Four Sessions held in November 2019

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November 3, 2019

We were unable to hold the final channeling of October due to lengthy power outages in my area due to fire risk and actual fires….. This meeting is a debrief of those events and also detailed instruction on how to use a non-emergency to train our survival instincts and nervous systems to act from consciousness in urgent and emergency situations.

November 13, 2019

The Visitor: Hope Planet
When you are undergoing transformation of any kind, you need to include the step of integration. It’s energetically very clear that there’s a step there where you allow for the integration of what you’ve just done. Part of the reason this is very loud right now is we’re talking about the body piece. Body gets it last, and it gets it slowly. And when it does, it doesn’t go back. It’s important to navigate this part in the way it needs to be navigated. Now it takes a minute in a way the old process didn’t. Because we’re in that body piece. We’re recognizing that the body piece is asking for a different cadence from you. Because of that, it’s asking you not to judge the cadence and the progress. Look at it and do it with fresh eyes. It’s not go-go gadget going, it’s recognizing that being in that cadence of physical form is quieter, slower, more accepting. It’s a different stage. It’s appreciating. It’s not aha, I’m different now, it’s a sense of settling in, letting it change you. It’s not an aha, it’s something else.

There’s a lot happening but as these transformations occur in the Big-B Body, it doesn’t go back.

We’re feeling like we might have a visitor tonight….

Visitor: There there there…there there (stuttering as they tested out how to speak verbally) that that that we….

It is pleasure. It is pleasure. Gosh! Sorry. Sorry, talk hard. But you, you good. And strong. Making difference. You strong making difference. It matters. You strong. Making difference. Matters. Important you. Truth. We don’t know this place. You important and strong. You must focus. Important. You planet. Important. Focus. You must focus. Most..port…foc…You planet… port but give hope. Planet hope for other not-planets need hope. Your hope planet give hope not-planet. Hope planet. You have hope planet. Give hope.

Eloheim: Clearly not from around here. Very challenged with the English language primarily because the physical form is absolutely unfamiliar. It was an attempt to experience the physical form and attempt to communicate. The whole idea of having a physical form is completely and utterly foreign.

Why that visitor? We invited that visitor specifically because we wanted to attempt to give you a sense of how your work affects the no-planets (the universe or everything other than your planet). You’re in physicality, and that physicality is having an emanation on nonphysical existence. They really wanted you to “foc..”! Focus. It’s important. They were trying to share something specific. If you were right now feeling, being accustomed to physicality, imagine if you had to find a way to communicate with a nonphysical being. You’re doing it here using another physical being to talk to us. Other than that, you don’t exactly have a mechanism for that. But you’d probably try. You could process the Visitor’s attempts as frustration or you could process it as earnestness.

Why are you the “Hope Planet?” Don’t you want to know? We’re going to get Fred to tell you.

Fred: That’s what you get when you do your homework! Anyone remember the first words we ever said to you is “there is hope”? We said there is hope and split. Were you wondering? Did anyone go, wait a minute, remember when Fred came?

Hope Planet. We like that.

Why did we say there is hope, why did the visitor say Hope Planet? Why is that word here, hanging around. The context in which hope is being used is the notion of nonphysical becoming physical, contorting the vibration into a form that offers the opportunity to experience tangibility, physicality. This is not unique to your planet. What is unusual is the degree to which you have pushed the envelope regarding your amnesiac state to your soul nature, the degree to which you don’t remember very much, where you’re being completely unaware of your eternal self. So you take a nonphysical, energetic stance, and now you are injecting that nonphysical stance into physicality and immersing it in amnesia. So basically, you are going as far away from the state in which you operate when you are God contemplating itself.

One of the things that you are doing on Planet Hope is you are experiencing an edge of what it looks like to take nonphysicality and push it all the way into physicality, amnesia, and all the things that go along with that. And then you started grinding out lifetimes where you stayed in that steady state, reinvesting in that amnesiac state over and over as society evolved. And you stayed in that amnesiac state. And yet you still reach for the truth of you, of who you are in your nonphysical soul state. What that proves is there’s always hope even in the darkest dark, there’s hope. The quest for the light was not extinguished. Even when the system tried to extinguish it, the light was always there. That is the word hope. You proved hope is a real thing. So even when you feel down, remember how far you’ve come in your evolutionary cycle.

It’s a little like you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth-akin to your billionaire kids on this planet-and you as a nonphysical being ask, can I handle physicality while forgetting I was ever a silver spoon person? Can I handle going down too where the light was almost all turned off. Who am I? You’re God contemplating itself. As a soul, you are split off of God, that’s silver spoon territory. You go as far away from the silver spoon person as can be and see what that’s like. In that process, there was still a part of you that knew there was another way of being.

Q: Is hope not needed on other planets because there’s knowing?

In most other physicality explorations you do, you don’t forget you have a silver spoon. You still know who you are as a soul as you explore. Here, you forgot, and even though you forgot, you didn’t forget on some level. That hope has been building in you, that force has been building, a knowing there’s something more in a visceral and not a brainiac way.
So you get a visitor. The Visitor is trying to say to you, what you’re doing is amazing. Will you please keep going because what you’re doing is, it’s revealing something that was unknown in themselves. You show those not on this physical planet with you that this exists in them. You’re giving that answer to those other bits of God out there.
You’ll never know while in the human body how important what you’re doing is. We can’t get across to you how important that is.

Q: How big is E’s rolodex?

We’ll tell you something about Eloheim. The thing about Eloheim-in your society, they’d be like the kids on the spectrum. They stand out. Brilliant on some levels, can’t do some basic stuff. They’re that unusual kid off to the side. When an unusual, off-to-the-side project came up, you were going to pick Eloheim to do the project. What’s on Eloheim’s rolodex? A lot of “people” know who Eloheim is, but Eloheim doesn’t necessarily know who they are. They stand out in the crowd, unusual and off to the side. They were perfect for this social engineering project. Now Eloheim gets a lot of respect. Others make extra effort to engage with them. Veronica is a perfect parallel to Eloheim. A little off to the side, others know her, she has no idea who they are. Parts of the way she physicalizes is a lot like Eloheim.
If you start to feel out of sorts with what you’re doing, remember how far you’ve come. And allow that to inspire you for the bit that’s left. What that’s called? Hope.

We want to thank you for letting the Visitor work their shit out without you helping. Thank you for holding the space, for being present. You did the right thing, grownups.

November 17, 2019

Eloheim previews 2020 and wow!!!

November 27, 2019

Full Council

Guardians: When we feel into the energy, it often feels very water-like. It can feel like a stormy sea. Tonight it feels like waves and troughs, not aggressive, not super calm either. The waves are just moving up and down, which is neither right nor wrong. As life goes up and down, where is your center point of those waves? The difference in how far up and how far down you go has changed.

Visionaries: It makes sense to speak a bit about America’s celebration of Thanksgiving. It’s more likely at the moment to think of what you’re grateful for and to use that energetic, to ride that wave to buoy your boat. The idea of appreciation is an extraordinarily high-vibrational thing to do when it comes from sincerity in the present moment. Having gratitude expressed and received with sincerity in the present moment displaces Personality. You will find, when you do that, really amazing things can occur, and what becomes available to you when Personality is out of the way.

Eloheim: We have two things we want to talk about tonight.

What is the sensory system? Let’s define the process. It’s fairly new idea and a stretching of a new aspect of yourself without activating your old aspect of yourself. It may or may not be the exact definition we stick with.

The nervous system is part of the gingerbread shape using messages of fear and the survival instinct. As you move from Homo sapien to Homo spiritus you are starting to explore it’s all me. The nervous system does not have any capacity to process this. So we must do something else for it would be overwhelmed. When we say it’s all me, the word me becomes more than I. The word me starts to be defined in a new way and reflects the gingerbread shape that is running around within additional physical experience that is now being regarded as me.

How do you process that additional me, the perceptions of me like the wall, the carpet, and the ottoman, without using your nervous system? You experience those things somewhat in your nervous system but they are not being driven by the survival instinct and fear. So, the experiences you have are not adding to the load of the nervous system, and they are external to your nervous system in many ways once you get relaxed enough to be able experience it. That’s what we regard as the sensory system because we needed a word that is not nervous system but you still experience. The sensory system is how you experience and explore the outside of the gingerbread shape, it’s all me. They show up unique but also similar sometimes.

The temptation is to define or limit how or what the sensory system is perceiving. You needed to get used to that notion. It’s a brand new idea that is becoming more real but we don’t expect it at all to be dialed in for everybody. The experience of it’s all me is something other than the experience of I or the gingerbread shape. I don’t have to define it or categorize it, I just have to be open to it. When the opportunity arises, I let myself do that. The gingerbread shape and the nervous system are a subset included in the larger experience of Awareness and the sensory system. They are two different perspectives and one is included in the other. When you’re trying to understand, Intellectualizing things often activates Personality rather than experiencing and exploring and letting it activate the clarity of Awareness.

We want to talk about how your Core Emotion (CE) correlates, interacts, engages with Personality and Awareness; how they go together. The unhealed CE is absolutely Personality. No doubt there. Reflecting on your own CE-if you’ve done a CE session-might illuminate Personality to you in new ways. Your CE is present in every moment of every day. Understand the ways when unhealed CE is dragging you along looking for limitation and therefore, Personality is dominant.

So, the opportunity arises to look at the correlation of Awareness and the healed Core Emotion, and that correlation isn’t as direct. That healed CE is still being based on a navigation of a Personality template and showing you a healed way to look at and deal with the situation in a more constructive way. It breaks you out of the lock down of Personality. It’s valuable but it’s almost like we’re still like we’re on the Level 1-6 side of the equation.

What we’re finding very interesting is to look at the Core Emotion and the information it provides from an Awareness perspective. How Awareness arises in the dynamic of the CE. The CE never goes away so how does the CE play out in Awareness? That’s a question we’ve never asked out loud or even to Veronica. The invitation is, if you haven’t had a CE session, have one or if you haven’t had a CE tune up in the last year or two, get one so we can look at how Awareness affects your CE. If we can get something that shows up in every moment of every day to be showing up from Awareness rather than from unhealed Personality or coped-with-pretty-well Personality, but instead all the way into Awareness, that’s going to start to be an asset rather than a liability. Unhealed Personality and unhealed CE are bedfellows.

Eloheim then proceeded to practice a Core Emotion tune-up on Veronica’s unhealed Core Emotion: “fear of being kicked out of the tribe.” They also spent quite a bit of time checking in with the two members who attended the meeting in person.

Girls: This is Thanksgiving time. Giving thanks, getting thanks, eating food, hanging out and reveling (or rebelling) in the connections you’ve built. We’ll talk about connections. Thanksgiving seems to be one of those holidays people make an effort to get together with others. Recognize it’s an opportunity to appreciate those connections and how they interconnect. Pay more attention to that. Be aware of your interactiveness, how you lean on and trust each other, how you fuel and feed one another, how intricate the beginnings of those relationships were.

Warrior: We want to talk about liars. We don’t mean white lies or the ones told that make things go easier. We’re talking about not telling the truth for the purpose of deception, straight to your face, making you feel bad about doubting me. There are times when you lean in and rebut the lie. What do you do when you recognize someone is lying? Liars are bullies. In our day and age, we could cut their heads off. That’s not your world. So, you can stand up. In your world, what does stand up look like? Your path in dealing with liars-bold-face, gaslighting- is don’t play their game. The liar will want you to proceed down the path they want you to go on, of intellectual engagement and emotional engagement. Don’t do that. Say, that’s a lie. Engage with the truth. Don’t engage with the liar. Not in response to the lie or resistance to the lie. Throw out the liar and engage with the truth and disable the liar’s affect in the discourse.

We have a strong suspicion that the energetics of 2020 will be, at least in part, about character. Eloheim warned you a long time ago that there will come a time when the character of individuals will matter more than even their positions on anything. You can disagree and often that will spark growth. The difference is when they are lying and gaslighting. Dismiss their contribution like a playground bully that gets dismissed until their behavior changes. Try this online. Stop engaging with the liar. Turn your back. Engage with the truth.

Fred: Here’s the thing. There’s a whole bunch of energetic, upheaval-y, transformational, evolutionary stuff coming. It is going to be a wild ride. The waves are high, and we’re surfing. We’re doing that soon. We don’t say that to scare you, we say it so you won’t be surprised. It’s going to be a big, big time. The time is coming for you to apply what you have learned, what works for you. Now is the time to be reaching out if you need help. January is going to be enormous. And you’re going to be riding a wild ride, whether it’s affecting you directly or energetically. February could be even bigger. If this scares you, you’re in Personality. Awareness isn’t frightened by this. Cool. Fair warning. You prepare. The energetic and emotional pressure is going to ramp up especially in January. You might as well get prepared. How? Why do you think after all these years Eloheim spoke about helping you to recognize the muscle you’ve built with your Core Emotion? The muscle you’ve used to learn about your CE is going to help you right now.

Matriarch: What do you add on that? (laughter) We see an incredible amount of progress happening whether you recognize it or not. Reinforce it with each other. Stretch into the life you can have when you don’t allow the unhealed CE to tell you who you are. Find yourself letting go of the pattern that Personality has dished out. Everything said tonight is fueling you and training you up. You have advance notice.

Happy Thanksgiving and bye!

Four Sessions held in November 2019

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99