How We Relate to What IS

Empowered Evolution in a Step by Step Process

Veronica opened the conference call with a discussion about empowered evolution and described how to use the tools “What is, IS” and “This is my first choice.” Eloheim then took the topic even deeper, explaining creatorship and victimhood and how it fits into our lives. We are empowered when we say, “This was my plan all along to have this experience” without needing to know why, Eloheim said. They asked us to try out this perspective on the smaller things in life first.

Two questions were asked in the second part of the call and both callers fumbled with finding the words to express what they were feeling. The first caller asked for clarity about relationships, both with herself and others, and the second one asked for advice about being conscious within the US election.

Eloheim’s answer to the election question brought out important perspectives for us to consider. While all these revelations, fears, and unrest are coming up to be seen, if we let go of the outcome, we can go deeper, Eloheim noted. They want us to look for a way to ask, what is driving someone’s behavior? Seeing people as “other” separates and creates fear. Those “others” share the planet with us and affect our world, and it is beneficial for us to find common ground, even if common ground is simply acknowledging the smallest thing we can find. We are both human, Eloheim suggests, we both breathe, we both have fears, we both are looking for resources and safety.

Eloheim went even deeper with this conversation, touching on many other connected topics. This is not only the most conscious lifetime we’ve ever had, they said, it’s also the most exposed and the most connected one we’ve ever had. It’s also the one with the most responsibility, independence, and affluence. We are in a profound moment of change in the species, and Eloheim has challenged us to seize it together.

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