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December, 2006

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Retribalization – Finding our Soul Group to facilitate Soul growth

In this clip from 10-11-06, Eloheim talks about retribalization. How hooking up with those in our Soul Group faciliates growth and transformation. Reading the definitions listed on the right side of this page before listening to this clip will help make it more clear.


What happens when I connect with my Soul?

Eloheim has a well developed sense of humor and we tend to laugh a lot during the meetings. This is a section of the meeting from 12-06-06. This section deals with what happens when you connect with your Soul. Eloheim teaches that connecting with your Soul or In-Souling your body is the goal of the lightworker at this time.

This clip talks about: What is that like? What happens when you do it?


During the meeting on 12-13-06 they discussed more of how to do this. I will pull out that clip next.


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