Two of the members of our group asked Eloheim for help determining their Core Emotions on 08-30-06. They have both given permission for me to post this audio clip. You may like to listen to and read the other posts on Core Emotion

Eloheim explains the Core Emotion – written

How to determine your Core Emotion – written and audio

before listening to this one so that you have the context of what is being discussed.

Eloheim: 08-30-06 Two people discovering their Core Emotion

This comment is from the person who received her Core Emotion second in the above clip. In it she tells us how she is applying her Core Emotion and other Eloheim teaching in her life:

03-04-07: Last week, when I went looking in my closet to deal with one item that I am not proud of, I realized that I was so hungry for connection in that situation and so falsely duped into thinking I had found it, that I had almost prostituted myself, figuratively speaking. As I was mulling that over, and how I could respond in a better way, hence changing the “ripples”, I was remembering that recently Eloheim said that the feeling of disconnection from God came from the time when all souls separated from God, but that in truth, we are always connected. The feeling of disconnection is a false feeling, but understandable in human form in this dimension. So as I affirmed that I am always connected to my Source, I formed in my mind a new response to the situation. I used my voice to help open my throat chakra and protect my integrity.

As I was changing that memory, other memories tumbled out of the closet one after another, and again I realized that I was looking for connection in all instances. With each one, I affirmed my connection with God, and changed my response using my voice. They all feel much better now. I was able to see the underlying motivation for my actions, take responsibility, forgive myself, and form a new response. For years I had to keep that door closed so that those “not so proud” memories would not be known. I couldn’t let anyone know what was in that darkness. It was draining to hold the door shut. I feel much lighter as those memories are transformed with awareness. I feel those situations “ripple” much better now.

I have looked into my closet since, and there are still some things to look at and change in there, but I have cleaned up a large portion of what was there. I have the tools that Eloheim has taught me, and the desire to make changes. Thank you Eloheim and Veronica.

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