Four Sessions held in July 2021

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July 7, 2021

This meeting marks a new beginning! Eloheim emphasizes the Vastly Changed State, visceral experiences, humility, arrogance, experience/explore, the “and” tool, the “I don’t know” tool, choiceless choice, timing, uncertainty and more as they continue to illuminate how the surrender of Personality and abiding in Awareness actually looks and feels like in day-to-day life.

I’m gathering terms and concepts that Eloheim uses in the Awareness teaching to create an update glossary. Here are the items that I plan to include. Are there any you would like to add to this list? Email

Choiceless choice, choicelessness, CC, arguing with CC
FIP, Field of Infinite Possibilities
The middle
The end
Bounce off
Bubble Up
Personality, P
Awareness, A
Level 6 – really good personality
Sneaky Personality
Big B Body
Sensory System
Personality chain
Reunification, Level 10
Generalize Statements
It doesn’t matter what the topic is
Abide in Awareness
Tapestry of Awareness
Alternate Expression (AE)
Alternate Expression Bleedthrough
Energetic Leadership
I don’t know
Nervous System
Stories and reporting
Uncertainty is A
Vastly changed state (VCS)
The fork, the ottoman, the kleenix box
“bad boyfriend” – P con job
Feeling unusual, disorientation
Distortion, the distorting filter
Plop/process meetings
Don’t rehabilitate P, surrender it

Here are images Eloheim refers to during this session:

July 14, 2021

July 14, 2021
All In, Sticky Things, Ripeness and Identity Plops

Veronica’s had conversations with several people recently and the conversation has gone something along the lines of yeah, yeah, I can surrender Personality in this part of my life, but what about this other important stuff that Personality still needs to run? How am I supposed to make Personality do a good job with that part of my life? You just have to make a decision here. It’s all in or not, right? You can’t have one leg in Personality and one leg in surrendering Personality. It doesn’t work that way. Personality will win in that case and will convince you to just keep adding things back in to the side that you’re letting it still be in charge of. Dennis says, you can’t fly with one foot on the ground. Exactly.

And so, how that can look in life is that with the spiritual things you work on– surrendering Personality, triggers, tough memories or situations–you might say, okay, I’m going to really work on surrendering my trigger around blank, and that’s going to be how I surrender Personality. And then you toddle off to work or to the parent conference or wherever else you go, and you’re like, well, this is too important for me to do any changes. This is my life, this is how I run things, how I take care of my kids. There’s no way I can be spiritually experimental at work because if I am, then I could just end up quitting my job or getting fired or bad things could happen. I can’t make changes here. I’ll practice that when I’m meditating or on the days that I set aside for spiritual contemplation.

You find these little islands where you say yeah, yeah, but not here. Yeah, but not there. And so, the idea starts where you say I’m experiencing blank, and then, is this going to be one of the places where I engage with surrendering Personality or is this going to be one of the occasions where I do my best to not be triggered and basically stop at Level 6 at best? You just can’t do that anymore. It won’t work.

For Veronica, this shows up in the places that have been most sticky for her. Her back and finances, for example. She told you the story of how it worked with her body. With the finances, there’s this feeling of, like, do I pay off that credit card or do I pay off those taxes? I still need to figure that out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pick a topic, people. It doesn’t matter.

Remember, pick whatever topic that is sticky for you. Are you experiencing blank the same way you’ve always experienced it? Whatever your sticky piece is, are you experiencing a vastly changed state? We have a suspicion that people perceive that as not as the demarcation point, but as a, I just don’t really know, I still have to figure it out. Those words that we say oftentimes feel like they don’t get the gate latch very often when we ask you about a vastly changed state, so we’re definitely need to work on that some more.

So, maybe it’s, are you experiencing a vastly changed about your credit card? We’re going to pretend the answer’s no. No, I still have to figure that out. Now, hopefully you can see that that would be Personality because are you experiencing a vastly changed state? That is a yes/no question. You like those little flow charts. This would be fun to make one of those little flow charts. Are you experiencing a vastly changed state about your blank? Yes? No. Okay, then we go through the process. What’s the process? Noticing>I’m not in a vastly changed state>catching what comes up>bouncing off>what comes up>getting centered again. Now if you’re centered, that is a vastly changed state.

And if we have the “are you experiencing a vastly changed state” question and the answer is yes, then we have to double check. Has Personality tried to take over again? Then we get to have those arrows and stuff. That’ll be fun. Because when we say, are you experiencing a vastly changed state, we feel like for most folks, if not everybody at times, it’s not a constant vastly changed state. You get into this position where if you’re asked are you experiencing a vastly changed state, Personality tries to justify that you are. Well, I think I am. You can’t think you are. You’ll know it or you won’t. Like those 3D Magic Eye puzzles, you’re either seeing the mermaid or you’re not. You can convince yourself, but you’re pretending, right? So, when you’re in the vastly changed state, when you’re in the space of duh, there’s no way to mistake the vastly changed state for something Personality has dished out. But until you actually see the mermaid, you’re kidding yourself. And this is something that really needs to gate latch because when you navigate your world and you try to have one foot in each situation, you’re kidding yourself all the time. That’s just another Personality con job we don’t want.

So, when you show up to anything, but especially whatever your sticky thing is, and you ask yourself, am I experiencing this in a vastly changed way, be freaking honest with yourself. And for 99% of the time at this point, the answer is no. Then, don’t go into judgment or self-recrimination, into I’m falling behind or I suck. What you’re doing is, you’re being honest with the fact that Personality is still in charge because I’m not experiencing it as a vastly changed state. Okay. But you can bounce off the fact that this is all that Personality has allowed for you to know. And you go into the center again. And remember, when you do bounce off, you don’t get information about the thing necessarily. You get sent back to the middle, and the peaceful, quiet, silent center where the experience of Awareness, in whatever form that experience decides to take, is what’s up, what’s going on.

The temptation is to bounce off it and say, okay I’m not going to try to figure it out and I’m going to come back to my center and then I’m going to wait for the vending machine to give me the answer to the credit card. And again, that’s just another way Personality’s manipulating the situation. So, you bounce off of your sticky thing and you’re in the center, quiet, peaceful, watching for Personality to pop up in any form with any topic. And you bounce off all of that too.

The ambition, the goal, if you like that word, isn’t to pay off the credit card, whatever your sticky place or topic is, it honestly doesn’t matter. That’s not the goal. As earnestly, urgently important as Personality can make it, it’s still not the goal.

The pattern, the path of the process is, whatever comes up, you use as an opportunity to bounce off to return to the non-thinking present place where clarity and ahas bubble up, where choiceless choice is revealed, where synchronistic connections and the tapestry of Awareness, whatever language you like, for the fact that things resolve themselves. Things move themselves forward, things shift and change, and the experience you have of them becomes vastly changed.

So, what do we mean by vastly changed? Like earlier, Veronica was talking about how a couple days ago she wanted to move these big bags of crushed aluminum cans that are in a shed area. The folks around here have a really interesting habit of dropping things in the doorways of sheds. A lot of times, Veronica just picks things up and puts them on the shelves so that you can actually walk inside these places. So, she was going to move these bags of aluminum cans that have been there for months. She had already thought I know where I’m going to put them. And today the landlord’s son moved them. They’ve been there for months.

Right away, Personality wants to know, how does that work? Okay, well, you got Jimmy to move the aluminum cans. No. You didn’t get Jimmy to move the aluminum cans. You both recognized a change was ripe. And he did the physical work of changing. There’s a recognition of a ripeness for transformation.

So, that’s something to become more and more sensitive of: when you notice something, feel the difference between I need to do that and there’s a ripeness for that to change. And see how sitting in there’s a ripeness for that to change space is not co-opted by Personality trying to push into do-to-get. So, the credit card is a perfect example. There’s a ripeness for that to change. But, figuring it out, that’s the old way that never worked that Personality will still advocate for. Instead, just holding, there’s a ripeness there.

But you have to be really spiritually mature to do the ripeness thing. Because Personality will co-opt that. And try to say well nothing happened today so you must be wrong or you still should go back to figuring it out, or whatever. Just acknowledge, I feel a transformation occurring there that I don’t have to be involved in. That’s the I-don’t-know space. That’s the field of infinite possibility. There’s a ripeness there.

What is ripeness? Okay. You look into a space, like when Veronica was looking into the shed. It’s a big space and there’s lots of things in that space and her energetic connection was to the aluminum cans and all of that space. There was a ripeness there. Now, we don’t expect you to exactly understand, we’re talking about with this ripeness thing, and because it’s a very, very, very energetic thing. We’re going to have to explain it more and talk about it in lots and lots of different ways. And Personality is going to try to take over most likely so we’ll work on this, but we just wanted to acknowledge that for Veronica specifically, and hopefully for others, this is starting because now we’re on the body piece, right? The body is the gingerbread shape and the Big B body. So, this ripeness thing—where previously the feeling was, I got to move those damn cans, that’s going to be a pain in the ass. Where am I going to put them? I wonder how heavy they are? I hope they’re not drippy. All that stuff becomes, that’s ripe. Without an insistence on taking specific action. If you need action, it’s presence with the reality of ripeness, without feeling any connection to anything beyond that.

And we don’t expect you to understand anything about ripeness. We don’t expect you to grok that. We don’t expect you to be able to work with it. We don’t expect a damn thing about that. Just, there are days when we have to introduce new energetic ideas, and today we’re going to do introducing the idea of ripeness.

Nancy W says there is a ripeness for that to change. Feels very juicy. Thank you.

And you have to be so grown-up about this. Because the temptation is to say, there’s a ripeness for that to change and this is how the change needs to be, and this is what Personality wants me to do. And this is how I should do to get and try to control and push and force and vending machine.


This is why we didn’t talk about ripeness a year ago. You had to be at a certain relationship with your experience of surrendering Personality to be able to start to engage with the world from a place of ripeness.

Veronica really wanted to hang up the cover for her porch because it was supposed to be a hundred degrees three days in a row. She thought, I bought this cover and I really want to hang it up. Maybe I should just go out there and try to do it myself. Which is ridiculous because, one, she has an agreement with herself never to climb ladders. And two, there’s the idea of her trying to get out there and use the screw gun she doesn’t own. If she wanted to do it as like a project, that’s one thing, but she was doing it out of, there’s no one to help me with this, I’m all alone in the world, that Personality bs.

And so, she recognized I’m in Personality about this, I need to just shut up. So instead of doing anything nonsensical like that, she actually took the shade cover and draped it over her screen door so that it diminished the amount of sun coming in. It’s drooping down off but it worked in the meantime. Then she walked out one day and Jimmy was standing there. He said, do you want to do your shade cloth now? And she said yes. Then he said, we need eye bolts, I can go down to the store. She said, hang on, I just reorganized all the sheds, let me look in some of the sheds. Even that was magical because there’s a random box of stuff sitting outside of the front of the shed where she thought she could find the eye bolts. She walked up to the box and there was an eye bolt on the top and she picked it up and went, oh cool, look at that! And then she went in the shed and she found another one. She was like, I need four and I found two. On her way out of the shed, she looked in that same box and found two more eye bolts that weren’t there on the way in.

Jimmy said, we don’t need this kind. She said, well, that’s the only kind I can find, and realized, hey, we could use that in this one corner to work. He said, oh, you’re right, it’ll work there, after he told her specifically, we can’t use that kind. So, when she found that kind, they needed it. Then for the fourth one, she said, you know, sticking out of the back of one of the posts in the garden is one of these bolts that’s not doing anything other than sticking out. Do you think we can use that? And he went over and it fit perfectly. So, they had all four that they needed and didn’t have to go to the store. Job was done.

In the past we would have called this need/need met or dominoes standing up. We’re past that now, folks. This can’t be considered lucky or a hey, that worked out. It has to be part of the unfolding of your experience of living in Awareness. This is just how the system works now if you don’t try to have one leg in each side.

Randy says, I thought I was in a changed state about my housing situation but realized it was Level 6 explaining. The place of ripeness helps me recognize that the calm place I was in was still Personality.

Yeah. It’s going to take practice, right? Because for so many years, the goal was level 6. The best you could do was not being triggered; I accept this situation. But if you’re still going about and interacting with things in the same way you always had, as in you’re just not letting it bug you much, if you’re not experiencing a seriously, radically, vastly changed way but being in the world like, as an example, Jimmy offering to go to the store to pick up the eye bolts, that’s how this is going to get solved, it’s like you’re barely hanging on. Oh, thank goodness, Jimmy’s going to go to the store. Rather than saying I’m going to go look in this box. Veronica could have been like, wow, look at that. I didn’t even have to go to the store. I didn’t even have to pay for the eye bolts. He’s going to take care of all of it. And you could have said that with success. But can you feel how that sort of the clinging? We always think of it as the fingernails and the toes of climbing up those granite monoliths in Yellowstone or Yosemite, right? Instead, you allow for the solution to arise out of the field of infinite possibilities. Me walking into the shed and being present and not being in an I-got-to-find-it place but instead being in an experience and explore and discovery, an unveiling place. I’m going to be in that open presence, centered, calm, kid on Christmas morning, delightful place and see what is revealed. Rather than okay, we’re going to store and we’re going to buy these four things, and….

It’s not the topic, it’s HOW YOU ARE AS YOU ADDRESS IT, which we can’t emphasize enough. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. It doesn’t matter if it’s brushing your teeth or world peace. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. That’s why it can be an every now because it doesn’t matter. It’s not just the super important topics. It’s not just the places you’re willing to change. It’s not just the spiritual things. It’s not just the things you can access when you’re meditating and peaceful. It doesn’t matter. It’s every topic. It’s every moment. Every now it’s how you are in relationship to that. Are you in Personality or have you surrendered Personality? That’s the only question you really have to answer within yourself. That’s literally the only question.

There’s no figuring out. There’s no making it happen. It’s, am I in Personality here or not? And if you’re in Personality, surrender, bounce off. Do all the stuff we’ve talked about and taught you to get the hell out of Personality. Not just when you’re triggered, not just when you’re scared, not just when you’re upset, not just when things are easy, not just when things are hard, but in every now and in every way.

Say you really want something and you say, I’m not triggered, I’m just going to be present. And it’s awkward, disorienting, confusing, weird. But Personality will say that’s wrong, you know you should just be Zen about it and be not triggered. As though achieving not trigger gives you the vending machine of I’m not triggered. You guys have been vending machine like crazy. If that was the way it worked, it would have been awesome a long time ago. It’s not how it works. It occasionally works out, but it’s not how the overall surrender of Personality and movement into living from Awareness works. You cannot NOT trigger your way into Awareness. Because not triggered is still the Personality idea.

It’s a way of being, not a stance. It’s everything. It’s all Personality until it’s not. And that’s really vital. It’s really vital that that needs to sink in. It is simply a recognition that the physical world that you currently experience as density, at least at this point, that the shifts in density equals aluminum cans leaving the shed, the unwanted couch leaving Darcy’s house. Shifts and density. That’s what we mean by that. Shifts and density are still engaged with via timing, not time, but timing.

That will probably change as you start to have a different relationship with all of it. But at this point, there’s still timing that goes with shifts and density. Like the story we told you about Veronica getting the parking space at the farmers market a few weeks back where she ended up detouring through a small parking lot. There was no space there, but that put her in the path of an empty parking space that was just becoming available. There’s still a factor of timing involved in shifts and density as you all navigate your relationship to the physical world evolving from it being a Personality relationship into a Personality-free relationship.

So, ripeness is a recognition that a shift in density feels imminent, with the word imminent not being defined. And a recognition that you have no action to take unless a choicelessness arises. And again, this is something that may not make sense. And that’s totally okay, we’re just seeding the field. But, what you can pay attention to is when you see something that needs to shift in density–the couch needs to go, aluminum cans need to go, shade cover needs to be hung up, whatever–instead of pushing to make that happen, see if you can put a little air in there, a little space in there and say, oh, I have a recognition of that desire, but I know if I do-to-get, push of force, I’m in Personality. So, just recognizing the desire for that shift in density, just recognize it, and let it exist, and in essence, bounce off of it. Recognize it and bounce off of it. Until there’s a choiceless piece to it for you, not just a oh-god-that-really-needs-to-be-done-kind of energy.

This feels like it’s probably pretty subtle until it’s not. It’ll be very obvious. It’ll be one of those duh things. You’d be like, are you telling me that this whole physicality thing has been actually working this way? The whole damn time? Yeah, trust us. We told you in the body piece it really lands. You guys are just going to be screaming out duh, duh, duh. It’s going to be hilarious. Pretty sure that’s what’s going to happen. Because we can feel it, you know, we can feel how when you recognize how this all truly operates when Personality’s not involved. You’re just gonna be like, it’s all been done. You’re telling us this has all been done. It really has.

And it’s really important to have more peace with the idea that things are…how can we say this? Dennis set it to Veronica once that not taking action is also choicelessness. And so, sometimes the clarity, and the aha, and the choicelessness is hold. Wait. Stop. Not now.

And for Veronica, sometimes when the hold, wait, not now energy is happening, she let Personality interpret that as she’s not doing enough. She’s not getting anything done, she’s being lazy, blah, blah, blah. So be really cautious about that too, because not acting is also an act of choicelessness. Like if you have the choicelessness to hold, then that is acting from choiceless choice. It’s just a choice of choice that you’re not used to. You want choices choice to be like, do this to get me that, you’re still in that temptation.

You have to really watch that vending machine energy because it’ll be like, well, I surrendered Personality so I must be in the vastly changed state. Right, that kind of energy of, I surrendered Personality so where the hell is my new whatever?

So, that arrogance of Personality, assuming it understands the process and can control the process and can dictate how it goes, is a very, very important arrogance to catch onto right away. Because again, Personality cannot tell you what Awareness is like. You don’t want Personality in charge of or interpreting your experiences of of Awareness. So, the act of surrendering Personality isn’t a do-to-get process. The act of surrendering Personality is for surrendering Personality, period. I’m going to set that down, not so I get the vastly changed state, not so I get to say that I’m in Awareness, not so that I get to solve my problems or whatever I think I’m going to get. It’s so that you can experience the non-Personality state. You surrender Personality so that you can experience life without Personality.

What that is, what comes up, what you have as a result of that you cannot predict. Even if you’ve experienced Awareness before, you cannot predict what you will experience the next time you catch and surrender Personality because it is a state that you experience and explore. You don’t have to understand, describe, think about or manage it. You experience and explore it, period. So, you surrender Personality, not to get, but to discard Personality. It’s not an acquiring process, it’s a discarding process in order to experience what it’s like to not have Personality, it’s not discarding Personality to get something.

We’re not talking to the two years ago version of you. We’re not impressed by the skills and talents of the two years ago version of you because that’s still in Personality, and really good Personality is just not where it’s at. And frankly, we’re not going to stand here and congratulate anyone on really good Personality ever again. Before when you actually found yourself in a non-triggered state, that would have been a point of celebration a couple of years ago. Now it’s the floor. It’s literally the floor of the process, right?

Remember how we used to say, don’t drop back to Level 3? If you’re going to slip down, at least, try not to go all the way to Level 3. Hang in level 4. Now, Level 6 is the surrender, is oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t have to be triggered and freaked out to see that you’re in Personality. This is what we’ve been trying to say.

We always encourage you to share your examples. It’s very helpful when you all have examples from other people in the group where you can go, oh yeah, it’s more obvious when she or he talked about it. I can see what they’ve been trying to point out because I’m not trying to deal with my own pain, my own fear, my own vending machine, my own whatever. I can totally see where Personally tried to sneak back in. How much spiritual maturity it requires to say, wow, I didn’t think that was possible, and now I can’t cling to that experience? I can use that experience as a template of possibility. But I can’t beat myself up if that experience doesn’t persist. Or freak out if it does. And I don’t know what it means about what my life means. What if I’m just present? Examples help.

Q: Can you explain more about the duh of physicality, please?

We’ll try because it has to ripen in general in you all. And it’s sort of a byproduct of the consistent surrender of Personality that you land in the duh at all. But we’ll try.

Personality has a do-to-get mentality or do-to-get operating system, right? Get shit done, do to get, different ways of saying the way Personality functions in the world. Personality functions in the deserve place, right? You don’t deserve blank because you don’t work hard enough or not educated enough, not old enough, not from the right country or worship the right God. There’s all this sort of exchange around do to get, especially in America. There’s a lot of emphasis on somebody who’s a go-getter who doesn’t rely on charity or anybody but themselves.

So, there’s been a lot of programming around the idea that you can’t ask for help or accept support or appear weak because you can’t do it yourself. We’ll just call that the do-to-get operating system. So, Personality has a do-to-get operating system, and because of that, the idea of things falling into your lap, or finding just the bolt you need, or having someone take away your couch has been processed primarily through the idea of luck. I’m so lucky there’s a bolt there that I need or I’m so lucky that the kids decided to take away the couch. Aren’t they good kids? I’m so lucky I have good kids, something like that. Like, this idea of luck or arrogance comes in and says, well, I deserve it because my skin is white or my kids are good or I went to a good school or I’m rich or my parents donate a lot of money to this organization. So, that deserve can kick in like, I didn’t do-to-get, but well, I deserve it because somehow, I am exceptional. Which is, you know, kind of the sort of stuff you get where you have those college admissions scandals where the wealthy parents are doing all this manipulation to get their kids into top schools because their kids deserve to go to those schools. Even if they didn’t have the grades or the test scores, they deserve to go there anyway.

So, the arrogance that pops into the do-to-get, because-I-deserve-it Personality operating system is very ingrained, especially in America where they kind of revere the bootstraps and, you know, I work hard for a living kind of energy. So, when Personality has this do-to-get, deserve-to-get kind of stuff floating around, it’s really ugly. And in America there’s so much of this in the politics right now. You know, I deserve blank because well, I think I do, frankly.

So, the operating system that Personality has been using, when you start surrendering Personality, you start surrendering that operating system. It inherently goes. As it turns out, when you surrender the do-to-get, and surrender Personality, you escape do-to-get.

And you don’t let the do-to-get thing pop back up. It’s just like, duh, I’m not doing anything. I’m literally purposely doing nothing and shit is getting really amazingly handled. Duh, I didn’t have to do anything the whole damn time. You know, we could also say that the act of surrendering Personality, all the way down to your very identity, is quite a task, right? So, you have done something–if you need to find a place where you’ve done something, But the reality is you’re not doing. You made a choice. You were a chooser and you chose to surrender Personality. And the way that physicality unfolds is it presents for your experience and exploration. It just becomes a big duh, like, this is how it’s always been when Personality’s out of the way. It’s like, this is so obvious that this was always an option. I know it now, but when we first started talking about it years ago, it wasn’t a duh. It’s always been duh.

You don’t have to choose so much anymore. You bounce off and you bounce off until you finally realize it’s just way easier if I just stay in the center. I don’t even have to bounce off, I just see it. This is what we talked about the other day. Veronica made a graphic about it. We said there’s stimulus and there’s reaction. I’m in Personality, I got to get the hell out of here instead. It’s like stimulus>reaction>bounce off. How about, don’t ever even go to reaction? Just be like, oh, I see a reaction on the horizon. I’m not even going to dally with it. I’m just going to stay in the center. When I’m in the center, I’ve either bounced off or I’ve just not even gone there with reaction. I abide in Awareness and the way physicality unfolds for my exploration is utterly obvious to me. Now, again, you can’t think about this, what we’re talking about right now, using your Personality. Don’t try. It’s just something that you experience as you work this muscle and get more accustomed to this.

All these are new ideas. We told you last week that we were in a new phase, right? So, we’re introducing ideas and we’ll break them down and process them together as needed.

Regarding ripeness: on the 21st day, when a chicken egg is ready to hatch, mother hens don’t peck at the unripe eggs to make them turn into chicks. However, the mother hen is there to assist the hatching transformation once the ripeness arrives. What is even more interesting is that the mother hen lays a bunch of eggs, one or two a day over time, and they then all hatch on the same day. Chickens cannot lay 18 eggs all in one day. The hen lays eggs over time then sits on them. And the early eggs don’t start cooking and the late eggs don’t play catch up, they all cook at the same time even though they are laid at different times. They incubate under mama and the babies all come out on the same day.

Jenaire says, I had thoughts of wondering what it’s like to have chickens. We were talking about chickens, wondering what it’s like to have chickens, and one day, two chickens came to visit me from a neighbor down the road who had gotten chickens. Now they show up in my yard from time to time and are very friendly to me.

Perfect example. Perfect example. You wondered what it was like. In do-to-get land you might have said, oh, I better get myself some chickens so I can learn about this. Now, you have chickens that you’re not required to do everything for. They come to visit and then they get sent home to Papa, like grandbaby chickens.

Did we finish answering your question about the duh of physicality? This is one of those moments, you’ve been with us all long enough, that that kind of opened a doorway in case nobody else felt it. Just saying. We didn’t think we could even talk about that. Remember how you said, we don’t think we well we’ll just see if we can and we were able to. That opened the door. We felt it.

It goes something like this for Veronica. She’ll think of her sticky thing. We’re just using the credit card example. I should be like, okay, no, don’t do it the same way you’ve always done it. And then there’s this little voice that says, but you don’t know what else to do. Right?

But when she’s in situations like with the paperwork with her landlords and the eye bolts and the shade cloth and the parking space, physicality wise, it starts to create a template. A template of, I know what it viscerally feels like when I’m in the duh place. And I know when I think about my credit cards, I’m not in the duh place about them. Even if she’s not exactly finding the path to being there all the time, she’s able to say, I know that’s not the road to go down. So that’s kind of the in-between places. And there’s always a sense of tension that says, but what is the path? Bounce off that, bounce off the try to figure it out. That can still be pretty sticky for non-sticky places.

It can go really fast to duh. Like when Jimmy said, I’ll go down and buy the eye bolts. She was like no. You should just give me a minute. And then it was it was literally like an Easter egg hunt. It was a delightful experience and explore, she wasn’t feeling herself pushed or driven, got to figure it out or make it happen. It was literally just delight in discovery. And we’re telling you that little box was right outside the shed. And when she walked in, she found one and when she walked out, she looked down again and there was another one. No, that is not instantaneous manifestation, but it’s not far off.

And everything, literally everything is the same and we’ll tell you this right now. She did the eye bolts three days ago. She said, if it can be like this for eye bolts, it can be like this for, here’s the list that she made, my hip and my credit card.

And then what story did she tell you that happened yesterday? The aluminum cans.

This is not vending machine. This is ripeness.

And we’re not sure if we have gotten the difference of that across yet. But again, like we said it’s a brand-new idea, ripeness vending machine, not the same thing vending machines.

Randy. I feel like I’m in a new place or on a new plateau path or however to describe it.

Yeah, the words are a problem. Trust us. We understand. But yeah. Exactly. You’re not settling for Level 6, it’s not Level 6. It’s enough if Level 6 is all it was, but it’s not enough. It’s not the end, it’s not done. It’s not the answer.

Again, if you’re thinking, figuring out, trying to understand, make it happen, push, go, do-to-get, all of that, that’s Personality. And the surrender of Personality does go all the way down to how you identify yourself, and we’re not pushing on that yet. Because we’re just not quite there to make that the top line teaching. However, it’s going to get to the point where the word I starts to have no meaning to you. And if that makes you nervous or scared, don’t think about it. Don’t go there. We just seeding the field. Because if you can surrender the meaning of a fork or Kleenex box or an ottoman, you get to the point where you surrender the meaning of the word I, as well.

This is just an introduction to being able to surrender the word I. Being able to surrender thinking is the one of the most powerful doorways out of Personality anyway. But at some point, you recognize that everything you know about yourself, you also learn from Personality, and you’re ready to have the experience of your uniqueness unfiltered by Personality, which is what we mean by surrendering your identity. Identity is a Personality construct. Uniqueness is not. And you have yet, at least in a constant way, to experience your uniqueness, all of you, without Personality’s filter.

That’s kind of down the road a little bit, but it’s one of the reasons we talked about reunification where all of a sudden you have ten (it’s not, but let’s just say ten), lifetimes that have all been you. Well, if you have been 10 different things, genders, sexual orientation, jobs, marital status, family status, and all of that, but they’re all still you. You can see really fast that we have to have a new relationship to the word you, and the word I, and the word me. And you start to have real clear connection to the other ways you have lived on planet Earth. This is a celebration, not a scary thing. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose your job. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna, you know, have to live in a cave. Just means you’ve lived in a cave. You already know all about that. You don’t have to do it this time. You can keep your indoor plumbing and still know what it’s like to live in a cave.

So, when we say you’re going to surrender the word I, it doesn’t mean you’re going to surrender it into, oh God, now, what am I if all I am is a collection of molecules? That doesn’t make me pay my bills and feed my kids. Are you kidding me? No. It’s not what it means. Don’t allow Personality to make assumptions about abiding in Awareness. Don’t allow Personality to tell you how to run Awareness.

Nancy says, who was really behind the masks that are removed?

Good question. First step is to remove the masks.

We got to cover a lot of cool things tonight. Again, we are in a new phase, so what does that look like? Plop, plop, plop-plop-plop-plop. Then we start processing, right? And if that bothers anyone, just hold it lightly. It’s just a plop, you know. It’s one of those seeding the field moments. Don’t let Personality try to tell you what that means. Remember, every single moment is an opportunity for surrendering Personality. Anything you’re experiencing that you’ve experienced the same way you’ve experienced it before, you’re still in Personality, you’re not in the vastly changed state. Choicelessness can feel like doing nothing. That’s okay. Doesn’t always have to be. Taking action can be taking no action, same thing. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, what you’re doing. Every moment is ripe with Personality that can be surrendered. Don’t fall for the idea that surrendering Personality gets you something. Allow for it to be just a letting go of the filter of Personality. And then experiencing and exploring what you discover when Personality is not driving the show.

All right. Thanks everybody. That was wonderful.

July 18, 2021

Profound conversation with Eloheim offering a way to use the “muscles” we built as we moved from Level 4 to Level 6 as we engage with the new “bounce off” teachings. Eloheim offers new insights on our relationship to stimulus. Includes a deep exploration of the “silence of the center.” Also includes a discussion of how emotions fit into the Awareness teachings.

July 28, 2021

July 28, 2021
Full Council: Surrender of Identity

Guardians: We do want to check in on the overall energetics of things. And by that, we mean the movement out of Personality in the wider picture here. So, what we’re going to do is check in on the energetics of the overall surrender Personality globally. That’s a fun thing we haven’t ever done. Okay, so the word we get is battered. Battered, in the sense that you’re like a ship on the sea and there’s a storm. And the ship perseveres. So, why we believe battered is the descriptor is because you have a lot of energy both from alternate expressions and from current incarnations, and all are saying Personality’s the way to go. The things that Personality cares about and the way Personality wants to navigate the world is the way I should navigate the world. And that leaves an energetic storm, in essence, for the folks who are surrendering Personality to navigate.

This can be very difficult when you’re in group situations or at work or in the wider community or looking at Facebook and having to deal with people who come from all walks of life. All of a sudden, you’re in this specific situation that Eloheim calls the tide of a trillion lifetimes, where the battering of all those lifetimes against your vessel as you move through this process can feel like you’re outnumbered. Well, you are outnumbered. But you are out affected by the collective transformational energies of those working on surrendering their Personality. What they can offer the planet absolutely supersedes the collective energy of the rest of the billions. And that’s not something your mind is required to understand or explain to others, it’s just something for you to be aware of. The energetic potential of even a small group of people surrendering Personality earnestly, effectively, consistently has the power to be more transformational to this planet than the other eight or whatever billion people you have running around.

Now, the problem with that comes from letting Personality try to interpret it. So, don’t. Just let it be a true statement. And if you allow your ego to get involved, that causes problems, too. Because that’s Personality, of course. Don’t let it make you feel cool or great or any of those feelings. In fact, for Veronica, her experience of it is so humbling. It comes from a very humble place because the idea that it’s possible and that she might be able to participate is humbling. The idea that she has no idea what that looks like, can’t control it or make it happen beyond the surrender of Personality in a consistent, earnest way, that’s humbling, too. Because you don’t know how to do it. You have abiding in Awareness which is disorienting and constantly brand new.

We tell you these things to try to help you feel a sense of camaraderie and motivation around the work you’re doing in a recognition that it has a larger impact than you can predict or understand at this time. Because, occasionally, folks find it supportive to say well, you know if I was just doing this for me, I would probably give up but if it’ll help others, if it makes life better for my children or my grandkids, or help the animals or nature or the planet, that can sometimes be the difference between giving up and letting Personality run the show. If it was just for me, well, it’s hard, but if I know it’s going to have an effect on some large-scale issue that I personally feel completely disempowered about, though very passionate about, that’s motivation to keep going.

It’s just like everything else. When you surrender Personality, you start to live in a way that you have no definitions for, have no milestones embedded in. You have no way of measuring success or failure, no way of indicating that you’ve made progress because all of those ways of evaluating are coming from Personality. And if you let go of those evaluators, let go of Personality, it can feel like you’re just sort of an island or you’re–the word Veronica was using for it–nothingness. I feel like I’m in nothingness. And if nothingness and uncertainty freak you out, you’re going to have work to do. Luckily, Eloheim is smart about this whole thing and they started off with helping you get used to uncertainty so that when you get to disorientation and nothingness, you realize that it’s a profound state of expansion, not a place to freak out. So, while it might feel like you’re on an island, it might feel like you’re alone, you’re not. Not only do you have the people in this community, but there are others who are doing similar work in the world.

Now it’s really important that you don’t go into this completely fixated on outcome. What we just said to you is a little bit of like using crutches when you hurt your ankle. You’re healing to the point where you don’t need those crutches. This is an opportunity to say, okay, this is one way to think about it until I don’t need that crutch anymore. And then you surrender even the need to evaluate.

Sometimes you need that crutch for a minute before you go there, which is okay. Nobody’s asking you to go from zero to a hundred miles in a nanosecond. We’re just saying, speed up as you go along. That’s what you’re doing, speeding up as you go along.

Visionaries: So, one of the themes of tonight’s meeting is going to be the surrender of identity. First things first, don’t freak out about it, don’t try to understand it with your brain. Don’t let Personality assert itself. We have to start the discussion about surrendering identity sooner or later and we decided tonight’s the night so that you can hear from all the different council members on this topic. And in the surrender of identity, it’s very important to recognize that you will not know how to do that.

Personality is the absolute other end of the spectrum around the idea of surrendering identity. It’s the last thing Personality wants to do so you cannot go into the idea imagining you know how or that you have the steps for it or that you’ve already done it. It is absolutely not something that you go into with any kind of preconceived notions. We’ve said, don’t have preconceived notions, be in the moment. This is the extreme of that letting go of identity. Now, a lot of times whenever this sort of subject comes up, people immediately assume it means their life is going to fall apart, nobody will know who I am. These are examples of the way Personality tries to interpret the notion of surrendering identity, and we would encourage you strongly to tell Personality to take a hike. This is a key moment where you cannot let Personality interfere.

This the place where Personality really is going to put up a fight for itself because really, identity is Personality at its core. That’s what it is. So we’re getting to the point where you’re surrendering Personality’s influences and preconceived notions and actions. And now, we’re getting down to the point where you’re actually surrendering the core of what Personality actually is. Which, in your case, is what you call identity: I, me, whatever your name is. And this is a pretty out-there concept and a wild and crazy thing to do from a lot of people’s perspectives. However, what we really want to tell you about and really encourage you to just let sink in: if you, as this current gingerbread shape, have access to alternate expression bleed through of current and other gingerbread shapes, then, who, what is the perspective of the totality of all of your gingerbread shapes? In the past Eloheim is called this your soul’s perspective. Not bad terminology, right? You are not your soul’s perspective because your soul knows about all your Earth lives and knows about your non-Earth lives and experiences. So again, the humble thing kicks in because if you’re not the end-all, be-all of the whole shebang and there’s actually a way you have expressed in this universe that this gingerbread who you are now is only a small portion of it, that’s a humbling thing to take on board. And, as it turns out, it’s true.

Now that doesn’t mean you suck or you’re insignificant or you’re nothing, don’t let Personality take you down that road. What it means is that you have, as this gingerbread, gained enough consciousness to break the hold of Personality so that you can actually engage with and interact with your soul’s perspective while still in the human form. And that’s something to celebrate. But you’ll only be able to celebrate it if you don’t let Personality get involved. Which is why you know we’ve all waited so long to start talking about it.

Girls: Okay, so yes, surrendering identity. Now here’s a tricky thing. You have many, many lifetimes where you were the saint and the sinner, the murdered and the murderer, the rapist and the raped, and the dad, the mom, the kids, the uncle, the aunt, the king and the pauper, and the whole shebang. All right? So you’ve had all these lifetimes, and Eloheim is also talking to you about reunification of the idea that those lifetimes are not just gone, they’re not in the past, not irrelevant. They are part of your soul, and as the fact that they’re part of your soul, they are valuable and have value in your evolutionary journey. As you surrender Personality and you let go of all this fixation on me, mine, I, stuff and the fixation on how this incarnation is all there is, you start to both engage with and incorporate those other lifetimes. Now, if you have preconceived notions and judgments and Personality active in this incarnation, then you’re going to have a real problem with these other incarnations because they lived in much more dense, vicious, difficult, dark, hard times for the most part. Some of those lifetimes you were spiritual beings. You were nuns and priests and shamans and all that stuff as well. But you still lived in a place where there was no running water and no toilets. So, it’s going to be different than what you’re used to, even if it’s just on that level. And so, surrendering all this Personality in the current gingerbread shape that you take on leaves you in this, what Veronica terms nothingness, and that nothingness then can be extended into and incorporated into and embracing the alternate expressions that you have lived on this planet because those alternate expressions are part of you.

They are part of you. They are an important part of you that you have been amnesiac about And yet, as we explore reunification, Eloheim calls it level 10, this becomes part of what the whole thing has been about. Those aspects of you that have had an influence on this incarnation. And continue to influence this incarnation. And starting to engage with them in really healthy, powerful, Illuminating, shocking, humorous, loving, beautiful, and shocking ways is on the horizon.

And this meeting is one of those meetings we’re seeding the field, you know. It’s not necessarily as much as a plop meeting as it’s a meeting where we’re seeding the field. This conversation may never come up again this year but we have to start putting these concepts into your fields, into your nervous systems, into your cells so that when Eloheim gets you to the point where you need this, it won’t be the first time you’ve heard it. So, this is a seeding the field meeting.

Fred: Yeah, seeding the field meeting, cool. Right? Let’s see, why do we need a seeding the field meeting? Because if the first time we ever told you about reunification of your lifetimes was the meeting where we gave you tools about how to do that or examples of it happening or, you know, pushed you into it in some energetic way, it would be too much. One of the things that Eloheim has done very, very beautifully, for nearly 19 years now, is to be gentle with you. Even though when they yelled and cried and acted out, you know, raise their voice and cussed and all those things, they were still quite gentle with you. In the process, they were still quite gentle. Moving you step-by-step, notion by notion, idea by idea through a journey of evolution. And so, at the point when this information from tonight’s meeting is ready to be viscerally acted upon, you will not be brand new to it. This is a kindness. Why? Because the body gets it last, and this is a big body piece, not meaning the Big B Body that you’re always talking about. We mean, a large chunk of the body piece. A large chunk of the body piece is this, because this is the recognition that the body is more than the gingerbread and not just the desk, and the ottoman, and the fork, and all that stuff that Eloheim talks about all the time, but all the other gingerbreads you have inhabited as a soul.

So not only are you doing the heavy lifting for the Homo sapiens race, but you’re doing the heavy lifting for the soul. This lifetime, this gingerbread is doing the heavy lifting. Now, it’s not to say that you don’t have other incarnations that can meet you part way. It is to say that you have a load of incarnations that have no clue and are not going to meet you at all. So, yeah, it’s going to be a thing. So, as you are encouraged to visit and revisit the idea of reunification of the lifetimes, the best tip we can give you at this point in your journey is don’t freaking think about it. Don’t put a second thought on this. Because any thinking you do on this is going to reinforce Personality, and of all the things we have taught you, this reunification notion is the farthest on the spectrum away from the way Personality has navigated and run lifetimes. It’s the furthest.

So, the invitation to you is to make sure the Personality gets no traction on this because for the most part, the reunification of the lifetimes’ idea is a new concept, right? It’s not something you’ve been talking about for a million years like uncertainty or fear. Even though Eloheim has brought it up in the past, it’s a relatively new idea so you should be able to be less sticky with Personality about it. You haven’t had centuries to build up Personality around this idea. So, make it very much Teflon-like. Don’t have Velcro, have Teflon, right? Just let thought slide right off this idea. This is a purely energetic seeding the field idea that you get to Teflon whenever you want to think about. And if you do have alternate expression experiences, do your best to not let Personality be involved in that bleed through experience. Personality doesn’t get to evaluate.

Warrior: We’re talking about identity now. We’ve talked to a lot about identity already. So let us remind you of how we’ve talked about identity and you can see if that resonates with you. What did we always tell you about the Kings? We always told you, just because they were born from a specific woman at a specific time, they got to be in charge, they got to be wealthy, they got to have castles and all kinds of horses and other stuff. So, in our world and our experience of that, we’ve already been teaching you, hey, you don’t respect that identity, you can respect their actions and their choices and their decisions. But don’t start with: your identity makes you better than me. That’s how we’ve been talking about the identity thing, right? And the idea that we didn’t have the all marks of identity in our life. We didn’t have a big castle. We didn’t have a whole bunch of soldiers. We didn’t have a pot to piss in sometimes. So, in that way, our feeling of our identity was often very merged with the forest. We wanted to be part of the forest most of the time. And experienced ourselves very merged with nature in that way. Other people had an identity that they projected onto us very loudly: those are the guys you go to when there’s a problem, those are the guys you get afraid of because they’re big and scary with a sword, right? They projected identity onto us. The Kings all had their identity about us as well. And what did we do? As we’ve told you, we did our best to just let the all that crap bounce off of us.

Okay, we’re going to try to read and answer Tiffany’s question. What does it say? “How was the Warrior humble?” Well, that’s one of the ways we just explained to you, our inner experience was an experience of confidence of what we bring to a situation. So we’ve told you a million times of our swords and knives and the men and the horses, and we show up and we have confidence about what we bring but we have no idea how things will turn out. So, we are not looking at a situation and saying, oh we got this in the bag because that would be arrogance. We look at a situation and we say, we know what we bring and we know what we can rely on. And beyond that, it’s, I don’t know. Right. So, the confidence to show up in a situation and then the humbleness to even be in I don’t know at that moment.

Because the reality is, you all have skills and talents and abilities, and if you sit back on those and imagine that they make you somebody important or they make you somebody who other people should treat in a certain way, that’s arrogance. If you imagine how things are going to turn out and all that stuff, that’s arrogance.

You can arrive at a situation with the confidence that you have Eloheim tools at your disposal, right? The Levels to be able to use, the recognition of what choiceless choice feels like, but because you have no idea what any of its going to turn out like and no way to control any outcomes, and you don’t actually know what’s possible, that puts you in a sense of humility. And that sense of humility is very powerful. Because it’s constantly abiding in the “and” space. It’s constantly abiding in the openness to the Field of Infinite Possibilities. It’s never saying, I know how this is going to go, I have this in the bag. I’ve got this figured out. It’s saying, I show up. And yeah, I show up with the ability to swing a sword. I show up with 12 guys that I know have my back. I show up with a fast horse. I show up with knives. Stuck in my boot if I need them. But when I arrive, I arrived humble to the fact that I have no idea what will happen next.

And in that humility, you release yourself into the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Eloheim: Tiffany. Did that answer your question? Does anybody have anything to say about anything before we say what we want to say?

Tiffany says yes, very much. Excellent.

You’re very welcome. And let’s all give a little three cheers for the Warrior, being able to read Tiffany’s question. That’s a first as far as we can remember, that’s the first time any of them have read, so, Woo-hoo for the Warrior and Woo-hoo for Veronica for facilitating it. It’s anybody typing anything about what has been said tonight? Since mostly what they said is–don’t think about what we said.

A reasonable thing to type would be, I don’t know about what anything about what happened already, but if you have anything you want to say, please type it now,

We never know if you’re typing or not. Jenaire: it is interesting that we can drop identity.

Yeah, it’s essential and we’re going to get into that a little bit more.

All right, we’re going to start talking. So, in the beginning of this whole thing, we used the word Personality and said, you have to surrender Personality. And you know, a number of you had trouble with that word, pushing back on the word Personality, you wanted it to be something like ego or whatever. And we worked around that. Now here’s the thing.

Personality’s really good word for it, as it turns out, because people say, well, you know, I have a bubbly personality or I have a gentle personality or I have an angry personality as a way to describe their identity. Who they believe themselves to be, who they take themselves to be? My personality is this way, my personality is that way,

And when we say to you, surrender Personality, one of the things that we got pushed back on in the very, very beginning was, well, then what happens to me?

Who’s me?

My present moment experiences. I’m my remembered past, and I’m my imagined future. That’s who I am plus my gingerbread. I’m my thoughts. I’m my dreams, I’m my memories, right? And as we dig deeper and deeper into all of this and we start talking about surrendering Personality and what’s possible and moving along here, the recognition occurs that actually, that’s not all of you. We have the Big B Body physicality, right? All of a sudden, the ottomans there and it’s like okay, the ottomans me, too.

And that’s why Level 7 is called It’s All Me. All of a sudden, “I” is made of subatomic particles, the ottomans are made of subatomic particles. If I don’t imagine that I end at my skin, all of a sudden, I am one with the ottoman. What does that mean? How does that look? What’s it going to feel like? Is it going to make my bills get paid and my home life be disrupted? All of a sudden, Personally takes over that idea.

Personality cannot go with you into Level 7 8, 9 and 10. That’s why there’s a demarcation point. Personality tops out at 6. So, now all of a sudden, we’re saying physicality, Big B Body, Is actually you as well. So, now your identity is current moment, remembered past, imagined future, gingerbread shape, and all of physicality. Now, all of a sudden identity, the word me, the word you, the word your name are all starting to mean new things. And Personality jumps in and wants to explain and describe and tell you how it should go and blah, blah, blah, and you have to drop, drop, and drop. Because remember, Personality does not go past Level 6.

Can’t have Personality involved in Level 7, It’s All Me, because Personality wants to figure it out, and it can’t be figured out. Personality wants to think about it. It can’t be thought about it. It can only be experienced and explored. So, now all of a sudden you have this identity that becomes very much different than what it has been up till now. Okay, so now identity is what? Well, it’s not definable and you can’t think about it, you experience it.

And we’ve talked a lot about experiencing physicality in new ways. And what that’s like when we were like, having new relationships with the walls. So now we’re talking about it to the best of our ability what it’s like when identity is surrendered even further so it stops being just my gingerbread shape having present moment experience, remembered past and projected Futures, imagined futures. It goes beyond the fact that my gingerbread shape doesn’t really end at my skin and actually includes all of physicality that I encounter. And I’m not sure exactly what that means or how that works out. But it seems like it’s true. And we’ll just see how that’s experienced and explored, and the more I surrender Personality, the more that can become my reality. So I’m going to surrender Personality and then experience and explore the resulting state of being. And then we take it even further. And we say, okay, you are just one of many gingerbreads that your soul has animated on the Earth plane. And, although you may be the most conscious of those gingerbread shapes, the most spiritually aware, the most technologically advanced, still, parts of your soul have animated incarnations on this plane and you are connected to those.

And the only way that that connection is really, really richly experienced and explored is through the surrender of Personality, which then results in a surrender of identity, which then facilitates reunification. And if you don’t let Personality sneak in to the reunification exploration, then you abide in the reunification exploration.

And you can say, well what is that like? And we will say we cannot tell you, because one, if we tell you, we will be guessing and preconceived notion-ing, and assuming and activating your Personalities and speaking to your Personality about it. Awareness knows this to be true: Awareness experiences this as its reality, and it’s only Personality dividing up experience into limited little boxes that keeps you from experiencing it right now. The temptation is to imagine that it’s going to be scary. We will say, it’s going to be disorienting—which you are getting used to disorienting. You’re getting used to things not going in these regimented little boxes that Personality has dished out but instead, being in the Field of Infinite Possibilities, in the space of, I don’t know. All of that is disorienting, and there’s nothing wrong with it being disorienting. It’s just disorienting because it’s brand new and different and that’s okay. The state of uncertainty when it’s acknowledged is truly disorienting and that’s okay. Disorienting is I am accessing more of the Field of Infinite Possibilities than I experienced before, and because I’m accessing more of the FIP, I am disoriented as I acclimate. That’s it. That’s all you get. That’s all you need.

Okay, so the invitation here tonight is just to let this float in your systems, just to let it seed the field. You don’t have to figure it out. You’re not falling behind. If this isn’t happening to you, you don’t need to be afraid of what this means or how it’s going to turn out. Just allow for it to seed your field. And allow for the recognition that body gets it last, that the body stops being the demarcation point. So, at this point, the body is the demarcation point in two very significant ways. Maybe more. But these are the ones we’re talking about tonight. One, the body’s a demarcation point for the idea that this is me. And that’s not me over there. The skin is where I end. That’s where my identity is. So, the body piece where we talk about the Big B Body and the ottoman, the fork, and the Kleenex box, everything, that demarcation point we have been working on softening for quite a while now and we will continue working on them. The other body piece is the fact that you believe you are only this one gingerbread. You believe you were only this one gingerbread when we say hi, whatever your name is. The immediate reaction to that is oh they’re talking to this gingerbread. But, of course, we’re not.

And, of course, you can’t figure that out or think about it or even understand it may be, but it’s still true. We are literally engaging with every single Incarnation you’ve had on Earth every time we talk to you now. How are those other incarnations perceiving experiencing or even noticing us? Maybe they’re not, we don’t know. Still true.

If you really want to bake your noodle, all of those incarnations are experiencing everything you’re experiencing and vice versa. So really, you’re currently experiencing experiences that all 400 500 600 700 of your incarnations experience. But just like everything else, that’s going on because Personality’s in charge, that stuff has just been set to the side, blocked out. But it’s not because it’s gone or not there and accessible. It’s because P has been in charge and Personality has told you, you end at your skin. You are only this lifetime, shut up, and you know live until you die. But none of those things are actually true, not that you ended your skin, and not that this is the only gingerbread shape that you have access to, that you’re interacting with.

And again, if you’re thinking about that, you’re probably engaging with Personality, just let it be another, you know, ingredient in the soup.

And here’s where the humbleness really comes in because if you try to arrogantly imagine that, you know, exactly what we’re talking about or that you figured it out or, you know, any of that stuff to make yourself feel more comfortable and the uncertainty and disorientation, you’re just playing P’s game if you try to imagine. Well, I know what it’s like to live from my soul’s perspective. Everything you’ve learned about living from your soul’s perspective, you’ve learned from Personality, so you don’t know what it’s like to live from Awareness and be infused by your soul’s perspective and connected to all of the other gingerbreads. You have animated as a soul. You don’t know what that’s like and that’s where the humbleness comes in. Because it’s like, whoa, that’s a whole bunch of things to not know anything about, and there’s nothing wrong with not knowing anything about that. In fact, that’s right. But if you’re if you’re defaulting to arrogance all the time and you’re looking for an opportunity to control this or understand this or dictate this or link this to something else, you thought about last week? You’re engaging in the thing P wants you to engage with. If instead, you stand in I don’t know and you stand in awe and you stand in the “and” and you stand in the space that says I am going to experience and explore the revelation of this and you surrender any temptation that P has to tell you how it is or how it should be, then you get to have the experience, and that’s the doorway. That the doorway is the surrender first, the surrender of Personality. That’s why we didn’t talk about this first, why the body gets it last.

The body piece is Body, Personality, Awareness. It’s always been BPA. For five years it’s been BPA, and we haven’t talked about the body piece that much because the body gets it last. One of the reasons is that if we started there at the moment where we say to you the fact that you don’t end at your skin and the fact that your current gingerbread isn’t the only gingerbread that you can be connected to, that’s a pretty heavy load to take on.

So it’s better to do that last, Or toward the end, let’s say,

And, you know, a tool you could start using is just a catching of assumptions. When you have an experience when you’re saying I, when you have an I experience, for example, I like that music, be like, okay, it’s actually the perspective of this gingerbread shape is that music is enjoyable.

Start acknowledging that the things that you feel drawn to right now, are not the entirety of you, rather they are an aspect of the entirety of you.

Do we bake your noodles? No one’s typing anything.

Susan: I’ve been really been, just been really sleepy, feels like it’s helpful for my Susan Personality to snooze a bit, so that can all trickle in more deeply. Yes, Noodle baked.

Yeah, this is not a small thing. Again, we don’t have these seeding the field meetings all that often and so it’s a big deal. And we purposely wanted to do this on the full Council night because we wanted to have the full Council’s energetic mixed in with the seeding of the field. So, we purposely scheduled this for tonight.

And here’s something that you also can play around with a little bit. You know, we told you the story about how Veronica went out to hang up the shade cover over her front door to kind of make a porch because it’s been very hot since the tree died and she needed four eye bolts. The neighbor who was helping her wanted to just go down to the hardware store and she said, hang on, just a minute, walked into the shed and was able to put her hands on four eye bolts. And since that day, she hasn’t seen another eye bolt on the property. Even though she went down where there’s a ton of tools and stuff, she didn’t see a single one. So, she needed four, she found four, right?

That’s beginning the process of I don’t end at my skin. That’s an example we used to call need/need met. We used to call that dominoes standing up when P is not involved, and it’s not like, ooh, yeah, look at me, I had a need/need met, but instead it’s, why, I just surrendered Personality, got the choiceless choice to go into the shed, went into the shed choicelessly and humbly, looked around, and let myself be drawn to the area where the eye bolts ended up being.

That’s a whole different category of thing, right? And so, when you’re in that space, now we can also start talking about the fact that you have the invitation to allow for bleed through in a similar way. So you have bleed through where you find the eye bolts and you have bleed through where you get information from other incarnations, it’s all the FIP, right? It’s all there. It’s all the energetic reality of the connectedness of all of it. And so, when we talk about Level 7, we say It’s All Me. And we talked about Level 8, we say Watch It Move, right? And we always have told you that level 7 and level 8 are side by side. They’re happening simultaneously, okay. So Level 7 and Level 8, well, what does that look like? It’s all me, eye bolts, watch it move into the space.

It’s all me as gingerbread can interact with it, but also, it’s all me, watch it move, watch me move through the skills and talents and memories and all of that of the archive of alternate expressions, maybe as a way to say it. We’re not sure about that language. But for tonight, it’ll do. It’s like a library of resources. And that’s just the most generic and kind of rude way to say it, right? Because would you want to just be considered a resource to another alternative? Like, well, wait a minute, I’m me. And you’re me. And I’m you, and you’re you, and we’re more collaborators than I’m a resource for you and your resource for me. What if we’re a team?

Or even a tribe.

Jenaire says, this feels what consciousness is like out of identity, being a soul.

And you have to be really, really careful in there that you don’t try to define Soul, right? The temptation, we’re not sure if it’s happening to you, but it happens to a lot of people as like, I’m just not my gingerbread shape, I’m a soul. And then you start to have these assumptions about what that would mean. So, a nicer but maybe a more or less tempting way to drag in Personality is to say: you know, I am not just this gingerbread. And then leave it in the FIP. What you actually are. Because even the word soul makes the temptation to define soul or describe soul, imagine soul. So instead of saying I am not this, I’m that, you just say, I’m not this. Leave it at that.

Anybody else?

Doesn’t benefit you to try to define what you are because Personality will be the one defining it. And then Personality makes assumptions about the definition. It’s a totally different way of going about being in the world, right?

We’re trying to break up defining what you are, like breaking up scar tissue, as Veronica likes to say it. So right now, there’s a log jam, maybe that’s a better analogy. There’s a log jam in the river, and the log jam of this is imagining you were only a gingerbread shape. And so, if you start to just break the log jam by reminding yourself, I am not just this gingerbread shape, period. And nothing else. That starts to loosen up the log jam. Once the logs start moving, then you get to have a new experience. You don’t know what that experience will be and that’s perfectly fine. That’s exactly what we want. We don’t want you predicting where the log jams going to break up and how the logs are going to go down the river. Just be present to the reality.

And again, this is a tripping new thing that’s going to take a while, probably, for us to work through exactly how we want to talk about it. And we’ll have examples like we always do. But for now, it’s just we have to have a starting point and this is the starting point tonight. You don’t end at your skin. You are not just this one gingerbread shape. .

And none of that can be understood. All of it has to only be experienced.

And the gift you give is when you surrender the desire to understand it and rather just abide in the exploration. Abiding. What comes up? And if it’s a temptation to understand it, explore it, set that down. Wow, I’m tempted to really think about this thing Eloheim said, how about instead I just repeat to myself, I am not just that, I am, I’m not just this single gingerbread shape, and leave it at that. Like that’s the answer if you have questions about this, just go back to that. I am not the single gingerbread shape. That’s the answer to the question which is you know, a funny thing to say but still true.

Are your noodles baked? What are you feeling? Where did that land in you? Light something up, did it freak you out? Are you scared? Are you confused? Do you want to run home? What’s going on? What are you experiencing? Give us a little bit of feedback, please.

Jenaire says back to a blank of nothingness. Excellent. It’s actually ideal.

I don’t end at my skin and this isn’t the only gingerbread shape that I visit. I’m not just this single gingerbread shape. I don’t end at my skin and I’m not just this single gingerbread shape. Those are the takeaway words.

It’s going to be really interesting if we can get there, you know, we might not get there. Remember, we told you guys we were blown away you got past Level 4? So, if we don’t get all the way into this extraordinary, visceral way of living in Level 10, it’s a bonus anyway, right? Anything past Level 4 is a bonus but the idea that all of you would have access to your alternate, expressions in this way and that you would have a very visceral reality of the physicality being your playground rather than feeling the limitation of the gingerbread, these are pretty juicy, and we’re going to do everything we can to help you get there. So, we’re not saying we’re discouraged about the process, we’re optimistic about the process, but it’s a big deal. The body gets it last thing is a big deal. These body pieces are very, very, very big changes, not just in the sense of, like, surrendering Personality, but now we’re asking you to back out of the identity you have used to surrender Personality. So, you’re surrendering the identity that was used to surrender Personality. That’s another huge step, right? That’s a milestone. This is not a small jump, that’s why we’re just seeding the field tonight. We’re not asking you to make this happen. We’re just seeding the field because this is an incredibly big jump. Yet, it is in the FIP and it’s actually probable.

Matriarch: So, it’s interesting to us that you’ve come to the point in this journey with Eloheim and the rest of us that you can talk about surrendering identity because we have always held you as your complete selves, your evolved selves, your ascended selves who use different language over the many years that we’ve talked about this. The truth of the matter is, what we have been holding, what we have been seeing, what we have been experiencing in you this entire time is your alternate expressions reunified and expanded and pulsating. Pulsating with the vibration of your soul’s energy.

That’s the experience we’ve always had of you. And you’ve just gotten to the point where we can express that more profoundly. And so, we have done so and we are grateful for the moment. And now we will say goodnight and much love, and many blessings to each of you.

Four Sessions held in July 2021

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