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December, 2006

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The Spiritual Journey with the Physical Body

On 12-25-06 we had a short visit with Eloheim. He/They asked us to share this clip.


QUOTE OF THE DAY, Everything is within waiting to be revealed.


Each moment is an opportunity to shift that what you are caught up in. It is not that you should say,

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What is space made out of?

What is space made out of?

We are going to give a general answer to this question

Eloheim answers, What is Betrayal?

Betrayal and Trust from July 6, 2005:


So before we can talk about betrayal, we have to talk about trust. And what is trust?

Believing in something.

So you put an understanding in something outside of yourself. You say,

Eloheim meeting: 12-13-06

In this 6 minute clip from the 12-13-06 meeting, Eloheim talks about In-Souling your body, energetic shifts and how to work with them, a new way of being, and encourages us to “look for the opportunities your new vibrational state allows.”


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Getting in touch with your Higher Self

What are the best ways to get in touch with your higher self, and how do you know when it has happened?


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Viewing yourself as your Soul

Of course there are many beings and creatures that will seem omnipotent to you, because right now you are weaned down to a very, very small percentage of your soul

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Can we regenerate our cells with our mind?

If we are able to manifest objects with our minds, are we also able to regenerate our cells with mind?

Of course

QUOTE OF THE DAY, Being in the moment

As you become more clear about being in the moment

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What is enlightenment?

What is enlightenment?

The knowing without doubt of your divinity and your place within the Godhood and knowing that you are a perfect part of all that is. The remembering of the truth of you. This is why you can become enlightened and still be here on this planet


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