the bleed-though band: All your incarnations have been designed around the idea of wanting to integrate your soul’s perspective into the human body. This is difficult, challenging, and tiring. Because when you push up through this enough, you hit a bleed-through band that lies between you and your soul. This band holds the issues and fears of your alternative expressions and, as you go through it, it will add more baggage, not less, and the human body may become louder than ever. There is a temptation to think that it’s just more old stuff, and that all your work hasn’t gotten you closer. This is not true. You are not back at the bottom; you are up in the band. That is why the same issues keep coming up; you are clearing level after level for all those alternative expressions.

There is a tendency to be impatient when you have to keep dealing with the same issues over and over again. But understand what is happening. You’ve worked too hard to give up now. Re-commit to the trajectory. Stay the course. Climb that steep outcrop the Warrior talked about by not falling for the fears and issues that come up. Don’t ignore them, but determine your relationship to them. You are in charge of the survival instinct; you tell it where it fits in, not the other way around. When you control your survival instinct, the issues don’t stick to you, and your adrenaline response is relatively quiet. You can also ask the Guardians for help in releasing the things you no longer need.

Sometimes the thoughts and issues will just be repetitive – and not escalating in difficulty. Just choose and choose again. Don’t let them tell you who you are; don’t let them be fodder for hamster wheel. Attend to them, and determine your relationship to them. “Is this (anxiety, fear) true right now?” Is there anything to glean form the fear? If so, get what you can from it. Otherwise, set it aside. “No, you’re on the shelf.”

Fascination breaks the pattern. Nothing stops the fears, static and habits as quickly as fascination.

2013-03-17 ~ Q&A with Eloheim ~ 90 minutes

2013-03-13 ~ 67 minutes

The March 13th session featured a very funny Visionaries message and was highlighted by Eloheim explaining Level 9! Learn more about the levels here.

Watch your trajectory. When you live moment to moment, you are uncertain about each next moment, but you can point yourselves well. Imagine a wind-up toy car which you “charge” up and then put on the floor. When you go into victim hood, it’s as if you’ve crashed it into something! So point it well. When you have challenges on the path, use the tools and be conscious. When you get weary, if you didn’t go into victim hood, then you don’t need to start over from the beginning. You can juice yourselves back up by finding something fascinating. Fascination is always part of you as a soul, just as the survival instinct is part of your body.

Level 7 is where you surrender the idea that triggers are outside of you. “It’s all me.” Level 8 is, “Watch it move,” like ripples in a pond. Your emanation just goes out and you don’t know where it will go. (Though, in the future, you might). It just moves. And you also are a movement, a movement of creation, a flow. You are not something fixed.

As you move into the upper levels, continue to take level 5 with you. “This trigger is mine” helps you take conscious ownership of any discomfort you feel. If you are confused, be clear about your confusion. “I don’t know what I want.” “I am tempted to….”

The next level is level 9, the “Choice less choice.” You still have free will, but it becomes irrelevant; it ceases to matter. The next step is so clear, even if it may be uncomfortable, that nothing else is as loud. The clarity of action to take is indisputable and it moves you – like the ripples on the water, or the parting of the Red Sea. There is an urge, a compulsion, with your clarity, and no fear of the perceived ramifications. Your individual intent for spiritual progress is an example of a choice less choice. You may feel weary, but you have no choice about continuing to do it.

This is not just about moments, which you may have experienced, but about a whole new way of living, a completely different paradigm of experience. But to live this way asks something new of you. Don’t bail out of this tension by going into old fears and habits! We don’t want to see the tension in your body if you do that; it’s like slipping into victim hood from a high energetic level. Don’t fall for the idea that “if this was right, it would be easy.” (It’s not easy). And this is not about service mentality. Though it may look like service, the “choice” is not for the other person. It just is. You clearly recognize that the parting of the Red Sea has occurred and the next step, the next moment, is pristinely clear. You wouldn’t want to do anything else.

It’s a moment-by-moment experience. The trajectory says nothing about what you will find, only where you are pointed. So as you walk in the uncertainty and discomfort of that, take all your tools with you. “What is true now?” And find whatever is fascinating in each step, each option. Clarity is the path, so try to get familiar with what this clarity feels like.

2013-03-06 – 91 minutes

Eloheim told me that the March 6, 2013 session would be different and it was! During this session, Eloheim did mini-sessions for the group members which were incredible!! Here’s a quote from Germany:

“Last night’s meeting gave me deep, deep insights, nearly as deep as my core emotion session.”

Guardians: We feel your energetics expanding into the room in a new way, which we appreciate. There are always going to be opportunities to experience triggers, fears, habits – and opportunities to let those things tell you who you are, and how you can be. You will be tempted to fall for the old version of you, and these triggers and temptations will happen as long as you are in the body. It won’t be going away. So find ways to manage and transform your relationship to the survival instinct. Choose and choose again. Choose yourself INTO the transformed state. Stay the course. And when you encounter a trigger, turn and face it. The intensity of it will abate as you work into it.

Visionaries: We still feel a weary confidence in you. This is a challenging time; there are big energetic flows happening right now, and you will feel this at some level. Study the effect it’s having on you. In any chaos, say “yes” to what is because that’s the only way you can transform it. Remember the Warrior’s take on triggers: “I see you and I pull you close.” You won’t make more of the trigger when you face it; you will decrease it. But if you don’t face it, the “enemy” keeps coming.

Eloheim: Conducted a Sebastopol-type session with each attendee sitting in the next chair. Some of the discussion highlights:

Don’t try to be a spiritual example or helper for others. Your spiritual work is only for you. “This is for me. I know who I am. That’s all I offer and all I will offer.” This creates an emanation which will actually help others more than anything else. When you are filled up with You, then you can interact with others in an open and easy way.

Let the current version of you re-evaluate the situation in your lap. Don’t let the past tell you how to think about or judge a situation or person. Don’t let the past tell you who you are now. When you re-evaluate, say things like “I really don’t actually know that person’s story. There IS more here, if only to look at it from who I am now.”

Being in the truth of you means not reacting as you’ve reacted before – but speaking from your deepest truth in that moment, even if that truth is sadness, pain and vulnerability. “I am going to respond to this moment with my utter truth, which I’ve covered up in the past.” So, rather than navigating by whatever reaction you had in the past, you can go onto a completely different branch of the tree.

When you are busy receiving a lot of information, that doesn’t mean you are emanating the truth of you. Ask if your information-gathering is a distraction. Is it making you more balanced?

Instead of asking, “what’s next?” ask “what’s now?” Scan your current environment for the juicy bits, and then let that dictate what’s next. Fascination is the doorway. FIEM: Fascination – Integration – Emanation – Magnetism. Integration is bringing in the Soul’s perspective, allowing the ah-has. And before you magnetize, you’ll abide in a period of waiting. If you find yourself feeling frustration in that time, be fascinated by something new.

03-04-2013 – 72 minutes

Eloheim answers questions in Sebastopol.

“I loved how Eloheim breaks it down. Layering the short factual statements. Wow. Workable way to break out of the circle of shit and wishy washy to complete and total clarity. I feel on top of the world.”