Four Sessions held in July 2022

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July 3, 2022

Wow, I’m filled with gratitude for this session. Eloheim deeply explores the TWO types of Tidy Timings. They are still working on exactly what we will call them.

Tidy Timing number 1 is experiencing life without the distortion of Personality. Previous Eloheim has described this as: living from bliss to bliss, living from aha to aha, and living from Awareness.

Tidy Timing number 2 is the powerful, often piercingly painful, gathering of circumstances which puts a bright spotlight on the places where Personality is still dominate.

Eloheim explains how each of these appear, the gifts they offer use, and the way to navigate TT#2 to facilitate more TT#1’s!

July 13, 2022

Eloheim starts off by speaking about the James Webb Telescope images and how this is our entry into realizing we are “Galactic Citizens”. Eloheim asked me to post this link so you can see the comparison between the Hubble and Webb images of the same view and to do the “homework” of feeling into our part in the cosmos. This link, lets you control the zoom in and out (I did it by rolling my mouse wheel – you can also use the + and – symbols in the upper right corner).

Want to revisit Fred’s comments about the images? Here it is:

Eloheim then shifted gears to continue the conversation about Tidy Timings and connect them to the larger physicalization studies we have been doing.

Mags spoke about the unique pain of women/feminine energy and the healing we are doing.

July 17, 2022

A plop meeting! Eloheim dives into “Tidy Timing Chains” and sets the stage for a big sharing from Fred during the next meeting! INCREDIBLE!!!!!

July 27, 2022

Fred goes deep on the notion of clock time (“a weapon of Personality”), how Personality uses clock time in ways that we can’t see, the notion of “the moment” and what that really means, the definition of presence, and so much more.
Eloheim comes in afterward to answer questions and continue the conversation.

Four Sessions held in July 2022

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99