Four Sessions held in March 2023

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March 5, 2023

– Unhealed Core Emotion (UCE) is stirred up in connection to the collective-heart. Why UCE? Because its a place where P entrenchment has been powerful and deeply “grooved in” subconsciously.

– Perceiving the experience of multitudes and navigating it as if its happening to our GBs can be a challenge in this.

– Previous tools E taught were born out of the tusle with P, not from the experience of A encountering collective-heart. Going forward, what we will talk about is what its like living from A, which is a completely different orientation

– We are having a perspective into our lives from A and observing the goings-on, rather than being “in”, or defined by, the goings-on.

– Feminine energy in us “draws the line in the sand”, setting a standard. A line, standard, that does not just capitulate to going along with being pushed around by masculine insistence (internally or externally) out of fear, UCE which can make the situation worse/harder, in the name of helping.

– Awareness in the now does not mean things are always easy, or not challenging. What it means is the experiences we can have expand. It also draws the line that “P is not the way” and abides in that clarity through the unfolding of experience, whatever it is.

– Deep presence in what is happening now without allowing personality to extrapolate/project a narrative about what it means in future. Profound presence without distracting ourselves into thoughts or activities about it is very powerful. It ripens capacity for collective-experience in the now.

March 8

, 2023

– Observe P’s incursion from Presence and just let it pass: observe the temptation to go into P projections, conclusions without engaging/believing them. Like a highway exit you just drive by.

– Let each moment, even intense ones, simply be without turning it into projections or conclusions about what it means in future. Decline the empty calorie P meal of hamster-thinking.

– Notice what P wants to do but don’t try to imagine what A would do instead. A is a revelation, a bubble-up within the silence of not engaging as P.

– Mags: FIP, tidyness, choiceless-choice is only in the now-presence. Leaving that to dwell on what comes next disengages with FIP.

– New visitor, a collective/horde/group-mind speaking in a “chorus” form – “We see explorers fabricating… exciting! … finding, persevering” They are overcome with delight and break into a shindig to celebrate that they have found us. Veronica: their energy is a lot like the minions.

March 19, 2023

– Holding the line within ourselves while navigating the transformational collective energetics we are perceiving; holding the line in not interpreting the collective-heart pain/fear/gloom as if it is happening to our GB nervous system.

– Deepening opportunity to be an energetic leader by not projecting meaning/outcome from the “Is” of what is actually being perceived.

– Now is the time to be extremely efficient at cutting off personalities’ engagement/interjection immediately and choosing Presence instead.

– “Infinity” as the most important word the council has said to us in the nearly 10 million words they have shared over the past 20 years: P cannot understand infinity and A does not need to understand Infinity as it is made of it.

– “Unfettered Infinity”-s interaction with everything is impactful beyond comprehension. As A, we are energetically interjecting non-personality into whatever is unfolding. Inhabiting the personality interjection cuts off access to FIP.

– Outsized reaction shrill indicates P is on the ropes, getting desperate about reclaiming attention for its interjections.

– Cannot have infinity if we insist on understanding, defining it. Only personality arrogance imagines it can understand infinity. The only thing you get from “figuring out” infinity is P.

– We can perceive the collective-gloom without interpreting it as if it is happening in our nervous system, allowing the compassion and infinity of A to meet it and transmute it, outside of the nervous system.

– Infinity lives in the “Is”, Presence, not in the imagined “future”.

– Tender and powerful 1:1 between E and Tiffany

– There has been an opening to the perception of the collective nature of humanity. An opening, and an experience-and-explore, that comes as a “Duh”.

– The reality of the situation is onboarding the “Duh” even while it is disorienting. Tada! It is a brand new way of being. Just abide.

– Find an area where there is a habitual bumping up into limitation and meet it with “I recognize I was not allowing for FIP here” instead.


March 29, 2023

– The expansive state due to less personality, and experiencing the collective heart are “colliding”. Being tapped into the collective-heart intensifies what we are experiencing especially around feelings – e.g. a constant state of “something about to happen”, “on the brink” feeling.

– In this, the bit of personality that is left can lead to “outsized reactions” because the few remaining hooks are loud. Use “I am tempted to” tool to keep P interjection from distracting from what is. The intensity of collective-heart does not need to be an intensification of P.

– Allowing for duhs and connection to the collective, generates transformational waves in the world. Having a physical impact in the world as a duh that will become more and more obvious. Our unique version of “attending to plastics in the ocean”.

– The letting go of identity becomes more central as we engage with the collective, as this engagement happens in the sensory system outside the limits of the GB identity and nervous system. Being dominated by P is like a computer not connected to the internet, and engaging with the collective like connecting to the internet.

– The way we experience the body, identity, collective, nervous system and sensory system are going to be evolving. Physicality will be experienced differently due to the collective energy and diminished personality and it will feel like a duh. Value noticing the duhs, the “little miracles”, the tidiness that arises, to counteract the habitual tendency to overlook significant evolution because it now feels like a duh

– E talks about why visitors often marvel at encountering us: Earth is like the “burning man planet” to a lot of other civilizations in the universe. The constant willingness to be in transformation witnessed here is very rare in the universe.

– Mags: If we keep surrendering personality it’s inevitable that magical/miraculous things start to happen and it will feel like a duh. And Mags wants to hear about it when it starts to happen! When personality has been surrendered you are put to use because its a duh for that to occur. When personality starts to act up, all it deserves is a passing notice as an “I am tempted to”. Presence is where it’s at.

Four Sessions held in March 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99