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December, 2006

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Eloheim is asked, Why am I here? (Core Emotion)

As I mentioned in other posts, Eloheim talks about Core Emotion on a regular basis. There are many, many different core emotions. Here is an example of Eloheim and a member of our group discussing hers on January 26, 2005.

Q: I find myself going along remarkably well, feeling wonderful and then I can step into a black hole. The black hole is obviously one that I have had forever. That is the biggest one that I haven’t quite dealt with and that I am perpetually dealing with. It is very simple, “Why am I here? Why should I be breathing? Why am I not outta here?” The question of “to be or not to be.”



So life is lot like an onion. This example is an onion that got whomped on the counter and has a bruise in one spot. As you go through your spiritual life, you go around the onion dealing with things. One layer of the onion comes off. But, each time you go around you come back to that bruised area. This is like the dark night of the soul. This is the place where you have unresolved issues that are… not necessarily….we don’t want to call them unresolved issues because that is such a trite thing to say. This is such a deep, core issue; A core emotion.


Your core emotion is, “Why am I here?” and your whole life is a study of that question. “Why I am here, what is the point?” When you were young you couldn’t see a good answer to that. Now that you are not so young you are starting to decide, “Well, I am here, so I may as well explore what it means to be here and to get tools for being here.” As you explore the core emotion that you experience.


Using the onion analogy, each time you come around to that pit of “Why am I here?” Recognize that it is just the time to go through this at the new level you have achieved. So your energy raises, as you en-soul your body, as you become more knowledgeable, as you are inspired by Guidance, all of these things…you have to pass through that core emotion each time your energy raises. We would hope that it is less of a violent experience for you each time.


But, it is what it is. It is there because it is. Core emotions are not something that you can say, “Why do I have it? I don’t want to have it.” It is what it is. The best thing to do with your core emotion is to embrace it as you would a small child and honor it for being your greatest teacher of this lifetime.


In a sense….you were born Caucasian. It is just what it is. You might be able to have a gender change, you might be able to dye your hair, you might be able to gain weight or loose weight, but you don’t change your racial makeup. It is what it is. You are Caucasian.

In a sense, this is what your core emotion is like. It just is.


If all of you can actually show unconditional love to your core emotion, it will help transform it faster. But, it never quite goes away. Because once you heal it, it then it becomes your greatest asset.


Q: I really appreciate your analogy. Because what I have to deal with is everytime I come around to it again, and I do, I feel like AGAIN! Is some thing wrong with me? It made me feel like a failure, every time it came around. But, this perspective is much better and it is actually much truer, because it does come around again and it is less intense.


Eloheim: And you learn something new about it each time because you are a new Being. You can express who you are and why you are here in a different way. But, as you heal that, once you get comfortable with “I am here because I am here”, the healed core emotion becomes your greatest asset.


Of the things we can wish for you, this is high on the list.

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Eloheim describes the Core Emotion

I believe that this was one of the first times, if not the first time, that Eloheim addressed the core emotion. I don’t have the date of this conversation, but I believe it was several years ago.

The core emotion is one of the themes of Eloheim’s teaching and I will have more information about it soon.


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So you put an understanding in something outside of yourself. You say,

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