Four Sessions held in January 2021

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January 3, 2021

HUGE session! Starts with Eloheim making it very clear that we had an opportunity to open into some MAJOR, continues with Eloheim guiding the group into that opportunity (required TWO “quiet times to recenter”), and then BOOM new Visitors and an amazing opening into so much!

January 13, 2021

A Collective Surrender of Personality

There are about 4,000 different places to begin this meeting. All those temptations to start the meetings in places that would start from what Personality cares about, from the way Personality wants to navigate this now–we refuse to do any of it. And that means all of your Personalities, Veronica’s Personality, the collective’s Personality of the energetics that are permeating around. We cannot give up the progress we have made.

Because we have been talking on the edges of Veronica potentially writing a new book on the Personality/Awareness Levels teachings, because that project feels to Personality quite insurmountable, it has been a really great doorway for her–it’s not my place to decide if it’s doable or not or to determine the shape or the way these teachings are presented to a larger audience. That’s a pretty trippy place to linger. That she doesn’t get to decide what or how it gets shared. She simply holds the clarity that these teachings are getting closer to being able to be presented to a larger audience. In that, one thing became very clear to her, it’s a bit like football. One of the things about football is that you try to move the ball down the field. When Personality is out of the way, it is not on Veronica, on you, or even on us to make a touchdown, but we’ll do our bit to move the ball down the field.

In the last meeting, if we had just asked the question at the beginning before we had spent a great deal of time holding space for you to come to the clarity of how to answer the question we asked, it’s more than likely that people would have allowed Personality to have had an outsized influence on the answer, and we would not have moved the ball down the field. We might have even lost ground. Instead, we gained ground, not on a specific outcome, but gained ground on the surrender of Personality. A trillion lifetimes on Earth have been dominated by Personality so any progress that allows for any single human being to feel less compulsed by Personality is incredibly rare. Incredibly rare. You’re seeding this planet. It’s not like something that was absent is now present, but it’s something that was buried that is now being revealed. Every little bit of it that you manage moves the ball down the field. People put a lot of energy into the notion of certain dates meaning big shifts happening on that day. And when it doesn’t, they have to deal with that. That’s reassurance. No. What is true is that every single bit of surrendering Personality has an outsized, exponential impact on your life and the emanation, the energetic leadership, it becomes. We’re moving the ball down the field.

Any bit of clarity that Veronica facilitates being presented to a wider audience helps. Whatever shape it ends up taking, it doesn’t have to have that extra pressure that it has to do every bit of the job, to be the be-all, end-all. It’s okay if this one doesn’t encapsulate it for all eight billion people. Everybody has their own journey they’re on. Collectively there’s very little that you all agree upon. All you really have in common is breathing. So, when you’re in times of great turmoil, which you are now, that turmoil leads to people drawing lines. People use Personality to retreat into limitation and draw lines to feel safer. Othering. It’s difficult for you not to do that as humans. This is one of the biggest challenges you face. Why? The survival instinct. You have the SI and you’re scared, and fear leads to looking around to see who is an ally and who is an enemy, who agrees and who doesn’t, who watches the wrong news station or who uses the wrong app. It activates the survival instinct. It’s heavy lifting to say I’m not going to match energy to that.

If you are thinking in any way that you are right and others are wrong or think you know what side in a dispute we are referring to, you are in Personality and not helping yourself, the group or your world. Duality helps no one. Victimhood helps no one. Using your spiritual teachings to beat yourself up helps no one. Yet, you can say what about, what about….? We are not saying people who break laws and harm others get a pass. What we are saying is, in your relationship to what you observe, the things you learn about, read about, hear about, you are 100% responsible for how you stand in that.

Many people do what we used to call a lateral pass–to the angels, to your Personality, to the universe–to a belief in individuals on whatever side of whatever you’ve got going on rather than taking responsibility for evaluation of a situation into the present moment, for surrendering Personality, feeling for choiceless choice and letting that clarity infuse you. If you do a lateral pass to Personality instead of taking responsibility for letting your clarity infuse you, that ignorance and arrogance of Personality is NOT who you want in charge of your life. Do you want Personality navigating world events? How do you know if Personality is in charge? Arrogance is a good clue. I know what’s going on. They aren’t listening to the right people. Personality of others will say, believe MY Personality. Are you listening to someone’s Personality in order to evaluate world events? Of course you are. How many are running around in Awareness? You are getting the news filtered by at least one person’s Personality. You’re, at best, getting Level 6 from them. Yes, you are in challenging times. People are using the SI and fear as their first line of action right now. It’s tricky not to do it, yet if you’ve been studying with us, why would you now decide to let Personality navigate things for you? After all this time?

So, what do you do? You watch the news and you find yourself challenged by something. Watch for the place where you’re arrogant, where Personality tells you what’s possible and what’s going on, where it’s going to get better or how. It’s certainly not the Field of Infinite Possibilities. It’s not a vastly changed state. Don’t settle for the best you get is Level 6. And we can’t tell you what it’s like to watch the tv from Awareness constantly. You may not know when you’re in Awareness but you do recognize where sneaky Personality has snuck in or is loud. Always be open to choiceless choice and clarity around your actions. Arrogance is not useful at this time. Looking for duality and othering is not going to help you. Find the “and” in things, in your experience of things. And if you are assuming you know what Eloheim is specifically talking about, you are in Personality. What we are saying is your stance in anything, especially when things are frothy, is essential to move the ball down the field a bit more to allow Awareness to exist on this planet a bit more without being encumbered by Personality.

Let me just check myself, am I present, am I in this now, am I connected to my body, am I connected to “what is true” around me, am I allowing myself to hold that information in my sensory system rather than my nervous system? Am I allowing myself to see the “and” in the whole thing? Am I recognizing that the information I am being given is being given to me by another Personality? Am I acting as an energetic leader or just venting on FB? Is my clarity coming from choiceless choice or is my position being influenced by Personalities other than my own? Right now, the USA is frothy, but even if it wasn’t, we would still have the same conversation. There’s always going to be something frothy. We are starting to disengage the community’s Personality and surrendering that. We are collectively engaging with All That Is in a new way. So, whatever subject we talk about that night, we are coming at it with a collective surrender of Personality rather than individual surrender. Even if we only pull it off for two hours, four times a month, it makes a big injection into All That Is to do that. So that’s our intention, our stance. Collective surrender of Personality, at least during the times we are together so you can have that energetic template infuse you.

Don’t forget to use Short Factual Statements when you talk to others about frothy things. Language is the realm of Personality. Now we have the opportunity to see where we can best communicate without Personality being the interface. We are being very careful to hold the line energetically and verbally.

Be careful you’re not just hoping for Level 6. Being in neutral observation, not triggered, is still Personality. Unless neutral observation is being processed through your sensory system, unless you’re deeply present and deeply connected to your physical surroundings and body and experiencing choiceless choice, then it’s Personality and Level 6 at best. Make sure neutral observation is not just numbing out to the best of your ability. Make sure that neutral observation is not reassurance telling you you’re not screwing up. Are you having a vastly changed relationship to news of all kinds? Make sure you’re deeply present so you can see the more, the underlying energetic. You can see the things not seen by Personality.

When it’s frothy, it’s ripe for Personality to reassert itself. Personality loves to try to get you to solve specific individual problems rather than attend to the underlying stance and energetics. When you would come to the group with problems, we would give you tools that work on the underlying energetics underpinnings so you can use this tool with all the individual dynamics of specific problems. Not triggered is simply another stance to be dropped. We used that until you didn’t need it anymore. Now we use “a vastly changed state”. Not triggered is not good enough anymore. Now it’s a coping mechanism, a crutch. A vastly changed state is Awareness.

Choiceless choice is likened to a strong compulsion. Not triggered is a bit numb and neutral. If you’re feeling numb and neutral, you’re not in choicelessness. Choicelessness is a compulsion, has a charge. It’s not negative.

You’re going to handle things in Personality or Awareness anyway. Whether you want to or not. You’re going to default to Personality if you don’t make the choices to surrender. You know what Personality says about that, now let’s see what Awareness says about it. There’s work involved in surrender, no question about that, especially if you’re not really great at it or it’s a super charged thing. Surrender doesn’t mean I’m not triggered by it, doesn’t mean I’m neutral or numb about it. Surrender means I’m not going to only engage with this now from Personality. I’m going to notice and surrender what Personality wants me to say and do about this moment so that there’s room for me to experience Awareness and choiceless choice. So don’t be like, I’m going to surrender this, and then hope for neutral observation and not triggered. You surrender and then abide in presence as choiceless choice arises. That’s the tricky thing, abiding in presence until choiceless choice arises because sometimes choiceless choice arises and has absolutely nothing to do with the thing you were previously surrendering. Well, what about that? Nope. It’s gone. When you’re surrendering it, you’re not surrendering to get something about it. You surrender it because you know that everything you have about that thing is based in Personality and there’s no point in doing a single thing about that in Personality. It was just something Personality thought was important and making loud so that can be tricky. It’s going to go one way or the other. You may as well put in the extra attention to surrender Personality because you’ve already had a trillion lifetimes in Personality and others are still in Personality anyways so it’s covered. If Personality thinks there’s any need to operate in Personality you’ve got a billion people already doing it.

As things unfold, catch yourself in arrogance. I know, I’ve got the answer, I’m smart. Any of that is Personality. If you’re not catching yourself on a regular basis, you’re not looking hard enough. You should be catching yourself in Personality regularly. If you’re not, you’re letting ignorance and arrogance get in the way. Personality is the dominant operating system on your planet and it uses ignorance and arrogance to control you.

The Matrix movie becomes a incredible study for living in Personality or Awareness. In the beginning Neo feels trapped, limited. He’s searching, knowing there’s more. He’s then given the opportunity to escape the Matrix. His body and his mind have a hard time with the fact that Personality has been radically surrendered. Now he’s in an experience where he’s aware that there are two very different states. He continues to choose for Awareness even as he sometimes tries to drag his Personality into the new experience. When faced with an opportunity to test himself, he uses Personality to navigate an Awareness experience. He begins to recognize that the more Personality he surrenders, the more vastly changed state experiences he has. At one point he’s dodging bullets shot at him by agents (representing sneaky Personality). He was told that eventually he wouldn’t even have to dodge. If you haven’t had a Matrx rewatch, we recommend you do so with Awareness and Personality in mind.

Grief. Grief is a biological process that Personality doesn’t get to judge when it’s appropriate to cry, when to stop crying, or why you cry. It comes in waves. Don’t allow Personality to make judgements about it when it happens or stops.

Pain. It’s very easy for pain to be processed only through Personality. Pain becomes an invitation. It is a tricky one, we admit this 100%. But it becomes an invitation because it’s there a lot. Every time you feel the pain, you can feel the resistance to the pain, the argument to the pain, the why’s of it, stories. There’s a constant invitation to be present to it rather than being in the past or jumping to the future about it. Use it as a doorway. Drop into it. That’s where Level 5 is an opportunity. This trigger is mine. Engage with this now in a new way. It can be very profound.

That’s your homework, catching Personality and arrogance. I noticed Personality _____. I surrendered it and this happened. How you’re catching it and what you’re doing with it, what it felt like to surrender. What you do with it is the juicy part.

January 17, 2021

Profoundly beautiful and special session including an amazing overview and updated language that the group really resonated with. Discover the DUH!

January 27, 2021

A Tide of a Trillion Years

Guardians: We’re feeling into the energetics of this time and this place, neither of which are actually real things. This time is irrelevant. Clocks are handy for having you all show up simultaneously. However, the idea that you can divide up an experience of an infinite and immortal being and label them in distinct seconds, minutes and hours is ludicrous and one of the most amusing parts of your Earth experiment, actually. When you’re no longer in a body you’ll get the joke a bit more. You seek to control the unknown in every way possible, one of which is the fallacy of time as reality. Every now is now. Because of that, there’s a constant balancing to the fallacy of time, a teeter-totter thing going on, and the less Personality you are exerting, exhibiting and using, the less requirement for time to be what it has meant to you previously.

One of the ways Personality say time is real is you say the sun goes up, the sun goes down. The clock becomes an expression of Personality’s dominance. You’ve all had experiences where time has slowed down or sped up. You know there’s flexibility in your perception. Time asserts itself via Personality and becomes a tool of definition, of control. As you surrender more and more of Personality, the invitation is to recognize all ways Personality has asserted itself through the lens of survival instinct, of control, arrogance to force you into a relationship of limitation with your experience.

So, how can you navigate this in a less Personality-way? Be really aware of the definitions that time is offering you. I should be eating breakfast because it’s the morning, getting up, going to sleep. They’re the easy ones to catch. Times when you’re obsessively checking the time. ask yourself before you look, do I need to know the time before I look? It’s a reassurance mechanism and an aspect of control. Can I be present to the now rather than seek out the clock time? Another example is noticing the calendar. Time can be experienced in an infinite number of ways. Release the yoke of it. Drift through what you regard as time. You cannot grasp every now is now until you surrender the yoke of the clock. We’re not telling you to disregard time altogether. We’re telling you it’s a way Personality has jumped in. It’s a way to recognize the need to control, to release arrogance and the need for reassurance and certainty. Next time before you look, say, I am tempted to look at the clock. Do I really need that information? If you do look, notice, what did you get out of seeking that information, what was my reward?

Why do we emphasize this? Eloheim loves to talk about physicality and how you still are navigating Personality if physicality is what it has always been. Meaning, the desk is still a desk, right? If the desk is still a desk, there are still layers of physicality to be navigated. The desk is not only a desk, and until your relationship with actual, everyday physicality is a vastly changed state, there’s still some Personality. It doesn’t mean you’re not living in Awareness, it just means that the Body gets it last. This is the last part. There’s always more. This clock time thing-each layer of that that you release loosens up the grip of Personality even more. It’s an easy one so we might as well grab it. It’s a low-hanging fruit we can grab.

The places where Personality lives, deeply and unfettered, are money, relationships, housing, time. You’re always experiencing these so they are going to be filled with Personality. And then you get the opportunity to root it out and reorient yourself, and we invite you to do so.

Visionaries: When you boil water, eventually it makes bubbles. But right before it really gets roiling, there’s a potential there. It’s on the heat and if you leave it on the heat, that water will turn liquid into steam. It’s transformation from one state to another as long as the heat is on. That’s like you. Everyone shows up in a different temperature of liquid. You’re in the pot and Eloheim applies the heat. Some of you take yourself off the burner, some stay on the burner, others say turn up the heat! You have to be willing to stay on the burner for transformation to happen. There’s a need for steadiness. Slow and steady. What does that look like right now? Looking for Personality, all the time. You have to be constantly looking for more ways Personality is interfering with your perspective of this now, offering limitation. You need more heat, focus, willingness, steadiness to give you the opportunity for the vastly changed state. Sometimes Personality convinces you you are off the bus or behind the group when you catch it. The reality is that is far from the truth. Every single time you catch Personality is cause for celebration, and when you refuse to play the Personality game, you not only brighten your energy and change your experience of the now, it makes a contribution to the collective energetic on your planet. Personality is constantly fed by billions and billions of humans saying, survival instinct is the way. Every single bit where you catch or surrender Personality’s perspective, you are contributing to a change in the overall energetic in your species. And it’s not a small contribution. Each of you is constantly having an impact. You’re making a contribution, one way or another. Each of you is having an effect on All That Is. You’re opening up new pathways. It just IS. You add to or defuse Personality. Your main way to help humanity is to catch Personality.

Eloheim: Your main job is to notice and navigate Personality. That’s one of the steps we’re on. Does anyone want to share when you caught Personality and what you did when you caught it?

-I caught Personality and when I recognized Personality, that’s all I needed to shift into a calm state.
Eloheim: Yes. Eventually, you will get to the point when that’s all you need to do.

-I relistened to the Sedona meetings and refreshed my understanding of explain or experience. I found some places in me that wanted to explain things, and I stopped and didn’t and felt the need to control drop off in front of me.
Eloheim: Who’s the know-er? Personality is the know-er. When you’re in the unknown, you’re unplugging Personality. We’re no longer saying, re-language something, we’re saying unplug it, take it out completely, disengage. See what’s left.

-I caught Personality while I was engaging with another person. I realized I was feeling tense from bringing in past concerns and needing to be right. When I realized it, I just dropped it and focused on my physical sensations. I would relax. I did that several times in a half hour.
Eloheim: That’s exactly what we’re talking about. You just unplug the part that you knew was Personality without trying to find something better to fill in that spot. We’re glad you did it over and over again. Because you’re bucking up against something a trillion lifetimes in the making and that’s not unreasonable. Noticing and unplugging the Personality piece. And then just not trying to find a better Personality way to handle it. Watch that you don’t jump from one Personality limitation to another. You’re not just a catcher, you’re a surrender-er.

-I caught myself heading down an old habitual conversational path with another person. It was so uncomfortable. Seconds in, I realized what was happening, and I stopped the conversation and said let’s start over. The other person followed my lead. It was great conversation after that.
Eloheim: Perfect example. You could have gone down that old path and said it’s not going very well but I’m going to feel uncomfortable if I try to change this, what are they going to think or let it keep going, or, or for the rest of the conversation. Instead, you drew a line in the sand, and said no, we’re not doing it this way. Powerful. And an amazing example of energetic leadership. You said I’m in a testy conversation I don’t want to be in and it’s up to me to do something about it. That doesn’t mean placate or put up with b.s. It means pulling out the Personality piece. Sometimes there’s Personality ego involved as well. I don’t want to admit I’m wrong, I know what’s right. I-I-I. Whenever you want to say the word “I”, put Personality in there instead to help illuminate when Personality is active and to help you recognize how much of this is Personality or when it’s clarity.

Good job sharing everyone without all the Personality muck. It takes an extra little step to figure out how to talk about this with it.

-Critical voices in my head, realized today they were Personality’s opportunity to stop me. Actually, they are.
Eloheim: Yeah. Alternate expressions. So, critical voices are Personality’s classic way to control you, to offer you limitation. That’s all you get. Catching that and allowing yourself to say that’s ONE way to look at it not the ONLY way to look at it. And yes, there is no need to answer the critical voice. You answer and then it’s off to the races. Personality can just run you around. If there’s no arrogance there, it’s less likely that critical messages define you. Yeah, so I did not do/express this thing perfectly? So? It’s just one moment, one experience, not an evaluatory place. Experience and explore, not get it perfect. Personality is very dramatic. Off the edge for you, to your death! Personality tries to convince you you’re irredeemable because [blank]. No.

Each time you catch yourself in Personality, you’re bucking a trend of a trillion lifetimes energetically. The consistency, the steadiness, keeping the heat on is necessary or Personality wins because it’s a lot. Every little bit you catch should be celebrated, not be an occasion to beat yourself up like you blew it because you were in Personality.

We do our best during these calls to hold a non-personality state for you that you can then match energy with. It’s an ongoing balancing. There’s a lot more structure in surrendering Personality in other paths like martial arts or the church. We are in a structureless relationship. We have four calls a month. That’s the structure. All of you are lone wolves. You are all ready to have an incarnation where it’s shaped by your own willingness, your own turning up the heat, your own commitment to surrendering Personality. It’s not even your commitment to being part of this community or to Veronica or to our ideas. It’s you and your relationship to yourself, to surrendering of your Personality that you caught and were willing to look for, to digging inside yourself. We’ve said to you many times we’re not the leader. We just know a little bit more. And most of the time, we like standing to the side. We’re helping you over the bumps that you find and bring to us, most of the time. Most of the time we’re just holding the energy for you, using whatever we can like yelling and cussing and crying to help you through.

Why are we emphasizing this? It needs to be. You need to be reminded how badass you are. And we don’t say that to stroke your ego. We say that because it’s true. You’re purposely doing something that pushes against the tide of a trillion lifetimes. And you’re doing it basically from your living room. You’re not surrounded by a thousand disciples. You’re showing up to an internet call four times a month. You show up and you create motivation from within. Amazing to us. There’s no carrot. We can’t tell you what it will look or feel like or taste like. Living from Awareness, we can’t describe it to you. We said, we got a thing, wanna go for it with us? And you said sure! We are consistently amused and fascinated and blown away by it. We often joke that this is the Superbowl and the collective is watching. (E gestures to the sidelines) They’re doing it, come watch! It’s rare not to take what you’re given and suck it up. Cosmically rare. Humans are not typically like that. You’ve decided you’re just going to change around the organizing principle of your species, the entire Homo sapiens species. You’re just gonna do that, huh? Can we get a bull dozer and back it up? Okay. We’re just going to do that. And you can do this just by catching Personality. You can do it on the toilet! You don’t have to leave your house or need a guru. What you’ve got to do is just be steady.

We think one of the reasons you think it’s hard is because you have bought into Personality’s last gasping idea that it has to be hard to do it. Personality has been keeping it vibrant by telling you that surrendering Personality is hard. P is frigging tricky. It’s a force. It’s worked a trillion times. And still, it’s not the most powerful thing. It’s weak. It’s bullshit. It only works if I go along with it. It collapses fast. What we say to you right now and with the energetic we’ve been feeding into you is don’t fall for the con, the con of this is hard, you suck. You catch Personality and you celebrate. I caught it! You notice it out of the background noise and bring it to the foreground to see through its b.s. and free yourself. In freeing yourself, you break the bonds for others who never see these words. Every time you catch it, you free yourself. Unshackle yourself, people.

Fred: Yes to all that. The whole time they were just talking, they were putting a lot of energy into the field for you to grab a hold of, for you to access. It’s your choice. That energy is an invitation into a more stable orbit, a more stable interface with Personality being the only option, the notion that Personality is all that is and Awareness is over there and you can’t get a hold of it. Eloheim was laying down a foundation of Awareness-Is and Personality is an overlay that is distorting your visceral experience of Awareness. That’s all it is. It’s a distortion, an overlay. That’s all that Personality is. It is something that is not very meaningful and given a lot of power. It is not strong. It’s a house of cards built on sand. Personality is permeating everything, and there are few places where it’s less effective, so it’s not obvious. The flip flop of that would be amazing where Awareness is dominant and the occasional places where P acts up are obvious. The act of surrendering Personality on one thing works over all aspects of your life, but you have to be steady and consistent. Earnest. I am willing.

Eloheim gets such a kick out of that. They’re doing it! Look! Proud papa. Look for Personality and don’t feel bad when you catch it. It’s aha, caught ya! Caught another one! No one is going to pat you on the head. That’s what happens when you have no guru, no preacher, no teacher. None of that. That’s part of what you trade off. It’s an internal experience. 99.99% of the time you’re the only one that’s going to know and motivate yourself, and then your emanation affects the world. You signed up for it to be just you. We suspect you end up feeling very humble because you know it’s not like you shot a bullseye. It’s not an accomplishment measured against anyone else. It’s something you transformed in yourself and you know the time and effort and energy you put into it. There’s a humility to it, which is good because P is arrogant. Awareness is beautifully humble. It’s not about taking credit. it’s just dropping into an experience and exploration. There’s no credit taking. Yeah, there’s a tide of a trillion years that you’re bucking. Good thing you all these super lone wolf-y types. It makes us laugh. Sometimes you imagine that you’re so insignificant, so small. That idea is amazing. You’re doing something profoundly rare. So Personality pops up again? Okay. There’s a lot of Personality in the world! It’s not the end of the world.

Girls: Whew. That was a lot. A lot of male energy. Just energy, period. A lot. One of things over of the years we’ve consistently focused on is self-love, helping you see where you were not being loving to yourself. And the invitation has been present to not do that. We just want to emphasize that. Because there’s so much Personality, it can be really tempting to let the idea that you are experiencing or catching Personality feel like a failure. It’s just a scam. Don’t fall for the scam. Catching Personality is the celebration. Personality is everywhere. Catching is acknowledging it. You bring it out of the background noise and give yourself the opportunity to tweak the system. You don’t want it to be this big heavy thing. There it is. Notice it so you can unplug it, clear up the distortion. That’s the point of noticing. It’s something to clear up. Like when you’re vacuuming the carpet. Do you beat yourself up because you see something on the carpet and vacuum it up? No. That’s the point. You vacuum it up. You noticed Personality. You tweaked it.

Warrior: Another example. You grow grass in your yard, you decide it’s too long and you cut it. Your hair grows and you don’t like it that long so you cut it. Do you get mad at things for growing? No. You interact with them in new ways. Personality is just part of the system that you are creating a new relationship to. It does not have to dominate the system. It does, and it no longer has to. It’s an immature way of being human. It is no longer recognized as the pinnacle of your capabilities. That’s all it is. It feels bigger. It is also an artifact of an earlier age of Homo sapiens. It is no longer required to be your interface with your world.

It’s all been laid out. Now what do you do? Steady, steady on.

Matriarch: You’re all glowing in a way you don’t normally glow. So something shifted. You’re very shiny. Something definitely sunk in. So, congratulations. And goodnight.

Four Sessions held in January 2021

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