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March, 2007

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Eloheim: 02-28-07 How to determine your Core Emotion

This next clip is from the end of the meeting held on 02-28-07. Eloheim is explaining how to determine your Core Emotion. Since this is such a core teaching of Eloheim, I decided to type the entire message. I have also included the audio below. Blessings, Veronica

Your core emotion is dictated by your Soul, agreed to by you as you decide to incarnate into this body at this time. It spans all actions, all thoughts, all feelings, all emotions that you experience in the body.

When you bring consciousness to your core emotion you are bringing consciousness to such a huge percentage of your being that it will exponentially increase your spiritual progress.

The best way to determine your core emotion is by determining two things. These things should be determined not well thought out but what comes first to mind when you ask yourself two questions:

What is the happiest memory I have?
What is the most troubling memory I have?

When you can write those two down then ask yourself to think about them simultaneously. This is the part that can be disturbing because you don’t want to ‘contaminate’ your good memory with your bad one or you don’t know how to allow your mind to have these two seemingly different experiences simultaneously.

However, you are capable of this and what you need to do is just balance the two of them so that they are equally as intense. If the sad one starts to get too sad, ask it to just get a little smaller and bring the happy one up a little. You want to have them equally balanced in your mind as you think about them simultaneously.

When you think about them simultaneously the question you ask yourself is:

How are they the same?

When you can see similarities between your happiest memory and your saddest memory you will see the essence of your core emotion. Because it is existing both at your most happy time and your saddest time…. As you identify your core emotion, it will become apparent to you how often it shows up in your life as a driving force behind your behaviors. Each time it flares up and you apply consciousness and you acknowledge, “wow this is going on because this is my Core Emotion, I am here to learn about this” it is your tool to bringing consciousness into your life.

The audio clip includes the quote above and also examples of group members’ core emotions.

I believe that it would be helpful for some of us who have had Eloheim’s assistance in determining our core emotion to explain the actual process we went through and/or for me to get permission to post the audio of those experiences. I will ask for that contribution.

When Eloheim helps you determine your core emotion, he walks you through this same exercise. He is also able to tell you how your core emotion might show up in your life which is incredibly helpful in people getting a real handle on their core emotion.

An example that comes to mind is a person with the Core Emotion of, “I am not seen”. This person might dress in very bright colors, drive a flashy car, and always have something to add to every conversation. He is always driven at a Soul, unconscious, and subconscious level to make sure he is seen, noticed, paid attention to, etc.

If you were to apply consciousness to this core emotion, it could look like, “wow, I am not included in this conversation, I don’t feel like they see me, I will sit with this feeling and experience this conversation without letting my Core Emotion drive me to interrupt.” Noticing that your Core Emotion is activated causes you to apply consciousness to that moment. Applied consciousness is Spiritual Growth.

Eloheim has taught many times that a healed Core Emotion is the greatest tool on our Spiritual Journey. Working with my Core Emotion has been quite a ride, but I can say, with confidence, that it has made my life more peaceful, enjoyable, and has allowed me to be of more service.

Eloheim: 02-28-07 How to determing your Core Emotion

Added on 03-05-07:
Here is a link to two examples of Eloheim helping folks determine their core emotion:
Two people discovering their Core Emotion

February, 2007

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Eloheim Explains the Core Emotion

One of Eloheim’s core (pun intended) teachings involves the core emotion. Your core emotion is usually a single emotion or fear that permeates all aspects of your life. Examples include: fear of the unknown, fear of not being seen or heard, fear of love. Core emotions are as varied as the people having them. Your core emotion is at the root of every (positive or negative) decision you make. Eloheim teaches that working with your core emotion is the fastest way to bring consciousness and personal healing into your life.

Determining your core emotion is fairly easy when you have Eloheim’s help. I intend to ask about determining your core emotion when you don’t have the direct assistance of Eloheim. I will post about that soon.

This is one of the first posts I added to this blog and I felt it was time for it to be seen again. The core emotion continues to be my most powerful teacher and a review of this material, the first time Eloheim ever spoke of it, seemed timely. I find it so interesting that these themes work so well with the information about the Law of Attraction that Eloheim shared last week. We have a meeting tonight and I will start posting clips from it tomorrow.



There is the conscious level, that is the level that says “I have cancer”, that is the level that says “You done me wrong”, that is the level that says “You cut me off you ***hole”. That is the conscious level.

Then comes the unconscious level where you have a reaction. It just happens. It is the habitual response that we have talked about. So you get cut off on the freeway and you get angry. Right? You start saying colorful things. Automatically, often without thought and typically as a default reaction (one that you have had before). Then comes the tricky bit and this is the part where normally people get stuck. We like to call it the camouflage layer. This is the layer that therapists spend lots of time in. You can see it as sort of a gray foggy space.

What happens is: You get cut off on the freeway, now you are angry. Then you start to spin. You start to spin on all the other times you have been angry. You start to spin on all the other people you are angry at. And the other such and such and so and so and so forth. You are in this layer and you spend a lot of time there. You know how you can say, “my day is ruined now!” Why? You didn’t get in a car wreck. It is because your habitual response kicked in and you plopped down into the camouflage layer.

And now you are not just angry at the ***hole on the freeway, you are angry at your boss, you’re angry at your parents, you’re angry at the judge that told you that you had to pay the parking ticket. And you find that the emotion spreads out and you follow that emotion from one thing that made you angry to the next to the next. Or one thing that hurt you to the next to the next. Or one thing that offended you to the next to the next. And what you are doing is creating a web and you are connecting all of these things and giving it more and more and more power. It becomes more and more offensive or angry. And it is not that you are just angry at somebody cutting you off on the freeway you are angry because when you were five somebody took your Tonka Truck away.

This is what our friend Eckhart (Eckhart Tolle, author The Power of Now) talks about when he tries to keep you in the present so you don’t spend a whole bunch of time in camouflage.

But let’s take it to the next level. The next level lies below the camouflage. This is the level that therapy doesn’t typically take you too. Because therapy wants to take you down the history of your life and they want to explore why when you get cut off on the freeway you remember your Tonka Truck from five years old. Right?

Then you remember the time you got stood up for prom and then you remember it all and you spend all your money and you cry every week. And you feel a little better until the next time you get cut off on the freeway. But underneath that there is a place. And this is the place that we want to take you. Underneath the camouflage is the prime emotion that is involved. It is usually very simple, usually very clear and absolutely understandable when you experience it. So under the camouflage what is this driving emotion?

You get cut off on the freeway, perhaps and we are just going to use this as an example, really what happens is that your underlying fear deep deep down is I AM NOT SEEN. No one sees me.

So if you take the order of events in reverse, don’t start with getting cut off on the freeway. Start with “I believe I am not seen.” “That is why I got stood up for my prom date. That is why someone can take my truck. Because I am not being seen as someone who has a truck. That is why someone can cut me off on the freeway, because they don’t see me and that makes me angry.”

You see what we are showing you? When you have an experience that generates a strong emotion, don’t get stuck in camouflage. Because when you go deeper than the camouflage and say “truly what I am feeling is that I am not seen” that is the layer that can be healed.

So you can say, “of course I am seen” I have this group of people, I have a family, I have friends, I have a career, I am seen. So that you can nurture yourself on that level, and you can heal yourself on that level. So that the next time you get cut off on the freeway you say “Wooh, that guy is in a hurry” because it is not intricately connected to this prime moving emotion anymore, you break that circuit. So instead of spending the next week being angry about being cut off on the freeway, you have all that time and space to do other things.

And there is another little side benefit of this. When the guy cuts you off on the freeway and you say, “that ***hole” you are not making the world a better place. But when the guy cuts you off on the freeway and you immediately think, “wow he must be in a hurry. Or I bet he has a lot on his mind today.” What are you doing? You are sending him love. You are saying “I hope you get there safely, it is ok that you went in front of me, I know that you need to get there. I know that you have a lot on your mind. I hope you figure it out. “ You can send him a little blessing. And don’t think that doesn’t help.

You have disconnected from your own deep fear, but you have done it in a healthy way. You haven’t just swallowed it and taken it and said, “well I guess it is ok that he cut me off, he must be in a hurry.” That is not the same thing. (laughter)

This tool is going to help you because it is going to allow you to live in a place that is real. It is allows you to skip the ego’s delusions. Remember we said that you don’t fight the ego you ignore the ego. Remember we talked about this. It is like a plant, if you don’t water it, it dies.

How better to ignore the ego (because the ego is that camouflage layer) than to just push through it to what is true. And what this takes is your willingness to examine yourself and be honest. Because it is more fun, easier, and lazier to say “***hole” than it is to say, ‘What the heck is going on here for me?” and then to honestly say to yourself “Whoa, I don’t feel that I am seen” and then be with that.

See, the key is be with the emotion that you find down there, sit with it. This process doesn’t have to take forever, it can be instantaneous, you can teach yourself to go immediately from the trigger to realizing you are in the core emotion. The more you work with these core emotions the less they effect you over and over again. As you heal the core emotion, it is like healing the trunk of the tree and the branches get healed as well. It happens quickly because you are working on a level of absolute effectiveness. You are not in the distraction of the ego, you are not in the camouflage layer, you’re in a place that actually has the chance to affect you in a profoundly deep and instantaneous manner.

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Eloheim: 02-21-07 Do I have to heal the World? What if I want to?

This clip focusing on knowing ‘why you are doing what you are doing’. It came out of a comment about creating illness as a way of connecting with the collective consciousness. Here are a few quotes from the 5 1/2 minute clip:

You want to heal the world? Heal yourself first!

You need to take care of your own self, your own business, your own closet, your own list, your own soul in order to then vibrate out healing – rather than try to bring in ills to heal and then send back out some how. That is far less efficent than to bring (create) healing within and then vibrate that changed ripple out.

You can have compasion, but you don’t need to bring their ills in or take responsibility or take on the pain of the world. Remember, that each and every one of those people is having their own list, is having their own closet, is having their own expericne, and their own Soul’s desires.

There is not judgment about WHY you are doing it, we just want YOU to know why you are doing it.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Do I have to heal the World? What if I want to?

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Why did I create this?

In this clip, a member of the group brings up sleep apnea and Eloheim uses this as an example of the four levels of creation. I really tried to make this a short clip, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut it any shorter than the 12 minutes it ended up being.

The discussion of sleep apnea moves into applying consciousness to determine what it is you actually wish to create, healing the things you have in ‘the closet’, investing consciousness in yourself, what you put out you attract, did I create cancer?, finding the gift, taking responsibility, and more. Here are some quotes from the clip:

Take the four levels of creation: Soul, unconscious, subconscious, conscious – add the free will to choose your reaction to the things that you create. Right now that is the best description of being Human we can give.

As the personality reacts to what is being created, the Soul can then build on the reactions to bring more creation in.

You all have had people say to you, ‘why did you create that?’…. And you can go, ‘Well, you know, I don’t think I would consciously sign up for cancer’….but there is reason why this is happening to me and I take responsibility for the fact that it is happening and I have my big eyes and my bright flashlight out looking for the reasons. Where is the gift? Because my Soul, my unconscious and my subconscious are collaborating to show me something. Something is coming up to be seen and I am going to look for it and tease it out of this so that I can apply consciousness and then BOOM receive gifts.

You receive strength and clarity and that is when you start to make more room for your Soul….you apply consciousness and all of a sudden there is more room for these things to raise up through the levels and your Soul can start making more things available to you to work with to bring more consciousness into your life. As you bring more consciousness into your life you have more of your Soul in your body and as you have more Soul in your body you have the ability to then do things that you never thought were possible before.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Why did I create this?
Please note: Always consult a physician if you need medical care or advice. Eloheim’s comments are not meant to substitute for medical care. Always use your discernment.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Getting Sick and using the Why, Why, Why tool

In this clip, Eloheim talks about illness and potential causes. Included is an example of using the Why, Why, Why tool and tips on how to make it more effective.

02-21-07 Getting Sick and using the Why, Why, Why tool

Please note: Always consult a physician if you need medical care or advice. Eloheim’s comments are not meant to substitute for medical care. Always use your discernment.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Conversation about creating paid off credit cards

This clip from the 2-21-07 meeting follows the clip I posted earlier about the Law of Attraction. Eloheim continues the explanation of the four different levels from which we create. Eloheim does this by asking for an example of something that we want to attract.

One of the group members offers her situation (wanting to pay off credit card debt) as an example and Eloheim walks through the process with her. Eloheim suggests that her anxiety about her credit card debt is really just a reason not to ‘go for her great nature’. If the credit cards were paid off, then she would have no excuse to hold herself back from reaching out and doing what she feels drawn to do.

This clip is a powerful example of Eloheim’s teaching us to become conscious of the ‘thing’ we are really creating from. The last 90 seconds is especially powerful as Eloheim sums up the conversation.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Conversation about creating paid off credit cards

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Law of Attraction Question and Answer #1

This clip begins our Question and Answers about the Law of Attraction. Eloheim continues his/their insight on the subject. The focus of this clip is on how do you know what is ‘in your closet’ (what is holding us back from manifesting/attracting what we want) and what we do with what is in our closet. You may want to listen to the 12 minute clip I posted on 02-22-07 where Eloheim explains the Law of Attraction before listening to this clip.

There is a rough edit in this clip because we were interuppted due to a water line break outside of our meeting room.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Law of Attraction Question and Answer #1

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Eloheim answers: 2-21-07 Explaining the Law of Attraction

Last night, I asked Eloheim to speak about the Law of Attraction as presented in the movie The Secret. WOW! Eloheim takes the Law of Attraction and explains how it works, the FOUR LEVELS you use to create, how to work with each level, what happens when you do, and so much more. The folks that attended last night’s meeting found this information so helpful that I wanted to get it posted right away. This is a 12 minute clip so it could take a moment or two to start playing.

After this clip we had a Q&A section discussing the Law of Attraction, so I will have more clips to come.

Eloheim answers: 2-21-07 Explaining the Law of Attraction

Eloheim: 02-14-07 Judgement is the Barrier to Spiritual Growth

Here are a couple of different ways that Eloheim shares their views on how we judge ourselves.

The judgment you inflict on yourself is the number one barrier to the spiritual growth you desire, number one, top of the list, by A LOT.

If you find yourself judging yourself, bring consciousness to that experience because you are on top of the barrier to your Spiritual Growth when you recognize that you are judging yourself.

After Elohiem shared this information about judging ourselves, one of the members of our group shared her experience of leaving her groceries in another town and her comment that she was feeling angry with God for it.

Eloheim takes this situation and builds on it (8 minute clip) sharing so many helpful tools including: creating your reality, taking responsibility for what you create, finding the gift, being in the moment, connecting with your soul, what IS is, Free Will, manifestation, leaving cause and effect behind, the difference between feeling and emotion, reaction rut, habitual response, and more. The questioner continues by asking how the information from the movie “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction can be included.

The clip ends abruptly because someone hit their funny bone and everyone started talking at the same time – about that feeling!

Eloheim: 02-14-07 Judgement is the Barrier to Spiritual Growth


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