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December, 2006

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How does Eloheim come in to speak?

Eloheim’s energy enters from my right in the lower torso area. The energy then rotates upward through my torso until it reaches my crown. At that point, the energy will go out the bottom of my spine into the Earth and up out of my crown to connect with my Soul. I see this energy has white light with colorful highlights.
This connection process can take as little as a few moments or as long as several minutes. Sometimes, Eloheim will do a healing on me while coming in. Their energy will swirl in specific locations longer than others. Often, my back will pop and crack as the energies come in. Sometimes have a short, personal message which they will share as this process is unfolding.

Once this connection is complete, a large part of my personality and attention exits out the left side and is cared for by the guide on that side. When the meeting is over, Eloheim leaves from my right and I re-enter through the bottom of my spine. When I open my eyes and look around I am sometimes surprise at how things appear. It is often a case of, ‘oh, this is where I am!’

In the beginning, this process would leave me feeling fatigued. Nowadays, I am left feeling a little spacy, but very calm. I also find that everything looks sharper and more interesting.

Aura Photo of Eloheim

About two years ago, I was approached by an aura photographer. Her idea was to take aura photos of each participant before and after the channeling. She also wanted to take a picture of Eloheim during the channeling!

I channel with my eyes closed and, at that point, I always stayed seated. This was the first time that we walked during a session.

The picture on the left is before, the middle is during, and the right is after. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Aura photo

What was most interesting to me about the middle picture is the brightness on my right side. That has always been “Eloheim’s side” so it made sense for him to show up there.

When I sit down to channel, I invite several guides to join us. Each of them has a specific location that I hear/experience them from. One is always on the left, one is always behind me and one is always in front. I discovered this on my own, but I have since read that other channels have this same experience. Guides typically have their “spot” or sensation so that you know who is who.

Eloheim is always on the right.


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