Veronica and Eloheim interviewed on February 25, 2013.

Veronica interviewed on January 7, 2013.

12-30-2012 Veronica and Eloheim interviewed by Teresa Sixberry on the Breath of Terra program. Learn more about Teresa’s show here:

7-20-2012 Charlotte View is an Internet Radio Talk Show that broadcasts live from Charlotte, N.C., with hosts Claudia Pureco, Jim Black, and Denise Mackey

7-11-2012 David McMaster interviews Veronica Torres and Eloheim takes questions on the New Potentials program from the Awakening Zone.

6-19-2012 Robin Masiewicz interviews Veronica Torres about her work with Eloheim and The Council and their newest book, Discovering YOU.

5-29-2012 Rick O’Shields and Jean Victoria Norloch interview Veronica Torres and Eloheim on Everyday Connection.

4-30-2012 I had a wonderful time meeting Quan Yin and Lotus of Imazia and Eloheim loved it too. Here is Imazia’s description of our time together:
Quan Yin and Lotus had the great pleasure of interviewing and entering into conversation with Veronica Torres, voice and channel for Eloheim & the Council, followed by a channeled conversation with Eloheim themselves.

3-8-2012 Veronica Torres and Eloheim Interviewed by Shelli Speaks on Reflect Radio

Peter Beamish:

Veronica Torres is interviewed by Dennis Tardan about her spiritual journey.

More information,


7-12-2011 I was interviewed on the Every Day Connections program. This was a fun interview and one of the only interviews I’ve done where I didn’t channel! We talked a lot about how I have applied Eloheim’s teachings in my life. We discussed other spiritual concepts as well.


6-28-2011 I was interviewed on the Channels’ Channel radio show. This show focused on how I became a channel, what it’s like to channel, and my insights on how it helps my spiritual journey. Eloheim has a great message about service mentality toward the end.


6-8-2011 I was interviewed by David McMaster on the New Potentials program. David and I talked about self-publishing and I also channeled Eloheim. You can listen to the 60 minute program by following this link:

Veronica and Eloheim interviewed by David McMaster on New Potentials


Veronica and Eloheim’s interview on Reflect Radio

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On 12-10-2010 Surfing the Psychic Waves, Kristina talks to surfers, psychics and metaphysicians about meditation, healing, spirit guides to further explore the concept of “we are all one” and the concepts of peace within a meditation, psychic and spiritual space.

Click this link to listen: Kristina Walsh Interviewing Veronica 12-10-10


09-15-2010 Listen to a FREE recording of Veronica being interviewed and channeling Eloheim on the Myth or Logic radio show ~ Eloheim answers lots of introductory questions during this interview.


Listen to a free recording of Veronica and Eloheim being interviewed on the New Potentials program on the Awakening Zone station.
Click here to listen to Veronica and Eloheim interviewed on the Awakening Zone