Five Sessions held in January 2023

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January 1, 2023

I can’t even describe this meeting in a way that would do it justice… So many layers, clarity, incredible revelations, tender community, and launching into the new. Wow. Watch the video if you want to see Eloheim do hands on work as they did three sessions in the middle part of the meeting.

– In-person meetings return!

– E talks about energies/themes of 2023 (revelation)

– 1:1 “in the chair” sessions with Cornelia, Annie and Kerri

January 11, 2023

What a beautiful session! Amazing insights from Eloheim and Mags was incredible!

– Collective heart; letting the noticing of collective heart suffering/pain be a reminder to come deeper into Presence in the light of it.

– Tidy timing; letting the noticing of tidy timing be a beginning, “and …”, movement (rather than an end, a period, or whew!)

– Mags goes deeper into collective heart; about landing profoundly in Presence in a transformational way in the light of the pain/surrender in the collective heart experience of Jesus’ crucifixion. Mags also talks about not bouncing off the feminine/mother energy response to collective heart, into masculine fix it/figure it out sneaky-p.

January 15, 2023

Eloheim introduces Level 12.

As a reminder:
Level 1: Duality
Level 2: Victimhood
Level 3: I Create My Reality and I Don’t Like What I’ve Created
Level 4: I Choose My Reactions to My Experiences
Level 5: This Experience Is Mine
Level 6: What Trigger?
Level 7: It’s All Me
Level 8: Watch it Move
Level 9: Choiceless Choice
Level 10: Reunification
Level 11: The “Gingerbread” is Personality (the GBisP) – April 27, 2022
Level 12: The Collective Heart – January 15, 2023

Introduction of Level 12
• Anything you want is Personality showing you limitation
• Awareness doesn’t want. Awareness reveals and explores
• The only question you ever need to ask yourself is “Am I present?”
• The only disruption to presence is choicelessness. Choicelessness offers action in presence, but other than that, you are present.
• So, how it works, to the best of our ability to explain at this moment, is this: deep presence, not distracted by thinking: clarity, and choicelessness bubbles up. Action is taken in deep presence based on clarity and choicelessness. If no action is clear, abiding, deeply present, is a 1,000,000% valid activity
• Navigation of the reality of the Collective Heart, the pain of Homo sapiens laboring under the burden of Personality; the more you become clear that’s true and still know that you can do nothing from a power chakra kind of perspective about it; the great movement from the domination of Homo sapiens by masculine energy into the great balancing is the path for actual transformational evolutionary healing.
• The identity piece gets subsumed, because the way you previously identified yourself, it’s irrelevant because it’s Personality limitation. Personality tells you that you are just this and this is all you can hope and dream for.
• And all of a sudden you recognize, “Wow. I’m not trapped in that anymore, and if I’m not trapped in that anymore, then there’s something else happening,” and the temptation is to imagine that in that you have to understand it. Or explain it, or even be able to put into words and none of those things are true. It’s an experience.
• You are not the museum curator who’s responsible for going around and gathering up what people wore on their feet in 1520 to put it on display. You’re more like time traveler, looking out, going “Whoa!” You’re not responsible for cataloging. You chronicle your experience of it within yourself, which you don’t have to catalog it, justify it, prove it, explain it, reproduce it — any of those words. All of those are masculine-push-force-outside of you words.
• We’re just asking you to deeply to be deeply present as you experience. That’s it. Just be deeply present as you experience
• And the idea that that there isn’t some magic formula that Veronica’s yet to trip across and really, she can use her feminine energy to be present and have it unfold and her responsibility is just to be a witness it – it looks like Paradise. And it feels a little impossible
• The body’s having to get on board with the fact that, “Oh, so we are just now discontinuing our reliance on the survival instinct messages and instead relying on. . . presence. I don’t know how to rely on presence.” Okay. Well are you supposed to randomly be able to do that? No it’s practice.
• Anything you want is only what Personality has been willing to give you; even evolution, the notion was to say, “I want to evolve, I want to drop Personality, I want to become abiding in Awareness.” But the definitions of all of those things are Personality definitions, until they’re not. So the wanting of it, the reaching for it, the clamoring for it, is all to make it get shaped the way Personality has told you it should be shaped in order to be real or successful or valid.
• Being present is the doorway, rather than being dependent on definitions that Personality is distributing to you.
• You don’t do anything and that seems ridiculous, we know, but this is not, it is not accomplished through doing is a better, more accurate statement. This shift is not accomplished by using masculine doing energy.
• This shift is accessed through deep presence. And deep presence that owns what deep but a true ownership of what deep presence actually means. And what deep presence actually means is a surrender of identity

January 25, 2023

– The significance of level 12; the start of a new paradigm beyond identity, and a recap of the level 1-11 evolution that led to it

– Collective heart: perceiving pain and pressure of P-limitation on the life force of humanity. There is a lot more to the collective heart than this, but it happens to be loudest on the surface initially

– Evolving from abiding as the I-me P-identity to abiding as a focal point into the collective heart beyond identity. A focal point with a transformational healing impact

– Accepting uncertainty as a key to abiding as Presence, rather than settling for false certainty to placate Personality

– Personality influence on the limited form that “wanting” takes

January 29, 2023

– This meeting delved into the engagement with the sensory system, and disorientation liberated from nervous system filtering, being a doorway to deepening into the exploration of that

– We are at an essential moment in this human transformational journey. We are engaging with brand new energetics in level 12, collective heart, while still in the body, and offering that engagement to all-that-is. Just engagement with it is a gift to all-that-is.

– The tapestry for engagement is going to be the sensory system, disengaging with personality filter of “what to do or think”, and from nervous system “danger or not” survival-instinct processing

– Experiencing and exploring the now without P filter offers the reality of the sensory system. A perception that does not process through the nervous system, and GB physical senses. Sensory system perception lands as a duh without being evaluated through nervous system processing for danger.

– Sensory system perception does not require being anywhere in particular in the world. It is the interconnected, interwoven, interlaced tapestry of all-that-is that is constantly being updated with ALL that occurs. The doorway to sensory system perception is learning to abide in disorienting uncertainty without processing it through fear-filter for danger

– The new “I” is “I don’t know” on all levels. We are not our nervous systems. We don’t end at our skins. We are going to need to call upon strength of willingness, intention to abide in disorienting uncertainty without engaging the fear filter but it will pay off. If there is a choice to be made it is choosing not to think about disorienting uncertainty as we abide in it.

– We are experiencing an evolutionary act in the extreme right now. Going to the post office, grocery store, emanating transformational energy everywhere we go. Being the stone dropping into the pond, not trying to figure out where the ripples go.

– We venture into a brand new vista of experience, a brand new perception of our reality, a brand new use of our nervous systems, a brand new requirement of our minds. Let engagement with doubt or discouragement that many arise be just as another thing to be surrendered. Our internal transformation offers transformation to all.

– Embrace the truth of disorientation as infinity being accessed and begin to reap the transformation opportunities that we have been cut off from all this time.

Five Sessions held in January 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $29.99