Four Sessions held in February 2021

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February 7, 2021

Eloheim uses Veronica’s recent health challenge to illuminate how to surrender the effects of Personality on the physical body while pointing out the sneaky personality pitfalls that are involved.

February 10, 2021

Leave Room for the “And”

This is a continuation of Sunday’s meeting. Everything I know about [blank] has been filtered through the distortion of Personality. It’s true. The power in this concept, or this tool, is to pick very specific things and let yourself drop into the layers of that truth. It’s not just a statement of fact. It’s using the short, factual statement muscle. What happens after the period is you drop into what actually comes up for you. Because what comes up is sneaky Personality. It’s undercover and affecting you without you knowing it. Be blunt about the effects of Personality. The unvarnished truth. Don’t let Personality talk you out of things. Everything I know about this has been filtered through Personality. It’s an unproductive thing to go yeah, that’s true or of course. It’s stop, drop in, and let yourself be informed. Not from the past, not from the future, or magical thinking, or whatever. Let the Now bubble up, inform your experience.

I don’t know. And. Open space.

“I don’t know” doesn’t have to create anxiety. I don’t know is the doorway to freedom and the opportunity to be present to freedom. There are infinite opportunities to say everything I know about [blank] has been filtered through Personality, but I refuse to let that be all I get. Invite the “and” into your life.

I feel like I have some insights about this. And…

Forever learning, forever growing, forever allowing for change, that’s what souls are. Information gathering done by humans ends up seeking insight from other Personalities. You’re learning from other Personalities and it’s filtered by your Personality. What do you do about that? You be aware of it. Recognize the “and” and infinite possibilities. This is an important muscle for you to build. It’s a great way to kick Personality out of your system without having to go to battle with it. You’re constantly leaving room for the “and”. If there’s always room for the “and”, there’s always room for infinite possibilities. This is not a vague thing to do. It’s a specific thing to do. In every moment where you find yourself assuming you have all the information you need, make room for the “and”, for insight, for ahas and duhs to bubble up. Leave it open ended. There’s room for more. There’s room for other perspectives.

This could be one of those notions like I Statements, But and Because, a transformational, super helpful tool. We want to be extremely clear, this “and” thing is essential. it’s not one of a thousand tools that we’ve given you. You’re not always going to be able to see every bit of sneaky Personality. This “and” thing catches the mechanics of catching Personality, one by one. The “and” thing takes you outside Personality’s sphere of power. It allows you to set P aside in its entirety. It routes you around the congestion of Personality. And. Present. I don’t know. The sooner in the conversation you include the “and”, the sooner you build that muscle. You may not be able to catch yourself to live in the moment like that, but every time you catch it you’re building that muscle.

Questions from the group:

Q: Could you share more information on the sun?

E: The sun is the engine of this solar system, the power source for everything, the life giver. It becomes the opportunity. There’s reason why people in other cultures worshiped the sun. The sun shines every day. It offers you the opportunity to feel the consistency. If there’s clouds or no clouds. The energetics of steadiness. Without the sun, none of it works. If you compare your sun to other suns, he’s just a little guy. That’s all you guys needed. The sun starts to get a bad rap, solar flares, skin cancer, whatever. How often should people be appreciating the sun rather than being pissed at it? Damn, another solar flare. No, the sun shined for billions of years and you’re cranky at it? What if it just stopped? Appreciation of the sun is a good thing. Grateful for the fact that it’s there, grateful for the fact that’s it’s the life giver.

Q: Can you go into more about the body anchoring the Field of Infinite Possibilities (FIP)?

E: We’ve said many times you have a body for a reason. It’s the interface between your nonphysical self, your spirit, and physicality. In the beginning, your way of interacting with what you even know as All That IS is the interface of the gingerbread shape, period. As you start to decrease Personality and abide in Awareness and the FIP, all of a sudden, your gingerbread shape isn’t just a gingerbread shape. The visceral experience of your gingerbread changes. It’s being experienced as part the FIP rather than part of the limitation of Personality. You begin to have a tactile experience of the FIP.

Your mental and emotional disorientation that has been happening, of starting to see the world in new ways, starts to affect physicality. Gingerbread disorientation. It sounds scarier that it has to be, but it can feel unusual. You can have a tactile experience of FIP, of need met, dominoes standing up. As Personality stops being a factor, the reality of what is possible when the physicality of the gingerbread shape starts to experience viscerally “you don’t end at your skin” feels disorienting.

Q: I would like to hear more about dropping into the “and” of things like with body pain and body challenges.

When the body is throwing up messages, it can be very hard to incorporate into the things we teach you about. We know. But it’s a really important place to practice. Dropping into the thoughts about it and stay in the “and” of it. All the information is true, but don’t stop there. Don’t imagine that it’s all you get, all that is possible. It’s the “and” of it. Make room for more. The temptation is to think about what can I do to make it stop. Rather than trying to solve this, say I’m going to be present to it. Very hard to do. You want to practice even when it’s hard because you need the muscles. I have thoughts and staying in the “and” of it. When you’re in excruciating pain we know it’s very hard to be present to it. Why not practice anyway?

You’re present in the pain. Focusing on the pain was really revelatory for Veronica. She discovered a lot of assumptions about it. But it also means noticing the pain without fixating on it. It’s tricky.

Q: Are there any insights the visitors have gleaned that you can “riff” on?

E: What the visitors are amazed by (laughs heartily), it cracks us up. In general, when the Earth thing got kicked around, most were saying are you nuts? It was fringe and obscure and weird and little bit like when impressionists’ paintings came along, most people were like what the actual beep are you thinking? It takes a minute sometimes. So, things are heating up, getting more juicy and what mostly happens with the visitors (more laughing) is when they come in, they’re like how in hell did they pull it off?? How did they do it? How can you BE in a body?? And the only thing they have to do when they’re in the body (Veronica’s) is talk. They don’t even have to open eyes. They do it for ten minutes and everyone is yeah, that was great! It’s not like they have to push a kid out of them or try to broker peace in the middle east. All they have to do is talk for ten minutes and they’re like, dude, that place is intense!! How do they do it?? Over and over again. For us, it’s always a giggle. They’re intrigued. Glad to go home but glad they experienced it. You guys are rebels in a rebel place. It’s an intensely visceral place. You guys have no idea. And then you amp it up by doing intensely visceral things like skydiving.

Q: So, is it physicality that is so unique or is it the human experience?

E: Physicality is pretty unique. Human physicality is extra unique because of the survival instinct and amnesia. One-two punch. That gives birth to Personality. That just makes it hard, intense.

Q: What’s a good way to support Tony when he’s in constant pain?

E: That’s a hard question to answer. it’s just another experience. Pain is another experience that humans can have. It’s hard to find value in pain. However, turning into it and not running away from it. It’s so hard to do and we’re so sorry we don’t have an answer to that. Veronica found it very easy to reunify with torture lifetimes during those painful times with her back. Whatever you can do to get him to stay connected to this body so he doesn’t connect to torture lifetimes is good. Trying to reunify with lifetimes when she was very strong helped Veronica.

Q: When there’s pain and suffering, these are the times I see Personality show up most frequently.

E: Yeah. The first reaction is please god, don’t let that happen to me. And I care about that person, I don’t want that person to have pain. I need to help that person not have pain. I want to stop hurting. And all those are assumptions that all of that is wrong. There’s a temptation to resist that reality. Yet, it’s still true. There’s room for all those feelings but they have to leave room for the “and”. If there’s not room for “and”, then this sucks, the doorway is closed. Leave room for “and”. It’s something to be mined. And. Or there’s nothing. Pain, and… That’s not it, even if you don’t know what more there is.

February 21, 2021

A powerful and transformative meeting focused on illuminating sneaky personality. Continues the conversation of the “and” tool and shows how it works in the everyday world.

February 24, 2021

Inhalation Energy

Guardians: On some level, the energy right now could be described as the inhalation. There’s a sense of taking a deep breath. Inhalation moments tend to be resetting, rebooting, realigning, of the inhalation before the exhalation of movement. The energies are different from the last time we talked to you. The opportunity you have is to allow is to allow yourself to embrace that preparation, that neutral energy. It feels more like a pause for calibration, of centering, of allowing things to come into place. Interesting energy. If you have been at a time when you haven’t been doing as much, or as active as much, or engaged as much, it makes sense to us. Feel into how that might be true to you. It’s actually quite lovely. It’s a change from the disruption energy that’s been going on.

Visionaries: One of the ways this inhalation seems to be loud for people is in physical body stuff. A lot of it isn’t exactly understandable. It’s more unusual. A lot of your work has been emotional and mental, so eventually, the body says okay this is what we’re doing and it’s time to begin the biological evolution to match the fact of consistent unfolding of a new paradigm. The body gets it last. All we’re talking about is energetic affects, so of course, go to the doctor if you need or want to. The temptation is to say omg, I’m going to die! The opportunity is to see what more is here. The opportunity is to look at it in a vastly changed way.

Eloheim: We want to follow up on Sunday’s meeting. Primarily, we want to talk about your homework which was to review your most recent things you said, posts you’ve made on social media, and see where’s the Personality in this thing I did. Where did you notice where Personality was most active? Veronica did that exercise and felt embarrassed about the example she found. Anyone else have that experience? Personality used shame about Personality to keep her in Personality. Tricky. Sneaky. She discovered she was seeking a specific outcome while in a conversation. Again, when you feel or notice you’re in Personality, you can stop yourself. You can divert away from all that. You don’t have to keep going because that’s where you start. Be on the lookout for Personality constantly and when you catch it, celebrate the fact that you caught it and surrendered it. We invite you to share examples of where you realized when you were Personality in these types of situations. If you find Personality trying to do an end run around a subject, go to the source, and ask. And when you catch it, rather than be embarrassed, celebrate you caught it. If you’re surrendering Personality in a situation, you’re allowing Awareness and clarity to arise. And the FIP. If you’re in Personality, you’re cutting off all that other stuff. Remember, Personality pushes you into limitation.

Group examples were shared and Eloheim offered responses to them.

Your experience of your structure of your world has been filtered through Personality. So, there’s all kinds of interesting, fun layers to this. Where we think your attention is needed is: omg I was totally in Personality when I wrote that email, looked at myself in the mirror, while listening to the news, reading a billboard, talking to my friend. You have to stop being willing to live under the yoke of Personality. You have to dig within yourself and pull it out. And most of the time, you have to self-regulate your Personality’s appearance. Nobody else is forcing me, paying me, challenging me, driving me to dig within for Personality. In general, this is a solo task. You chose in this lifetime to launch into a spiritual pursuit that is not dictated to you. Even in all our teachings, we are not saying you must do it this way. You have to go looking for Personality yourself. We cannot make you earnest. We will support you, but we don’t push or pull you up the mountain. When you get to the top, you know no one else did it for you or forced you to do it. This is a very unusual spiritual path done in a very unusual setting through a computer. You’re lone wolves choosing a spiritual path that has no methodical way of moving through it. None of your paths are the same as anyone else’s.

Girls: You’re on this big exploration of being very honest with yourself about Personality and its affects and the ways it’s showing up and the places within where you need to be vigilant about caring for yourself and the experience you’re having. Catching Personality is a loving act not just for you, but as your gift to your species, your planet, your town, your society, your family. You are contributing and giving a gift to yourself and All That Is. It’s huge. You are gifting all the time when you catch it. We wish you could perceive it that way, but we’ll just keep telling you until you do. This is bigger and more important than you know.

Warrior: There’s a parallel to the idea that when you go onto the battlefield, you can have the king stand next to you and say you must fight, but he can’t drag each person onto the battlefield. They have to decide if it’s worth it. The step you take onto the field of battle is the step YOU take. We draw this parallel. We can’t drag you into this, into paying attention to Personality. When the battle is over, there’s times of peace. Meaning, you do this work, and you experience the vastly changed state. You want the vastly changed state. You want the experience of living without Personality’s filter and distortion in the human body while experiencing and exploring physicality in density. If you want that, you must bring earnestness to the quest. And specificness. And be careful not to paint with a wide brush here. It’s not just “Personality showed up in my thoughts.” It’s that Personality showed up to say I thought this person I was talking to was an idiot. Personality hides where you don’t look. And when you see it, don’t pretend you don’t. You gotta look. It’s like spies. They tend to be the person you just don’t notice. They’re just always there, going unnoticed, but they find out all your secrets. Personality is always there, but if you don’t look around and notice it, no one else is going to do it for you. It’s your job. You chose it this way. It’s all on you to motivate you and deal with what you find. Little examples are as good as big examples. Personality is present in everything.

Fred: The cool thing about not having Personality in the way all the time is the world starts to feel kind of plasticized. Which means the edges of things stop being the edges of things, including your physical body. You start to recognize that everything is far more malleable, far more flexible, changeable, fractal. Everything starts to destabilize. We don’t say this to scare you because by the time you get to that point you’re going to be, well, that’s the true expression. When things start to shift, that will be a celebration because you will be experiencing things as their true selves, as their true expressions for the first time. All those things have been experienced through the filter of Personality and have been required to maintain the form that Personality allows it, in essence, to have. You start to experience physicality in the expanded way, but it’s destabilizing because it’s weird and unusual, and beautiful and fantastic. It offers you more experiential opportunities. You’re surrendering the limited perspective of Personality so you can reveal what this now has been waiting to be able to show you.

It’s like running around the world wearing sunglasses. You’re looking out at the world through sunglasses and you have been doing it for so long that you think that’s the way the world looks. All of a sudden, you realize that wait, I have sunglasses on, and you take them off, and you start to experience the world without sunglasses on. You had to go through the disorientation of taking them off, of not beating yourself up for wearing them, and experiencing the world from a new perspective. That’s what we’re doing. You’ve been running around the world wearing the distortion glasses of Personality and it’s been contorting what your world is, what it offers, and what you’re allowed to have. And now you have the opportunity to experience the world without it. It’s a substantial change. The body takes a minute to adjust to the change that is the surrender of Personality. Don’t give up and don’t stop trying. That’s spiritual immaturity. Be spiritually mature. Be consistent.

Matriarch: It’s been lovely to feel how you’re earnestly wanting to shift this dominance of Personality. We feel it in you, we believe in you, we know you can do it, we hear you, we see you, we love you, and we say goodnight to you.

Four Sessions held in February 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99