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May, 2007

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Eloheim 05-23-07: How does I am Willing work with Free Will?

Continuing from the clip posted yesterday, the discussion of the ‘I am Willing’ tool deepens.

You have to open a space of willingness for it to come in, so you can experience it.

This doesn’t give up your free will, it offers that the non-physical can create with you. They don’t override you, they support you in the thing you wish to do. The higher your vibration gets, the more that collaboration is needed because you don’t understand how to be a high vibrational human. Because you have no practice. The higher your vibration goes, the more you need to interface.


Eloheim 05-23-07: How does I am Willing work with Free Will

April, 2007

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Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

This amazing clip begins with Eloheim responding to a group member’s question about why she had had such a hard day recently.

Eloheim continues the comments to explain how our childhood experiences become assets for us as adults.

They then expand this idea to talk about how we go about experiencing personal growth or as they call it our “Inner Olympics”.

The old way of doing it (personal growth) was to experience challenges. The new way of doing it is to challenge yourself….to look at your core emotion, to look for the gift, to ask why, why, why…

You are only in comparison with you! Can I handle this situation better than I have handled it in the past? Can I look at this in a new light? Can I find the gift here? Can I trust? As compared to five years ago, or five minutes ago, or five seconds ago.

The Spiritual Journey isn’t a competition with anyone other than who you are now as compared to who you were a moment ago and who you will be a moment from now.

The only person to whom you prove who you are is yourself.

Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

Eloheim: 04-11-07 A choice about how you handle Thinking

In our last meeting, Eloheim discussed the two parts of the mind. It was in response to a question about teleportation, but it expanded far beyond that question to include instaneous manifestation and more. Eloheim explains that this information about where you are putting your thinking, is the “next step” on the Spiritual path for those folks that were in the group that night. I would expect that this is true for many of the people reading this as well.

I found this information very powerful. The last few minutes of this clip connect this new concept with Eloheim’s other teachings. This ‘punchline’ (for lack of a better term), is really amazing.

Here are some quotes from the clip:

If the mind become busy, you leave the mind to it busyness.

You don’t overcome the mind, you simply allow it to wear itself out and run itself down …. without attention, the mind cannot continue to plague you.

Your Intention is your Attention focused.

How can I ‘not think’ but still Intend?

Thinking tends to be habitually driven. Intention is made manifest by decision. One is on purpose and the other is by habit.

‘I think therefore I am?’ Actually, you are the decisions about what you think. I direct my thoughts therefore I am. I think just because I breath. You think simply because you are drawing breath.

Ask yourself, What is it that I want? Am I wasting a bunch of mental time trying to fill the space between my ears or am I focused on what I actually want?

Eloheim: 04-11-07 A choice about how you handle Thinking

March, 2007

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Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #6

The next example of a healed core emotion is a group member who’s core emotion is about connection with Source. She knows that she has looked to other people for that connection instead of going to Source

It is important to remember that it is ok to have that with other people, you just don’t want to have it in sort of this ‘junkie’ way. It can’t be the overriding driving force of your life, that connection goes to Source. But you can desire for connection, you are in the human form, you are going to want to be around other people. It’s a natural part of the human experience. Be careful when you are all looking to connect with Source instead of relying on other people that you don’t fall into the trap of I don’t need anybody because I have Source…..For the fulfillment of your core emotion drive, you rely on Source for that. This frees you up to have genuine experiences with other people that aren’t demanding them to behaving in certain ways in order to meet your unmet addiction….Why are you in my life? …. Be really careful that the people in your life are not only in your life just in your life to get your fix but are in your life for other reason. You are in my life because I can tell you the truth, etc.

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #6

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #2

In the second example of healed core emotions from the 03-21-07 meeting, Eloheim talks to a group member who’s core emotion is centered around connectedness and finding the perfection that he knows is possible. Here are a couple of quotes from the clip:

Your circumstances are creating the opportunities for you to get to where your dreams are. They are not burdens to be slofed around until you get to your dreams. They are what needs to be in order for your dreams to occur.

If you put it out there that you have certain desires, you have to have room in your system for those desires to have space to come in and that might mean a big clean out of the closet….dealing with the moment, dealing with where you are.

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #2

Eloheim: 03-14-07 Being honest about what you are afraid of

This clip picks up where yesterday’s post ended and includes the following quote:

Acknowledging what you are afraid of does not make it stronger

Acknowledging what you are afraid of it makes it an asset

Ignoring what you are afraid of is a liability

Because, acknowledging what you are afraid of brings consciousness and every time you bring consciousness you are making assets…

Part of the trip up is that you are afraid to admit you are afraid….

Just because you are afraid doesn’t make it wrong

It gives you information if you are willing to admit it to yourself.

Eloheim: 03-14-07 Being honest about what you are afraid of

Eloheim: 03-06-07 What is bringing Consciousness to a situation?

What is bringing Consciousness to a situation?

Putting your Attention and Intention together to explore something that your Soul is showing you.

Eloheim: 03-06-07 Are you trying to manifest from lack?

Eloheim: 03-06-07 Are you trying to manifest from lack?This is a clip from the meeting we held on 03-06-07 in Santa Rosa, CA. We are going to hold an Eloheim meeting on the first Tuesday of each month in Santa Rosa in addition to our weekly meetings in Sonoma.

This meeting focused on manifestation. The highlights of this first clip were the questions, “Are you trying to manifest from lack?” and “Is (your manifestation) a fear based intention?”

When you are wanting to manifest something, it is important to know why, to be focused, and to see what the intention behind the desire is. Then see what comes up in your body when you state that intention clearly. Be willing to look at what you’re experiencing in your body and what it is revealing to you about the unconscious and subconscious actions behind that desire for manifestation.

You have to watch that you are not trying to manifest from lack or fear, but instead are manifesting because of what it gives you.

Eloheim: 03-06-07 Are you trying to manifest from lack?

Eloheim: 02-28-07 Dealing with the items “in my closet”

This clip from the 02-28-07 meeting follows a sharing by one of the people in the group about her frustration in trying to apply some of the recent teachings about applying consciousness to the ‘items in the closet.’ Just before this clip, there were tears, yet the clip ends with laughter. Sounds like an Eloheim meeting to me!

Some quotes from the clip:

A part of your creative ability, part of your subconscious life, is keeping that closet door shut. Part of the goal, according to our cosmology, is to open the closet door, take things out, apply consciousness to them, so that then they become healed and then they are an asset.

They add consciousness to you instead of requiring consciousness to keep away.

BE KIND to yourself in the process

Later in the meeting Eloheim says:

Any time anything comes up where you wish it was some other way, THAT’S your closet.

It is that internal dynamic that leads to emotional experience, we are trying to teach you that when you go into emotion you are giving your power away, you are being a victim, you are doing all of these things that you know are not empowering you. When these things come up and you hold them in your body and deal with them in your body….that is the process we have been describing….the things that come into your life that you wish weren’t that way and how you deal with them in order to find a way that makes them more acceptable to you because you created them.

Eloheim: 02-28-07 Dealing with the items “in my closet”

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Eloheim: 02-28-07 Living the principle, “I create my Reality”

In this clip from the meeting of 2-28-07, Eloheim gives an overview of living according to the principle of “I create my reality.”

I especially like the very end of the clip:

You are creators. You are creating. You take responsibility for what you create in order to then apply consciousness to your creations to determine what is going on on the unconscious and subconscious levels in order to facilitate the collaboration with your Soul to then create according to what you truly desire.


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