In 2010, Eloheim told me that I was going to start channeling a Warrior energy. I wasn’t interested. I couldn’t see how that would be helpful to me or supportive to my community. (I was 100% wrong…)

I told Eloheim that anything the Warrior wanted to share they could simply tell Eloheim and then Eloheim could pass it along to us. (I’m laughing as I type this and shaking my head….at myself!)

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Thankfully, Eloheim was persistent and eventually I channeled the Warrior. He became a “regular” Council member meaning I channeled him at each of our weekly meetings. Shortly after he joined our circle, he started to do something incredible. He started telling us his story.

Each week he would pick up where he had left off the previous week. It was like a grown up bedtime story – one chapter a week.

The Warrior changed my life and continues to help me so much. He is a dear and trusted friend.

I love his story and the way he tells it. I’m thrilled to share it with you.


“This entire story is to help you know who you are.”

Follow the Warrior’s journey as he encounters castles and kings, battles and beasties, while learning to live from an open heart. The Warrior explains how to live the truth of you, how to have a healthy relationship to authority figures, and how to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

“Anything that is presenting itself to you is presenting itself to you for growth.”


Journey of Consciousness: A Warrior’s Tale PDF version


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