Four Sessions held in December 2022

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December 4, 2022

Eloheim focuses on the “end of the year” energy, bringing our attention to the things that have gone from troubling to “duh” during 2022. This is in advance of the incoming energy of the new year.
• Use year-end energy to clear up our ‘energetic barbells’ to be in peak shape for 2023
• Need to recognize what is now a “duh” – complete – and get it off our barbells so we are
only working with aspects of evolution that are currently on our laps. People shared examples.
• What is now a duh used to be something that troubled us, really bugged us, that now is not even noticed as we are in a vastly changed state
• Continue to let ceiling is now the floor become more than an intellectual concept, E encouraged us to make a list of the duhs that are now foundational (the “floor”) for moving forward into 2023
• Ceiling now the floor: stance that nothing is off the list, although P will try to sneak in with “but” – you: “I would love to have [blank]” P: “Yeah, but you don’t have the [fill in the blank: connections, money, time, education. . .]
• E encourages everyone to re-listen to the Tenacity meeting that V re-posted, telling us that doing so will profoundly influence our lives in 2023; they laid down an energetic 6 years ago that is now bearing fruit. “Go eat the fruit!”

December 14, 2022

A continuation of the previous session with the focus on the “end of the year compare you-to-you” exercise. VERY IMPORTANT and profound session. Amazing examples from the community and a new process for the whole thing as well. Eloheim speaks about the Tenacity Teachings and illuminates further aspects of this tremendous new phase we are in. Their comments about how “duh” it was when we were bending spoons really illuminates how vast the change is from the way Personality has led us to believe physicality can be experienced and the TRUTH of physicality. They also tie in the “plastics in the oceans” examples…..stunning.
• Because the ceiling is now the floor, you’ve got to make sure that the way Personality had assigned things as your ceiling, you’re not Shadow carrying as you go forward into the new year.

• E invites us to inventory our past year and recognize what has changed, what has evolved by thinking about categories and subcategories like health, finances, abundance, relationships, jobs, activities, physical surroundings, and people shared.

• E advises everyone to spend at least 10 minutes breaking up your life into these subcategories because it makes it easier to discover places where you have taken weight off the barbell, and you don’t want to be accidentally carrying that that shadow weight — it’s not really there, but your body still experiences it as there because you are not yet really owning the duh of it.

• The Tenacity meeting is referred to again, and E speaks of spoon bending, how once people’s spoons bent they just tossed the on the picnic table in a heap and weren’t even excited because it was now a duh, and how P will deny the spoon is bent without using tricks, or if the spoon is bent then demand you bend rebar.

• E speaks of the plastic straw, and plastics in the ocean: the very thing that got people mad: how dare Eloheim promote something plastic could potentially turn in to the muscle that can have an impact on the plastic situation. “Potentially. No for sure’s. But it feels like it’s in the field of infinite possibilities to us.”

• E asks us to work on building the muscle of changing our stance toward physicality, and move away from what P has always told us about physical objects, as going forward our relationship to physicality will be vastly changed. Build the muscle with persistence and urgency and willingness.

December 18, 2022

I really loved this session and found it very moving. Eloheim begins the conversation on the energies of 2023! I won’t spoil the surprise.

Here’s the worksheet that Eloheim mentions during the call. Worksheet PDF

December 28, 2022

A profound full Council session! I was so surprised to see that it was only an hour long. It felt like it was something closer to two hours as I was channeling. There’s so much in this meeting! The Council reflects on the energy of 2023, Mags/Girls/Matriarch offer a blessing, Fred lays in a new energetic template, and so much more. Really beautiful!!!

Four Sessions held in December 2022

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99