Four Sessions held in April 2023

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April 2, 2023

– GUARDIANS: Living the clarity that there is an alternative to P in our own experience, and observing that society is deeply mired in P are happening in parallel. There will be a larger gap between these two things unfolding. A gap not just between living in A vs P but a larger gap in the experience within ourselves vs that of being weighed down by the experience of society. They will feel more divergent in a way that 80% of will feel like a relief and 20% off more intense, the 20% being the pain/weight from more clearly seeing the suffering P imposes on the collective heart.

– VISIONARIES: The GB nervous system does not need to process what is sensed from the collective. Matching energy with P does not help anyone. Believing guilty thoughts about not matching energy with P does not help anyone. Recognizing that P’s influence is optional, and emanating that by abiding steadily in that truth as Presence helps all.

– WARRIOR: Where is P hiding? Be on the lookout, not complacent. Homework: find ways P is still affecting 5 relationships in our lives that we have not surrendered. It may be subtle or not. Allow the ability to abide as Presence within the awareness of these lingering P hooks dissolve or transmute them. Allow ourselves to see that this transformation is not a big deal once we commit to applying consciousness to it.

– FRED: A staircase has pivots and landings (up, up, up, land, pivot, up, up, up…). We have been on a landing for a while. The next step is walking up the ability to abide in the collective energy free of P interjection. Being in A with the energy of the collective available to us is now the “resting posture”. Integrating the revelation of collective as A while keeping P out of it even while going through the disorienting uncertainty of it is the step we are on.

– Council has been serious, fierce, somber today … because with the collective engaged and the collective-heart pain/weight impossibly burdened under P being so accessible, the honest evaluation of that is a somber affair. But it is not a hopeless affair. Its a recognition of the truth of the moment, the truth that P is simply being revealed as it truly is.

– A perceives, and has compassion for, the blindness of P dominance without matching energy with it. Jesus’ “forgive them for they know not what they do” is a striking hallmark of this.

– At the of the day, kindness is the stable path. In this kindness, there is a compassionate awareness of the collective as Presence without naivety or denial about P’s influence in the world.

– MAGS, GIRLS, MATRIARCH, VERONICA: collectively bring a message of hope and understanding. A message that is mostly energetic. We have entered a new revelatory phase that brings forth an opportunity to open a doorway into a fulfillment of promise hinted at and dreamed of yet not wagered on with any confidence. There is a door that has been overlooked, the opening to you. An opening to our capacity for evolutionary change. The opening to this has been restricted by doubt – “you will never get it, understand it” etc. The truth is “P will never get it, understand it” but we are not taking P with us so buying this doubt only keeps us tethered to P, held back by doubt. There is no need to allow this doubt to restrict our next phase. Our A eyes are open. None of these doubts apply to where we now are. Look through the illusion of this doubt and open the door that is hiding in the plain sight. Thank you for our willingness and persistence.

April 12, 2023

Eloheim and the Angelic Visitor

– Eloheim on a new unfolding Veronica is experiencing: being aware of thinking, feeling in a new way; being aware of thoughts, feelings occurring from a new distance, without being compelled to inhabit them, or being automatically animated by them. E expects this will become more and more obvious to everyone as surrender of identity ripens in everyone.

– Identity, the belief of “who I am”, is undergoing VCS. Feeling profoundly new and different within the role-play of life is often how this shows up. The way we experience ourselves stops being based on an externalized evaluation from social/cultural conditioning and expectations, and starts being from within the awareness of being profoundly different in the activities and interactions of life as identity undergoes VCS.

– Being aware of feelings, rather than feelings being who we are: this does not make us cold and unfeeling. To the contrary it allows the nervous system to be more appropriately used for what it should be, rather than it being habitually overwhelmed and manipulated by static and baggage.

– No longer letting P drive our day through the energy of doubt. Being aware of where P shows up as the “habitual doubt place” but not letting nervous system automatically inhabit/engage that doubt place.

– Things that have been stuck no longer feel stuck even though tangible profound change may not be externally obvious. It does not need to look profoundly different to recognize that movement is happening. There is movement, transformation being revealed in this year of revelation. No need to control or understand this movement and transformation, just be deeply present to experiencing and observing it; watch it move.

– The nature of “stair-case movement” in this level 12+ phase we are now in is more like a series of wide landings rather than a series of little steps. Plop, settle, plop, settle. Settling and integrating is important as we are now no longer doing this work just for our self but for the collective as well. The transformation we are making is impacting beyond our GBs. No need to rush through each step onto the next. Rather being present to sinking in and integrating each landing and letting it unfold, and acknowledging there is movement without having to tie it to change other people can point to for it to be valid.

– Being aware of GB activity less as “something I am doing” as an identity/role, to “an unfolding/happening within Presence-Awareness” is part of the identity shift/VCS.

– The more we surrender P the more the movement of transformation ripples into all aspects of our lives, even if its not immediately tangibly obvious. Be present within the inner sensing of this movement rather than being dominated by doubt based on external appearances, or what can be proved to others. Sensing this movement dissolves the psychological distortion of “abiding as A” seeming like a “fixedness”, rigidity, or tightness.

– Angelic visitor with a massive energetic presence: They come to speak words that carry the energy for transformation, so we may own the potential that our presence on this planet at this time affords. They don’t need to use words but use their vibration to transmit the energic support they bring. The visitor pushes an energetic update to the energy grids of the planet to support and facilitate the movement we are in.

April 16, 2023

– The divergence between living with P in charge, and living peripherally observing P wanting to be in charge, is increasing.

– This divergence is also showing up as the contrast between the particular “hill 42” where P has concentrated its last stand shrillness, and the rest of the “hills” where P is barely there. The divergence is also highlighted by observing how dominant P is in all the hills of wider society vs just in particular “hill 42″s in our lives.

– Everyone has their version of the “hill 42” where P is focusing its last stand: “hill 42” is typically either more vicious habitual static/baggage, older habitual static/baggage, or habitual patterns of thinking/feeling that are connected to UCE in some way.

– It is important to recognize the “hills” where P is barely there to counterbalance the habit of over overlooking this by getting sucked into the P shrill on “hill 42”. On “hill 42” P can be really ugly and nasty in pulling on deep insecurities and fears.

– The key is to recognize how ridiculous P gets in this, and treat it as ridiculous instead of falling for it. Easier said than done but it is essential. We already have training in the “how ridiculous does it have to get” muscle so we can use it in drawing the line on P’s “hill 42” encroachment into our nervous system.

– P is not powerful, only persistent. It only has the power we give it. P attack lobs on “hill 42” come as thoughts; thoughts that become grenades if empowered with our engagement and belief. If it’s treated as just a thought you watch pass by without engagement or belief the grenade is neutralized into a dud.

– In the “hill 42” dynamic, its vital to catch where we are constantly empowering P through habitual engagement with static thinking, patterns, and UCE and instead of that, “watching it happen” rather than “engaging with it happening”. In this, we have to be willing to be uncertain about what comes next, to be willing to let go of the temptation to engage thoughts or feelings to manufacture fake certainty about what comes next.

– Surrender the favorite-familiar-thinking that arises on “hill 42”! Let go of the self-induced suffering from believing and engaging with P’s “hill 42” shrill nonsense and conclusions. Shrill nonsense and conclusions that are a ploy to distract from the truth that deep presence and “I don’t know” is the answer.

April 26, 2023

– Inwardly observing the “hill-42” static rather than engaging with it, or acting on it, has been a major breakthrough for Veronica and several others on the call. It has led to the VCS of the hold of “hill-42” static greatly loosening even though external circumstances have not changed.

– This radical inner VCS illuminates that internal shifts do not need to be driven by changes in the external circumstances even on the “hill-42” topic. Waiting on the external to change first is a P path full of false promises and shifting goalposts.

– The VCS from this “observing not engaging” also expands our perspective into noticing the old “hill-42s” that are no longer that (“hill-41”). This further loosens the hold that the current “hill-42” has.

– We are looking for the big P driven static to be stuff that we observe come-and-go inwardly, like passing clouds, without engaging with it, acting on it, or having it tell us what who we are. Abiding in observation of P, as A, rather than inhabiting P.

– We can abide with the truth of what-is, e.g. sick or transitioning loved ones, without engaging with P’s “I suck”, resistance, judgements, blame, shame etc that don’t do anybody any good. P is not trying to truly make things not-suck or better. If it was it would have already.

– Abiding in observation is like a combination of “duh” and “adventure”, or “duh” and “discovery”

– Watch out for P claiming that surrendering shaking-shoulders, worrying, or wanting to control others is “not caring anymore”. Don’t let P define for us what “caring” looks like. The most truly caring thing to contribute is emanating the truth, peace and presence of a steady non-P state.

– Visitor: A very long-lived, sentient, multi-billion year, “comet-like” being: travels around the universe in an eons long journey. Wants to share that a human life is so short from their perspective — a spark in the flame that is the Soul — yet it such a vitality important thing. The visitor reminds us that from our relatively shortlived human-life perspective its easy to imagine that everything matters so profoundly yet when you string together countless, extremely profound events they all fall into a coherence. It’s that coherence that matters. It’s easy to imagine “hill-42” is all that matters when we are all up in it, but when we step back its just one of the hills within the total coherence that is the whole lifetime. It all fits into a grand scheme of things and feeling the energy, resonance, of that coherent grand scheme of things will be helpful to us. The billion year perspective the visitor brings is: Every piece of it is meaningful, AND together the combined meaning is actually THE meaning.

Four Sessions held in April 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99